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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, live from treasure island, a live look at the san francisco skyline. good morning. it's monday, november 1. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we'll start with a look at our weather and traffic. we had a beautiful weekend, a very nice saturday and sunday. what does our week look like? we are watching the rain. keep those umbrellas handy. you will need it this morning and this afternoon. you see on high def doppler the rain about to move in, a lot of rain offshore with a cold front. you see the rain starting to push into parts of the north bay this morning. really as we get through maybe 9:00, 10:00 am, we will start to see more of the widespread rain making its way into our region. let's time it out on futurecast as we take you hour by hour. there you see the widespread rain pushing into our region. here we are at 10:00 for the entire north bay, san francisco
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area, peninsula, east bay and parts of the south bay. as we roll this forward as we head through our afternoon stopping at 5:00 p.m., you can still see the showers lighting up our radar screen. get ready for a wet monday ahead. we'll talk more about what you can expect for the rest of the work week coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? good morning. not bad. if you are ready to head out, it is early so there are not a lot of cars. we are seeing a lot of green. that is good news. there are a couple accidents to look for. we are keeping a close eye on these. north 880 to the right side at 23rd avenue there is a crash. chp is on scene. if you are headed towards bay bridge, heads up, we have reports of an accident as you work west bound 80 at 580 in the maze and apparently one lane is blocked due to the crash so traffic is slightly slow as you approach. once you are past that, things are clear at the bay bridge with no troubles as you head
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into san francisco, traffic clear on 101 heading into the city as well. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we are going to have our eye on public transportation today because there is a vaccine deadline in san francisco, and that is going to impact some of the muni bus service. as of now about 6% of muni operators have not either reported vaccination status or have simply not been vaccinated. today was the deadline for that. muni announced they're temporarily suspending shorted line service, buses that run on a portion of a longer muni line. expect more crowding, possibly longer wait times on some routes. here are routes that are affected. one california short, 14r mission rapid short on weekdays only, 30 stockton short, 49 vanness. that is also on weekdays only.
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as for operators who have not complied yet with the vaccine mandate, they're not going to be fired immediately. they will go through the disciplinary process which today is the deadline, we'll start today. we'll have more throughout the morning. back to you. as soon as tomorrow we can see cdc join fda in approving pfizer vaccine for young children. fda is looking into reports of moderna vaccine causing heart inflammation in rare cases in teens. because of this, they'll need more time to approve shots for teens in the u.s. according to moderna there did not appear to be increased risk among european adolescents who already got the shot. expect mask changes in three counties starting today. the biggest roll back is in marin. county is lifting all indoor mask restrictions for fully vaccinated people. this is after marin met benchmarks most bay area counties agreed on. alameda and contra costa are
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easing indoor mandates for fully vaccinated people in some settings. that does not include bars and restaurants. halloween turned into a travel nightmare at airports across the country. yesterday american airlines canceled hundreds of flights from coast to coast. that includes dozens of bay area airports. more from sfo where passengers are understandably frustrated. >> reporter: travelers flying american airlines grew more frustrated by the minute at san francisco international airport sunday anxious to figure out if and how they'd make it to intended destination. >> as soon as i got here, i got a text that my flight was canceled. they had no crew. >> reporter: american canceled more than 600 flights nationwide sunday making it more than 1500 since friday. airline sites weather related issues and staffing shortage but several travelers told us they never got a clear answer as to why. all they got were automated
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texts. >> any information would be great. i am getting texts day after day saying this is canceled, trying to rebook you, a very robotic process. >> reporter: scheduled to fly american from sacramento to dallas. that was canceled. so he booked out of sfo and rented a car to get here but it was for nothing. >> the next minute, i got the e- mail "your flight has been canceled." >> reporter: around two dozen american airlines flights scheduled to arrive or depart were canceled. >> a business such as american can and should do better, much better. >> reporter: liz sea crest was set to fly home to south carolina around 8:00 sunday morning. that didn't happen. >> i have been wandering around the airport since then. >> reporter: for context, we met her around 6:00 sunday evening. she was eventually rebooked on red eye scheduled to take off around 11:00 at night.
