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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 30, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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evidence still. gilroy police have shut down this dead-end street, the house is located at the far end of the street. public records show councilwoman rebeca armendariz lives at the house. we learned that her family hosted a halloween party in the yard last night. the shooting happened roughly around 1:00 this morning. police placed a lot of evidence markers on the ground and are cops on the ground. the gunfire killed one person and injured three others. rebeca armendariz was elected to the gilroy city council last year, her term expires in 2024 . before becoming a councilmember, she was on the planning commission. she declined to do an interview this afternoon but released a statement, i am thankful that my family and i, who live here, were not hurt in this tragedy and i pray for those whose loved ones have been touched by what has occurred.
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we are getting our full cooperation to the gilroy police department and our primary focus, our primary concern is for the individuals impacted and their families. it is not clear what caused the shooting. gilroy police have not released a motive or any information about the suspect or suspects. we do not have a lot of information about the victims, we just know one is dead and three others injured. mask rules will be relaxed around the bay area on november 1st but not everywhere and not to the same degree. wilson walker on what will change on monday. >> reporter: in walnut creek, on monday some businesses will be able to drop their masked mandates. the yoga studio across the street and get rid of it, a restaurant or a gift store will not. >> we have become good at enforcing masked mandates. the teenagers i hire are having
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to tell grown adults to please put their masked over there knows. >> reporter: masks will stay on at most places in contra costa county but gems, fitness centers, offices, churches can drop the rules on monday. marin county will go even further. >> we are going back to the state mandates, and the state still requires people who are not vaccinated to continue to cover their face. report back with more of the population that 80% vaccinated and just two people in the hospital, marin county will drop most masked mandates on sunday at noon, including restaurants. >> so excited, thrilled. i need the personal, i get the eye contact but it is not the same. >> reporter: nicole says it will be a welcome change at marvin's and hopefully a sign that the pandemic is truly nearing some kind of an end. >> yes, there is light at the
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end of the tunnel. >> reporter: but the rule adjustment comes with a word of caution. >> it is important to know that we are coming into the winter months, the time of your last year when we started seeing that giant winter surge around halloween, thanksgiving, christmas. in some ways, if i have concerns, it is that we are, that people may assume that this means the coast is clear. and that we don't need to do those things to protect us. >> reporter: alameda county will ease its mask rules on monday, more in alignment with contra costa counties most limited rollback. and they will watch case numbers to see if there is any changes after the masks go away. a busy weekend across the bay area and you might have a false sense of security and think it feels normal.
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had to the annual halloween party at the castro. max is there live and it looks like people are having fun. what a difference a year makes. >> reporter: what a difference a a blast. people are dancing, dressed up in unique costumes. it is exciting. for the most part, even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, it feels pretty normal but the feeling is not exclusive to the castro or san francisco. we went to a farmers market today in foster city where regular vendors and shoppers told us that more people have started to show up over the past couple of weeks. most of them wearing masks but that is about the only thing that differentiated this farmers market from anytime before the pandemic. we went to berkeley, the lawrence hall of science reopened today, they were closed for 19 months and we saw kids smiling and learning, having the special learning
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moments, totally normal for an afternoon in the science museum. >> it has been busy, more people are showing up. >> it feels like life is coming back to normal. >> deftly getting back to normal and seeing the kids running around and playing in the exhibits is a big part of that. >> reporter: we met a couple who took their grandson to check out the science museum and they were so happy it is open again. they made the most of a normal afternoon together. back out here live in the castro, obviously, while it may feel different, it may feel as close to normal as we have since the pandemic started, and we still are in a pandemic. while these people are outside having a good time, if you plan on going out, going inside to a bar or restaurant, show the proof of vaccination. now, new at 6:00, the military of the african nation of the sudan staged a coup
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earlier this week, taking control of the country. today in san francisco and around the world, sudanese nationals protested the action and demanded civilian rule. we have that story. >> reporter: the sudanese people were proud of their victory and ousting a dictatorship and achieving civilian rule, but on monday, they learned a tough lesson about the shifting alliances of politics. they arrived at city hall in san francisco to protest what is nothing less than a political doublecross, 2019, a populist uprising deposed the longtime dictator. but, to avoid bloodshed, the revolutionaries cut a deal with the military to share power until this november when the country would convert to civilian rule. but on monday, the military arrested the current prime minister and took control. >> every time we go to the streets, the military intervenes and takes over. this is not the life for us.
