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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 2, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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out after costly is the case is. right now at 7:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, bay area kids as young as 5 could be rolling up their sleeves for a low-dose covid shot as soon as this weekend, but will their parents let them? good evening. i'm allen martin. it i'm elizabeth cook. a few hours before the cdc gave pfizer the green light today, one bay area school district was already working to reassure kids about the shot. >> if i get the shot, can i still get covid? >> san francisco school leaders to questions from students in a push to encourage parents to sign their kids up point >> as soon as all of the approvals happen and the vaccines arrive, we will be ready to begin administering. across the bay, contra costa county is hosting a virtual town hall thursday at 6:00 to answer parent questions. the vaccine could be available there isn't a saturday, and healthcare facilities and dozens of school-based sites.
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>> the thing for families to remember, it is their choice to make this decision. this is not a mandate point >> the more people we can get vaccinated, the safer we can all be. it just doesn't perpetuate the problem. >> marin is also counting planning an ambitious rollout starting this weekend, with schools and the health department will open up the county's first vaccination super pods for the counties 21,000 newly eligible kids. the goal is to get 75% of them vaccinated before the holidays. online registration could open as early as thursday. as for how busy those sites will be, cbs news polling shows less than a third of parents plan to vaccinate their kids right away. the rest plan to wait and see, or not do it at all. meanwhile, bay area health experts are working on a plan right now on how to best rollback mask mandates and schools point our kenny choi will have all the details
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tonight at 11:00 point a day after marin largely lifted its indoor mask made it, it is one of two bay area counties taking a step backward on the cdc covid heat map. along with san francisco, it rejoins the rest of the region in the moderate or substantial transmission categories. in the past couple of hours, marin officials are telling us that the county expects to see the ebbs and flows throughout winter, and transmission rates won't be the only factors affecting decisions on mandates. >> just because we moved into orange today doesn't mean we will hurry and reissue an indoor mask order, because the other two criteria are still looking good work more than 80% of our entire population is vaccinated, and the local hospitalization rates are some of the lowest we have seen in months. also tonight, for the second time in severed san francisco history, a police officer has been charged in a fatal shooting. kpix 5's andria borba tells us the charges, nearly 5 years after the deadly encounter. >> reporter: there is an arrest
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warrant for officer kenneth cha. it is only the second time it has happened in the history of the san francisco police department. this is the encounter in january of 2017 that has sf pd officer kenneth cha facing voluntary manslaughter charges. officers were called to the oceanview home on accusation of sean moore , a man with known mental illness, violating a restraining order. 8 minutes after arriving, and with body worn camera video of moore trying to evade baton swings, and telling officers to get off his property, cha fired two rounds, striking moore in the abdomen and groin. >> it's important for the community to know that the das office, and wherever they are my will look at the case more closely than not. you can improve the relationship between the police and the community of the community know the police will be held accountable. >> reporter: tran20 six died in prison in january of 2020, and
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the autopsy said the cause of death was related to the bullet that struck his intestinal tract. when officers inflict unwarranted violence in flagrant disregard of their training, it denigrates the hard work of other police officers, and shatters the trust our community places in law enforcement, and the city of severed san francisco paid at a $3.25 million of a claim to the fifa family, and a judge ruled the officers were acting outside of the scope of their duties. this is sean moore's mother, cleo, during the 2017 townhall following the shooting. >> he's not an animal. is a person with a mental condition. >> reporter: in a statement, the san francisco police officers association said this about the charges against kenneth cha. we support officers cha constitutionally presented right to present his defense against these charges that extend from this externally volatile incident that an autopsy concluded took moore's life he was serving time in prison on another matter.