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>> if the flight is canceled, it will be pretty unbelievable. >> san francisco capping off an eventful weekend with an outside lands festival like we have never seen. betty yu has more on what was a big return for the music scene. >> reporter: britney howard rocked out on the main stage before tens of thousands of costumed music fans. we spotted a dancing tiger, an astronaut, britney spears. >> that's why we came today. we were like let's analyze the costumes, hang out like people watching. such a good vibe. >> we came last night and we were looking at the crowd. it's kind of surreal to see thousands and thousands. >> so fun. i decided to be a little bit warmer this year. yesterday was foggy. today is sunny and nice. >> reporter: more than 70,000
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people attended each day. people danced their hearts out while others enjoyed bites from dozens of bay area eateries. >> happy halloween! >> reporter: in nearby sea cliff, trick or treaters took over streets. >> i didn't go last year. it's very exciting to go out again because i have been staying home a lot. >> i am a grandmother so i have had many halloweens. this is beyond anything i could ever comprehend. take some candy. >> i feel this halloween is really refreshing. i get to go out and be with my friends. >> reporter: you could hear outside lands from the land of trick or treaters. in the past residents have complained about increased noise, trash, traffic from the music festival. >> you could hear the music from my house and you could hear the crowds even more, the roar of the crowds. it's all part of the fun. outside lands is what it is and it is exciting. it's a good feeling, a good sound. >> they were getting down out there.
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that was betty yu reporting. bay area families were able to enjoy first normal halloween for the first time in two years. parents of younger children who haven't been vaccinated had to take precautions but people made the best of it. coming up, a break in the case of a deadly halloween party shooting at the home of a gilroy city council woman. a bay area school board president now firing back over a recall attempt. later, oakland's new move today designed to tackle homelessness in the city. stay with us. we'll be right
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this morning a 19-year-old man is in custody in connection with a deadly shooting at the home of a gilroy city council woman. >> gilroy morgan hill swat team arrested the suspect over the weekend at his gilroy home. one man was killed and three others were hurt. it is unclear if the council woman was home during the shooting. we reached to the suspect's family who told us they do not want to comment. in sacramento a vigil held at the scene of another deadly halloween party shooting. as of this morning, there are still no arrests in the shooting that killed two people and injured five others. families of victims are still trying to make sense of what happened. >> he was loved, very, you
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know. he didn't deserve it. he wasn't that kind of dude. >> police say early saturday around 400 people were packing a banquet hall for halloween ball when shots rang out. officers trying to figure out a motive and shooters were involved. parents and community members collected signatures to recall. >> she told us her approach is rocking the boat. >> the folks behind this recall effort represent old antioch. i don't believe i am dividing anybody based on race. i believe i am bringing people together and bringing voices to the table who have been historically ignored. >> recall supporters told kpix they are tired of what they consider "negative behavior." they said 97% of district workers gave a vote of no confidence. they say they want her out because she tried to fire district superintendent. >> she's a democrat but has taken a page out of donald trump's book of rules.
