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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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tonight. mun i -- shaun chess is live tonight. >> reporter: they want to reiterate that they believe mun six still safe to travel but riders agree with the infectious experts and say you shouldn't stop being extra careful. the morning commute felt a little different. >> the bus is taking a little longer than usual. >> the buses have been crowded, especially getting back from downtown financial districts. >> reporter: what if any concerns do you have about the health and safety of riders as you're navigating this and trying to get workers where you want them to be? >> well, we've been fortunate throughout covid. we've not had a single documented covid transmission hot spot. >> reporter: riders should feel confident about muni's
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safety. >> it is one of the safer places to be in the world. >> reporter: one doctors said that argument adds up with this vaccine requirement for workers. >> chance are you're in a company where people are protected against covid. >> reporter: the agency says 98% of its workers are vaccinated, but a large percentage of those who are not operate trains and buses or work in parking control. >> it has an extremely negative trickle down effect in the sense that, you know, in one operator is not here for whatever reason, then that's one bus. >> but that doesn't mean riders shouldn't try avoid crowded buses and training. >> those who do have the option to kind of stage where public transportation times, that might be a nice option for trying to spread out. >> reporter: an approach some riders are already taking. >> i've waited a few times to take a few different buses because i'm not going to risk it and get on a crowded bus, even when i'm wearing two masks. >> what can you tell us about
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those vaccine exemptions? >> reporter: well, we know about 100 requests have been made by workers, and of those, more than half have already been denied. none have been approved. the union does tell us that in some cases, to the, their members are able to get paid leave. >> we do have new details tonight about a deadly short shooting had at the home of a gilroy city councilwoman. police say they are looking for multiple gunmen responsible for killing one person and injuring three others at a halloween petition over the weekend. devin joins us with the latest. >> reporter: that announcement really increase the complexionty of the case, the fact they are looking for not just one, but two gunmen at this time. about 50 people here paying respects to the victims of the the shooting. right now police say they think
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there sat least one other gunman that is still out there somewhere. police didn't say in this was a gun battle, or if bold shooters were on both sides, both firing into the party. this cared bout an hour after midnight on saturday at the home of counsel woman arminder sew z. one person we smoke to said he was concern $abut the mix of alcohol and partygoers that he knew that mile might be arm. he said his friend,ing mile zuniga, it was caught in the crossfire and killed. >> it really hurt. it should have been any of my friends. up will it could have been me in i stayed here, or more people. it was just sad he had to go, because he had no involvement in anything. . >> reporter: the police department says they are not releasing at least night now the booking photograph of the
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first suspected shoot tag i have in custody, benjamin david calder own. that's a common practices advertise when they are still having witnesses try identify a suspect. we tried to contact the city council member, but she did not make herself available for an on-camera interview. a problem across the country. there were at least 11 mass shootings in the u.s. this past weekend, leaving 12 people dead and 52 injured. looking live at our bay area bridges. it is a soggy morning commute along the san mateo bridge, and the pavement is slick on the san rafael and golden gate bridges this was the scene in walnut creek earlier today. and here what is it looked like the financial district. wet pavement and plenty 0 people out with their umpires. >> things quieten down, paul, but you are expecting more, right? [ laughter ] >> that's.
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it's dane and not the best evening for outdoor stuff. the best chance will be in parts of the north bay, especially higher elevations. we're talking about light amounts. a few hundredths of an inch of rain to a quarter inch in the highest spots. but everything should quiet down over the next several hours. i think by midnight, we're going to be down to a couple of stray sprinkles, and then things are looking dry for another round of welcome rain moves in. almost an inch and a quart sorry for for san rafael. almost a quarter inch for downtown san francisco. half boone mine exactly a tenth of an inch of rain. but live take it, and there's more in the forecast. not just wednesday night and thursday, but another chance next week. legal weil look at that seven- day outlook just a few minutes. head to for the latest on the incoming storms. the grace grass and greener
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and water is flowing. the north bay seeing a rebirth after a wind fall of rain, and it's only expected to get better. wilson walker is live in marin county. wilson, what difference in just a couple of days. amazing. >> reporter: yeah, it just took a week, right? i'm here on bontepe dam. it has been spilling over with everything we got from the atmospheric river err. the spillover runs into alpine lake, andal peen lake has o has been feasting for the past several days. it's up 20 feet in just a week. and there are, of course, other reservoirs further out in the county, and there are other ways to see the incredible payoff to the rain we are receiving. >> well, you can see in green grass starting to grow. i think that the officials got a good jump on it, too. if you listen, you'll hear
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frogs at night. they're pretty happy, too. there's a lot of good things going on. >> for phillip, another round of rain is more good news on the heels of october's atmospheric river, a storm that primed the land for more rainfall in just a matter of hours. >> for the first probably 12 hours, there wasn't any runoff. things were -- rain was soaking into the ground, and, gosh, by the next 12 hours, it was running off, and bonds were filling, and it was a beautiful sight. >> reporter: and the real payoff of that storm is now flowing all over marin, as the soaked ground moves this water where we would like it to go. this is what the reservoir looked like back during the summer. today the ground is still cracked and broke, but it is carrying water. it is now up 20 feet in just the past week, and is another reservoir about 15 minutes away. >> oh, a tremendous sense of relief so far.
