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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 2, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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affected for the very first time. we start with a san francisco police officer now facing voluntary manslaughter charges for a shooting that turned dead thing. >> kpix 5's andria borba spoke to the attorney representing the family of the man who was shot point >> this is only the second time an sf pd officer has faced charges like this? >> reporter: that is correct. an arrest warrant has been issued for kenneth cha . at this point, it is only the second time in the history of the department that this is happened. this is the encounter in january of 2017 that has sf pd officer kenneth cha facing voluntary manslaughter charges . officers
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were called to the oceanview home on accusations of sean moore, a man with known mental illness, violating a restraining order back minutes after arriving, and with body worn camera video of moore trying to evade baton swings, and telling officers to get off of his property, cha fired two rounds, striking moore in the abdomen and groin. >> this would have been a minor event if the police officer had de-escalated it. the police officer escalated it and created a conflict. >> reporter: tried to resist died in prison, and the autopsy said the cause of death was related to the bullet that struck is:. they said this about the charges. when officers inflict unwarranted violence and flagrant disregard of their training, it denigrates the hard work of other police officers, and shatters the trust our community places in law enforcement. the city of san francisco paid out a $3.25 million civil claim to the moore family , and the judge ruled the officers were acting outside of the scope of their duties. this is sean moore's mother, cleo, during a 2017 town hall, following the shooting .
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>> my son was in the house already had two bulletholes, one in his , one in his groin, and they kept saying to me, my son is okay. is that the way you treat the citizens of san francisco? back in a statement, the san francisco police officers association said this about the charges against kenneth cha. we support officer cha's constitutionally protected right to present his defense against these charges that stem from this extremely volatile incident that an autopsy concluded took mr. moore's life while he was serving time in prison on another matter. >> officer cha, is he facing other charges here? >> reporter: yes, he is facing charges of assault with a semi automatic firearm, as well as infliction of great bodily injury. >> andria borba at the latest.
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thank you. a shooting and campbell has left one person dead, and put a neighborhood on lockdown for a time. it happened near sunny oaks avenue just before 11:00 this morning. police found the suspect vehicle on one eat away, and told neighbors to shelter in place. they later arrested the suspect, and gave the all clear. no word yet on a motive. the bay area's largest school district voting to cut millions of dollars out of the budget. there discussing where and how to make those major cutbacks this is a live look at their virtual meeting happening now. the san francisco school board says it is seeing a $125 million deficit. the proposed plan could see the dismantling of several district programs, and according to the san francisco chronicle, could also lead to more than 300 layoffs among district employees. time is ticking for the school board to approve a budgeting plan. severed san francisco unified has a little more than a month to get that plan approved
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before the state steps in. >> i know there is a lot of word about state takeovers, and the fear that creates for people, which i completely understand. but as i said, this is an opportunity to really have open conversations about our budgeting priorities. >> we will continue to follow the story closely come and bring you updates both on-air and online at . we will have those updates on any decision made by the school board coming up later tonight. a live look at the white house, where president biden will soon return from his trip to europe. tonight he called the cdc authorization of the children's vaccine a turning point in the fight against covid. just about 1 hour ago, the cdc voted to approve the use of pfizer's covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 point that means shots can now be given right away. let's go live to kpix 5's wilson walker, met with kids who have questions for doctors about getting those shots. >> reporter: kids had some pretty good questions today, and a lot of questions circulating among parents. how long is it going to take to
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get all of the children vaccinated? that depends a lot on demand, and of the past is any prologue, there will be plenty of demand here in the bay area. >> i the question. if i get the shot, can i still get covid? >> reporter: in an effort to get shots in arms, san francisco school leaders took questions from fifth-graders today. >> we are here to encourage our students and families. we think this is a way that we take care of each other. we take care of ourselves, but we also take care of the community. >> we initially identified uppers of fortysomething schools who might need potential vaccination sites. it has been a smaller size around 30 to 35 point >> reporter: contra costa county is mobilizing to vaccinate on-site, but how many parents want their kids to get vaccinated, and where. >> if you're vaccinating an 11- year-old, you take them to