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we are looking for civilian government. civilian justice. we are looking to recover and own our destiny. >> reporter: he owns this cafe in san francisco. he had to leave sudan when his life was threatened for saying something negative about the ruling family. he was proud when his countrymen overthrew the dictator and set the military treachery will not succeed. >> we are coming back, no matter what, if they kill half of us, if they kill 60% of us. >> this is one of the most peaceful revolutions in the history of human beings. nobody even threw a stone and everyday people are dying. >> reporter: it is believed 10 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in the protest in the sudan. in america, those who emigrated from the country are raising their voices. including this woman who left when she was 10 years old. >> it feels very emotional to
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be here today and still have to fight for the same things i had to leave for. it is devastating. >> reporter: the military has shut down most internet communications and it may be up to those outside the country to alert the rest of the world. they hope to apply international pressure to force the military to return control of the sudan to the people, including those who now live here. >> they can talk and make it out on to the good of the country because there is a democracy. this is what we want in sudan. the community and mill valley celebrated a retired employee who worked there for almost 50 years. they dedicated a building to her, historic honor for a woman of color. here is her story. >> this was about much more than renaming a building but a chance to acknowledge a lifetime of service by one woman i met her legacy live on long after she stopped working here. >> reporter: this is the newest
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addition on campus, making history in more than one way in over 110 years. >> today has been overwhelming. it is so hard to wrap my mind around what is going on. >> reporter: she had many titles and jobs while working at this high school for several decades. >> it is important to give people the flowers and let them know they are appreciated while they are alive. >> reporter: 100 people gathered on saturday to say thank you. >> i don't know if there has been a person more deserving in the history of the school. >> reporter: family traveled from across the country to be here, a woman who changed the direction of so many of her own relatives who look to her to lead the way. >> the first person in our graduate in our family and she said how beautiful the ceremony was and we wanted to go and graduate and follow in her footsteps of what she did. >> reporter: alumni and school
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leaders agreed this dedication shows this community wants to do better, working toward a more equitable and inclusive school. >> it is all about the students. it is not me or anybody else. everything is to help the students. work crews in the east bay intentionally breached a levy. they did yesterday to help restore the paycheck on march and the lower walnut creek wallet watershed, a $25 million project 20 years in the making. the area had previously been an industrial site but, once cruise remove dirt and dug up the channels, the water flowed back in yesterday afternoon just like mother nature intended. a project manager said now that the area is restored, it can serve as a home for wildlife and endangered species. >> we will finally be able to turn the channels and everything we built on site and connect it right to the bay when the tide can come in twice a day and areas that have been previously separated from the
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bay, that were for habitat, we are creating great habitat that can now thrive for generations. >> they hope to build an education center in the next two years so people can learn more about the ecosystem. they will be getting a boost pretty soon because rain is on the way. >> on monday. i have to preface this because of last weekend, it will not be like last weekend, nothing like last weekend. but so few things are. last time we had an atmospheric river that strong we go back 40 years. more rain monday and rain today and more rain tomorrow but today and tomorrow you will not notice it. monday is a widespread rainmaker. today, from the tri-valley to marin, it looks like it could rain and it has rained in some spots. we got a couple hundred seven inch in the north bay. we got some rain in the east bay. we could do that again
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tomorrow. there is a band of rain, light showers, off the coast, not coming to us but over the next several hours of tonight, we could see a stray shower at 10:00, north bay maybe gets one. overnight, maybe another sprinkle that comes through. here is sunday, we will stop it, halloween, 8:00, cloudy and no rain. i will show you the halloween forecast later but it would just be cloud so keep your plans. this is different, monday, rain for everybody but more in the north bay and i will show you how this works out in complete detail in the complete forecast in a few minutes. still ahead, the special extended service for bart writers this halloween weekend. and a special connection to california for astros manager gusty baker as he tries for his first world series ring. stay
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welcome back. b.a.r.t. is offering special late-night train service past 9:00 tomorrow night or my people out and about with halloween. it will accommodate those attending the final day of the outside lands concert at golden gate park. trains will not serve airport stations at sfo and oakland but they will stop at other stations. making a stop in the bay area is a little bit of rain. >> already wet grass for outside lands and will be that way again tomorrow probably. halloween, tomorrow, in the evening, almost identical to what we have now with cloudy skies, 60s, there may be a
