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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. the cdc has recommended the pfizer vaccine for five to 11- year-old's. which places preparing to offer it cunning up. >> i have a 3-year-old. the bulk of his life he has been masked. >> as kids get the vaccine is it time to let them ditch the masks? why some top bay area doctors behind the push. and business owners in san jose band together after a bolt burglar is caught on camera. this morning, how you can help them out. >> and a sign the holiday season is upon us. san francisco'sunion square. the ice rink reopening in just a few hours.
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this is up your alley. >> i'm very excited for ace skating. it's wednesday shall november 3rd. enjoy staying dry today while you still can. that next round of rain on the way. >> tracking a cold front that will bring the rain. it's perfect timing. it'll be likely while many us are sleeping late tonight. enjoy today. we are looking at sun sign as we head through the afternoon. this morning if you are planning to head out the door we are looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's. it is a chilly start. grab that jacket and dense fog. especially along the coast, also the tri valley. parts of the north bay a. round the bay as well dealing some dense fog. be careful on the roadways. let's go through the day. mid6o's. it'll be a mild one. we are talking upper 60's to low 70's and will catch that sun. we take you hour by hour. watch as that rain starts to move in for parts of the north
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bay first by ten and 11:00 p.m. we will talk more and roll this forward when you could see the rain where you live. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. it's backing up the bay bridge. >> it he is can lates so quickly. everybody is headed to work. you can sebum manier to bumper traffic as you work out of the east bay, emoryville into san francisco. metering lights turned on just a couple minutes ago. busy here. busy across the upper deck in to the city. that wednesday morning rush is officially on. you know -- that fog. it was foggy along highway 1. especially along the coast. limited visibility. extra careful on the roadways. a few delays we are dealing with on 24 # northbound. concord areas, all lanes still shut down. a work around coming up. it's the day many parents have been waiting for. starting today, young children can get vaccinated in the bay area after the cdc gave the
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final green light to the pfizer kid sized vaccine. it's for children ages five to 11. the pfizer doses a third the amount given to teens and adults. this opens the door for 28 million kids to get vaccinated nationwide. >> it's a historical milestone and not to put too fine a point on it. i think that this is really important for families and children. >> the cdc recommended the pfizer vaccine for five to 11- year-old's. someplaces starting to offer them today. >> we are from the depall center and parents can make appointments for this now this morning. >> that is right. like you said this health center we just checked the website and there are several appointments available. take a look. starting at 9:20 this morning. this health center in morgan hill there. are several appointments. we no he this is a day that
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many parents have been waiting for it. comes just as we approach the holidays. again parents have quite a few options. they can check with their kid's health care providers and major pharmacy chains like walgreenss and cvs are preparing to offer the vaccine. a reminder kids will receive a lower dose of the pfizer vaccine. it is a third ofde maprotection like adults five to 11-year- old's require two shots at least three weeks apart. in a large clinical trial the vaccine was nearly 91% effective. when it comes to covid19 kids throughout the united states have been impacted, health experts remind parents they can get sick from covid. >> the manslaughter are was that children suffer. this is -- infrequently. they suffered less frequently. they can suffer it. >> in the next 30 minutes you will hear from a family who participated in the trial and
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we have on our website just links to place that you can sign up for the vaccine when it comes to your kids, county to county. kpix5. now that the door is open for kids there is a growing campaign for students to unmask coviresponse just launched a a petition urging state official officials to provide an off ramp so parents are not left playing a guessing game. >> parents want to foe when this is going to end. it's not fair. i have a 3-year-old. the most of his life he has been masked. i'm not okay with that anymore. >> tonight think the masks really hurt and kid's have adapted to them. >> the health department updated it's website recently saying in part california will continue to maintain the universal indoor mask mandate in k through 12 schools and will continue to monitor
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conditions through the winter. covid cases are uno the rise. according to ccdc the bay area is in the substantial and high transmission ti, rs. just as counties starting to relax mask mandates they rolled back it's indoor mask mandate. the county said cases have gone up but not high enough to change the rules it. wasna back in the so substantia ti, r for transmission. way. happened is just a couple of extra cases in the last couple of day is all it took for us to be above that threshold of orange. you know for a county that's on that margin we sort of expected there to be a little dance between yellow and orange. >> mandating everybody to mask again is being put on hold since hospital days remain low and more than 80% of the population is vaccinated. the looking live at san francisco where this morning dozens of sfpd employees on leave for failing to meet the
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city's vaccine deadline. sfpd said about 70 employees have been put on leave including more than 50 police officers. those who were placed on leave are now pending termination proceedings. tonight the city's police commission will meet for a presentation of the review board findings and recommendations. >> the live news desk and we continue to follow election result that are coming in this morning starting off in new jersey where that governor's race is still running neck and neck. balloted left to count and at this hour it's been a relevant shocker for democrats who expected the governor to coast to re-election. his challenger is a former state assemblymanw. rewatching those numbers. the results in virginia. glenn youngkin won in a state that's president won easy back in 2020. the message here. democrats slim congressional majority could be intake and
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next year's midterm elections. let's take a live look at new york city. one of several with a new democrat mayor. eric adams here in the big apple and progressives winning in boston and pittsburgh. in minneapolis. voters rejected a plan to reform the police department basically replacing it with a new agency following the death of george floyd. stay on top of the numbers, back to you. the pleasanton city council has approved abhijit ordinance requiring the gun owners to store them in a locked container or keep the engaged trigger lock. it seeks to protect children and others at risk of harming themselves from accessing firearms easy. and live to san jose where small business owners in the city's japan town are banding together. they are trying to catch the smash and grab burglar who targeted them on halloween. >> threatening moments there.
