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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 31, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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for joining us. halloween is finally back in this evening families all over the bay area getting ready to head out of the door for much-needed trick-or-treating but there are still covid concerns for families especially those with young children. >> we are joined live with a look at how neighborhoods in the peninsula are preparing for all of those a trick-or- treaters coming back. you picked a pretty busy neighborhood. >> reporter: that is right. it is great to see all of these families out and happy to report that most all of them are wearing masks. this is considered the first wave were we do see the younger kids and we can see the lights are on and as it gets darker that is when they expect to see even more kids and older kids coming by and while it isn't quite back to normal, it is still the spirit of how are you doing -- hallowing returning. >> we have been doing more and more and covid put a curb on things and we decorated but not as much. truck the scares and sites of the holiday are here and the
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home is transformed with frightening front yards catching the eyes of their own neighbors. >> it has been years in the navy -- making. >> reporter: a welcome change for this hallowing during the pandemic and still cautious about how to keep everybody safe. >> i think people are more comfortable this year. >> reporter: parents of young kids city will still be careful who they go trick-or-treating with this year and glad the mask will be a part of just about everybody's costume as well. >> we have been lucky this year with school and we haven't had any scares or outbreaks. >> reporter: a week ago these decorations didn't seem possible and concerns over covid still holding some people back and a storm stopping most from even attempting to put up their displays. >> this year was tough and i think we are all exhausted at it has been a long couple of years. we started late and it is and sunday. >> reporter: parents of older children who have already been vaccinated say they don't have to worry as much about
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teenagers. so they could spend the day embracing one of their favorite holidays. >> if i had younger kids, i would definitely have them asked if they were trick-or- treating. i just think it is safer. >> reporter: we just checked in with the family here and they say they have already given out 1000 pieces of candy just in a few hours. and really this is just the start of returning back to normal. we are told they will take it to the next level in 2022 and they think we will be further away from the pandemic. >> it is still early in the big kids come out when it gets a little bit darker. so they will have a lot of candy they need to dole out. did you see any costumes that caught your eye or creative this year or any themes out there that are kind of trending? >> reporter: you know what it is a good mix and it is interesting to see that those were able to get the mask incorporated into their costume and those who are just
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following the rules and making sure they are wearing the right mask. >> they are so cute. thank you for that. appreciate it. as kids get out and about, moderna says moderna needs more time to assess the risk of heart inflammation for its covid-19 vaccine in kids ages 12 through 17 and that could push back its release until next year. the pharmaceutical company expects the review will delay the emergency youth -- use authorization until january for that age group. and this will delay its application for authorization of the vaccine and younger kids. here is a live look outside on this beautiful halloween night, but will the weather stay? we will turn it over to darren peck for this interesting forecast. there is an interesting forecast and a small chance you could get sprinkled on. we have been getting rain on and off for the last day and a half and some of it has added up but as far as the hallowing forecast goes for the most part, look at your window. here in the tri-valley it is not raining here and it won't rain here. you have a few clouds and
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temperatures in the low 60s and great now for the little kids as juliet said the big kids are coming out later in the temperatures will go down in the mid-to upper 50s and now you know to where for the temperatures and you need to be concerned about the rain? no. but you could get a light sprinkle and doppler shows showers off the coast and as he put it in the high resolution model to see what the next few hours a look like you see these green blips and some of them will get onshore and it happened last night after sunset and we saw a few light showers march across the bay area and could just as easily be the peninsula they won't last long amount to much and the bigger issue to talk about which is tomorrow's rain and that system gets here in time for the monday morning commute and the leading edge and we will look at the whole thing coming up in a bit. back over to you. gilroy police have arrested a suspect in connection with the halloween party shooting that happened early saturday morning. 19-year-old gilroy resident benjamin called ron was taken into custody yesterday afternoon, but the gilroy at morgan hill swat team who took
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him into custody but they say he has been booked at the santa clara jail for homicide and we reached out to his family who told us they don't want to comment on his involvement in the incident. the shooting happened near saint louise hospital at the home of elroy city councilwoman rebecca arm and darius and one man was killed with three others hurt. it isn't clear if the councilman was at the home at the time of the shooting and the incident is still under investigation. this evening another deadly halloween party shooting this one in sacramento. >> the shooting just would never stop and it kept going. it was everywhere and everyone was trying to hide everywhere and people were holding the bathroom doors closed because they were trying to hide. everybody was trying to protect themselves. >> investigators say around 400 people were at the party and a banquet hall and somebody
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opened fire early saturday morning. two were killed and five others injured and no arrests have been made. new video with a major car crash in concord that sent seven people to the hospital with injuries this morning and three of them had to be airlifted from the scene to the hospital and the other four taken by ambulance and one of the vehicles overturned and it was still smoking as authorities arrived at the scene and it happened at the intersection of willow pass road in chicago highway and no word at what led to the crash. tests are on the rise in castro and some shoppers are dealing with the consequences. several shoppers were surprised to find that safeway will close that 9:00 p.m. every night according to a sign posted on the store's entrance doors. many of those customers say they frequent the castro safeway at off hours. according to a san francisco supervisor the grocery chain is joining several businesses reducing their hours for storefronts in the city because of problems with theft.