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light shower. none of it is a big deal. nothing should change your plans, whether going to outside lands, trick-or-treating with the kids, or your own halloween plans outside, keep them. low-60s now and 24 hours from now this is what halloween will look like and feel like. 62 inland, upper-50s in the bay. dress accordingly. we have light rain which is better organized through monterey. but the high resolution forecast models are able to resolve the better showers. i show them to you at the top of the newscast with a new sprinkles tonight and tomorrow. the actual rain on monday, look out here and you see a much more impressive system. you see the outline of rain which links up with us by monday. we slow it down, close enough to the system where we get good resolution on it, monday at
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4:00 a.m., has not started but by sunrise it will. it will focus primarily on the north bay like most storms this time of year are, nowhere near as rainy as last weekend but we will get half an inch and maybe three quarters of an inch of rain in the north bay. steady rain from the golden due north throughout much of the first half of monday. monday evening, now you can see spotty showers for everybody else. everybody get some rain on monday. if you are south of the golden date, it will not amount to a lot. if we switch our perspective, watch the rainfall accumulate and now you pick out the bull's- eye for where the best rain will be. three quarters of an inch in the north bay in yellow. as you work south, trails off and san jose it is about 1/10 or maybe 2/10 of an inch of rain. it is widespread enough rain for everybody get something but not a significant storm but rain you will have to deal with on the road on monday, especially monday morning for the commute and particularly in
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the north bay. morning lows tomorrow are in the upper-50s for most locations and low-50s in the cooler spots with daytime highs tomorrow in the upper-60s. this time in the evening, low-6 we have to look farther out into the pacific. that is the next one, it looks less impressive than on monday but in the longer-range forecast model it is able to depict it, not in as much detail, you have the same idea with more light rain on thursday. could be another one after that. none of them look like blockbuster storms. a chance of rain on thursday and we cool things down from there. we will get a nice bump on wednesday in between systems with temperatures in the warmer inland spots in the low-70s. he may be on baseball's biggest stage but gusty baker's home bases to right here in
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california . steve large has more on the astro's managers ties to the golden state, hint, he's the manager the giants. >> reporter: world series victory or bust for gusty baker . now that the houston astros manager, 72 years old, he has been a sacramento staple for decades. >> we are trying to raise money to save sports in high schools. >> reporter: for good causes. taking telephone calls. and saving the kings. >> fastball is a hydride to deep left center field. >> reporter: he was in the shadow of hank aaron when he broke babe ruth's home run record, it was gusty baker waiting for him in the on deck circle. >> being a sacramento guy with a great baseball tradition, we are rooting for him. >> reporter: his alma mater is
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watching his work closely. playing their fall ball games on a field where his name was engraved long ago. the letters wearing down way more than the man. >> he is deeply rooted in sacramento sports. >> reporter: besides baseball, he is a businessman, winemaking, his teammate at baker family winds says, when the astros called, he saw baker beaming. >> every time somebody knocked on the door, there was more spring in his step. here i go, i'm going to do this. >> reporter: this bestseller is a tribute to hank aaron, so popular there are no more bottles to purchase. >> we call it the hammering hank cabernet, that sold out. reporter mike if you could bottle gusty baker's 72 years of success, and counting. >> i have the greatest guys in the world. thank you. coming up in sports, the
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49ers, who is in and who is out? and, why you don't mess with the san jose
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the 49ers shorthanded on defense as they go against the chicago bears on sunday. the 49ers at least have a head coach. her on that later. the 49ers are four point favorite even with azeez al- shaair and dee ford out with concussions and a safety joined javon kinlaw on injury reserve . he will miss the next three games. the bears will be without their head coach who remains in the covid protocol after testing positive earlier this week. special teams coach chris tabor will fill in. the san jose sharks with a covid update, the head coach
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and seven players placed into the covid protocol and san jose had to call up five players from the barracuda, their minor league team, to have enough for the game tonight against winnipeg. the warriors are running with the oklahoma city thunder, moving pictures from chase center on the saturday night late show. college football, the san jose spartans hosting wyoming. scoreless early in the second when nick nash scored. he ran for 112 yards. okay. third quarter, 20-14, san jose state. he showed off his arm. charlie ross on the third and 18 play, touchdown. into the fourth, under two minutes left, kalb was with the ball and williams sacked by hall and san jose state won, 27-