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sister vailance cam -- attempted to smash the window at one business and you can then see them trying to shatter the window at a second shop. he is unsuccessful but keeps going. he then drives to a nearby art store and makes off with its cash box still attached to the counter shelf. >> my mind just went off and thought -- my gosh. everything was taken. >> now i'm like okay. after we get this glass fixed what else do we have to do that >> resident who have watched the video are trying to id the suspect taking note of the suspect's clothing like his red hat and the damage to his car. today witness testimony continues in the elizabeth holmes trial after a dramatic day in court. a scientist said the founder gave cagey answers to technical questions about her tech follow guilty andinterrupted other
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executives who tried to answer. contranscollins said it happened during talks to pharmacy companies. that deal fell through but holmes later used the logo in a presentation to walgreens falsely portraying the company as having been validated. >> these are document that are very straight forward, easy for the public, for jurors to understand. it goes straight to her knowledge of misinformation and from that they can infer that she intended to defraud by doing it. >> the jury had heard testimony that holmes did something similar with pfizer. a college transforming a parking lot for their peers on campus. how it's helping the most at risk students. and it's not thanksgiving yet but then christmas magic is filling union square this morning. what's making extra special. so excite about that.
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all right. i'm also excite about this. tracking a cold front take will bring the return for weather weather. i will show you future cast. and it's busy ride by that -- under 20 minutes. and coming up we will have the
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a california college has created a temporary solution for their growing homeless student population. long beach city college has seen a dramatic increase of homeless students during the pan democrat so they delegated a parking lot that secure with wifi and electric is he. up to 15 can park overnight and use the gym for showers and the bathroom. the college hopes to set up transitional housing to accommodate the estimated 70 homeless students. >> heartbreaking that we have to have a support like this because we do have students living in their cars in the
6:15 am
streets. it's a big need and a big need now more than ever. as of news 14 students already signed up. looking live at our state capitol where today a tree from california will make its way to the united states capitol to be the christmas tree of 2021. an 84 for tall fir come from the national forest on the north coast. sugar bear will go across the state before it officially hits the road for washington dc. >> we need to do a follow up on where sugar bear title comes from. that name. >> they have to track sugar bear. many haing today a sign of the season. the ice rink will be back open in san francisco's union square. taking a like look. it may be quiet now but it's about ed wi actio and entertainment in about three hours. a lot of excitement building. >> this is video. prepandemic. today's opening celebration for the safeway holiday ice rink will mark the first skate of the season. >> there's nothing like this
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anywhere else in the world. you pick the prettiest place in all of north america right here in the heart of san francisco and this wonderful community that has backed this rich since 2008. they have been coming. they are enjoy it. >> it starts at 9 month and runs through january 17th. i have never had any success on an ice rink. >> we will practice. >> we will have a date and we will do some practice out there. i don't know. any sheet of ice is the most beautiful place to me. very excite about it. definitely brings in the holiday season. right now we are be log at some rain that the ice rink may have tonight. >> yeah. over night we are going to see the return of the rain with the cold front pushing through. dry for most of the day. ly talk about this coming up. it's a foggy start. we have cloudy skies. we have dense fog in spots this morning. if you are about to hit the roadways here is what you can expect. along the coast down to a half mile at half moon bay for the visibility. livermore the tri valley down
6:17 am
to a quarter mile this shall monthing. the north bay a quarter mile and a half mile for santa rose a. be careful on the roadways. you can see that fog. a pretty view with the sales force tower camera as we look north. you can see 40's and 50's as we start off the day. here is what you can expect. today's forecast if you are getting ready for work or school here is what you need toe no. it's a cloudy start. we have areas of dense fog. dry for the day today. its going to be a pleasant day for the region as we will catch the sunshine. daytime highs a little above average. the rain moves in as we head through the overnight hours this is perfect timing with many of us sleeping as that rain pushes through. we are catching a short break from the rain for now. then tracking the cold front to moven. daytime highs quickly just to show you mid-60s's. a mild day. upper 60's around the bay. 69 oakland. the peninsula and for our
