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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . now we are seeing light showers still in the north bay, but bettering tomorrow morning and in between this halloween we will look at the details and what to expect for trick-or- treaters coming up. a break in the case of the deadly shooting at a halloween party hosted by a gilroy city councilman. >> she is called is disgusting and hostile and she said that we cyber bully her. truck the campaign to recall and embattled school board president is kicking into high gear. a live look at sfo with a
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travel nightmare unfolding for american airlines passengers and what the airline is blaming for a rash of cancellations over the weekend and why it isn't over yet. we are live on the peninsula with how parents are balancing covid fears with some halloween fun. thank you for joining us. happy halloween and here comes another one, maybe two. talk about rain headed for the bay area and we look live from the san mateo bridge to the oakland coastline. there are partly cloudy skies around the bay area. there was enough drizzle to fill the rain bucket in parts of the bay area to the tune of almost 1/10 of an inch in santa rosa. there is more rain on the way as well but the big question is whether or not it will be a dark and stormy halloween night. >> or if we are in for a treat. here is the guy with the answer and we will go to darren peck and we all want to know that as we enter into the evening hours. it will be more like mood lighting clouds and don't worry about rain. there is a chance we could get a sprinkle throughout the evening tonight and that is it. it is not a big deal but look
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at the scene from the top of the sales force tower. there is more blue sky out there than anything else, but if you look at high definition doppler and see what is on the coast, light showers trying to get here and watch the high resolution forecast model over the next few hours and as we get into the later hours of tonight some of these hold together and work the way across the north bay and you could just as easily be the peninsula or the city with light rain from now really into tomorrow, but tomorrow is when the actual next storm gets here and that is monday morning. we will look at that and a lot more detail and in the complete forecast because we have to talk about the monday morning commute for rain and the evening as well. it is not a big storm but it will rain and here are your numbers and if you plan to be out this evening this is around 6:00 or 7:00 and we will see you in a bit with more of the forecast. and now want to a break in the case of a deadly shooting at a gilroy city councilman's home. police arrested a 19-year-old man at his home in connection with the shooting. it killed
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one person and also injured three others. the victims range in age from 17 to 19 years old and of the shooting was reported shortly after when a clock a.m. on saturday at the home of gilroy city councilmember rebecca armendariz and the violence breaking out at a large outdoor party. neighbors told us about 80 people attended that party, most of them teenagers and younger people. police say a fight broke out and one person opened fire. a campaign to recall the embattled antioch school board president has kicked into high gear. today parents and volunteers started collecting signatures. >> da lin asked them why the recall term is up next year? took the school board president said she rocked the boat because she fights for black and brown students and recall supporters say she only cares about herself and hurting the district. they want her out. >> so this signature and address and city and zip.
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>> she is not a good leader. she has called is disgusting. she has called us hostile. she has said we cyber bullied her when we tried to call in and task her for her bad behavior. >> reporter: supporters say they are head up with her negative behaviors and this week they set up tables at public events and in front of high traffic stores to collect signatures. >> we call the website or call her on facebook. >> reporter: this parent is trying to get her out. >> it seems like she got into power and it has kind of gone to her head a little bit. >> reporter: 97% of the district workers gave her the no-confidence vote and she also tried to fire the superintendent, who last year won the superintendent of the year award. >> she is a democrat but she has definitely taken a page out of donald trump's book of rules. >> i am object team and just so you know they can provide feedback if recognized by the
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board president and we are not recognize. >> reporter: >> would look like i am the most hated person in america, and those are just the people with the loudest microphones. >> reporter: she said her progressive ideas frighten people. >> the folks who are behind this recall effort represent old antioch. >> reporter: she said her critics are going after the wrong person. >> you can be superintendent of the year and still be a bad superintendent, you know. the test scores, especially for black and brown students shows that she is not doing a good job. >> reporter: we called supporters that instead of uniting the district she is his race to divide people. >> i don't believe i am dividing people based on race and i believe i am actually bringing people together and