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we hope it keeps coming every my now and then to keep this green grass going. that's our livelihood. we would grow broke if we had to rely unbales of alfalfa. when he rain equipment coming, i could feel my body relax. this has been quite a stress in the last few years. . >> reporter: all right you. get a little rain here in the watershed, it takes a couple of dice trickle down. so by the time this all runs through, as you heard, we have another storm coming. this is what you want. you want a storm, a little bit of rain, maybe another storm. let's hope we keep it going for a little while. on the coronavirus front, three bay area counties are easing their mask mandates. in contra costa and alameda counties, new rules apply for
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gyms and restaurants. health officials say easing mask rules won't change state and federal orders for the schools, the hospitals, and public transit. young five get their covid shotthis the final green light on the pediatric pfizer vaccine as early as tomorrow. the biden administration is already shipping millions of covid-19 shots for children here in the bay area, contra costa health services has preordered thousands of pediatric pfizer doses. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area. >> make a backup plan in case things go wrong. mine, where can you go? >> staffing shortages and mask cancellations. what you can do to survive a holiday travel nightmare. plus a new gun ordinance on the schedule. what one bay area city could soon require gun owners to do.
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and coming up, what pg&e just revealed. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix app. and we're also on the cbs news app, which cover can download
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mass cancellations from american airlines are still creating a nightmare for bay area travelers, and this could be a preview of what's to coming the this holiday season. we sent andre borba to find out how you can make your travel as smooth as possible for the holidays. >> reporter: some of the drama from this weekend has calmed down here at sfo. there are not lines at ticket counters around here right now. but if the thought of hole iday travel is already making you it before your teat, we have some tips for hopefully a math to smooth holiday trip. cancellation mayhem, stranding thousands of american airlines travelers across the country. with november here and thanksgiving lurking, there are more flights available now than anytime during the pandemic. >> we recovered a little over
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half of our pre-pandemic activity levels, and we expect that to continue during this holiday travel season, and traditionally summer is the peak period for us. but we think that this holiday season will probably be our best period since the pandemic began. >> reporter: put with those flights comes staffing challenges at airlines, and the possibility of travel shenanigan on par with '80s thanksgiving classic planes, trains, and automobiles. sergio, of aaa northern california said have at least one backup plan and probably more. >> make a backup plan in things go wrong. where do i go? where die stay? if you have a connecting flight. do i have friends in that glare maybe look up where the hotels are in that area. >> something all travel experts we spoke on agreed upon, the important of only carry-on luggage. do not check your bag if you
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can avoid it. most campaign is airport drama can be avoided with these three tips. >> fly direct, book early, and try to book earliest flight of the day. the cancellations tend to increase as the guy goes on. >> reporter: as for that early wake-up call? >> it's far better to wake up a bills earlier than normal to catch that early flight and get to your destination than to fly to a more human hour and never arrive at grandma's house. >> reporter: now another thing he mentioned, book your flights early. we're you should be taking care of nhl right now as soon as i log off from this live shot, but start thinking about christmas right now, too, and book those tickets out now, and he said especially you need to think about making sure that everything is in place, and gain, backup plans in anything could possibly, possible glow
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wrong. live at sfo, austin borba kpix 5. >> happening tomorrow, the pleasanton city council will consider ordering gun owners to lock up their guns. we are learning that pg&e is expecting a $1.15 billion financial hit from claims related to the monstrous dixie fire. pg&e revealing that it received a subpoena last month from the u.s. attorney's office in connection with the dixie fire. that wildfire consumed nearly one million acres. investigators say a burning tree leaned against a pg&e line may have sparked that fire. pg&e executives say $1.15 billion estimate is on the lower ender of potential costs from the dixie fire as claimston pile up. and pg&e issued this statement.