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21 and are 5-4, one win away from bowl eligibility. give me charles woodson, flight at michigan flag, east lansing, the wolverines and michigan state both unbeaten and write. trailing by 16 but here is michigan state, kenneth walker, how about his fifth touchdown of the game and jim harbaugh did not like it. last chance for michigan, kate mcnamara thought he had a man open but brantley got the interception. let the sparty party begin. there is the paul bunyan trophy staying put is michigan state beat michigan, 37-33. oregon hosting colorado in the third quarter, ducks up a bunch. anthony brown to kevin williams, that is how they did
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it to colorado, final 52-29, they are 7-1 and very much in the college football playoff race. the other football, soccer, salt lake, earthquakes on the road for the final time this season. corner kick. on the header. goal. the earthquakes beat salt lake, 4-3 and they will finish their season next weekend. usc is hoping to land a big name for the next head football coach but they can forget about the steelers head coach, mike tomlin, after he shot down rumors he was interested in leaving. >> that is a joke to me. i got one of the best jobs in all of professional sports, why would i have any interest in coaching college football? that will be the last time i address it. not only today but moving forward. never say never but never.
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okay? anybody else got any questions about any college jobs, there is not a booster with the big enough check. >> okay, coach. one nfl game on kpix, patriots and chargers. followed by the fifth quarter post game show with uncle vern and playing on the halloween theme, bill belichick will not have time to trick-or-treat. >> are you a big halloween guy? >> not this year, it will be tough. save it for next year. >> what is at the top of the list? >> anything in the bag. i don't turn down much. kyle shanahan was much heavier to share his favorite hollywood candy. >> i am a big swedish fish guy,
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the commander in chief on the world stage, president biden's big victory in his first g20 summit . the meters from the world's 20 leading economies are meeting in rome this weekend for the first in person dee ford g20 summit . he got the endorsement of a 50% global minimum corporate tax from world leaders. we have a closer look at what that means and the other issues world leaders are tackling. >> reporter: u.s. president joe biden scoring a major victory at his first g20 summit as commander-in-chief , working to prove that the u.s. is ready to leave once again on the global stage. >> if joe biden will move past these foreign-policy issues and restore trust, it will require more than just rhetoric, touting the multilateralism. >> reporter: posing for the
6:32 pm
class photo, joined by first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus global pandemic. covid is one of the several issues g20 leaders are tackling at the global conference in rome , and climate change, the ongoing global supply-chain crisis, and international economic recovery. >> eight months in, joe biden needs to reinforce clear expectations about what the united states wants from its global partners and what those global partners one from the united states. >> reporter: on saturday, president biden got a victory, his proposal for a global minimum tax on multinational corporations winning the endorsement of all g20 leaders . experts say the historic agreement could reshape the rules of the global economy. >> all the things we are talking about, the global minimum tax, inflation, supply- chain is part of a larger change taking place now. >> reporter: he met with european leaders to discuss the next steps in negotiations with iran. with leaders saying that they
6:33 pm
are convinced it is possible to quickly restore the iranian nuclear deal. governors and was going to be there but he abruptly canceled his trip to the conference in scotland, the governor cited family obligations for the reason he did not go. governor newsom had been preparing for a few weeks and said that california provides an example that the world could follow, fighting global warming will still thriving economically. the lieutenant governor will take his place at the summit. mm okay capitol hill where the house is hoping for a tuesday vote on the two huge economic bills, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the larger $1.75 trillion social spending plan. that will cost tens of thousands of dollars for every man, woman, and child in the u.s. joe biden was hoping for a vote before he left to the g20 summit . big news in the fight against covid as the fda pave the way for kids five to 11 to
6:34 pm
get the pfizer covid vaccine. the agency authorized the kid -sized doses yesterday, just one third of the amount given to teenagers and adults but there is still one hurdle. next week, the cbc advisors will discuss whether they will recommend it. >> we are looking for good chapters that take us to the end of the book in a position where we can say covid is behind us , at least as a pandemic illness. >> vice president harris got hurt covid booster shot in washington today . the white house says that she was given, was eligible, given her regular travel which puts her at increased risk of the virus. >> i got the booster shot and i want to encourage everyone to do the same. when you are eligible. and, as we have said from the beginning, the vaccines are free, they are safe, and they will save your life.
