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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we heard the gunshots, a bunch of them. >> all this at a bay area city council's home. now the frightening scene as gunfire rings out. more shoplifting described as out of control in san francisco means another big chain will be cutting its hours. also with rain returning to the bay area, will it hold off until after halloween. jewels is off tonight. now a big halloween party at a council woman's home ends with gunfire, one person dead. people racing for safety. this all happened at.
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three others are injured tonight. live at the scene with the latest. >> bryan, among the injured victims, police say two have life threatening injuries and 22 hours after that shooting, still shut down, police are still here collecting evidence. >> investigators placed evidence markers next to shell casings and other important items. even used a metal detector to look for casings. >> we heard the gunshots, a bunch of them and then we heard people screaming. >> lives in an rv parked near council woman's house. >> we were shocked and at the time i guess we were all a little scared because we were hoping nobody was hurt. >> say council woman hosted a large party in her yard. a neighbor across the street tells me about 80 people
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attended, most of them teenagers. >> it was really surprising because she has always been a really good neighbor. >> just before 1:00 this morning police say a fight led to the shooting that killed one man and injured three others. >> most of them were running and getting in their cars and going, but there was lingering a couple of people after the police were done. they say it was an older boy, some kind of. >> investigators haven't said what the fight was over or the exact motive. >> it's sad, it really is. it's sad that people can't have, i guess, more respect. >> the council woman declined an interview but said in a statement, i'm thankful that my family and i were not hurt in this tragedy and i pray for those whose lives have been.
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we are giving. >> our primary concern is for the individuals impacted and their families. >> was elected to the city counsel last year. >> she speaks for us a lot. she helps out a lot. so that's what surprise his me that there was anything bad at her house. >> do we know anything about the suspects? >> no, police have not released any suspect information, there's also very little information about the victims. police would only say the victim who was killed was a man. we don't know if they are teenagers, no age, none of that at this point. >> in gilroy, thank you. another deadly halloween shooting under investigation tonight, this one in sacramento. >> the shooting would never stop, it just kept going.
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everyone was trying to hide everywhere. there were people holding the bathroom doors closed because they were trying to hide. >> investigators say about 400 people were at a party when somebody started shooting. two people killed, five others injured. the party was a ticketed event promoted on social media. no arrests have been made and it is not clear why the shooting started. it's also not clear tonight outside. says there is more wet and we say please, not on halloween. >> it won't be halloween, monday is the main rain event but we are getting rain now and this is the kind of rain that can be frustrating. the national weather service has put it it's most sensitive setting. at this setting it can read bugs and birds, so you have got to look for the stuff that's actually moving. that is very light rain.
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if you have gotten rained on tonight chances are it looked like a misting rain, it's just barely been enough to measure. we have got a couple hundredths inch of rain. that's what happens for the rest of tonight. watch the future cast. the computer models do a better job of picking them out. now tomorrow halloween day, in the afternoon we will get some blue sky. then as we get towards all hallow's eve, it's going to be cloudy. the time has us going into monday morning, we are going to focus on monday's rain coming up in the complete forecast. and i'll see what the detail in the halloween forecast is as well. new at 11:00 a live look at san francisco where thefts are on the rise at a safe way in castro and that's where betty i
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couldn't is live on how it's impacting customers and business, betty. >> that's right, bryan, so normally at this hour you would see a fair amount of cars in this safe way parking lot but take a look, it's pretty much empty. this safe way used to be open 24 hours but supervisor said that's not the case any more because of rampant theft. tonight many shoppers were surprise to do find the safe way they frequent at off hours is now closed at 9:00 p.m. every night. this sign is now posted. >> i feel like it's definitely an inconvenience. not everybody can make it to the supermarket between those hours. it's a little frustrating, especially for me personally. >> supervisor said district include some market street safe way in the castro. >> i feel like a lot of
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retailers they have been experiencing increasing theft in their stores. from what they say it has been off the charts in terms of how bad it's been. >> it is sad. >> has said he's now working on organizing a meeting between safe way and the district attorney. >> it's an equity problem, there's a lot of people that rely on that safe way. >> for now who works at night says he will have to change his routine. >> it's better for me to come up here after work and shop and go home. now i have to go shopping before work or on my days off, which i really don't like doing. >> tonight we reached out to safe way for comment but we have not yet heard back. bryan. all right, betty, live in san francisco, thank you. mask rules could soon be lefted at some in door public places. those are areas that have seen