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bringing voices to the table who have been historically ignored. >> reporter: recall supporters have until april to collect roughly 10,000 signatures to move the recall forward. and now andre travel nightmare at sfo. long lines at american airlines has chaos after the airline canceled over 600 flights today, and that is more than 12% of the airline's daily operations. the airline has now canceled more than 1500 flights this weekend alone. american airlines says it is dealing with weather issues, especially severe wind at dallas forth worth hub and major staffing shortages in the cancellations have passengers scrambling to rebook. >> and the seats for my friend, they came from chile and they are going back today but american airlines, there is something wrong and only four of my friends can go back and the other two i had to recheck and try to get out on another flight back to chile, right now everything and it looks like
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all flights are canceled. >> american expects to boost their staffing during the holiday season. the airline said 1800 flight attendants will return from leave tomorrow. looking live at the white house tonight where the press secretary said she tested positive for covid-19. she said she is experiencing mild symptoms and the 42-year- old said she was last in contact with president biden on tuesday and she met with him in the white house where there were more than 6 feet apart and wearing masks and that was on tuesday and the white house of the president, who is tested frequently, last tested negative just yesterday. she had planned to travel with the president to the un climate summit in scotland, but she scrapped the trip after learning that members of her household had tested positive. she issued the statement. while i have not had close contact in person with the president or senior members of the white house staff since wednesday and tested negative for days after that last
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contact, i am disclosing today's positive test out of an abundance of transparency. here we are after year without much trick-or-treating and halloween feels a lot closer to what we remember before the pandemic. but there are still some concerns for families tonight. so we are live in one neighborhood where trick-or- treating is just getting started. what do you see there? >> reporter: happy halloween. it is great to see families out here again and on this block and many others. they have to buy pounds of candy because they are expecting hundreds of kids and families to come by by the end of the night. while it is not completely like what we saw in 2019, it is great for these families to see the spirit of halloween returning. >> it has been years in the making truth be told. >> reporter: the scares and sites of the holiday are here. homes transformed with frightening yards catching the eyes of their neighbors. >> laster we closed up shop and we didn't really decorate and we put out a sign that said
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sorry we will see you guys next year. >> we didn't want to be part of the problem last year so we said have a happy halloween and we will see you next year. >> reporter: a welcome change this halloween during the pandemic still cautious how you keep everyone safe. >> i think that people are little bit more uncomfortable this year. truck parents of young kids say they will be careful who they go trick-or-treating with this year and the mask will be a part of just about every buddy's costume as well. >> we have been really lucky this year with school and we have not had any scares or outbreaks. >> reporter: a week ago these decorations didn't seem possible and concerns over covid still holding some people back and i storms stopping most from even attempting to put up their displays. >> this year it was tough. i think we are all exhausted and it is been a long couple of years. we started late, and it is and sunday. >> reporter: parents of older children who have already had the vaccine grateful they don't
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have to worry as much about teenagers. so they could spend the day embracing one of their favorite holidays. >> we love it. we love halloween. >> reporter: we are seeing a lot of kids out today, and they are all wearing masks and right now there is an open moment so let's see if i can go and get some candy here, but the good news so far is we are being told they will go through all of this candy and some household and they expect to give out 2000 pieces by the end of the night. back to you. >> i love you, but you didn't say trick-or-treat. just saying. anyway, thank you so much. >> good point. new video into the newsroom minutes ago from the final day of the music festival in golden gate park. we will have a full report tonight at 11. trick-or-treaters and concertgoers will have more options getting home tonight
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because bart is extending service past nine a clock p.m. to help. transit will stop at all stations except sfo and oakland international. a car accident in concord sent seven people to the hospital with injuries and three of the victims had to be airlifted to the hospital. you can see one of the vehicles overturned and still smoking as authorities arrived at the scene. the crash happened early this morning at the intersection of willow pass road and port chicago highway. still ahead. >> it was like really emotional for me to see the kids be able to have a normal halloween event again. >> and adorable seen in one east bay neighborhood as businesses are pitching in to help. halloween fun on the slopes this weekend and the most creati