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wherever. if you are vaccinating a 5-year- old, you are probably more comfortable going to your pediatrician's office. >> reporter: george rutherford says he expects pediatricians will play a big role in responding to big demand. >> we have the holidays coming up. you have a chance of getting two doses into your child before the december holidays, and i think that people are going to jump on that. >> reporter: the bay area has already seen a large turnout in the other young vaccine set, and the same is expected this time. >> we have been vaccinating 80 to 90% of 12 to 17-year-olds in the bay area, which is vastly higher than what is going on nationally or even in the state. i think here there is going to be a large appetite for it, which is great. >> reporter: the question now, when does the vaccine show up? when do they start administering it? some say it could happen as soon as the end of this week, if not as soon as early next
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week. we are live in lafayette, wilson walker, kpix 5. some bay area counties are seeing covid transmission rates rise just as those mask mandates a relaxed. >> kpix 5's andrea nakano tells us every county is now in the cdc's orange or red tear. >> reporter: here in marin county, health officials say this is just going to be part of this next normal. they say they are going to expect to see these ebbs and flows throughout the winter. the case here and there will make a huge difference, especially in a small county like marin. it's not just out happening here in marin county, but the entire area is under cdc's substantial or high transmission categories. marin and san francisco were the only two that dropped down into the yellow or moderate category for some time. laney hendrix, the public information officer for marin, says the county was on the higher edge of the yellow category. this isn't a surprise at all.
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she says this back and forth between yellow and orange will probably happen for a while, and transmission rates won't be the only factor in reissuing stricter mandates. >> just because we moved into orange today my doesn't mean we will hurry and reissue mask wearing, because the other two criteria are still looking good. or than 80% of the entire population is vaccinated, and our lower local hospitalization rates are lower than we have seen in months. >> reporter: marin county is also looking to see if that storm had any effect on these high cases. let me explain how that has any correlation. there was a data gap from that time, so as a result, the results of the command, adding to the daily transmission numbers, and it could be a reason for the rise in cases. >> it has been a minute since we talked about the color-coded category system. we are talking so much about vaccinating blanketing kids vaccinated, but it is important to note we will see ebbs and flows. >> reporter: that's what it sounds like here in marin.
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a live look around the bay area, from dublin to oakland. a nice break from the rain, some sunny skies, but more wet weather in the picture. let us get up quick preview. 24 hours from now, we track the showers as they approach the coast of the north bay. the best chance of rain will arrive between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. for san jose, it will be even later than that. and the chances are even lower. only about a 50-50 shot of anything more than a trace of rain in the santa clara valley, because you are in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains. there are more rain chances in the extended forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area -- the delay and crab season could leave you without your holiday crab. we found one crab or who showed us how he is getting around the
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delay. a live look at on the san mateo bridge. the new bay area road report card is out, and the re
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new at six:00, dungeness crab could be missing from
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thanksgiving tables this year. the season is delayed again, and this time it is affecting a new crop of fishermen. kpix 5's john ramos spoke to one who is finding a way to get around this delay . >> reporter: the tradition of having fresh dungeness crab for thanksgiving they once again be in trouble, even if you plan on trapping them yourself. >> a lot of the charter boats gave up. some boats have canceled point >> reporter: james smith operates two charter crab fishing boats out of the berkeley marina, but this saturday, his normal gear will stay on the trailer. >> we didn't get a notice until 5:00 yesterday, which is not even enough time to prepare, but fortunately we are looking ahead. i consider there might be a problem. >> reporter: he bought $20,000 worth of lightweight hoop nets, which are still allowed by the department of fish and wildlife. everyone else, using traditional gear, commercial or recreational are prohibited from fishing, as long as humpback whales are still in the area.