6:18 am
inland locations. upper 60's. 7 # in san jose and the south bay. 72 concord, the inland east bay and antioch. upper 60's. santa rosa for the north bay. we will walk you through this as we go hour by hour. you can see beautiful conditions. here we are at three in the afternoon. we need the rain. separately here. we are still in a drought. we need any precipitation we can get. 10, 11 and the rain moves in first. you can see the rain pushing in for late tonight and parts of the north bay. here we go as we look ahead to the rest of -- through the overnight. 3:00 a.m. again, likely many of are you sleeping that rain pushes in. and then as we look to 6 arm check it out. the rain almost done here. someotolat showe by 6:00 a.m. and then just like that we are done. by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, we are looking at sunshine. this is a really quick moving weather system in and out of fairly quick rehere. just picking up a few hundred diagnostics to a quarter inch
6:19 am
much of rain. sunrise and our sunset at 6:08. here is the seven day forecast. s, oakland and for san jose. dry today. rain movings overnight -- and then sunshine in the afternoon for your thursday. friday, through the weekend. we are dry and then looking at rain returning monday and tuesday. for the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast. the rain moves in first for you for the north bay and coast late tonight. all of us are the overnight hours. friday through the weekend. we are dry and then rain moves back in as we look ahead to monday and tuesday. next week looks pretty unsettled with the series of weather systems. let's check in with gianna. tracking a lot this morning. >> yeah. it's getting busy. with rein that 6:00 hour. we see most of the car on the roadway. mary talking about that rain it. will be slick for your morning commute tomorrow for thursday morning. just plan ahead as you head out the door. we have the brake lights at the bay bridge. the pass and a highway 4 things
6:20 am
getting busy for that ride. antioch, pittsburgh, i want to show you 242. that's where we had road work northbound lanes all open. all clear. things now moving at the limit but southbound which is the commute direction. we are starting to see the brake lights building 242. connecting onto 680 into pleasant hill. if you want to stay on highway 4 down to 680. 680 not seeing any brake lights that. may be a better option right now. highway 4 itself is getting busy. can see out of antioch n to westbound 4. speeds dipping down about 23 milessa an hour with the travel times slow through that area. 680, 21 minute from the bridge down to highway 24. highway 4, 38 minutes to go from antioch toward 80. we have that slow ride we are tracking in the bass with almost a 50 minute travel time to go westbound. you can see all that red there coming out of tracy. those delays start well beyond mount house at this point and gets busy toward the dublin.
6:21 am
live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no crashes here but it's the usual stuff. have you all the brake lights. lots of company as people go in to the city. back to you. >> thank you. getting a head
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many shoppers already buying gifts for the holidays. >> many products sold online may be fake. the founder of crazy a aron said when his putty forkids became popular similar listings popped up copying his prodone. it's something that he said could be dangerous. >> these bad actors sell unsafe goods which do not meet the federal safety standards required.
6:25 am
>> congress is now considering legislation called the inform act designed to combat the sale of counterfeit goods online. it's 6:24. in the next half hour on kp ib 5 and teaming on cbsn bay area. >> a push turning point in the pandemic. we break down where your child can get the shot. and the largest school district in the bay area is rushing to mend a multidollar budget deficit. where the custodies could come from when i'm back after the break. election day results still
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now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. good morning. if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. vaccine appointments for kids are open here in the bay area. this after the cdc director gave the final green light to kid sized vaccines for children ages five to 11. > now that's door is open for kids there's a growing campaign for students to unmask in the classroom. a doctor and the ucsf correct director of covid responsibilities justice launched a petition urging state health officials to provide a off ramp. just as county are starting are relax mask mandates cases on the rise again and region. the credit, dc the entire bay area is in a substantial and high transmission tier. good morning to you. it is wednesday, november 3rd. good morning to you. a loot for us to get this.