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one supervisor is trying to organize a meeting with safeway sf pd and the da. six volunteers have been collecting signatures to recall the embattled school board president and antioch but her term expires soon anyway. we are there with why parents don't want to wait it out. took the school board president said she rock the boat because she fights for black and brown students and recall supporters say no that show the cares about her self and hurting the district. they want her out. >> just name and signature and address in the city and state. >> she is not being a good leader. >> i am upset with badly behaved politicians. >> reporter: recall supporters say they are fed up with her negative behavior. >> she is call this disgusting and hostile. truck this week they set up tables at public events and in front of high-traffic stores to collect signatures. >> we call her on her website
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or facebook. >> reporter: this parent is trying to get her out. >> it is gone ahead and corrupted her. truck 97% of the district workers gave her the no- confidence vote and she tried to fire the superintendent home last year one the superintendent of the year award. >> she is a democrat but definitely taking a page out of donald trump's book of rules. >> i am objecting. and just so you know staff can provide feedback if recognized by the board president and we are not recognized. >> a bad actor and badly behaved and doesn't seem like a nice person. >> it would look like and the most hated person in america and those are just people with the loudest microphones. truck she said her progressive ideas of frightened people. >> the folks who are behind this recall effort represent old antioch. >> she said her critics are going after the wrong person.
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>> you can be superintendent of the year and be a bad superintendent and the test scores especially for black and brown students show that she is not doing a good job. >> she said it is a big waste of money since her term is up next year. >> i think that anything that benefits our kids is worth the money. >> something needs to happen now before more damage is done. >> reporter: they have until april to collect 10,000 signatures to move the recall forward. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a travel nightmare nationwide for passengers flying american airlines and it is caused more than 1000 cancellations this weekend. the cancel chaos and why
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welcome back the city council members now have to turn to virtual meetings, but it is not because of covid. >> it is because of the things like outbursts and booths and wearing masks. maria reports on the new warning issued by the city's mayor. >> madam, you are not god. truck the so the last in person council meeting ended with personal attacks against the mayor's son forced her to call a recess and now we were choosing not to air on tv. >> this is not appropriate. truck the outburst mainly toward the mayor were far from the only one. by a small group of residents for the last few months. you are not a mayor and he is a
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terrorist and i do consider lgbtq+ a terrorist organization. officer paul cotter this is my meeting and i give you three minutes and i am asking you to allow other people not to speak. please keep it above your nose. >> we know your ultimate goal is to silence the opposition. please give your mask on. >> reporter: she accused him of leading a smear campaign against turner team and it all came to a head when she and another woman made offensive remarks about her son. >> mr. scholz, can you remind the public that we are the elected officials and there is no need to harass minors and our community. >> after your virtual meetings during the pandemic councilmembers returned to the chambers in august but after
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four chaotic meetings went back to zoom. last week the mayor gave out this morning for anyone who comments about nonpublic officials again. >> please be advised that if you fail to heed this advice you will be muted and be time clean and potentially cited. >> that was maria reporting. at least the children are getting along in oakland's rockridge district and some of the kids marching on college avenue to show off their creative costumes and they went to door trick-or-treating at restaurants and shops and some parents said it was great to enjoy the kids and join it again. >> we had a seminormal parade at school for halloween friday and it was really emotional for me to see the kids be able to have a normal event again and trick-or-treat. merry christmas. >> that kid is already pumped up for christmas. wrapping paper is actually already popping up on store shelves so no surprise he is excited. looking live where american airlines passengers are growing more frustrated by the minute and today the airline canceled