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>> reporter: in addition to that voluntary manslaughter charge, officer cha is also facing the charge of an assault with a semi automatic weapon, and and a flexion of great bodily injury. if you like to read more ab more background on . aviators star is facing prison time tonight after a deadly car crash. this is what was left of each other that police say wide receiver henry ruggs the third rear ended shortly before 4:00 a.m. in las vegas. the car caught fire. the female driver died. tragedy for his female passenger were also injured. police say tragedy for showed signs of impairment. he will be charged in a dui resulting in death. if convicted, he faces a minimum 2 your sentence. in a statement, the raiders
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said, quote, we are devastated by the loss of life, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family. we will have no further comment at this time. another sign the oakland a's are serious about joining the raiders in las vegas, if there waterfront ballpark plan here goes bust. the team sent out a survey this week to fans of their las vegas- based aaa affiliate to gauge their interest in a potential mlb move. they were also asked what kind of new ballpark they would prefer, and where in las vegas it should be located in relation to the strip. the san francisco school board is meeting right now to figure out a way to slash the district's budget. faced with a $125 million deficit, it could be forced to cut programs, and layoff up to 300 people, according to the chronicle. time is ticking? the district has just over 1 month to finalize its plan before the state steps in. >> i know that there is a lot of word about state takeovers, and the fear that that creates for people, which i completely understand, but as i said, this is an opportunity to really have open conversations about
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our budgeting priorities. >> he will keep a close eye on this discussion. if any decisions are made tonight, we will let you know at 11:00, and on the scientist who took the stand in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial today told the jury that the theranos founder gave kg answers to technical questions about her blood testing technology, and interrupted other executives to try to answer them. constance cullen said this happened during the 2009 talks with pharmaceutical company schering-plough. the deal fell through. the prosecutors say that four used the schering- plough logo and a presentation to walgreens , falsely portraying the country company as having validated her technology. >> these are documents that are very straightforward, easy for the public, for jurors to understand. it goes straight to her knowledge of misinformation, and from that, they can infer that she intended to defraud by doing it. >> the jury had previously heard testimony that
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four do something similar with pfizer. facebook is facing out it's facial recognition systems, and deleting data on more than 1 billion people. the 10-year-old feature helps tech specific people in photos, but in a blog post today, the company said, quote, we need to weigh the positive use cases against growing societal concerns, especially as regulators have yet to provide the rules. >> there are benefits to this type of stuff. the problem is there is a lot of privacy concerns as well, and facebook very clearly has not solved those issues, which is why it is backing away. >> over the past couple of years, facebook has been tagged with a $5 billion fine, and a $650 million settlement over alleged privacy violations involving the future. still to come, the race to fix a problem with tesla, before the cars suddenly screeched to a halt. the delay that could take
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local dungeness off the table for your holiday feast. the monarch butterflies making a comeback. the discovery made right here in the bay area that could be key to their survival. normal november weather made a come back to the bay area today temperatures almost exactly where they should be in early november. more of the same tomorrow, but the next rain chance will header way about 24 hours from now. we check it with futurecast coming up. as we look live at the evening commute, the annual bay area ran
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bad news for crab lovers.
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the season is delayed again. it means there might not be local dungeness for thanksgiving. the delay affecting both the commercial and recreational fishermen. the state department of fish and wildlife is saying it is to protect the humpback whales and sea turtles from getting entangled in the fishing gear. >> it's only fair if the commercial crab fleet is going to be sidelined due to perceived risk of entanglement, that the recreational fleet would be as well. >> the commercial crab season was scheduled to begin november 15. as of now, there is no new opening date. the recent storms may have helped save some salmon. officials say the rain increased the flows of our local rivers, which help moves the juvenile salmon around, and lowers water temperature to keep the salmon eggs cool. taking a look at top headlines, results are pouring in from some key off year elections around the country, and the outcome of the races could alter the nation's political landscape. get right to the results in the
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virginia governor's race. republican glenn youngkin is leading democrat terry mcauliffe, but absentee ballots could still impact this final vote. in new jersey, incumbent and aquatic governor phil murphy and gop challenger jack ciattarelli are in a dead heat. murphy has hopes of becoming the first democratic incumbent to win reelection in more than 40 years. in just the past 10 back minutes, voters in minneapolis rejected a proposal to scrap the police department, and replace it with a department of public safety. this comes nearly 18 months after the murder of george floyd by a former minneapolis police officer. the teen accused of using an assault style rifle to kill two men and went to third during a turbulent racial justice protest in kenosha, wisconsin went on trial for murder today. kyle rittenhouse and his defense team said photos and videos will prove he was attacked first on that summer nice last year. he was 17 years old at the time , and he faces life in prison if convicted.