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a drop in covid cases. in fact starting on monday offices, gyms and fitness centers will be able to get rid of mask rules but other businesses won't. and marin county will go further. the reason is that far i know county reached all three of its targeted goals. >> 80% of our population is fully vaccinated of all ages. we've got only two in the hospital now. we have seen a four month low and now for 21 consecutive days we've been in the moderate or yellow tier. >> al meet oh county plans to take limited steps in lifting its rules but says all three counties will be watching infection rates carefully. tensions are rising over
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vaccine mandates. cbs reporter michael george is in new york where some first responders are saying they will be the last to get the vaccine. >> garbage is piling up in some new york neighborhoods. sanitation crews apparently skipping pick ups to protest the toughest vaccine mandate in the nation. angry protests broke out this week. city workers, including police and firefighters have to prove they are at least partially vaccinated or go on unpaid leave. >> response times are going to you through the roof. >> predict up to 25% of fire companies will close. the mayor says he has contingency plans, mandate battles are raging in other cities, los angeles police unit is suing over the vaccine
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requirements, while in chicago the mandate for city workers to report their vaccine status survived challenges before lori light foot. >> the people that are unvaccinated are playing russian roulette with their. >> chicago police superintendent says fewer than two dozen officers have been placed on. >> and on friday suspended six of its members for a month after they allegedly drove a fire truck to a state senator's office and threatened his staff over the vaccine mandate. and still ahead tonight, alec baldwin breaks his silence about the deadly movie set shooting in new mexico. also lake tahoe is being slowly strangled. the threat to the sky blue waters and the depths some experts are going to to fight
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for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. tonight alec baldwin says he is heart broken about the shooting that killed his cinema photographer saying that she was more than just a person behind a camera. >> she was my friend. >> we have now learned that two
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people had inspected that gun that killed and injured director, baldwin also said immediate changes are needed in film making. >> it's urgent that you understand i'm not an expert in this field so whatever other people decide is the best way to go. >> investigators still have not decided to file charges. it is just after 7:00 morning in rome, wake up time for president biden. he is there attending the g20 summit. nations adopted a new 15% global minimum corporate tax, it's designed to prevent companies from moving from country to country. the area leaders and soccer pros are working to world cup organizers, gave them a tour of
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leave eye stadium. all part of a bid to be the 2026 world cup. local leaders are hoping to convince them the bay area is the perfect spot for one of the largest sporting events on earth. >> yesterday we did a meeting but today it's all about the pitch, where the players are going to play their game. so they want to make sure that levi is up to par. we feel really good. >> the 2026 cup will be hosted across cities, expected to be announced next year. are choking the life out of tahoe, they are invasive weeds. scientists are fighting back with herb a sides. before they were just trying daily sweeps of the weeds. the new plan, though, might just turn the tide. >> so the objective of the test
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working on is to not only develop a better message but also protect the lake. i think we have a chance that if we he don't get started on this now it's going to be too late. >> they will put it to work next spring, but at the moment we are worried about tomorrow night. but you said it looks okay. it's going to be identical to the way it is now only with less of this mild chance of rain. so just real quickly that's the forecast. if you have got plans to be out it will be in the low 60s for in land parts of the bay and right around 60 for the bay. we are looking at high depp doppler and there are showers and you can see them on the future cast so don't be surprised if you get some light short showers through the remainder of tonight and then overnight the clouds picking
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up. they give us a break tomorrow and then they will come in again for tomorrow night but it's that leading edge of the rain that we want to focus on. so here is that system. future cast picks up on that wall of rain and it's really not until we get to monday morning when we are looking at a pretty organized system. let's start it there. that's 4:00 a.m. on monday and this storm is going to have a focus on the north bay. which typically happens in the fall with systems like this. that gets us ahead to 12:00, and it's going at that point widespread. on monday in the north bay and then as we get into the early afternoon and evening it's just widespread showers for everybody. still better in the north bay but everybody gets a chance to get some rain and it lingers. you will see tuesday doesn't have rain in it. monday does. we will pick up maybe half an inch of rain and then you can