6:35 pm
>> 17 million americans have gotten a booster shot so far. a new analysis from cnn found that 89% of vaccinated americans are eligible for boosters. once enough time passes from their original vaccination, including everybody who got a johnson & johnson dose, all those people qualify for a booster two months after the original shot of johnson & johnson. those who got pfizer or moderna can get a booster six months after their second shot if they are older than 65 or at high risk for severe covid. friday was the deadline for employees in new york city to get vaccinated, nonvaccinated workers, including police and firefighters, will be put on unpaid leave if they do not get it. union leaders say the vaccine mandate could cost lives. >> new york city will come to a crisis on monday morning.
6:36 pm
response times will go through the roof, when you close firehouses, you affect response times and affect the time it takes to get people what they need and it is to help us save their lives. >> alabama is joining other republican governors in a lawsuit against the joe biden administrations vaccine mandate for federal contractors. the alabama governor made the announcement, calling the federal mandate "outrageous." president biden has elevated vaccine mandates as an important tool to contain the deadly pandemic and prevent future outbreaks but the governor of alabama says the sums of money that alabama would lose if it were not to comply with the mandate were staggering. a fight broke out in a southern california restaurant over a mask mandate. we have more in this report. >> reporter: cell phone video captured this unruly customer refusing to follow the local rules to wear a mask at the kabuki restaurant in woodland hills. as the man continued to berate
6:37 pm
the staff, customers stepped in. >> please, sir. >> do you want to do something? >> i don't want to do anything. >> reporter: conrad was working sunday night. >> not that hurting anybody is right but, when it comes down to it, you talk that way, you disrespect people that way. >> it got crazy and this one guy, our hero, got up and took him down. >> reporter: the assistant manager was also there. >> he was getting disruptive, yelling at the employees. yelling at the customers. just even putting his finger in our faces. reported she says when customers do not follow the rules, it is the restaurants they get hit with fines. >> it is a mandate and we can get shut down if we don't follow the rules. >> get up, bro!
6:38 pm
>> reporter: no one was arrested police say and no injuries were reported. but the staff says it was just following the rules. >> we just want to serve you and be good to you and make sure you get all you need and we are only asking you to follow the rules. >> beginning november 8th, customers in los angeles will have to show proof of vaccination if they want to eat indoors. a new report details how agencies assess the origin of covid . bottom line, they really don't know. four agencies suspect, with low confidence, that the virus jumped from animals to humans and one agency suggested, with moderate confidence, it may have come from a lab. sources say that one agency is the fbi. but officials have not confirmed that. the report says the origin of covid is likely to remain a mystery as long as china is not forthcoming with more
6:39 pm
information. still ahead, streaming on cbsn bay area, how the hayward public library is encouraging more people to pick up a book. the tribute to legendary musician carlos santana and his family right here in the bay area, we will have that after
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-hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds
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turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. welcome back. if you cannot get to the local library, they will come to you if you're lucky enough to be in hayward. today, hundreds of families dressed in halloween costumes turned out to celebrate the
6:42 pm
unveiling of kirby, the new bookmobile. they said that rolling out kirby is eco-friendly. >> he is focused on environmental, being echo conscious and having a bookmobile reduces the number of cars on the road. instead of 50 or 100 cars coming to the library every day, we take the one bookmobile to your community. >> the director says kirby will visit south hayward for now and later expand with stops in other parts of hayward. the murals of the mission district have been on view for decades and the newest addition on is a famous family of musicians, the santana family. the b.a.r.t. plaza came alive when the city dedicated a mural to the santana family, honoring carlos santana, his late brother, and their parents who moved to san francisco in the early 1960s.
