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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 3, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. and will continue to monitor conditions through the winter. looking live at san francisco where dozens of employees with the san francisco police department are on leave. he it failed to meet the coronavirus vaccine deadline this week. sfpd said about 70 have been put on leave including more than 50 police officers. those who were put on leave have pending termination proceedings. tonight the police commission will meet for a presentation of the police department's discipline review board findings and recommendations. a coronavirus out wreak at two jails in sacramento county is prompting demands of change since march 2020. more than 2,000 inmates have tested positive on monday the first death was reported of a vaccinated inmate. since july the county has offered to pay inmates who get vaccinated but some in jail believe that's not enough. activists are asking that they
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be released so outbreaks don't get worse. happening now hundreds of students have walked out of class in the east bay. they say oakland is ignoring complaints of sexual harassment and assault. >> justin andrew is live and those students have laid out a set of demands. >> absolutely. there were hundreds of them right here outside of district headquarters. i want to put your attention here. there's a small group of them talking to leaders right now letting their voices be heard. students saying that the district has failed to protect them and they have a list of demands, just a little bit ago they say sexual misconduct is going unpunished and that is not acceptable. they say they took to the streets and chopper 5 showing you right now marching. they were marching from oakland tech to district headquarters here blocking traffic during this whole two mile trek. they say that sexual incidents on school grounds have been
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verbal and violent. a big issue, they have, the attackers they say are still in school meaning they are in the same room with their victims. >> we all come from mothers, we all come from women. i have a mom who i have experienced sexual harassment and assault in their time. it's important to support the people that you love and you know, right here it's supposed to be a community. we are supposed to feel safe at school. that's the only way we can learn if we are feeling safe. if half of the student body doesn't feel safe something needs to change. >> they put me in a meeting as the head organizer. they wanted to talk to me. they wanted me to cancel it. i said no. >> all right. they have a long list of demands, too many to tell you this afternoon. here they are on your screen. they are asking for a safer and better policy to address sexual misconduct. they would like survivor support systems and immediate and transparent investigation into incidents, staff training, workshops, and a lot of other
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demands. i called the district spokesperson today and i'm told that oakland staff will be doing some development training related to sexual harass asment to make sure concerns are addressed. the district said that it has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment. we know next week oakland tech students will go through a type of course training when it comes to sexual misconduct. i'm told that course will be required for all high school students at least in the future. we are live in downtown oakland this afternoon. i'm justin andrews. the latest election results. what they may mean for next year's midterms. has a lot of democrats concerned. starting out in new jersey where the governor's race still to close to call. the incumbenckedin a dead heat with a republican challenger. murphy ran on his record of managing the pandemic while his opponent focused on the economy and education.
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>> we are going it wait for every vote. >> i'm convinced that together we can fix this state. we can fix it. >> glenn youngkin won in virginia. voters said jobs and the economy were the top issues facing that state. >> when you talk at education, the economy, and what is going on with biden and democrats in the congress, those voters approachable and gettable if you are a republican, not named donald trump. and in minneapolis voters rejected an amendment to replace the city's police department with a new agency in the wake of george floyd's murder. boston now has it's first woman and first asian american mayor in new york city. a former police officer is going to be the city's second black mayor. back to you. >> all right. thank you. taking a live look outside
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right now. skies somewhat clear but that is going to change. let's get over to mary lee with a look at the forecast. >> yeah. good afternoon. we are looking at sun right now. that will be changing as i'm tracking a cold front that will bring the return of the rain. high definition doppler and you can see the lightning strikes just off the far northern california and oregon coast. so that is the weather system we are tracking. here is what you can expect. sun this afternoon. dry this evening and then rain returns as we look to really the overnight hours when many of us are sleeping. you can see that sun this afternoon. here we go at 7:00 p.m. still for that evening commute. then here we go as we look ahead to 11:00 p.m. for that rain. to be the christmas tree of
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2021. an 80-foot tall tree named sugar bear come from the six rivers forest. the ice rink is back open in union square. this is the first time its welcomed guests after being put on pause last year due to the pandemic it. will be open every day from ten to 11:00 p.m., tickets cost $19. rental skates are included. >> there's nothing like this anywhere else in the world. you pick the prettiest place in all of north america right here in the heart of san francisco and this wonderful community that has backed this rink since 2008. they have been coming, they enjoy it. >> and you have plenty of time to hit the ice. the rink will be open through january 17th. looks like fun. >> fun times ahead. the news at noon is just getting started. when we come back lyft's
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revenue on the rise. what is driving up profits. scientists getting clues about climate change from an ancient library. what this one isn't
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comprehensive dental coverage, and so much more. for the benefits that matter most to you, call scan at 1-877-212-7226. or ask your agent about scan. welcome back. let get a live look at wall street this afternoon. the dow is up about 70 points. a big jump in revenue for lyft as more drivers return to
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the ride haling company. lyft reported thinker quarter revenue, 73% tn year. boosted by demand for services. the company projects it'll turn a profit before tax and other expenses for the full year. many shoppers are already buying gifts for the holidays. >> heads up for you. many products sold online, including toys, may be fake. one man said that when his putty for kids got popular listings that looked similar to his popped up from overseas manufacturers, copying his product. something that he said could be dangerous. >> they often sell unsafe goods which do not meet the federal safety standards required. >> congress is now considering legislation called the inform act designed to combat the sale of fake goods online. international sciencives digging deep for clues about how it save the planet. we have the story from london.