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more than 630 flights and more ations for the day and the airline has canceled more than 1500 flights since friday and they said it is dealing with weather issues and staffing shortages. we spoke to passengers who say they are not happy. >> for my friends they came from chile and are going back today and american airlines there is something wrong and only four of my friends could go back and there were the other 2 i had a recheck in time to get another flight back to chile. and right now it looks like that was weird. >> american expects to boost their staffing during the holiday season and the airline said 1800 flight attendant will return from leave tomorrow. what a difference that an atmospheric river makes. we showed you video last weekend of a very dry spillway in marin county but this
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weekend tell the whole different story. take a look on the left is the video from last week and on the right and today 16 inches of rain from the recent storm was more than enough to start filling the lake and send water cascading down the spillway and even so more rain is needed and the marin municipal water district report storage at all of its reservoirs is just more than 50% capacity. >> will be adding to that. >> tomorrow morning widespread rain again for the bay area and even a chance for some light rain this evening but it will be really light and in line with what we have been getting today and we have been getting fairly consistent light rain today and mainly out there up in the north bay in places like santa rosa has gotten 507 inch of rain since midnight and 37 hundredths of an inch in that view there behind the numbers. we didn't chland day orin the s
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bay and we won't for the rey u city or peninsula or north they do see the light showers. you could get a sprinkle tonight and it would be short- lived and not amount to much but things will get damp for halloween and that is it. the real rain is that right there with a good-looking system and we could pull out the rain and bring it forward in the future cast and switch over to high resolution to watch how this plays out monday morning and this is a monday morning commute rain issue in the north bay and it should not be much of an issue for the morning commute but watch the rain from the 6:00 our all the weight into the 8:00 or 9:00 hours and that is where the focus will be and in terms of the rain from the system the best of it for monday is right here. in the morning and at the north bay. but it does rain everywhere else as well later. so this gets us into the late morning and we do see the showers getting into the heart of the bay and from the late morning on we just keep the chance of light scattered
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showers hit or miss going throughout the day so it doesn't rain consistently south of the golden gate like it will in the north bay, but does rain everywhere and when you look at the totals really see the difference that makes with a steady rain in the early morning hours and piling it on to this county and we get maybe three quarters of an inch of rain in sonoma but in san jose we only get about 1/10 of an inch of rain through the whole day. it will be enough that if you are in the south bay on the peninsula over and those inland valleys of the east bay you may have to contend with light showers on the drive home, but they should not be terribly disruptive and in the north bay in the morning your morning commute could so down and it won't be all that windy with this but you definitely see the wind pick up tomorrow afternoon but mainly in the mountains and there is the ridge line owing on skyline boulevard and as you get out toward here you see the wind up there but it is not all that bad but not windy. and this is nothing like last sunday's storm from the rain or wind aspect of the morning low tomorrow goes in the low 50s in the daytime high will climb a
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little cooler and there is another one coming after this and there is the one for thursday and when we checked back again the next half hour we will look at that one in more detail and i will show you that when plays out but you can seat in the seven-day forecast on thursday with a chance of rain and right now it looks to be similar and feels good and we will keep taking these moderately paced spread out light to moderate rain makers and this is how you slowly claw your way out of the drought and it will get us out of the drought in like four more storms like we had on sunday and i don't know that we necessarily would want that all in one winter. there is no reason to believe we have another one of those coming anytime soon anyway but we do have some more light moderate rain coming tomorrow and again on thursday. over to you, vern. straight ahead the only have possession of the football
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22 minutes and it turns out that is all the 49ers needed and they didn't even punt to stop the losing streak.
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nfl up top in the 49ers and why not they bent and hardly broke to get over on chicago and 100 family and friends in the jimmy garoppolo party today and they grew up 30 miles from soldier field in here special teams coach out for covid stricken matt nagy and the bears rookie quarterback fields impressive. off the rollout and a nice touch on the past jesse james and 10-3 with the bears lead and 16-9 the second half and 3rd in 19 and this is what happened. the flip pass to samuel turned into an 83 yard blast and forget a field goal position and how about seven points?
