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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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s about to roll in.
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what to expect for your morning commute. and i'm frustrated, but i don't know what to do and how to get out of here and just go home. >> and it's become the spookiest day of the year. it's turned into a travel nightmare, creating a domino affect and stranding passengers at bay area airports. we're live on a busy halloween night. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. just as trick or treaters are settling inside now we begin tonight with another storm about to roll into the bay area. >> a live look at the bay area bridges, seeing light sprinkles, but the rain is expected for a few more hours. that's the word from darren
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peck. what's next? >> mainly tomorrow morning's commute, but rain on high-def doppler right now. some of the late night revelers might get a little bit of light rain. high doppler on the most sensitive setting right now as suggested to pick out everything, picking up all the light midst. but here is another way to verify what's there. when you switch from high-def doppler and put it into the high-resolution forecast model, all the mess goes away and all the things that is actual rain remains, which will continue to drift, hug the marine coast, probably the peninsula in the city, a light misting shower is possible if you're up and out late, but not that big of a deal. now things will start to look more interesting here because that's the leading edge of the next system. this is early. that's 6:00 a.m. on monday. at that point we're just kind of beginning to see the leading edge work its way into the north bay. but you can see how large that system is with a lot of rain in it. when you come back with the complete forecast, we will take the whole thing, play it through
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the whole day on monday. i'll show you when you could expect rain for the day tomorrow. >> it will be good to know, thank you. halloween has certainly turned into a travel nightmare at airports across the country. today alone american airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights from coast to coast, including dozens of bay area airports. kpix 5 joining us live at sfo where passengers are unbelievably frustrated. max? >> reporter: we saw some passengers who were here literally all day. the fact there's no line behind us at all, all clear here meaning they are on flights or they might be sticking around for another night here in the bay area. travelers flying american airlines grew more and more frustrated by the minute at san francisco international airport sunday anxious to figure out if and how they would make it to their intended destination. >> i got a text message that my
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flight was canceled. they had no crew. >> reporter: canceling more than 600 flights nationwide sunday making it more than 1,500 since friday. the airline cites weather related issues and a staffing shortage, but they never got a clear answer. all they got were automated text messages. >> lie any kind of information would have been great, but i'm getting text day after day saying we are trying to rebook you, just a very robotic process. >> reporter: he was scheduled to fly to dallas. but that flight got canceled. he rented a car to get here, but it was all for nothing. >> as soon as i returned the next minute i got the e-mail that your flight has been canceled. >> reporter: around two dozen flights to arrive at sfo were canceled sunday. in and out of san jose international were also canceled. >> a business such as american can and should do much better.
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>> reporter: liz sea crest was set to fly home to south carolina around 8:00 on sunday morning. that didn't happen. >> i've been wandering around the airport ever since then. >> reporter: for context we met her around 6:00 sunday evening, eventually rebooked on a red eye scheduled to take off around 11:00 at night. >> if the flight tonight is canceled, it will be pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: we did reach out to american airlines for a statement and we were told they plan to begin staffing up their entire operation across the board starting as early as tomorrow. that includes nearly the return of 1,800 flight attendants over the next month. they also expect to add more than 600 new attendants by the end of the year. juliette? >> that's key and necessary with the holidays coming up for sure. thank you. well it may be sunday night, but the halloween fun is not over yet. streets of san francisco are still buzzing capping off an eventful weekend with an outside lands festival like we have never seen before.