6:30 am
we start with a quick check of weather and traffic in that rain headed for the bay area again but we can enjoy the next few hours. this is really perfect timing. we have sun this afternoon. rain moves in likely while many of you are sleeping. that is something to look forward to as we are looking at beautiful weather ahead during the day and then that much needed rainfall overnight. it is a foggy start to the day dealing dense fog along the coast. the tri valley and for the north bay. around the bay as well. 3567y fog. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. grab that jacket as you head out the door. as we look ahead to the afternoon. mild conditions along the coast. mid-60s's. around the bay upper 60's. catching some sun can see that on future cast. watches as that rain moves in for parts of the north bay. this is late tonight. this is ten, 11:00 p.m. i will let you know when we will see the rain.
6:31 am
i will show you future cast. it's backed up at the bay bridge. that 6:00 hour. we are starting to see the brake lights for some of the major freeways. busy ride as you head out of the east bay into san francisco. a 15 minute travel time to go from the maze over into the city toward 101. also tracking a bit of a slow ride as you work out of the south bay. northbound 101 away from that 280, 680 connector these brake lights as well. it is a slow ride out of san martin into morgan hill. plan for that. we are seeing traffic building along highway 4 westbound from antioch to 80. 43 minutes, if fact your travel time on the major freeways getting hefty in to the pass. 205 toward 680. 23 you are going toward the bay bridge using 80, westbound highway 4 to the maze that will take you 21 minutes. and the cdc recommended the pfiser vaccine for five to 11- year-old's clearing the way for
6:32 am
kids to start getting their shot this week. some plates offering them as soon as today. we are at live from the depaul center in morgan hill. parents can start making appointments for this as of this morning, right? >> that's right. we just went on their website and there are several appointments available starting at 9:20 this morning. this center located in morgan hill and it's a big day today. the cdc recommendation comes just as we approach the holidays and parents have a couple of options when it comes to the vacant seep and their five to 11-year-old's. in addition to this center they can check with their kid's doctors and major pharmacy chains like walgreens and cvs as they prepare to offer the vacant seep and bay area counties have been set thousands of these doses in a reminder kids will receive a lower dose of the pfizer vaccine. it's about a third of those for 12 years and older. for maximum protection, five to
6:33 am
11-year-old's require two shots, at least three weeks apart in a large clinical trial. it was 93% effective. take a listen to a family that participated in this trial. >> i thought i don't want to do this but i should. >> we know that it's scary. the choice that we are take making aren't only affecting us. they are affecting everybody. >> now on the website you will find a banner that you can click on will have links countyh to the vaccine and five to 11-year- old's. thank you. a new cbs poll finds only 27% of parents say they will vaccinate their children right away. 33% say they will wait and see how it's working before making a decision and 30% say that they will definitely not vaccinate their children at all. a $125 million budget deficit.