6:23 pm
almost made it. he was knocked out of bounds so 3rd down again and drop low called his own number and he dove in and 16-15 and the bears after a missed extra point moving to the fourth backorder and elijah mitchell time and push the pile 4 yards to get mitchell into the end zone and the second touchdown in as many weeks and the play of the game justin fields uses his legs to avoid the storm of defenders. oh my goodness. a wild 22 yard touchdown run and fields gained 103 yards rushing and only a missed extra point, 23-22, 49ers but then drop low took it in again and the 49ers got it 33-22 and drop low was 17-28 in the season- high 322 yards and a pair of those rushing scores and the 49ers record is 3-4. >> it's from an emotional
6:24 pm
standpoint. >> it is huge and unit know how it is and it is tough and we have lost four in a row so that was very needed for a lot of people. >> losing four in a row like that and you guys do something about it and i think our guys did and we thought there is a good mindset on the sideline the guys were talking and when we play like that is when we get dangerous. >> and then there is the raiders. they were often they had a bye week but how did they gain sole possession of first place in the aoc west? because justin herbert and the chargers needed to beat the patriots to stay with vegas and 10 minutes left and la is up 1 and he was picked up by a diving adrian phillips and he got up and took the the house and that interception gave new england the lead and eventual win 27-24 and the chargers record fell to 4-3 giving the 5- 2 vegas raiders first in the
6:25 pm
west. and we are in cleveland and the browns and steelers about score with a bay area angle and the former antioch star harris leapt in for's 5th touchdown of the season in pittsburgh won it 15-10 and they are 4-3 and cleveland is 4-4. >> hello jets quarterback and welcome to your first nfl career start hosting the cincinnati bengals with under five minutes left in the bengals relating but a joe burrow passes batted and intercepted by shack lawson and gave the jets a good field position inside the cincinnati 15 trailing by 5 and to place layer croft has a touchdown and a second career game for over 400 yards and the jets went for 2 and the old double reverse eventually here to the two- point conversion and new york scored 14 points in the final five minutes and got it 34-31
6:26 pm
in the second career win for the jets coach and former 49er defensive coordinator robert sala. the former patriot tom brady and the bucks with a showdown at new orleans in six minutes left and tampa bay trailed 26- 21 in brady this 4th touchdown pass of the game with wide open brace and, but at the end of the game they trailed by 2 late. this time brady was back, and this fall intercepted by pj williams, who then got up and tight rope along the sidelines for a game clinching touchdown with the new orleans won it and to hand tampa the second loss of the season and all of that nfl stuff, and we have not even gotten to the world series yet and going on even if they speak atlanta wins and the world series title is theirs. >> and then game day tonight we will see a there with all the
6:27 pm
more sports action and more. >> so much content i can't even stand it. coming up in our next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> reporter: for most of us halloween is about trick-or- treating and are costume parties, there are those who have a more socially conscious view of the day. we will have that story coming up. g 20 leaders wrap up the climate summit and the goals and compromises world leaders came up with while in rome. - [narrator] it's a mixed up world. and the way we work looks a little different. but whether you embrace the new normal or just want to get back to the routines that feel right, x-chair continues to be at the forefront of change, which is why we've launched the all new x-chair with elemax. elemax combines gentle body temperature regulation with stress melting massage
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. you are watching kpix 5 news. and now , giving the trick- or-treating arrest. we have a closer look today at some of the other ways people
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are treating the holiday. welcome back and thank you for joining us and happy halloween. new, halloween is not always about trick-or-treating or donning elaborate costumes for a night of partying as john ramos shows us. some have a more socially conscious way of observing all hallows eve. truax for most of us october 31 is about ghosts and goblins, candy and parties, but there are those who have a different take on halloween. >> reporter: in berkeley there is julie. >> i care a lot about the environment and i like expressing it through art. and especially activist art. truck she decorated her home not with ghosts or zombies but with the specter of climate change and fossil fuels are the real bogeyman to her and her display shows oil spills running to the curb where it will drain to the bay. >> i do like halloween and this you when i thought about what is the scariest thing going on
6:31 pm
and i thought climate change really is very scary. and so i wanted to make a statement about that. truck the other side of the yard shows a more hopeful pitcher of the future and the displays meant to make people think and it accomplish that with rosalie lamb. >> it is painful and it is true and painful. so, i mean, i don't like being scared that much but this is worth being scared about. >> there are those who find no fear in halloween at all and the mexican community knows it as the day of the dead and a major celebration took over international boulevard in oakland this afternoon. ernesto hernandez almost created a booth to let people hang paper flowers next to skulls accepting the movement beyond life rather than fearing the end of it. >> it is a completely different way to see when we die or when