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in fact kpix betty yu is live in the sunset. betty, look at you. i like that look. what are you exactly? [ laughter ] >> hi, brian. i'mok from money heist a netflix show. and actually i'm one of a couple of tokyos i spotted inside the festival tonight. right now people are still making their way out. organizers tell us that this night may have been the biggest yet this halloween weekend. >> reporter: singer britney howard walked out on the main stage in front of tens of thousands of music fans. we spotted a dancing tiger, an astronaut, and britney spears. >> let's just analyze all the costumes, hang out and people watch. >> we came last night looking at the crowd and it was kind of surreal to see thousands of
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people. >> it is wild. i decided to be warmer this year. yesterday was foggy, so today it was sunny and nice. >> reporter: tonight may have been the biggest. more than 70,000 people attended each day. people danced their hearts out while others enjoyed bites from the bay area eateries. in nearby sea cliff, trick or treaters took over the streets. >> i didn't go trick or treating last year. it's very exciting to go out again because i've been staying home a lot. >> i'm a grandmother, so i've had many halloweens. this is beyond anything that i could ever comprehend. take some candy. >> i feel like this halloween is really refreshing. i get to go out again, be with my friends. >> reporter: tonight you could hear outside from the land of trick or treaters. in the past residents have
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increased their noise and traffic and from the music festival. >> and you can hear the music from my house. you can hhe crowd is all part of the fun. it's what it is and exciting and that's a good feeling and a good sound. >> reporter: and brian and juliette, i'll have to say i've seen a lot of costumes tonight. the most popular by far, squid game. >> i knew you were going to say that, but you have it beat by far. you look great. thank you. all right, bay area families were able to enjoy the first normal halloween for the first time in two years. parents of younger children still did have to take precautions, but people made the most of it tonight. >> we spoke to people tonight about how they are celebrating. >> the energy seems very
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uplifting, people are talking about costumes and the halloween spirit. it's great. >> reporter: have you scared any people with your mask? >> not yet. >> there you go. >> to turn around and model for us. there you go. do your ketchup thing. >> it's been years in the making. >> we love it. we love halloween. >> i think that people are a little more comfortable this year. >> it was really emotional for me to see the kids be able to have a normal halloween event. >> we were looking forward to it next week. >> now onto the coronavirus as soon as tuesday, we could see the cdc join the fda in approving the vaccine, for young children. >> meanwhile they are looking at reports of the moderna vaccine causing heart inflammation and very rare cases in teenagers. because of this they need more time to approve the shots for
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them in the u.s. of the european adolescents who already got the shot. in the meantime can expect some mask changes in three bay area counties, which starts tomorrow. bank is in marin, lifting all indoor mask restrictions for fully vaccinated people. which comes after the set of benchmarks, which they agreed on. alameda, also easing indoor mask mandates for fully vaccinated people. but that does not include bars and restaurants. happening tomorrow muni operator shortage. suspending service on a few lines all because of the city's vaccine mandate requiring city employees to be fully vaccinated after november 1. the 30 stockton short and 49 van ness short. still ahead on kpix news at
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11:00, a break in the case of a deadly halloween shooting at a gilroy city councilwoman. >> the folks behind this recall effort represent more. >> seems like she got into power and it has gone through her head. a bay area school board president firing back over a recall attempt. also what we know about a covid scare unf the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. whether it's work work. works for me. school work
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welcome back. tonight a 19-year-old man is in custody in connection to a deadly shooting at a home of a gilroy city councilwoman. >> the s.w.a.t. team arrested the suspect this weekend at his gilroy home. the shooting happened early saturday morning at the home of gilroy city councilwoman rebeca armendariz. it's unclear if she was home during the shooting. the violence broke out at a large outdoor party. neighbors told kpix about 80 people attended that party, most of them teens and younger people. a fight broke out and at least one person opened fire. one man was killed, three others were hurt. and in sacramento a vigil was held tonight at the scene of another deadly halloween party shooting. still no arrests in that shooting that killed two people and injured five others. tonight the families of victims are still trying to make sense
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of what happened. police say early saturday morning around 400 people were packing a banquet hall for a halloween ball when shots rang out. officers are trying to figure out a possible motive and how those shooters were involved. and also antioch parents and community members collected signatures today to recall school board president ellie householder. her approach is rocking the boat. >> the folks behind this recall effort represent old antioch. i don't believe i'm dividing anybody, but actually bringing voices to the table who have been historically ignored. >> but recall supporters told kpix they are tired of what they consider her negative behavior. they said 97% of district workers gave her a vote of no confidence and also say they want her out because she tried to fire the district
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superintendent. >> he's a democrat, but definitely taking a page out of donald trump's book of rules. >> i did vote for her. seems like she got into power and it has gone to her head. she has called us disgusting and we cyber bully her. >> the recall campaign has got until april to collect about 10,000 signatures. now at 11:00, the white house press secretary said she tested positive for covid-19. she's experiencing mild symptoms. the 42-year-old said she was last in contact with president joe biden on tuesday. she met with him in the white house where they were more than six feet apart and wearing masks. the white house said president biden who is tweeted frequently last tested negative on saturday. now the president is overseas tonight wrapping up his time at the g20 summit in roam with a speech. he was taking jabs at a task for
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not doing enough to limit carbon emissions and move to renewable energy. >> not only russia, but china basically didn't show up in terms of any commitment to deal with climate exchange. and there is a reason why they should be speaking about that. i find it disappointing myself. >> the white house turned orange tonight for what else, but halloween. you can check out this gorgeous time lapse tonight. they did get some nice weather, but the clouds are rolling in, setting the stage for changes ahead. >> darren is here with what happens next. >> those clouds were setting the mood for the evening with rain with them. we could get some light rain tonight and tomorrow is the main event. it's not going to be anything like the storm last sunday in light of what we just went through. i feel like that has to be made. but there is widespread rain tomorrow. if you look at the satellite just off the coast you can see pretty well organized system out here.