6:34 am
that's what san francisco school district is facing right now and rushing to solve. justin andrew is live and the state could soon step in. >> the district has a deadline of december 15th to submit and improve the plan on how to balance the budget. if not the state would take over and the school board would loose all local control. the board started the process of figuring out what it'll do when the cuts could affect students. they are being the board to look at other options and cuts outside the classroom. last night the board laid out plans that could cut special education staffing, multilanguage programs, among many others. the district pointed to years of declining enrollment and said it got much worse. leaders said the cuts could hurt families. if feels for me with the level
6:35 am
of dramatic cuts. we probably need to put everything on the table. figure out how to have a conversation about everything that we kind of need to do to fill our commitment and promise to families and really not to be limited but to say how can we create something that's more sustainable in the long term for our families and our city. >> over the next few weeks school leaders will decide where to strip that $12,500,000,000 from its bump. the board plans to meet almost weekly and plans to vote on the budget balancing plan the day before the december 15th deadline. with relieve in the newsroom. i'm justin andrews. sounds like a big problem to fix. an outbreak at two jails in sacramento county is prompting demands of change since march of 2020. more than 2,000 inmates have tested positive on monday. the first death was reported of a vaccinated inmate. since july the county has offered to pay inmates who get vaccinated but some believe
6:36 am
it's not enough. accountaist haves are asking that inmates be released so outbreaks don't get worse. an airman is among three people arrested in connection to the death of a 19-year-old woman in fairfield. authorities calling a love triangle. she was report different dating juan peralta. an airman from travis airport base. saturday morning they left a halloween party together, later at his home in fairfield another woman entered the home and shot her. authorities say the second one may also have been in a relationship with peralta. >> this is a senseless tragedy and it's just been heartbreaking for everybody involved. wonderful young woman caught in a horrible situation. >> two of the three suspects appeared in court yesterday. the family is still waiting for more answers. a 19-year-old man accused in a deadly shooting at the home of a city councilmember will be in court today. he was taken in to custody over
6:37 am
the weekend. the shooting happened on saturday at the home of a city councilmember during a halloween party. one person was killed and three others were hurt. the mercury news reports the suspect is a relative of the councilmember. they are still counting the votes in the race for new jersey's governor. we have our eye on that. meantime the results in virginia. republican glenn youngkin beat the former governor. he was seeking a second go round as governor of virginia having previously served from 2014 to 18. now youngkin is making clear to a lot of democrat that that slim congressional majority they have could be in major danger in next year's midterms. also in inminneapolis a notable election result -- voters rejected the idea of ditching the police department and replacing it with a different
6:38 am
public safety agency. that was all in wake of george floyd's murder and i know you have more on the ongoing election results. >> we do but time now is 6:38. coming up later on cbs morning, nate joins us now from new york and we know you buys are keeping a close eye on the races this morning. >> definitely. good morninga hand a. ahead on cbs morning we will break down that republican race. the big win for governor of virginia and also a race that's too close it call in new jersey. plus about 28 million younger children can now get covid shots. the director of the cdc join us with new guidelines and what you tell parents that are still hesitating about getting kids vaccinated. the supply chain gridlock is not letting up. we will show you how it's affecting you with the holidays approaching.
6:39 am
and we will talk to john bat iste about his new album we are, plus multigrammy winner -- joins him for a special performance right ear in studio. it's their duet. the song is called sing. all of that and more. we will see you at seven. >> all right. thank you so much. we do apologize for that frozen image. some technical difficulties there. time is 6:39. coming up and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> facebook phasing out a powerful tool. what the prompting the move. the and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. we will take a quick check on the big board. the dow is down in the red about 96 points. diane king hall breaks down the numbers right after the break.
6:40 am
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if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. good website morning to you and we are starting off our day with temperatures in the 40's
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and 50's. another chilly start. especially dense fog along the coast for the tri valley and for the forth bay a. round the bay patchy fog this morning. as we go through the afternoon, we are looking at dry conditions and pleasant weather. along the coast mid-60s's. along the bay upper 60's to -- and upper 60's to low 70's. tracking a cold front that will bring much needed beneficial rainfall. ly let you know when that rain willa rave coming up. as you get ready to head outdoor we are tracking the brake lights. metering lights on and about a 20 minute ride from the maze as you head into san francisco. in fact checking travel times, east shore freeway, 21 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 busy. have you brake lights out of antioch into pittsburgh. 48 minutes if you are taking that ride into 80 and busy through the fashion. 49 minutes 205 to 680. about face from facebook.