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on his final day at the u.n. climate conference in glasgow, president biden pledged to help combat deforestation, and cut u.s. methane emissions 2030 by cracking down on drillers. >> today and spoke with leaders on forest additions, island nations, developing countries, and my message to them is that the united states will be their partner as we meet this climate crisis point >> the presidents build back better plan has hit a roadblock you're back at home. senate moderate joe manchin is still not sold on the $1.75 trillion price tag, which includes $500 billion to fight climate change. the measure could come up for a vote this week. between the drought and wildfires, california's giant sequoia's are in danger. another is a new mission to save them. scientists are planting 150 saplings on privately owned land in the sierra community of
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sequoia crest, which burned last year. >> when you have dry mountainsides, with the dry dead standing timber, it is a tragedy waiting to happen. that is why we are here, to help and assist the trees that can no longer do what they have naturally done. >> the new sequoias cloned in a lab in michigan. the trees will have an undeniable environmental benefit. there is no hope for monarch butterflies in california. scientists feared that the species may be nearing extinction, but new research suggests they have found refuge in gardens and backyards on the peninsula. >> even last year, there were more of these resident monarchs breeding in people's gardens that are not migratory. >> typically, monarchs migrate hundreds and thousands of miles up and down the coast, but research published in the journal "insect" adjust the butterflies are adapting to
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climate change, and finding winter refuge right here in the bay area. let's take a live look outside. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking what is on the horizon for us. the next chance of rain is over the horizon, approaching the coast by this time tomorrow. tonight, the clouds return with locally dense fog. it was pretty widespread, but it will dissipate. a mix of clouds and sunshine, with temperatures returning close to normal for early november. then the next chance of rain moves in tomorrow evening and night. we will look at futurecast. you can see the shades of gray returning tonight, but it will dissipate but late morning tomorrow. there are the showers, still offshore by 5:00 tomorrow evening. they begin to creep into the north bay. as we head into 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., that is when the heaviest rain will fall north of the golden gate. for the central bay, san francisco, oakland, the peninsula, the rain will be most widespread between died and 4:00 a.m. it will be later and later.
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and the bulk of the rain authority gone even before the sun comes up on thursday morning but with a few straggling showers, and then we dry out in clear out by thursday afternoon. there's another chance of rain down the line monday and tuesday next week. focusing on tomorrow night's rain, we talk about 0.1 inches to 0.25 inches north of the golden gate. this will be similar to the rain we had yesterday into sunday night. farther south, much later motherly more than a trace. 0.1 inches in most other locations, maybe 0.2 if you are lucky. we will take whatever we can get. the next one looks more substantial. we get to enjoy a dry weekend between now and then. the forecast dries out friday and saturday. an outside chance of a shower on sunday, but then a good chance of rain by monday and tuesday of next week. right now, the last hint of light on the horizon as we look towards the golden gate, the
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sun senate 5:02 next tuesday as we turn the clocks back is weekend. temperatures at the moment, still the 50s and 60s. later on tonight, upper 40s and low to mid 50s. temperatures tomorrow, back up to normal for this time of year. upper 60s around the bay. mid-60s along the coast. near 70 degree high temperatures of the north bay. you will be the coolest inland spots because you have a little more cloud cover building in. the 70s and 80s band santa clara valley. amateurs will stay slightly below average, even with the drive pattern taking hold over the weekend. then there is that next good chance of rain by monday and tuesday of next week. at this point, we're looking at widespread amounts of 0.5 inches to 1 inch of rain, with even more for the north bay mother that is a long way down the line. we will get more data to look up between now and 11:00. i will update both rain chances during that late newscast. are you flying for the holidays? here is a new reason to put away your phone when they tell you to. how your cell phone service
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could leave your pilot to make a bad call point streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, could a brain implant be the answer for severe depression? we dive into a landmark ucsf study, and then, the area sports columnist marcus thompson joins us to discuss his new book on the nba's best dynasties. you can find cbsn bay area on , or on
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tonight, the faa has issued a warning to all pilots about 5g cell phone service. >> the fda said it could cause altimeters to function or become unreliable. turn off your phone when they tell you to, especially when the holidays are coming up .5 g service is expected to be available in 46 markets across the country by december. tessa is recalling almost 4000 cars sold in the u.s. before they suddenly screeched to a halt. the national highway traffic safety administration says a software issue can activate a false forward collision warning , and potentially the cars emergency brakes.
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the recall includes the s, x, 3, and y models sold since 2017. amazon lifted its mask mandate for fully vaccinated warehouse workers, over face cover is have to stay on where required by state or local law. there is a way to get your things giving feast for free this year. that is coming up next.
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here is something to be thankful for. a holiday feast with no financial fuss. >> this was pretty good. collaborating with walmart to offer 100% cash back on 10
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things giving staples. stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, even the turkey, you will be reimbursed for a bird up to $15. customers do have to purchase those products first, but then you use the app to get a full refund for all of it point >> a pretty good deal. sounds good. we are already getting ready for thanksgiving. >> i can smell the turkey now point >> we will be talking about it for the next 3 weeks. think you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. we will see you back here at 11:00. enjoyed the night. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes.
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