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>> i did vote for her, serums like she got to power and it's kind of gone to her head and corrupted her a little bit. she called us disgusting, hostile. she said we cyber bully her. >> recall campaign has until april to collect roughly 10,000 signatures. president biden wrapped up time at the g20 summit in rome with a speech taking jabs at russia, china, saudi arabia. he says they are not doing enough to limit carbon emissions and move to renewable energy. >> not only russia but china basically didn't show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change. there is a reason why people should be disappointed in that. i found it disappointing myself. time for the money watch report, a strike by thousands of workers against a heavy equipment maker may be close to ending. diane king hall reports now
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from the new york stock exchange. investors are hoping to keep the rally going on wall street after closing last week with records. dow gained 89 points friday and nasdaq rose 50 and s&p 500 added eight. two weeks into a strike, united auto workers union has a tentative agreement with john deere. employees will get a bump in pay and no changes in cost of their healthcare. 10,000 employees have been on strike since october 14. they'll remain on the picket line while workers review the deal ahead of a ratification vote. video gaming platform roadblocks back online after struck by a days' long outage. millions began having problems logging in thursday. by friday the service crashed. it took until sunday for the issue to be identified and fixed. the outage was result of internal glitch, not a hack or any other kind of external
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intrusion. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i am diane king hall. the clock just hit 4:45. let's get a check of weather and traffic. we will start with mary lee with a look at our forecast with rain. we are tracking that rain, this cold front that is about to push across the bay area. grab your rain jacket, your umbrellas, because you will need it as we head through our day. it's reaknocking on our door here on high def doppler. you see the rain offshore. as we zoom in you see the areas getting the wet start to our day. fort bragg, ukiah, clear lake, clover dale. we are looking at temperatures on the cool side in the low to mid 60s this afternoon pretty much across the board for daytime highs today. let's get right to it and time it out as we take you hour by hour on futurecast.
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here we are at 9:00 am. this cold front gets going later in the morning, looking at widespread rain. first the north bay will see rain first and then rain will push south. we are looking at widespread rain later in the morning. then as we look to the afternoon, you can see the showers lighting up futurecast screen. this is 3:00 in the afternoon. as we look ahead to tonight, scattered showers. tomorrow morning, we can see a few isolated showers to start our day. then we are looking at some clearing with partly sunny skies, drier weather ahead looking ahead to tomorrow. our sunrise by the way is at 7:35 and sun set at 6:10. let's check our daytime highs as we take you hour by hour with our temperatures. again we are going to be in low to mid 60s this afternoon as we look to tomorrow with drier, quieter weather for your tuesday. we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer looking to tomorrow in the afternoon. let's check our seven-day forecast and what you can
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expect. san francisco, oakland, san jose. again, looking at wet weather for today, late morning and into the afternoon. that's when we are going to see widespread rain pushing across our region. drier weather ahead tuesday and wednesday and then we have another weather system bringing the return of wet weather for us for your thursday. at this point, drier weather friday and saturday and the chance to see a few showers as we look to the end of our weekend sunday. east bay, north bay, coast, also looking at the rain. the north bay is seeing the rain first as well as the coast but inland east bay, you will see that rain later this morning into the afternoon, looking at drier weather tuesday and wednesday and then rain returns looking ahead to your thursday with another weather system late wednesday into thursday, drier friday, and saturday and at this point again on sunday, there is a chance to see a few showers as we look to the end of our weekend. let's check with gee an flash flooding for a look at traffic. later this morning we are
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looking at the rain that's going to push through and bring slick roads for sure. >> the calm before the storm. traffic is moving okay. as mary mentioned, that will be a difference later on. definitely plan for that. right now you are okay if you are getting out early this morning for work. things are moving okay for the most part along 680 or 101. 101 is clear out of south bay as you work along the peninsula as well as out of marin county. there are two accidents we are keeping our eye on, not causing a lot of brake lights. north bound 880 at 23rd avenue, a crash. all the activity is over to the right side of the road way. at one point one lane was blocked but they've got that pushed to the side of the road way. if you are headed towards the maze, there is a crash here, west bound 80 connector to east bound 580, looks like a couple cars tangled up in that as well. good news if you are headed to the bay bridge, they should have that wrapped up within the
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next couple minutes. you see things moving nicely as you head into san francisco, same for san mateo bridge, things quiet in both directions as well as the golden gate. travel times even altamont pass showing a lot of green. it's a good time to be on the roadways. halloween isn't just about trick or treating or elaborate costumes for a night of partying. >> some residents had a more social way of decorating. one woman operated to decorate with a speck of climate change. it shows oil spills running to the curb where it will drain to the bay. >> i like halloween. this year when i thought boy, what's the scariest thing going on? i thought climate change really is very scary. so i wanted to make a statement about that. >> the mexican community knowing happen wean as day of the dead. huge celebration took over
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international boulevard in oakland and this was their take on the day. >> it is completely different way to see when we die or when we pass actually. you don't die. you pass. >> it's everything. it's sadness. it's happiness. it's joy. i am going to get all emotional. it's everything. >> images of skulls and skeletons are presented in a light hearted way. elaborate costumes and make up are a tribute to loved ones that passed. the san francisco mayor london breed joined in on the halloween fun and shared these photos on twitter. the mayor was decked out in an elaborate colorful costume with an intricate head piece. new video of residents thinking outside of box to hand out treats. >> we have seen candy shoots but this takes the cake. some albany residents set up
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slid it from the doorway to the sidewalk delivering candy to children. this could be the ultimate method of from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives.