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and adorable seen today. >> kids marching through college avenue to show off their creative costumes and he went door-to-door picking up candy and in restaurants and shops, and some of the parents told us how much fun it is to see their kids actually enjoy halloween again. >> we had a seminormal halloween parade at school on friday and it was really emotional for me to see the kids have a normal halloween event again. and i was excited looking forward to the kids getting vaccinated and hopefully next week. trick-or-treat. >> merry christmas. >> that is next, you know. >> he is pumped up for christmas. wrapping paper is popping up on store shelves so no surprise. an early ski season means
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plenty of halloween fun on the slopes as well and the newly rebranded palisades tahoe invited skiers to wear costumes, and they certainly delivered. one year rocked a pink tutu while one man wore his finest cocktail dress on the slopes. this skier looked very warm. there was also plenty of food from cheese balls to bananas and pickles and this father and daughter had a blast dressing up as wonder woman and a pharaoh. >> cheese balls and pickles. what a difference a week makes. we showed you video in marin county and flash forward to this weekend and listen to the difference. nice. that is what 16 inches of rain will do for you and more than enough to start filling the lake and sending water cascading down the spillway. we are looking for more because they say the reservoirs there are just at 50% capacity. they will get a bit of a boost and not a pummeling like last
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weekend. no. but there are two rainmakers coming our way and in the light of the sunday storm, i am obligated to say it won't be anything like last sunday, but it will be enough rain that will have an impact on the morning commute tomorrow in the north bay and again possibly on the commute home for the rest of us and the first it has been raining today. and you probably didn't notice and it was mainly in the morning and look at mount tam since midnight and these are rainfall total since midnight and we have already gotten 3707 inch of rain and everybody else has a few hundreds from san francisco and that is about far south as it goes. how are we doing? just persistent late missed showing up on high definition doppler and there is the possibility that we might get some of this over the rest of tonight and we showed you this at the top of the newscast. a heads up for tonight and whatever your plans are, keep them outdoors but we could see a few stray short-lived light showers between now and
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midnight. and that would be it. the bigger issue is the storm off the coast for tomorrow and that is the leading edge of the clouds. if you come out, look at that. well-organized. that line of rain keeps its act together and approaches the north bay and we can put it into the high resolution model and play it forward and come in for a close up look at by the time we get to 8:00 9:00 it will be gone in the north bay and that says 8:00 to 9:30 and that is where we see the best of the rain and this may be some of the most impressive rain this has been offering the bay area all day and again it is not major but for the storm tomorrow the morning and north bay will be the most impressive part and we pick up about a half inch of rain but the showers work their way down to the golden gate and everybody just to get late scattered showers throughout the rest of the day and if you are at the golden gate or south plan on the rain starting at the earliest by late morning and just lingering or loitering around to the afternoon and evening and when it is said and done with the rainfall totals
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looking like that, there is the bull's-eye appear where the best rain will be in the morning but santa rosa could get three quarters of an inch of rain and from comparison last sunday in town with 5 inches. a huge difference. santa rosa may get a few hundreds of an inch of rain for the south bay and it will get a little breezy tomorrow as well and you can see a distinct pattern show up right there and that is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 and look how the wind is strongest around skyline boulevard in the peninsula along say the ridge tops going out across bodega. we don't notice a lot of rain down here, so it gets breezy but not terrible. the morning lows on monday are fine and stay in the low to mid 50s and the daytime highs will warm up into the mid-60s and no different than what we have been doing and another chance for rain and we have a look beyond this one for monday and out to that one. that one will get here by the time we get into thursday and that line of showers will hold together and when we look at the seven-day forecast, you will see another chance of rain on thursday looking to be similar to tomorrow's system. so maybe another half inch of
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rain or maybe a little less than every buddy else. here is the seven-day. monday and thursday and a bump in the temperatures in between and then we will keep the clouds around going into the rest of the weekend as we work our way through the remainder of that forecast and not to be left out it goes for the numbers and these areas with rain on thursday as well. back to you. straight ahead in sports, bounce back in the 49ers went to chicago and did what had to be done. how they - [narrator] it's a mixed up worldld. and d the way wewe work lolooks a littttle differer. bubut whether r you emembrace the e new normrml or just wawant to get t backo the roututines that t feel ri, x-chaiair continueues to be t the forerefront of c change, which h is why we'e've launchee all new x-x-chair withth elem. elelemax combibines gentlee body t temperaturere regulatn withth stress memelting masse toto increase e your comfofort g from h home or at t the offi. feel m more refreseshed in seconds wiwith dual fans that a actively dedeliver a a clean air r flow oror you can w wrap your b k inin the sooththing warmrmh