6:44 am
diane king hall live from the new york stock exchange with the powerful tool that's new phasing out. >> yep. good morning. before i get to that status update, let's do a check on trading action with wall street trading getting underway. after the record yesterday you got investors taking chips off the table in the early action. the dow right now, it is the top lagger down about 100 points, over in the tech sector are you seeing losses there. the nasdaq is flat. it's looking like a tug of war between the bears andrules. facebook said it'll end the use of facial recognition software amid criticism. it scans faces and note identifies them if someone else has posted images of them. the decision to pull back comes as growing concerns about the ethics of the technology swirl as questions raised over privacy, rial bias
6:45 am
accy. >> the plus side is that when someone puts a photograph up of you that you hate you can tell them to take it down. >> or that you hate. >> exactly. >> i guess it's going away. >> thank you so much. we will see you tomorrow morning. and new this morning, a big jump in revenue for lynt as more drivers return to the ride haling company. lyft reported third quarter ref enoughs, 73% higher than last year boosted by demand of services. it'll return a are fit. and tesla is recalling 12,000 cars sold in the united states before they suddenly screeched to a halt. the national highway traffic administration says a software issue can activate a false forward collision warning potentially the car's emergency brakes. it includes the ssx3 and y models sold since 2017. looking live to treasure island. today the mayor will ride a
6:46 am
ferry to the island to tour houses transportation and infrastructure progress. what's being called the city's newest neighborhood in the san francisco bay. the mayor will be joined by city supervisor and other city officials. the new neighborhood is set to launch in january. it's now 6:46. let's get you caught up on the forecast. >> with relooking at gray start to the day. we have the clouds and we have that fog. actually dense fog this morning. especially along the coast. the tri valley. the north bay. you are dealing with thick fog. watch out on the roadways. we will have more on that coming up. near zero at half moon bayh long the coast down to a quarter mile in the tri val wayy and livermore. the north bay down to a quarter mile as well as for santa rosa at this hour. now want to show you a live look outside with the sales force tower camera. definitely foggy out there. hard to make out anything on the sales force tower camera with the temperatures in the 40's and in the 50's.
6:47 am
once again grab that jacket as you head out the door. here is what you can expect. let's go through the day. weather headline. the day's forecast, cloudy, many locations, it'll be a dry one as we head through the afternoon. even catching sun. those daytime highs, little above average for this time of year. as we head through overnight that's when the rain returns. likely when many of you are sleeping we will have that wet weather return back to the bay area. catchinga short break from the rain for tracking a cold front. this is a week cold front that will push through the area and let's check the kay time highs. mid-60s's along the coast. around the bay. upper 60's. 69 in oakland this afternoon and for the peninsula, upper 60's to low 70's and inland upper 60's to low 70's. 72 san jose. concord, 72, santa rosa this afternoon. let's time it out for you as we go hour by hour walking you through this. here we are at three in the
6:48 am
afternoon and you can see that sun looking good this afternoon. then watch as that rain pushes in for parts of the north way bay this is late tonight. ten, 11:00 p.m. then as we head through the overnight here we are at three in the afternoon and you can see that rain pushing through as we look to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we are pretty much done. just a few isolated spotty showers for tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and then things wrap up very quickly. by tomorrow in the afternoon we are catching sunshine this is a very quick moving weather system for sure. picking up anywhere as we head through the overnight hours, just a few hundred diagnostics to a quarter of an inch of rain. beneficial rainfall. seven day forecast, san jose. we are looking at again really overnight in to the early morning hour was that rainfall for tomorrow. as we look to friday and into the weekend dry and it does look wet with a series of storm systems for next week. inland east bay and for the coast. the rain arrives earlier for
6:49 am
the north bay and coast late tonight and then all of us through the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning and then dry for the rest of the thursday afternoon. friday in to the weekend and turning wet ben as we look ahead to next monday and for tuesday. let's check in with ga ind a. >> we have that 6:00 hour in full effect which means we are seeing all the cars. if you are headed toward 680, southbound we are tracking brreo you of pleasanton in to the grade. no crashes or incidents just a lot of cars headed through that area. also seeing lights out of livermore and westbound 580. that trek out of tracy into the pass. also seeing some busy conditions for super commuters heading toward the dublin interchange. 28 minutes now, south 680 from 580 down to 237. if you want to use 880 a couple spots look better with you but there are brake lights. and then you are tapping them
6:50 am
as you work into that fremont area. checking travel times. busiest freeways, highway 4 and 580, westbound 580205 to 680. westbound four from hand object to the east shore. that wheu run inaln y a nutes w of this. look at all the brake lights. it's a busy ride into san francisco. travel time almost 20 minutes from the maze in to the city. no crashes or accidents. quiet ride out of marin, southbound 10 # getting crowded as you work through san rafael. heading toward the golden gate bridge. down in to the city but a little foggy in spots so be careful. >> thank you. while you enjoy your breakfast talk about an out of this world meal. astronauts at the international space station enjoy a taco dinner made with chili peperns grown on board the iss. the pepper was planted as part of a plant investigation back in july and last week they were