6:32 pm
we pass and if you don't die you pass. to hear images of skulls and skeletons are presented in a lighthearted way and the elaborate costumes and makeup that seem ghoulish are actually a tribute to loved ones who have passed on and it is a way of honoring and remembering them and it means a lot to griselda hernandez. >> it is everything. it is sadness and happiness and joy and i will get all emotional. it is everything. you get sad and angry because they are gone. you get happy because you have all of those memories with them. >> reporter: halloween can be different things to different people and for some a time of remembrance. for others a time for thought. but it is also located dress up and get some candy. in the east bay, john ramos. new video that the bay area is not the only place putting
6:33 pm
the so-called horrors of climate change on display. demonstrators from the french ranch of the environmental group extinction rebellion held a halloween themed protest in paris ahead of the cop 26 climate summit in scotland and protesters gathered in costumes and face paint to warn of the horrors of climate change. and out of the latest on the summit. today leaders reached a compromise to achieve climate neutrality or net zero emissions in the next few decades and in the meantime president biden also announced efforts to fix the supply chain bottleneck that is slowing down the flow of many goods and tom hansen breaks it down for us. >> reporter: on the summit's final day leaders tossed coins into the iconic trevi fountain and then got back into business. >> what we have seen again here in rome and what i think is the power of america showing up. president biden unveiled details with an agreement to reduce trump administration tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> ensure strong and
6:34 pm
competitive u.s. steel industry for decades to come and creates good paying union jobs at home. >> reporter: the president called on world leaders to help ease supply chain problems causing backlogs on everything from cars to computer chips. >> i allocated additional funding to help american charters as well as the united states cut port congestion by slashing redtape. >> reporter: in its final communiquc committed to the agreement goals on curbing rising global temperatures. >> some of us are asking why we moved the goalpost from 2 degrees to 1.5b0. why? because science says so. >> reporter: prince charles a long time environmental advocates that action against climate change can't wait. >> the climate health today will dictate the health and happiness and economic prosperity of generations to come and hence the overwhelming responsibility to generations
6:35 pm
yet unborn. >> reporter: president biden meet in scotland monday for the conference and the president had hoped democrats would have already reached an agreement on the $1.75 trillion climate and social spending plan. despite president biden's plan to tackle the supply chen and bottleneck the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg sticks the us will see supply chain issues into the holiday season. >> we will continue to see challenges and the steps we are making are making a difference but think about all the things that have to happen to get a product to a shelf on time and fundamentally it is up to the producers and the shippers and retailers and we are doing everything we can to help them move their goods across infrastructure that is often outdated. >> the biden ministration is taken steps to ease stress on the supply chain including directing the ports of los angeles and long beach to move
6:36 pm
to 24/7 operations. >> they called it the words most important bike racer zooming around the state capitol. justin williams and his racing team brought a new fast-paced event to sacramento today and the goal is to increase diversity and encourage inclusion of the sport and the event is making history as well because for the first time in the u.s. the first prize in a criterium race is being divided equally between the men and women with $100,000 purse prize and tomorrow team legion is hosting a free event inviting people and 25 mile bike ride with the athletes starting at noon. in los angeles and encampment of homeless veterans is set to be closed tomorrow but the va has a plan to provide tents and housing services on its property and we have that story. >> reporter: he is in iraq war veteran who is been living at brtwood outside of the va and
6:37 pm
this area will be closed monday morning. >> he is part of an effort of what is known as veterans wrote a number of community groups along with los angeles homeless services authority working on the transition process to get people off the sidewalk. >> it is the tenants are moving directly to housing. >> it's not just housing but safety and in the last six months two homicides have taken place here. and the goal is to avoid a repeat of violent clashes with an encampment and echo park cleared out and the veterans advocate group and that's have worked for months to get private donations for tents part of the shelter on the va's property and the facility was not able to provide many of its services during the pandemic.
