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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 2, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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at least they did not smash it completely. >> car break in after car break in. now, at 11:00. as if this is not bad enough tonight we discovered a new problem for anyone trying to get
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their smashed window fixed. everyone is frustrated. it is a lose lose for the auto shops and for the cars and the insurance companies. more rain chances in the seven-day forecast. the more people we can get vaccinated the safer we can all be. how do you vaccinate as many kids as possible as soon as possible? we will have the answer in one bay area county tonight. plus, former 49er collin kaepernick compares nfl training camps to slavery. >> not from what i experienced. for months we have been reporting on the epidemic of car break ins in san francisco and now we discovered a new problem. >> kpix5 betty yu shows us how it is adding insult to injury, betty? >> liz we are "in-fisherman"'s
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wharf right now. hot spot for car break ins, typically the get away driver will follow the thief closely as he is hitting multiple cars. it all happens in a matter of seconds. now, fixing the damage can take months. >> at least they did not smash it completely. >> they found a car windshield violently smashed at 8:30 at night parked on mission street. a heavily trafficked place. >> i thought it was bird poop or a stain, but no, it was smashed with a baseball bat and there were four marks. and then the roof was also, like, dented. >> after calling half a dozen glass repair shops she found they are all facing a glass shortage. >> normal glass repair is $200- $300. why is it 900? ask it really cost that much
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and can you not get it done sooner. >> he is like yeah, no. >> reporter: the owner of this brand-new car ran into the same headaches after burglars broke in near howard. we went to seven auto glass shops in the bay area. all of then were backlogged and especially, you know, add in the manufacturing delays, right? from all over the world. it took me more than four weeks to replace that car window. >> it cost $2,000. >> we have not seen a glass shortage like this. low supply before but not into the aspect where even when we order through the dealer they have no projected time line. we could be waiting weeks to months. >> reporter: maz auto glass in san francisco said they used to be able to repair tkpwhrasdz in -- replace glass in days but
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shortage. >> and increase in break ins and a lot of the supply is being driven down. those that have it are going to turn that product that was sold to them for $60 and sell it for $300. >> reporter: central station, that covers a san francisco hottest tourist spots has seen a 31% increase in larceny which includes car break ins from june to october. compared with the first part of the year. >> of course, everyone is frustrated. it is a lose lose situation for both the auto shops and then the cars and the insurance companies. >> do you feel safe in san francisco driving? >> no. not at all. >> betty, the repair shops are they seeing it just in the higher end cars or certain kinds of cars? >> reporter: well, they tell me it is old cars and it is new cars but the new cars are a little more complex to fix because they often have more features and they need to be
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recall recalibrated. >> all right, betty, thanks. councilmember, house scene of a deadly halloween party shooting, a memorial is growing outside of the home where one person was killed and three others wounded. the victims all between the ages of 17 and 19. tonight, the mercury news reports the 19-year-old suspect who was arrested, is councilmember's relative. earlier we spoke with one of the partygoers that left early but later found out his friend was the one that was killed. >> i knew people were going to be here that i did not feel comfortable being around because i knew alcohol was going to be around. there is a good chance they had weapon on them. he got caught in the middle of it. at the wrong time. being in the wrong place at the wrong time. it is unfortunate. that is why it is so sad. he had nothing to do with it.
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>> councilmember memerez expressed her condolences to the victim's families. take a look outside, it is wet. at times we seen steady rain. that was the scene highway 24 in lafayette a few hours ago. you can see it and hear the rain hitting the windshield. >> chief meteorologist joins us now, paul? >> reporter: roads will driveway out for the morning commute. that is good news after the news was complicated out there. we are looking at the last of the showers, zooming in for a closer look. still, sprinkles, showers, hitting oakland hills and in the range as well. this is a lot less green on the map than we saw a couple hours ago. even the showers heavier in the santa clara mountains tapering off. a process that completes itself in the next couple of hours, seeing the last of the showers dropping off entirely. not done with the rain chances,
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down the line. lingering in the first half of wednesday and yet another good chance of rain on the way by early next week. take a look at the wednesday night rain forecast. >> paul, thank you. a big win for drugmaker in california's opioid drug crisis. a judge ruled against santa clara county. they filed a $50 billion suit companies including johnson&johnson downplayed the addictive properties of opioids, a orange county judge ruled even if the drugmakers engaged in deceptive marketing there is no evidence that it caused unnecessary prescriptions to be written. looking live at san rafael. the first night with no indoor mask mandate in marin county. now, getting kids 5-11 years old vaccinated. a cdc advisory panel could vote on pfizer shots for them just as soon as