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>> lock away in a freezer at the university of copen ha gen is a library. >> we can see little pebbles. >> by analyzing soil trapped under green land's ice sheet for shows of years they want to answer some important questions. >> what was different about the climate system at those times verses today and how does that -- what does that tell us about how sensitive green land is to melting in the future? >> they hope by greeing the samples they will better understand the past. >> these packages of soil, these cores are like.
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>> the samples give a guide which researchers say shows how the earth works. >> if you add to much carbon to the atmosphere it'll get too warm. you will melt the ice sheets. you will change weather patterns and it'll make life very difficult for us as humans. >> they say that we could take a different path. one with fewer green house gases and the best shot at a cleaner future. cbs news. it's thought that the giant frozen island could raise the ocean by 20 feet if it melted. we are looking at the next weather system that will bring the return of rain through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. in the meantime it's a beautiful afternoon. hopefully you have been able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
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our temperatures are in the 60's at this lunchtime hour. concord at 67, 62 oakland. 66 livermore, san francisco in the mid-60s's. sfo dealing with fog with the visibility down to about a half mile. san jose 68 with the sun and santa rosa 63 and beautiful live look with the sales force tower camera looking east. let's talk about satellite and radar view as we are looking at i short break from the rain for now and then tracking a cold front that will bring the return of wet weather for us. let's show you the temperatures because we are looking at highs in the 60's and 70's. little bit above average for this time of year. as we go hour by hour on future cast you can can see this afternoon that sunshine and then as we head through tonight stopping the clock at 11:00 p.m. the north bay of course you will see that rain first with this cold front as we look ahead to the overnight. here we are at three in the -- three in the morning here and 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. you can see those showers pushing -- pushes through.
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6:00 a.m., some light scattered showers for tomorrow morning and then watch as things wrap up bretty quickly as we look ahead to thursday afternoon. this is a really quick moving weather system in and out and again really the overnight hours in to early tomorrow morning. we are going to see that wet weather with sunshine and clearing by tomorrow afternoon. now looking at our rainfall estimated totals, anywhere from a few hundred diagnostics, ten to about a quarter inch much of rain. here is the seven day forecast. san francisco, oakland and san jose. again we are looking at that rain returning for us overnight into early tomorrow morning. dry by thursday afternoon, friday into the weekend and then it looks wet as we look ahead to next week. inland, east bay and the coast. the north bay and coast will see the rain earlier but still late tonight and then all of us seeing that rain overnight into tomorrow morning. dry as we look ahead to thursday afternoon, friday in to the weekend and then turning wet by next monday and tuesday. by the way, sunset at 6:08 and the sunrise at 7:38. we fall back and gain that extra hour of sleep and that
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means by next week at this time we are looking is the the union set and sunrise an hour earlier. back to you. >> thank you. we will be ready for that rain. found hundreds of miles from home an update on ivy the seal pup. >> and streaming today on cbsn bay area. we look into last year's storm as well as the other two headed our way. that's at 1:15. you can find cbsn bay area on the website or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for
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star trek prodigy is a new series that will follow a group of young misfits as they navigate the galaxy in search of a better future. >> we spoke to two of the stars about how it's the first series in the popular franchise focused on a new generation of trekkies. >> i like to say its geared toward a younger audience of star trek but not necessarily only a younger awed epps. it's for anyone jumping in that doesn't know to much about star trek. it's the perfect sort of starter show to get your feet wet and into what it means to be in the star trek universe.
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>> you can stream it on paramount plus. the new episodes are every thursday. we have a pup date. >> that's cute. >> on a seal pup found miles away from home. >> the center that rescued him shared these new pictures and take a look. ivy was found in san rafael saturday. is he being fed fish smoothies three times a day to boost his weight. once he gains weight he will be offered whole fish and then when he is stabilized enough he will move to a larger pool pen. >> probably can't wait for the full fish. >> is he so cute. >> yes. >> my goodness. i'm glad he is safe now. >> yes. >> we will take a quick break. we will have more of what you can expect from the forecast. >> and forget cooking year. how full thanksgiving dinner for dessert. and today on the drew barrymore show, guest kristen
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bell and dak sheppard, watch today at two on kpix5.
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new details about the forer raiders player henry ruggs and what's keeping aron rogers off the field this sunday. that and more at three. let's get one last check of
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the weather with mary. >> we are catching that sunshine for now. tracking our next was sit temperature. you can see the lightning strikes just off shore to our north. it's all because of a cold front that will bring the return of the rain. for this seven. sun, even dry for this evening. here with go hour by hour. dry conditions this afternoon. this evening but here we go with the return of the rain. this is at 3:00 a.m. and here we are at 7:00 a.m. a few more showers but as we head through thursday afternoon, we are going to dry out with sun. back to you. if you have no plans for thanksgiving that year, why not spend it at your local ice cream shop though this may fall in the category of things nobody asked for. salt and straw is offering thanksgiving flavored ice cream. >> you can have the entire meal and frozen creamy form. and parker house row was salted
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butter cream. how about a sweet potato pie flavor? there are also flavors like candy walnut cheesecake. this is like nobody wanted this but i think some of those flavors sound good. >> i'm kind of interested by this. >> not the turkey one. maybe. >> we will try them all. do a taste test. >> i'm all about that. we will let you know. >> that's it for the news at
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