6:43 pm
a number of generations were brought together and former band members. >> the real center of the santana family is my mother. when you do it like this, we are in the fifth dimension and i will meet you there. god bless you. still ahead, alec baldwin speaks for the first time since the tragic movie set shooting in new mexico. and a terror threat in virginia, why investigators are on heightened alert on the
6:44 pm
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tonight, police are looking for suspects and a halloween party shooting that left two people dead and five injured in sacramento. the investigators say hundreds of people were at the party held at a banquet hall early this morning when gunfire broke out no word on what sparked the shooting and so far no arrest have been made. actor alec baldwin is calling the deadly shooting on the rust inset of the movie new mexico a1 in 1 trillion event, a center photographer, halyna hutchins, was killed. the actor says her husband is overwhelmed by grief over the death of his wife. >> she was my friend.
6:47 pm
she was my friend. the day i arrived, i took her to dinner with joel, the director. we were a very, very, excuse me, we were a very, very well oiled crew shooting a film together. and this horrible event happened. >> he is not allowed to comment on the investigation, he says, but he is in touch with law enforcement every day. washing developing stories back east, authorities in virginia are on heightened alert after new intelligence claims that isys may be planning an attack. >> we take any and all information seriously and as we work to corroborate it, we have increased our police presence throughout the county to include major thoroughfares, transit hubs, shopping classes, and shopping malls. >> the police presence will continue through the weekend and virginia voters go to the polls on tuesday to choose a new governor. robert durst has been moved
6:48 pm
to a prison medical facility for those with severe and long- term needs. records show he was transferred to the stockton facility last week. he is the subject of "the jinx" and hbo docuseries and he was diagnosed with covid earlier this month and put on a ventilator . he has been facing other serious health issues including bladder cancer. doctors say queen elizabeth has to rest for a few more days and not make any official visits more than one week after the 95-year-old monarch spent the night in a hospital. buckingham palace says the queen is allowed to do light desk duties, including making a video where she addressed world leaders attending the global summit in scotland. from the queen to the king of the weather. that was the best i could do off-the-cuff. >> i was wondering how you would get through that. >> talking about whether kids
6:49 pm
can do trick-or-treating tomorrow night. >> that will obviously be an item a lot of people are curious about. i will start off with that, the best way is to look outside now because tomorrow night is almost identical to the way tomorrow will be. there is really no change. if you are wondering how halloween will be, step outside right now, low-60s with a little bit of a hint of possible damp weather, there is a chance of a wrinkle tonight and tomorrow, but less likely tomorrow night. we have a couple hundreds of an inch of rain after midnight. chances are you personally have not gotten rained on and that is likely the way will be tomorrow. low-60s for inland valleys for the trick-or-treaters. you see the rain off the coast, going towards monterey? that looks better on high definition doppler. the models are depicting the possible of a few light
6:50 pm
showers. this is now into the evening in the north bay and we will keep that going. it stays cloudy through tomorrow. these are not significant issues that would cause you to change plans. as we look ahead in the longer- range come into monday, we can see why monday has better rain. that system is still way out here. futurecast will pick up on the leading edge of rain and bring it forward, that is what we want to look at. let's come back, that is monday morning at 4:00 a.m. high-resolution forecast model, you see the line of rain that comes through and targets the north bay more than the rest of the bay area, typical for this time of year. it should be thought of as almost like an all-day rainmaker on monday for the north bay. now we see scattered showers working through the rest of the bay area. throughout the rest of the day. it starts in the north bay in the morning on monday. monday morning commute, especially in the north bay,
6:51 pm