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futurecast already able to move that rain and switch over to the high resolution forecast model starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. by that point we started to notice the leading edge of the showers into the north bay. but we are really waiting for that line right there to come on shore and you notice it more through napa county and it is mainly a north bay rain story. and for the rest of the day, that's going to be the theme, the best of the rain is going to stay in the north bay. i mean here we are now at 10:00 in the morning, still pretty much that way. even though we start to see showers from about noon on, get to the golden gate southward, and it is just kind of like the broken off pieces of the system that happens to drift out of the golden gate is the way to say that. spotty showers for the most part that will drift their way down there. if you want steady, consistent rain, you will have to be up in the north bay tomorrow. when you look at the totals for the accumulated rainfall. , they're pretty extreme here.
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you get into fall and you see a wide range of numbers like that, three quarters of an inch for santa rosa and barely a .10 inches. hopefully they will get motivated as we go into the season, but just like the last system that came through it is really kind of going in for the north bay. all right, the wind on this one will be breezy, but not windy. if you watch right there how the colors light up there along skyline boulevard and going out along the rain. but it is just, you know, a breezy day. it's not like the wind is a major factor with that system tomorrow. we will see daytime highs tomorrow, still a pretty nice day, temperature wise it's cooler than today was, but it's not a particularly cold storm. only the first of two with the next one.
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that one gets here on thursday and will probably do a similar run through on this one. rain throughout the day on thursday, it doesn't look like a major soaker. but if we put it into the futurecast to see what that rainfall looks like, it's .2 inches of rain and .1 inches for the south bay. so more rain, we'll take it. they're not blockbuster storms, but if we could keep them going like that, for a while, that's certainly going to be helpful overtime and you don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, it looks like we're going to stay in this kind of pattern. and it will be two days with rain on it and by the time we get into the weekend across the rest of the seven-day forecast and the same story here on tuesday, we will clear out, wednesday we warm up a bit and thursday another chance for rain will come in. that's the forecast for now. back to you. all right, up next the stunning end to the solano county crash all caught on camera. >> the close call for the seal
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found hundreds of miles from home.
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it all started when the chp helicopter spotted the speeding bmw. now chp says suddenly on the side road the car spun out of control and overturned several times. the car was fully engulfed in flames. both people inside, they walked away uninjured, but the driver
11:24 pm
was arrested for dui. >> wow. another close call this time in san rafael and this from the animal kingdom. a baby northern seal was saved after narrowly avoiding being hit by a car. she was rescued yesterday after flapping across the roadway in the area of east francisco boulevard and grand way. police named her ivy. i guess that's why. it's unclear how she ended up on the roadway. seals are typically found 600 miles off the coast and they spend their lives at sea. they will take care of ivy for the next few days. well up next socially conscience celebrations have some east bay halloween festivities going beyond tricks and treats. >> i love this place, it brings happiness. tomorrow a kpix 5 youthful vision leads to an innovative village. now the world is watching this tiny corner of the east bay. we've had calls from germany
11:25 pm
and e-mails from romania. it is just an amazing model of what a community can do when it decides it's going to tackle a problem. >> that's tomorrow night at 7:00 on project
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halloween isn't just about trick or treating for a night of partying. >> residents have a more socially conscience way of celebrating. we actually spoke to one berkeley woman who opted to
11:28 pm
decorate her house with the spector of climate change. her display shows oil spills running to the curb where it will drain to the bay. >> i like halloween. this year when i thought about it, boy, what is the scariest thing going on? i thought god, climate change, really is very scary. and so i wanted to make a statement about that. >> and the mexican community knows halloween as the day of the dead. a huge celebration took over international boulevard in oakland today, their take on the day. >> it is completely different way to see when we die, or when we pass actually, you know, you don't die, you pass. >> and it's everything, it's sadness, happiness, it's joy, it's something that i'm going to get all emotional. and it's everything. >> images is goals and skeletons are presented in a light hearted
11:29 pm
way, an elaborate costume, makeup are a tribute to the loved ones that are passed on. london breed joined the halloween fun this evening. tonight the mayor was decked out. an elaborate colorful costume with an intricate headpiece. she stopped at some block parties on slow streets around the city. coming up next it might be one of the most creative trick or treating setups if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. new video of some residents who were thinking outside the box to hand out treats, so check this out. we've seen candy cutes, but this takes the cake. some giant candy holding spider on a zip line and slid it from their doorway to the sidewalk, delivering candy to children. this could be the ultimate method of contactless trick or treating. that takes the prize. that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> could you see what candy they were handing out?
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>> it has to be fairly sizable. nicely done. thank you for watching. game day is next. >> we'll see you next weekend.
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day show. come on and! 49ers, what your favorite stat? jimmy garoppolo a career day in yardage deebo samuel after the first seven games, no one in franchise history has more yards. but how about the big one? 33-22, scoreboard, jimmy garoppolo. grew up 30 miles from soldier field. special teams coach saw the charts for matt nagy. performing like this! the rollout pass to jesse james. chicago went up 13-6 and then garoppolo let this one fly. 50 yards set up a field goal. chicago heading to the locker room. second half, third and 19, look what happened. he split past the


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