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tomorrow. kpix5 kenny choi with new information on how the county plans to vaccinate as many children as they can in a matter of days. >> here, the goal is to vaccinate 75% of 5-11-year-olds before the holiday season. this comes as the biden administration announced today it is starting to send out millions of doses anticipating cdc approval this week. >> reporter: speaking through her daughter, there is a hesitancy to get her 8-year-old son vaccinated even though her 12-year-old girl is fully vaxxed. >> she is planning get it just waiting to see how people react, probably. >> reporter: starting this weekend the county schools and department of health will open up their first super pods for the 21,000 five-11-year-olds likely eligible in days. >> the thing for families to remember is that it is their choice to make this decision. this is not a mandate. >> reporter: doctor's offices and pharmacies will distribute shots, too. the super pods is the county's
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way of quickly getting students vaccinated and an easy option for willing parents. >> the more people vaccinated the safer we can all be. it does not perpetuate the problem. >> think about when the adults were first offered vaccinations and the 12- 18s, not everyone jumped in at the beginning. >> reporter: samantha has been through this process before. >> i wanted to get it. >> reporter: now trying to convince her mom and brother. >> scared of the vaccine? >> yes. >> reporter: getting vaccinate side the best thing to keep schools open and others safe. online registration could start on thursday with walk ins available at the sites. most national surveys indicate that 1 out of 3 parents of children 5-11- year-olds are ready and willing to get their rafael back to you. today, contra costa county announced they are expecting 20,000 pediatric doses of the
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vaccine to arrive by the end of the week. county run vaccination clinics will be up and running on saturday. we are told county health care providers and pharmacies are also stocking up. still ahead tonight. >> would you agree with what kaepernick is saying? >> no, in no way. >> he is not pulling any punches, the comments stirring up controversy. the holiday headache what you should know before you fly. a seal pup turns up a long way from home. his expedition, straight ahead
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new at 11:00. former 49er's quarterback kaepernick is creating controversy by comparing the nfl draft process to slavery. kpix5 is live in san jose with reaction tonight from the sports world. maria? >> reporter: there is a lot of reaction tonight on the documentary about kaepernick's life that is now number 10 on netflix. >> black is beautiful. >> love your blackness. >> in his netflix series.
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kaepernick says potential draftees are poked, prodded, examined. saying there is quote no boundary respected, no dignity left in tact. the episode shows a group of black rookie football players moving to an auction block from a training field. >> when you are talking about a combine. tom brady the greatest quarterback of all times he went through it. no exceptions. >> reporter: playing 16 seasons in the nfl and went through the combine kaepernick is talking about. he believes the qb used a poor choice of words. >> they are assessing who you are. they want to make sure they are getting the goods they are expecting. they are about to pay you a salary. is that not what it is like when you go to an interview for a job? >> hands are stretched to see how wide their hands are. they are moved and pulled in unusual positions. >> reporter: currently an assistant professor and sports communication at san
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jose state was on the other side of the combine. he worked on a college football team that would visit the combines, witnessing the process where cameras are not allowed. >> would you agree with what kaepernick is saying? >> no, in no shape, form or fashion from what i have experienced. the combine ultimately when it ended it did not end in disinfranchisements and deaths. did not end for many it ended in generational wealth. >> how is the public responding to kaepernick's criticism of the nfl draft process? >> liz let me show you some tweets. this tweet by owens, a super bowl champion, how dare kaepernick compare the evil from our ancestors to people who choose the game. if the nfl slavery why does he want back in?
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finding tweets of support, difficult. liz? >> it is getting attention for his show on netflix no question. >> all right, maria, thank you. a passenger that attacked a flight attendant midflight appear inside court today. the 20-year-old facing federal charges for allegedly punching a flight attendant in the nose. it happened on a flight from new york to orange county last week. witnesses say that the man asked to use the rest room when the fasten seat belt light was so when the flight attendant asked him to be seated he responded with his fist. the suspect told the investigators he suffers from brain fog and psychological damage from a brain injury. a live look at sfo where flights were canceled today. since friday, more than 2,000 flights canceled. the airline blames staffing shortages and weather issues. but experts warn that more cancellations and delays are to come with the holidays just around the corner.
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>> know your rights, know if the airline significantly delays or canceled your flight you are entitled to a cash refund. if they offer you a voucher you do not need to take that. >> this applies if you are already in transit and the second leg of your trip is canceled. experts say be pro active and find a flight your airline can rebook for you. san francisco commuters can be seeing delays today in the last day from uni employees to get a vaccine or risk their jobs. they say 98% of workers have been vaccinated. it is currently processing 100 exception requests, the agency hopes to have all of this worked out by the end of the week. got sprinkles on the evening commute today. it looks like it is drawing out a little bit? >> we will continue drying out the rest of tonight. terms of rain. mute and in fog spreading out. it could be a factor early in the morning.