everybody else gets light rain and it will not amount to a lot, nowhere near what came through here on sunday. we will make it 6/10 of an inch on the north bay. san francisco and northward, we could see that number anywhere northward. the south of the golden gate, numbers fall off. only 2/10 of an inch in san jose. a question from a viewer about what the wind will be like with the system. this system is nothing like the last one. not fueled by an atmospheric river, no strong area of low pressure barreling the pacific northwest and, as a result, not terribly windy. monday, right at the heart of the system, it gets breezy but it is not an issue as there will likely not a wind advisory with this and it should be a nice well-behaved rainmaker that adds more to the gauge. we could use it as we have another one on thursday. morning lows tomorrow in the mid and upper-50s with daytime highs into the upper-60s, just
6:52 pm
like today. more clouds than not. the next system on thursday, there it is, the thursday system is too far out to get very specific but the lower resolution long-range model shows you it is coming. we will get light rain. it does look lighter than what we will get on monday. monday is the better rain, maybe half an inch in the north bay. a warm-up on wednesday before the system comes in, low-70s in san jose. a slight chance of showers on thursday and we cleared out through the rest of the weekend. spacex launch delay for three days, scheduled for tomorrow, but delayed because of a storm system in the atlantic. the reason they need to have a pretty clear weather path for part of the eastern seaboard is because, if they have to abort
6:53 pm
the mission, they need an ocean splashdown. the flight is tentatively scheduled for wednesday night and the purpose of the mission is to deliver four astronauts to the international space station to relieve the four astronauts who have been there for six months. nasa has released a three- dimensional view of jupiter's atmosphere taken from the juno mission circling the largest planet in the solar system since 2016. the latest discovery, jupiter's great red spot, which you can see through a small telescope, much deeper, the red spot, then originally thought, the storm, since galileo saw it in the 1600s is between 124 and 311 miles deep. that is about as deep within jupiter as the international space station is high above our heads. scientists have learned that the great red spot is
6:54 pm
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chinese-american world war ii veterans finally got the recognition they deserve more than 70 years on as more than 100 chinese-american world war ii veterans were honored in sacramento. mary lee and her family were there to represent her late grandfather, edward lee was awarded the congressional gold medal for his service and mary was there with much of her family who has been covering the story for us. >> reporter: three years ago san francisco supervisors were pushing congress to officially honor and celebrate chinese- american world war ii veterans. as they called out congress, i had the privilege of speaking with two heroes that day, both proud to be american. >> just as american as anybody
6:57 pm
else. i am just as patriotic as any american. >> if i had to do it again, i would do it again. >> reporter: during a time of extreme racism against chinese americans, with the exclusion act still in place, they felt it was their duty to fight for freedom. within 20,000 chinese americans served our country around the world and even formed chinese- american squadrons, like the flying tigers 14 air service group. >> it is always important that they should have been honored. the fact that we have so few world war ii veterans is very important. we recognize them. eventually, congress recognized officially chinese-american world war ii veterans for their service and sacrifice. awarding them with the congressional gold medal. >> 70 years is too late.
6:58 pm
reporter mike i spoke with my father about my grandfather's service during world war ii and he shared stories my grandfather told him before he passed away. >> he told me a story about the time he was flying over europe and they were being shot at. as commanding officer, he said, this is a good time for you to start praying. so they can get out of this alive. >> reporter: my grandfather was in high school and he went to war and served in the army air corps and was the only asian- american in his unit. >> he was proud to be in the service. i remember going to his closet one time and i found his uniform. this is probably 15 years after the war. i remember putting on his jacket. i knew he was a sergeant. >> we appreciate you watching and we will see you here at 11:00. until then, the news continues
6:59 pm
on . have a great saturday evening.
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