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good morning everybody good morning. another halloween has co withou 49er treats. second quarter, bears fans even waited for the rookie quarterback justin fields to perform like this. oh the roll out pass to jesse james! nice touch. 10 baseball 3 bears. chicago up 13-6 at the half and garoppolo let this one fly.
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samuel, 50 yards, set up a field goal, 13-9 chicago heading t loer ro. , send half 19. look what happened. an 83-yard blast. forget just being in punt position. how about seven points? he nearly scored, just short of the pile on, knocked out of bounds. third down again, garoppolo called his own number and dove in behind a nice block, 16-15 bears after missed extra point. fourth, mitchell time. he had help. pushed the pile four yards into the end zone to get mitchell for his second touchdown in as many weeks. 49ers went for two. now it's a niners' seven point lead. 45 yards, play of the game here, uses his legs to avoid
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the storm of defenders. oh my, 22-yard touchdown run, gained 103 yards rushing, 33-22 after missed extra point. niners turn to the ground game, bears couldn't stop the toss sweep, great blocking, charlie warner, mitchell, career high 137 yards rushing and then the big fella number 10 crashed in. it's an eight point lead until the one possession gain. the defense, they clamped down. his first sack of the season, 49ers registered four sacks, won 33-22, season high yards and pair of rushing scores as niners' record improved to 3-4. >> seems like forever ago, man. good memories, coming back to
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your hometown, city, carries a different feel. it really does. landing at the airport, the city, all the familiarity and all the good stuff, it's a special feeling, a good day. >> nobody needed a good day more than garoppolo. >> it's nice to maybe not have to listen to it as much for a week. i think jimmy does it as good as anybody. jimmy is not a social media guy, not a guy sitting there watching. >> from ota, jimmy has not changed. he's been the same and it was nice to go in front of the crowd and get a win. any left over halloween candy? if you got snickers, bring them to me. >> leave them on his desk. 4:56. >> mask changes you can expect today in some bay
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, anticipating muni operator shortage, services being suspended this morning. headache for flyers taking the country's largest airline. what's causing flight cancellations for american airlines nationwide. eventful finish to outside lands after bay area's biggest music festival made its return over the weekend. >> reporter: masking rules being lifted in a few bay area counties. i am justin andrews with what health officials are saying. good morning. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with traffic and weather. we have some rain after a
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beautiful weekend. it was so nice this weekend and now we have rain with a cold front that will bring widespread rain back to the area. grab those rain jackets, those umbrellas. you will need it this morning and later this afternoon. you see the bulk of the action offshore and to our north. parts of the far north bay are starting to get that wet weather. that rain will spread across the rest of the region. let's time it out as we take you hour by hour. here we are at 9:00 am, 10:00 am. you see that widespread rain pushing into our region. as we fast forward again into the afternoon, still looking at the showers for us as we head through our day. really this cold front is bringing much needed rain, anywhere from a few tenths to the possibility of a quarter to as much as a half inch to an inch of rain. some much needed rainfall coming our way. looking at temperatures, we are looking at all of us in the low to mid 60s this afternoon, below average for this time of ar


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