6:51 am
ready for harvesting and sampling. >> humans have been living working on the space station for two decades and the bu will k of their meals prepackaged this may clear a pathway for the cultivation of more fresh food items in the future. >> yum. it's a big day today. someplaces are preparing to offer the covid shot for kids. this arch the cdc recommended the pfizer vaccine for five to 11. we will have more coming up in a few minutes. and as mask mandates let up coronavirus cases tick up in two counties. are we letting up tremendous distributions too soon. and streaming today, our weather extra segment we five into the river and the two others headed our way. you can watch at or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on
6:52 am
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to learn more about cost, ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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live here at the depaul center in morgan hill where several appointments available when it comes to the covid19 vaccine kids. yesterday the cdc recommended the pfizer vaccine for five to we apch the this news also me holidays. kids will receive a lower dose of the pfizer vaccine. it's a third of the dose for those 12 and older. for maximum protection like adults five to 11-year-old's require two shots at least three weeks apart and in a large clinical trial the vaccine was nearly 91% effective. here at this center they have appointments starting at 9:25 this morning. we also have a banner on kpi, x.comer you can find links to making at pointments. for now live in morgan hill. live at the news desk and they are still counting votes in the race for new jersey's
6:56 am
governor. it's still too close to call. that's a surprise if you paid attention to the preelection holdl months which favored the democrat governor by a wide margin. he and his republican opponent have called called for patience. this reabout .2% apart. the results in virginia. republican glenn youngkin beat the former governor. he just sent out his official concession statement. you in, gkin is making clear that democrats, congressional majorities in danger in next year's midterms. meantime in minneapolis, voters rejected a plan to replace the police department in that city with a different public safety agency. that is all in the wake of the death of george floyd. we will have more on this coming. in the meantime back to you. it's 6:26. time for a look at the other top stories. > now that the door is open for kids to get a shot there is
6:57 am
a push for them to unmask and the classroom. how, california's health department updated it's website recently saying in part that's state will continue to mandate masks for k through 12 schools but plans to monitor conditions through the winter. along with the news about younger kids finally being able to get their vaccine correspond expect cases on the rise again. according to the credit, did, c the bay area is now in the substantial and high transmission tiers. just as count yips starting to relax mandates. the san francisco is facing a massive budget definite and leaders now proposing ways to strip $125 million from its budget. the board meets next for more discussion on november 9th. the today witness testimony continues in the holmes phrase trial. this after sciencives who took the stand told the juror that the founder gave cagey answers to technical questions isn't her blood testing technology. let's check the roadways right now as you work in to the
6:58 am
pass. traffic still pretty busy. also busy out of heyward southbound 8840 and we are tracking the delays southbound 6840 out of pleasanton working through the grade northbound 101 slow out of san jose from that 280, 680 connector. restrictions in effect at the intersection of 10th and commercial street. that is due to a serious crash. try to avoid that area if you can and here is you why travel times, busy on 580 and highway 4. let's check the forecast. rain is on the way. i'm tracking a cold front that will bring the return of the rain. dry for now. again things will change. it's a foggy start. especially along the coast. parts of the bay and especially for the tri valley and for parts of the north behave. you can see the fog on the mark hopkins hotel cam a. beautiful view. little bit of fog in san francisco. temperatures in the 40's and in the 50's as we start off the wednesday. dry for the day. its going to be a pleasant day along the coast. midand upper 640's and low 70's inland. you can see that sun on future cast in the afternoon. we are looking at that rain first for the north bay.
6:59 am
really late tonight. ten, 11:00 p.m. and for the rest of the bay area over night while while we are likely sleeping. the starbucks is about to make your morning cup of joe more festive. >> those red holiday cups about to hit the stores. they are modeled after themes of wrapping paper, ribbons on the gift box, holiday lights and a candy cane. they hit stores tomorrow of course it's not just cups, holiday themed drinks also back. new this year the iced sugar cookie almond milk latte which is the first holiday drink made with nond,a iry milk. >> i need to try that one. >> i'm all about that pepper mint mocha. >> i love those. i guess we know where he will be tomorrow. >> right? >> it's cute. they look like their own little gift in a cup. it's very cute. >> i love it. >> don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is up next. before we say good-bye let's take another live look at san francisco.
7:00 am
dust off the ice skates and the knee pads. the ice rink is reopening in about two hours this is from our photographer out there. have ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to you our viewers in the west on this morning after election day. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> yes, he is, we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. >> so i just want to thank all of you for what you have meant to us. >> all righty, vivirginia, we w this state! >> a big republican win in one state, a surprisingly close race in another. we'll break it all down. >> it's finally happening, the covid vaccine is available for millions of younger kids with
7:01 am
cdc approval.


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