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on the c court quickcker. and the nfl up top. the bay area sports access is now center. 49ers, it took a while, but they handled the business. jimmy garoppolo grew up 30 miles from chicago's soldier field while the bears special team coach chris tabor oversaw the xs and os for matt nagy. three all in the second quarter and bears fans have been waiting for them to perform like this. look at this wild pass to jesse james and 10-3 bears and 16-9 in the second half and there in 19 and here is where the game really flipped with jimmy garoppolo flipping and he did the rest and 83 yard blast and almost scored a touchdown just out before the pile on so from third down jimmy garoppolo called his own number and
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behind a block and 16-15 bears after a missed extra point and moving into the fourth quarter elijah mitchell time and look at this pile pushed into the end zone 4 yards in the second touchdown in as many weeks and brandon was there but the play of the game was justin fields who used his legs to avoid the rush and a crazy 22 yard touchdown run with 100 3rs rushing and only a missed point and gave the niners a one point lead but that expanded wind jimmy garoppolo scored again in 17 of 28 and a season-high 322 yards and a a few touchdowns and the niners got the game 33- 22 and improve their record to three and 4. >> i said you guys need this one just from an emotional standpoint. >> not huge but we know how it
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is in the lose a few in a row and that was very needed for a lot of people. >> i think it was needed and you have to do something about it and i think our guys did and we came ready to play and on the sideline and guys were talking and you could feel each other and when we play like that is when it gets dangerous. >> elsewhere in the nfc, luigi, mario, we are in houston and the rams in the white and gold had a going on in the cooper kupp and one of his three touchdown passes and la jumped out and led 38-0 and got the game 38-22 in the rams record is seven minus one and tied for first and in the nfc west with the cardinals and the niners next appointment. they were often had a bye week but could still take over sole possession of first place today on the afc west and justin herbert and the chargers needed to beat the patriots to stand top and 10 minutes left and it
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was picked off by adrian phillips and got it for a pick six and that is how the patriots got it 27-24 and they got the raiders now first in the west and 5-2. >> the former patriot tom brady and the bucks with a showdown in new orleans with six minutes left in tampa bay trailed 26-21 and brady has the 4th touchdown pass of the game to wide open grayson but they trailed by 2 late. this time brady's ball was intercepted by pj williams and look at this he goes sideline for a game clinching touchdown and they got at 36-27 and handed tampa the second loss of the season and you know it is something wind they scored 11 points in that quarter and the
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warriors rolled oklahoma city by 21 last night at chase center and a big day for green as michigan state spartans kept the paul bunyan trophy when they beat the michigan wolverines. >> i like things to be organic so we organically kicked the -- and i organically had a lot of energy and, yes. i am not really one to go back and say something will get me going and that ain't it. but when michigan state organically kicks -- and i organically fly around all night. >> i think he speaks for the bay area and michigan state
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halloween is not just for humans and animals are getting in on the fun as well. >> animals at the oakland zoo entered into a costume contest without dressing up. the workers say this bears a resemblance to one of the most feared halloween characters freddy krueger. >> it looks a lot like the lone ranger but this one takes the cake. the zoo says it's cotton top tamarin looks like albert einstein. >> i think you looks cuter. animals at the san francisco zoo are getting in on
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the fun and this lemur turned a spider decoration into a throne and send us more pictures of your trick-or-treaters if you can and that is it for us at 5:00. we will see you ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, world leaders confront the climate crisis. the g 20 ends today with deals with deals on action but few commitments. >> we've made significant progress and more has to be done. >> from rome, it's on to glasgow and what's described as a make or break moment for the warming planet. cbs news is there. >> reporter: i'm mark phillips at the u.n. climate change conference in glasgow where the next last chance to save the planet may be the last chance. >> also tonight, smaller arms, smaller doses, covid shots for kids could be approved this week, will parent approve?e? plusus alec baldldwin.


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