6:38 pm
>> we get into a position where people show up in the evening and they don't get processed on time in the end up on the sidewalks. >> reporter: the focus has been not to rush the process. and the sheriff's department which has jurisdiction over the sidewalk has had deputies who are military veterans to help with the transition. >> i know for a fact and i have faith in knowing that everything will be okay. >> that was jeff reporting. still ahead, after three days of music outside lands is coming to a close and the final headliner set to take the stage tonight. still in search for the last-minute hallowee
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
happening right now. the outside lands music festival comes to a close tonight. the three-day event at golden
6:41 pm
gate park has seen some big crowds over the weekend after last year's festivities were canceled because of the pandemic. headliners tonight include australian rock band tame and paula. the colombian singer and rapper jay baldwin and singer- songwriter k lonnie. and here's some new video from the festival today with plenty of people all dressed up in their halloween costumes ready to watch the headliners for the final night of the festival. in the meantime a singer had to cancel the show after he tested positive for covid. jon bon jovi was scheduled to perform in miami yesterday, but his publicist said the finger was fully vaccinated and is feeling okay. the front man of the bon jovi is not the only high profile musician to test positive this month for covid-19 and last week at assurant announced that he had tested positive for the virus. it was an early ski season which means plenty of halloween fun on the slopes as well and the newly rebranded palisades tahoe invited skiers to wear
6:42 pm
their costumes and that they did. they delivered and a skier rocked a pink tutu and while one man wore his finest cocktail dress on the slopes. this skier looked very warm in the tigger onesie and there were also plenty of food themes and cheese balls, bananas, pickles and a father and daughter had a blast dressing up as wonder woman and a pharaoh. if you are still looking for your last-minute halloween costume, you may need to head to the grocery store. >> that is because catchup has long been used to stand in for blood as pranks and when companies capitalize on it, heinz has rolled out a special edition tomato blood catch up along with the costume kit and yes, the blood is regular catchup of course but heinz is encouraging customers to slather sauce on arms and legs and next because the sooner you run out of the bottle the sooner you can get your next purchase. >> we encourage you. still to come on kpix and
6:43 pm
streaming on cbsn bay area. covid-19 in the brain. the study out that shows how the virus can be affecting the mental health of teenagers. >> a launch at the -- delay because of the storm and when the crew will finally had the skies. it is not a major storm tonight, but there is light rain off the coast and we will look at that for halloween for the next few hours, but really ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program
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learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. ucsf researchers a look at the case of three teenagers who develop psychiatric symptoms after being infected with covid- 19. >> len ramirez has more with what we know about these cases. >> reporter: researchers have been interested in how covid-19 affects different age groups in different ways and now comes unsettling evidence that when it comes to teenagers the virus may also be affecting their minds. >> reporter: researchers here say that out of 18 covid patients and 2020, three also had severe mental problems. >> it was a relatively abrupt onset of symptoms so obsessive behaviors and delusions,
6:47 pm
paranoia, and it was really those symptoms that brought them into the hospital. >> reporter: doctor wilson said the patients had minor to know respiratory systems of covid-19 but the timing and speed of the mental problems was suspicious. >> could their psychiatric symptoms been triggered or exacerbated by this recent viral infection? >> reporter: they underwent spinal taps which revealed unusual activity in their spinal fluid. >> there were some subtle markers of inflammation in these children that said something was going on but not exactly what the cause was. >> reporter: grab -- lab research suggested it could affect the patient's a central nervous system and antibodies which normally and tacking invaders were attacking the brain. >> we found in two of the 3 children evidence for autoimmunity meaning the immune system affecting self proteins
6:48 pm
in the spinal fluid. >> reporter: doctor wilson said the sample size of three patients is too small to make any conclusions but could the developing brains of teenagers be slightly more susceptible to the virus? it is a question researchers here and elsewhere are focused on answering. in san jose, kpix 5. four astronauts were supposed to blast off this morning, but that bad weather delayed the launch but now they are set to had their wednesday morning. a large storm is bringing wind and waves to the atlantic and it delayed it and they said they need favorable weather across a good part of the atlantic seaboard in case the launch had to be aborted and an ocean splashdown became necessary. the purpose of the mission is to take four astronauts to the international space station in order to relieve the four- person crew that has been up there for six months. >> we need favorable weather here for trick-or-treaters heading out now and into the evening. a little rain maybe.