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>> it's only fair if the commercial crab fleet is going to be sidelined due to perceived risk of entanglement, that the recreational fleet would be as well, because they fish the same way we do. they have crab pods maligns, and buoys like we do. >> reporter: but the president of the cosine fishing club says recreational nine have already gotten a 1 week head start before the commercial guise of flood the fishing grounds with more than 175,000 traps. >> it is what we refer to in the trade as a derby fishery. the window opens and everybody goes out and tries to grab as much as they can. we've had this historic head start, sort of a token thrown her way to allow us to get some crab without competition from the commercial industry. 8 sport crabber only account for 4000 traps statewide, so the chances of them getting much without the early head start is slim. method is clients maybe some of
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the few giving thanks this year for having the foresight to invest in the new gear. >> it is still attached to a rope, which kinda puzzles me why hoop net fishing is open, and traps are closed but we will roll with the punches. we have a whole bunch of hoop nets hoping for the best. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5 . the state plans to reevaluate the entanglement risk on november 22. wildlife officials conducted some surveillance flights to count the whales. commercial fishermen and now hoping the season will open for them looking to supply the christmas holiday market. the metropolitan transportation commission has released its annual report card assessing the bay area's roads, and the results, they surprise you. the agency shows the region 44,000 miles of roads are in fair condition. the bay area earned a score of 67 out of 100 points for the fifth straight year. according
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to nta, score in the 60s means roads have become worn to the point where we have may be needed to prevent rapid deterioration. cupertino had the best pavement conditions in the bay area, with a score of 85. dublin and palo alto were next in line, each earning the scores of 84. looking live at san francisco now, where the city is taking a different approach to make tourists and visitors more comfortable and some of the city's busiest areas. the welcome ambassadors, as they are called, that program will place welcome stations and key transit interest areas, to make those areas safer for tourists. once fully operating, the city will deploy 50 welcome in fasteners to the busiest areas in san francisco. >> these ambassadors are exactly what the city needs. we need people like james, and some of the folks who are here, who are out on the streets, that enjoy this work and what they are doing, and i want to
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help people, because that is going to make all of the difference in everyone's experience. >> the program is expected to create over 100 jobs. yesterday we showed you the rebirth in marin county, and some very happy cows enjoying green grass. the impacts from all the rain also on display in the east bay. chopper 5 spotted green hills this afternoon, a welcome change from the patchwork of parched yellow and brown and we have been seeing for months. a warning about dangerous conditions at ocean beach. authorities are putting out the word about a weather system offshore generating those waves. they can surprise people becoming further up the beach. let's bring in chief meteorologist paul heggen. don't turn your back on the ocean. respect the water. that storm system will give us water in the form of rain by tomorrow night.
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let us take a look at the big picture pattern and how it will change over the next couple of days. tomorrow, a normal november day, but this offshore storm system, a majority of the energy , and moisture with it, will go farther to the north. we will be close enough to it for a band of showers to make its way to the bay area. tonight we will see the locally dense fog redeveloping, but like today ima it will dissipate. dry weather during the day. the showers moving to the north bay by about 10:00 in the evening for the first showers to at the ground. it will fall around midnight, and then into the pre-sunrise hours on thursday for san francisco and oakland. it will make its way further inland in the east bay. it will try to follow in the santa clara valley, but we are not talking about very much rain. then after a few straggling showers after the sun comes up, we will see plenty of sunshine by thursday afternoon. there is another system that will move in by early next week. you add up all of the rain chances, and you talk about a
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quarter inch to 0.5 inches. 1 to 1.5 inches around the central bank, and more than that in the north bay. 1 to 3 inches, with even more than that further north, and especially the coastal ranges in sonoma county. monday-tuesday system, we just have to wait several days for it to get here. plenty of sunshine on the horizon, but the sun is officially down now. low to mid 60s, with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies of her head. very nice weather for a dog walk this evening. we have one of the most statuesque dogs, ahmeek, whose name means "loved one" in latin. images were dropped and the upper 50s, and will have a mix of upper 40s and 50s on the map by early tomorrow morning, with another day of your normal temperatures wednesday before we start cooling off, once the system moves through early thursday. your 70 near the north bay. 70s inland and in the east bay,