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see the spread. clearly heavier rain appears. there's where it's going to be but everybody else has at least some shade of light green on it. san jose gets about 1/10 an inch of rain and it's not going to be terribly windy. and last sunday, it seems crazy now throwing those numbers out there but we got 5 inches of rain in one day on sunday. that's not going to happen again, not this weekend and probably not for the rest of the winter. it does get breezy, you are going to see the screen light up there so that is the monday system but in the comparison category, that's nowhere nearly as last sunday and probably not windy enough for a wind advisor. so it's kind of like the garden
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variety fall. we get some beneficial rain and that's about it. tomorrow morning going to go into the upper 50s. remember we will get some sunshine idd of the day tomorrow. but the clouds then come back in and there's another system by the way. here comes the next one going into thursday. watch the future cast pick that one up and bring that one into northern california on thursday. looks less impressive than the monday system. so we're not going to get a whole lot out of that one either, so if we get half an inch in the north bay on monday, maybe we get another quarter inch on. you see these in the 7 day forecast. there's monday's rain, thursday. wednesday being the day in between we get a little bump in temperature and for our microp, also wup ound 70 for th
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there. we're going to have fun, it's back for saturday night. it's the two for saturday night, not just one sports segment. we go ahead and give you two. one of these teams is on the brink of a world series and the warrio
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nba up top and that's more like it. the golden state warriors, they needed a get right game after last week's give away and it was hello oklahoma city. fresh off his michigan state spartans football game, look at him posing, picking up first quarter, a michigan man gave
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him a green who jammed it home. 11 points for green. early second quarter rookie, look at the arc thishot. gave golden state a 13 point lead. under two minus go in the half. andrew wiggins benefited. warriors led by 11 at the half. then in the third stef curry caught fire. his first three of the quarter. it was 79-57 and the rookie made his debut in and golden state got a nice blow out victory, 103-82 and improved its record to 5 and 1. caption time, filling your own, braves mascot world series home hosted the astros. houston led 2-0, 23rd career
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post season homerun, now atlanta's swanson got enough of it. tied the game, then four pitches later, a laser just out of reach. that is back-to-back homers and a 3-2 come from behinder and atlanta leaves this series three games to one. they can win its first world series tomorrow night. we are bringing it even stronger in the next segment, two teams overcame the odds tonight and local college football knocked at
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who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. back with a shout out. nhl is a shout out to the san jose sharks. that team was with covid-19 cases. they had to dip into their, just to field the team. five players were called up before tonight's game against winnipeg and how is this for the home crowd, big moment, who stepped up? tomas, off a deflect on, it
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opened the scoring, still it went to overtime. broke a one all tie, a seemingly improbable win by san jose stopped a three game losing streak, a final of 2-1,. college football, winning his in pro history was honored. he taught me how to throw a football. could have walked in, put cal up 14, more finished with 111 yards, now up, this is the final play of the quarter, look at this. to a wide open clark. for three touchdowns and the bears bumped up oregon state. cals record is 3 and 5 after a second straight win. all the stanford fans were on the field. fourth quarter trailed by 3 until quarterback took it in
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himself. stanford led, needed to stop here, did not get it. hit for the game winning touchdown, huskies win it 20- 13, stanford's record dropped to 3 and 5. two straight losses for that program. working that at san jose state. spartans on attack. nick gnash on third and 18, hit charles ross a 44-yard play, san jose stood low at the finish, 27-21 raised its record to 5 and 4. spartans are one win away from being bowl eligible. in soccer, i've got to have it. uso league game. hello playoffs, got a shot off in the second minute of play. the only goal of the match. 20 minutes later a loss by the la galaxy two team put the
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roots in, a team that started off with one win in its first 13 games earned a first round game next friday in el paso. me being a local tv guy i'm a sucker for a good local tv sports human interest story. >> and there is one, thanks, -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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and that's it. thanks for watching, our next local newscast tomorrow evening from 6:00 to 7:00 o'clock. i understand jewels will be back tomorrow night if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. kellie: coming up in this week's peak financial freedom show. because you have to think about what drives your lifestyle. it's income. income drove your lifestyle before you retired, so income is going to drive your lifestyle after you retire. kellie: big mess, high stress. the detrimental mistakes that could cost you more than your money in retirement. plus. market's had a run up, and they forgot about what it means to have a rundown. when you have a rundown, it doesn't mean it's gonna come back real quickly like it did last march, dan. kellie: peak university looks at the possibility of the markets dropping again for a long period, and ask peak anything about maximizing your income without running out of money. (upbeat music)


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