6:49 pm
just a little. not the kind of rain that will keep you from going or make you rain out. but if we go to the live pitcher it has been the north bay that sees some of the steadier light rain but high definition doppler shows light showers out here and just creeping toward the entire bay area and those will be able to hold together and watch what happens on the high-resolution forecast model that picks up on some of them out there and we can take that and play that into the evening and they start cropping up into the north bay and the peninsula and the city and they are not rainouts but you could get some light rain if you are out and about last night and it could be a similar replay that we have light showers marching across the peninsula last night and all of the sudden things look more impressive and that is monday. here is the headline and widespread rain tomorrow and it will be focused on the north bay in the morning, but if we put the rain on there and bring this forward and going to high-
6:50 pm
resolution forecast and slow it down we will watch the progression to the day. this is the morning hours tomorrow and from eight a clock a.m. until nine a clock a.m. it starts in the northernmost sonoma and a few light showers. but this is the focus of tomorrow's rain and the morning and north bay. it will rain throughout the day and watch what happens as we let this play forward. this is 10:00 a.m. raining through the heart of the bay but the showers break up and become scattered showers. they just last through the day and a hit and miss and on-again off-again with nothing persistent or all day but there is a chance for rain at any point in the day and everybody will get something and it is a lot more in the north bay then in the south bay and that is totally normal for the systems that come in the fall like this and maybe three quarters of an inch of rain in santa rosa and a 10th of an inch of rain in san jose and the spread in between and there is the range to give you an idea of where you fall and it gets breezy but not terribly strong and there is no wind advisory tomorrow
6:51 pm
but you can see the wind lights up the ridge to the peninsula and down in the communities where we all live it is breezy and not terribly windy with this one. so many different between this and last sunday and this one is not being fueled by an atmospheric river or an incredibly area of intense pressure and last sunday storm was one for the history books and we won't see one like that all winter likely but you never know. we need a few more like that. morning lows into the mid and upper 50s and daytime highs will go to the mid-60s tomorrow and we will be cooler along with the breeze and another chance for rain on thursday so let's look at that one. there is the monday system and that is the thursday one. as we look at this one, it is a little too far out so we have to lose some of the resolution to watch it but the long-range models you can still see it and
6:52 pm
here comes the light rain and that is centered on thursday. it is starting to look like the one on thursday will be very similar to tomorrow and kind of like a pattern. like they are lining up and it could be another one beyond that and we are eating way too far ahead of ourselves but it is nice to see them lining up now and this thursday's rain and the totals look similar if not less than monday. so in the seven-day forecast monday has rain and tuesday and wednesday we get a break and we warm up a bit wednesday and thursday the next system comes in and then we will hear out going into the weekend and we will do the same thing for the microclimate
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
looking live out at san francisco tonight where limited work on the city's leaning
6:55 pm
millennium tower has resumed. this week we spoke to an expert who says it might be time to put the brakes on the whole project. >> max has more on why the retrofit may have the potential to hit another big roadblock. >> reporter: construction crews are busy on the former mission in fremont as work on part of the leaning millennium tower retrofit resumed. work on the fix was put on pause before labor day once it became apparent construction methods for actually making the problem worse. >> we haven't gotten to the worst part of the fix it in the most risky part of the fix. >> reporter: he is a structural engineer and deep foundation expert and in 2017 concerned unit owners hired him as a consultant after learning the luxury high-rise nearly 7 years old at a time had sunk more than a foot and was leaning to the northwest. >> there was evidence of a lot of places with water intrusion. >> reporter: he also ted
6:56 pm
extensive water damageinthe lodge -- garage but he said the floor expose what appeared to be an even bigger problem, dipping in the middle and something referred to as dishing. >> dishing of the floor there which is the dishing of the mat was significant and clearly it had been distressed. >> reporter: predicts of the current parameter pile upgrade may run into serious problems when new piles anchored the bedrock are connected to the weekend foundation of the building. >> when they start jacking and doing a load distribution and there and they are really dependent on the integrity of the existing structure. >> reporter: he hopes the issues will be discussed with supervisors host hearings on the millennium tower fix at city hall next week. the supervisor called for the hearings. >> the building today is not in any imminent threat of structural failure. the question that hasn't been satisfactorily answered as far as i am concerned is at what
6:57 pm
point is the point of no return? >> we have been digging into the problems that the millennium tower for months and you can see all of our original reporting on our website. in the meantime, thank you for watching. 60 minutes is up next. >> we will be back at 11 and until then the news continues on have a happy and safe halloween. for now, good night.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> how does a country go from democracy to dictatorship in one generation? it's easier than you may imagine. this is juan sebastian chamorro, a georgetown-educated economist, who was planning to challenge the dictator daniel ortega for president of nicaragua. >> si estan viendo este video, es porque he sido... >> this video was recorded just hours before he was violently taken from his home by masked police officers. in it, he says "if you're seeing this, i've been captured." ( ticking ) >> this we're saving.
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