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we believe our actions around the time of the dixie fire's ignition show that we are reasonable -- or a reasonable operator of our electric system. we remain focus on reduces wildfire risks across our service area. meantime, the santa rosa fire department has officially declared the end of the 2021 wildfire own? that city. the fire department says santa rosa received roughly 11 inches of rain in october, minimizing the threat of major fires. rough sir enough the bay area coastline today. these are conditions off the pacific today. the national weather service is warning do not turn your because on the ocean, saying the storm could create sneaker waves that would surge three to four feet in just a few seconds. let's bring paul back in. this storm is kind of tapering off, moving away? >> yes. but there will be another one wednesday night into thursday that will create another we will. but it's nice to see these rain chances spaced out every two or
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three days in the forecast. you can see the heaviest rain moved off northeast by about 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. the showers out there right now are basically stationary, which shows how they are being squeezed out against the higher terrain. some of the higher terrain in the north bay get something additional rain as well. this is gradually going to quiet down as we head through the next few hours. it is just a generally wet to damp evening, even if it's not raining directly on you. we should dry out by tomorrow morning. the cloud cover will still be out there and locally dense fog, but that will dissipate. lenity of sunshine wake allowing temperatures to warm back up. dry weather tomorrow, tomorrow night and wednesday, and then the next chance of rain already the forecast by wednesday night. that's going to be very similar to today's rain. about a tenth of an inch to quarter inch for most of us. that tapers off on thursday. we dry out friday, saturday, and likely sunday for another rain chance heads our wear by monday and monday night of next week. we'll keep this pattern in
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place as long as we possibly can. right now things drying out downtown, but still plenty of cloud cover. there is some drizzle here and there. temperatures most friday the low 60s, but down to 59 in santa rosa where you're picking up an additional shower. not going to add up to too much in terms of rain of what we've already speeched dog walking forecast is not looking too great around bur link game. if you can wait and put on something reflect specific walk them a little later, it give this pave at chance to dry out once the showers begin to wind down. temperatures tonight drop down to the mid-to upper 50s. once we clear out tomorrow, temperatures return to upper 60s around the bay, mid-60s along in the coast, with near 70-degree high temperatures farther inland, and same story on tuesday, before that next chance of showers wednesday night, lingering into the first half of the day by thursday, but by thursday afternoon,
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think we'll see some sunshine, and there dry weather before that next rain chance moves in by monday of next week. could be as early as sunday night. we'll be taking a look at future cast on this wednesday night rain chance coming up at 7:00. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> a lot of news to cover tonight. american airlines cancels thousands of flights, blaming bad weather is staffing shortages. how the latest flight delays could impact your thanksgiving travel. the cbs evening news is now just minutes away. straight ahead in sports, huge nfl trade. the niners got a warm fuzzy feeling again. and perhaps you've heard of the story of the three wise men? well, the warriors are
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for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. the warriors. can it get any better? surging in the league power rankings at 5-1? well, yes, it can, and it it did today! big man james wiseman one step closer to learning to the team. next step scrimmages, and then rehab begins in santa cruz in
6:24 pm
the g league. the 20-year-old has been working to gain wait during his rehab. well, he can have some of mine. wiseman today. >> it hasn't been hard at all. i've got a high metabolism, so i have to make surer eat a lot after practice and stuff, but he was has been solid. it's cool. >> after a sunday win in chicago, the 49ers are wildcard playoff relevant, and after jim garoppolo's performance, topic number one not the starting quarterback? >> i don't know what else we'll stalk about if we don't have that. yeah, i don't mind you guys not asking. >> he threw for a season high 322 jarreds, scored twice, but saved his longest pass for the celebration after his fourth touchdown run, when he launched the football into the crowd! [ laughter ] >> my college roommates were sitting in that end zone. hopefully one of them caught it. no, it was just so much emotion. i'm not used to really running
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them in like that to begin with, so when it does happen, it was pretty cool. >> the rams got their chips. they are all in. it's super bowl or bust now. look who is coming to the nfc west. 8-team pro-bowler vonta miller in a deal today with the broncos. the 49ers host the rams in two weeks on monday night football. titans derrick henry is going to have to have foot surgery and is expected to miss several weeks. a blow to many in the fantasy league. and it's officially official for bob melvin. a fans, it's okay to look away. he was introduced today as the
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new skipper of the padres. the a's leapt melvin out of the final year of his contract after a little static when san diego place add call to a's boss billy beane. >> i reached out to billy and broached the topic. first thing he basically told me was no chance, go to hell. >> it was a surprise. i didn't expect it, but once i was given the opportunity to listen to people here, it may became clear pretty quickly that this was the place for me. >> he's in the all-time winnings manager in oakland a's history. thear do not have san diego on their 2022 schedule, but the padres do come to oracle park next april 11th. >> it will be weird not seeing him in the a's uniform. >> yeah. >> we'll see him then. all right, thanks, vern. up next, a man who used
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a big square for east coast trick-or-treaters, but it came from a tesla. >> that was a tesla! the tesla was talking! okay, i'm freaking out! [ laughter ] >> trick-or-treaters in new york pranked, thinking tesla was talk, but wasn't, it wasn't the owner. it even got the attention of
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elon musk on-line and gave them the laughing - ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the dire warning from world leaders about climate change and what's being described as the inflection point for our planet, and why president biden is apologizing to the world for donald trump. the planet in peril, and what's at stake as president biden tries to reduce america's carbon footprint. >> climate change is already ravaging the world. >> o'donnell: abortion showdown: the supreme court hears arguments in the case of that texas restrictive abortion law. the clues tonight on how the highest court in the land may rule. travel disaster, american airlines forced to cancel more flights after a rough halloween weekend. what's causing the chaos and could your thanksgin


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