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and in the santa clara valley. below normal temperatures continue friday, saturday, and sunday, even with dry conditions prevailing. and there is a 2 day system, with more substantial and more widespread rain across the bay area. after that, it doesn't like the forecast will dry out for several send consecutive days, but we hope to get as much out of that when next week as we possibly can. the "cbs evening news" is coming up next. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. we have a packed broadcast tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. if you feel that your orders are taking a long time to get you, you're not alone. we actually follow a product all the way from china to the u.s. we tell you what we learn as the cbs evening news is just minutes away point straightahead in sports, a special birthday for a 49ers player you know well, and what did happen at almost 4:00 a.m. involving a star nfl player, which claimed the life near las
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the nfl up top. there are times when sports takes a backseat, and this is the time. the raiders wide receiver,
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henry ruggs the third is in a downtown las vegas detention center right now on charges of a dui resulting in death, and reckless driving. this is what was left of a toyota that was rear-ended by holmes shortly before 4:00 this morning in las vegas. the car caught fire. the female driver died. ruggs and his girlfriend were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. he was released and booked into jail this afternoon. the court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow morning. the felony charge carries a sentence of up to 20 years of convicted. nhl san jose sharks host the sabres tonight at home at the tank. moving pictures of course on the late show, the sharks shorthanded again as the team deals with the covid outbreak. the good news, two have been cleared to return, but two others were added to the covid protocol, so sinus it will be without seven players, and the head coach again tonight. >> i'm not sure how long guys will be out. there are a few guys that are symptomatic, so it could be different for them. i don't know, but we are going to, you know, work as hard as
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we can with the group that we have. you know, it sucks guys have to mid time, but that is the reality of the season. >> back to the nfl and 49ers, happy 30th birthday, jimmy garoppolo. a 49ers acquired a defensive lineman from the texans in exchange for a sixth round pick. the 49ers picker, a pretty good sign that they'll be coming off the injured reserve this week. he made seven of eight field goals as a fill-in. the rams released jackson, the former cal stark, who signed last season, but wanted a bigger role in the offense. he hopes to join another contender for the second half of the season. moses his back. the warriors rookie to get some reps at the chase center tomorrow with the santa cruz warriors and exhibition play, then rejoined the big club
6:26 pm
wednesday night against charlotte. the 14th overall pick is hungry for more. >> all i ever wanted was to make it to the nba. now i am here. you know, you know the saying, you give a pig a pancake than he wants some syrup. >> if you give a pig some pancake, he's going to want some syrup. i grew up in the south. i never heard that. have you ever heard of that one? >> i never heard it, but i might use it. >> i've heard give an inch, frigaard. but pancakes, syrup? >> i want syrups of the pancakes. >> chicken and waffles point >> the best. >> now we are talking dinner
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this evening, we have an update on acl pup found miles away from home point >> the marine mammal center that rescued him shared picture and video. they were found roaming the streets of san rafael on saturday point >> he is being fed fish smoothies to boost his weight. it looks like it is working. once they gain weight, he will be offered whole fish, and then when he is stabilized enough, he will move to a larger pool pen.
6:30 pm
>> don't transition to fish sticks or something? >> i think he is liking it. he looks so much better and just a short amount of time. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the decisive decade for climate change. president biden announces new commitments to curb global warming and calls out china and russia for not showing up. >> americans showed up and decided to lead and lay out clearly what it wished to do. >> o'donnell: president biden's historic crackdown on a dangerous air pollutant, and the latest on a new plan to lower prescription drug prices. vaccinating america's children: pfizer's mini-dose of the covid vaccine is one step closer to getting in the arms of 28 million kids. when and where the first shots will be given out. protest murder trial-- tonight after last summer's black lives matter protest, the trial of kyle rittenhouse gets under way. the teenager accused of killing two men with an ar-15-style


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