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over an inch and a quarter for the santa cruz mountains. 1.3 inches there. almost an inch and a quarter from san rafael. san francisco, just short of a quarter inch of rainfall. concord, 1/10th of an inch. san jose, less than 1/10th of an inch, measurable. we will take everything we can get at this point in the season and there are more rain chances down the line. we will switch to the radar. the showers lingering, shrinking, that area of green. becoming smaller and smaller. the santa cruz mountains and the east bay hills, at there point, it will diminish now to 1:00 in the morning. the clouds, though, still there. clouds farther up in the atmosphere and ground level in the form of fog to begin the day on tuesday. not a gray day. we will see the sun breaking through. sun coming through, the temperatures warm back up to what is normal for this time of the year. the next rain chance is not that far away from us. we will track that on wednesday. still way off of the coast by
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wednesday afternoon. getting closer and starting to move into the north bay just after the sun goes down wednesday evening. by this time on wednesday. only 48 hours from now. we will be tracking the showers from the golden gate northward and the rain will go across the bay area wednesday night into the early hours of thursday morning. it is going to exit quickly. this version of future cast. this model showing it coming out. there are others that are slower. we will leave a chance of showers in the forecast for the first few daylight hours on thursday. then the sun should reemerge. looking at dry weather. nice for the first weekend in november. how much rain? similar to what we had today. most of us looking at 1/10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rain with slightly higher amounts in the north bay. 3/10ths of an inch in santa rosa. a little lower in the rain shadow locations, 1/10th of an inch there it is a lot. we will take it especially with
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yet another rain chance down the line early next week. right now, there is the cloud cover and fog beginning to spread out. the temperatures around 60 degrees, dropping down only to the middle and upper 50s. not too much cooler than we are right now. the temperatures not falling down too far. once the sun comes out high temperatures warm back up within a degree or two for what is normal. middle 60s along the coast. upper 60s around the bay. 70 degree temperatures farther inland. wednesday's higher temperatures looking identical. a little more on thursday. showers wind down. slightly below temperatures continue through the end of the workweek into the weekend. the first weekend in november does look dry. with the next rain chance likely to move in monday and monday night. the seven-day of the seven-day forecast so we will keep you updated on that. one thing we know is coming we get an extra hour of sleep and pets and kids sleep schedules get mess said up with the end of daylight saving time.
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vern? we don't have it too often but the kpix5 top 5 plays isback. and monday night football. which team did the ball bounce? streaming tomorrow on cbsnbay area we dive into a landmark study from ucsf where they implanted a women's brain to stop her severe depression. the athletics marcus thompson, you can find cbsnbay area on or the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your
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baseball up top. the world series cracks into november. this man behind my should. bob r in oa a's we w w helooked , gold and white. melvin for the san diego padres team
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jersey as he was introduced as the 22nd manager of the franchise. letting him out of his final contract of the season. >> you know who knows where they are going, they tend to turn sometimes. they, you know, we have different players there from time to time based on the fact that it is a little bit of a smaller budget. not the case here. and, you know, it is different for organizations, i am not sure which one is there right now. >> which brings us to this. the a's sent an e-mail survey to fans of the las vegas aviators, minor league team, the questionnaire was intended to engage interest in a possible relocation to the desert. speaking of relocation he was the mvp for the broncos, two weeks from tonight, von miller will be back as a member of the l.a. rams defense. via a trade today with denver
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to bring the 8 time pro bowl linebacker to the nfc west. coleaders, cost the rams a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick. game plan for patrick mahomes, keep them under 30 points. tied at 17, late. mahomes throwing a second interception, the giants were called for off sides, kept the drive alive and harrison, yes, buckner kicked the winning field goal and the chiefs get by 20-17. been waiting for it all day. not tuesday through sunday but monday night. kpix top 5. number 5 going in. going in. psyche! whoa. number 4, orlando rookie
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bogner. look out. orlando won the game, too. number 3. pure concentration, watch the giants receiver, john ross, haul it in? did he take it away? that is a grab. number 2. what could stop wisconsin running back? how about a kicking net. ouch. he was okay. now, number one, miles garret from the cleveland browns as the grim reaper yesterday, wrote the name of every quarterback he sacked on his cape. look at that. >> tackling a few more guys over the next few years. >> he is going to need a longer cape. >> yes. >> just saying. >> i can not stop thinking about that kiss, the almost kiss. >> you win some, you lose some. >> brutal. >> thank you, vern. tonight, a wayward seal pup is enjoying all of the comforts of home. plus a little something extra after
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northern seals spend their lives out to sea. >> most. one little guy found roaming the streets of san rafael. he is cute. his name is ivy because they found him on a patch of ivy. he was found on saturday. they say he almost made it out on highway 101. good thing he didn't.
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he is safe with wildlife experts they are giving him tests and fluids and a lot of fish smoothies. >> yes. they blend up the herring in a blender. >> yes. >> oh. that would smell so bad. >> he loves them. >> little face is just to die for. we'll be right back.
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