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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, what we have learned about a deadly shooting at the home of a south bay councilwoman. and -- this has spread into lake tahoe. >> a big boost to water levels in lake tahoe because of the storm, but an environmental threat is looking. clouds have returned and so soon will the rain as we have your weekend forecast. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news, a deadly shooting of a halloween party hosted by a member of the gilroy city council. it happened outside the home of rebeca armendariz in the area of murray avenue. we are told there were multiple injuries but the councilwoman
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was not hurt. police say some sort of a fight broke out prior to the shooting. a man was killed and two people suffered life-threatening injuries. we will stay on top of this and bring you any new information as it becomes available. a live look at san francisco, a busy weekend across the bay area bringing a sense of normalcy back for many people. asked arrow joins us live or an annual block party just kicked off one hour ago. >> reporter: people are enjoying themselves out here. just getting started and more will show up as the afternoon progresses. this feeling of normalcy is not just unique to san francisco. it is happening in neighborhoods all across the bay area. weather picking for the perfect pomegranate or searching for the sweetest robbery, people had a pretty normal day at the foster city farmers market and these days there's something to be said about that.
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though the pandemic is not over, society is starting to see somewhat of a return to normalcy. >> getting some fresh tomatoes. >> reporter: scott patterson has noticed the farmers market growing back to life. >> we have seen more vendors coming out. >> reporter: though it may look different, this is happening all across the bay area. san francisco a process annual outside lands festival is back in action, around 70,000 people expected to pack day two of the festival in golden gate park. across the bay in berkeley, the lawrence hall of science reopen for the first time since march of 2020. >> we love sharing those moments of learning and science and when kids enjoy it and get it and learn things while having fun. it is great to have that happening here inside again. >> reporter: carolyn and her husband had a few of those great moments with her four-
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year-old grandson. >> half his life has been the pandemic and his world has been very small. anything that opens it up is just a plus. >> reporter: she feels a change in the air and plans to make the most of normal. >> to see everything opening up and taking him out and having fun means everything to us. >> reporter: i don't know if you can hear me, maybe it feels like a pre-pandemic weekend. but we are in the middle of a pandemic. is there a sense of that? >> reporter: we are still in the middle of the pandemic with covid protocols in place at outside lands . if you go out in the city, you have to show proof of vaccination to go inside restaurants and bars. if you do that, be ready to show proof of vaccination. >> i don't know if i heard a single word you said but it sounds like fun. >> reporter: people are having a good time. a little bit wet and we are learning about the potential of
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some rain. did you hear what he said? >> i did not, i was just getting over the beat. a couple hundredths of an inch already fell. trick-or-treating tomorrow morning -- night, cloudy and relatively cool, just like today. you can see all gray the skies are lookinf to the west. we have a couple hundred of an inch of rain since midnight. if we look at doppler radar, look off the coast and see how we have a fuse tattered and light showers, most going down to monterey, that is not for us but if we watch the next few hours, a few showers that try to come across the north bay and there are some showing up to sonoma county into the evening and maybe more in the overnight and into tomorrow.
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we keep a cloudy. but that is it. sunday, a few clouds. i will show you the halloween forecast coming up in a bit. we have much bigger issues to discuss, like that. that is monday. monday morning, we will time that out in detail and i will walk you through that system which will have a much better aim on the north bay than the south bay, nothing like the system that came through last sunday but very few storms ever are. this will give us a half-inch of rain in the north bay and maybe 2/10 of an inch in the south bay. all of that in the complete forecast coming up. president biden and leaders of the world's richest together for the g20 summit. they discussed iran's nuclear efforts. we have a report from washington from natalie brand. >> reporter: with photo ops,
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president biden and world leaders gathered in person at the summit in rome. >> the pandemic has kept us apart. as it did with all of our citizens. even before, we faced protectionism, unilateralism, nationalism. >> reporter: the italian prime minister set wide disparities in the distribution of covid vaccines are morally unacceptable and undermine the global economic recovery. leaders discussed ways to curb iran's nuclear ambitions among efforts to revive the 2015 deal with tehran that the trump administration pulled out of and president biden was asked when he wanted talks with iran to resume. president biden and the leaders of germany, france, and britain issued a joint statement saying they are determined to ensure that i ran can never develop or acquire a nuclear weapon. on the economic front, the members unanimously endorsed a global 15% minimum tax on
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corporations before the summit wraps up on sunday. leaders will address the supply- chain bottleneck. then president biden and others go to scotland for a united nations climate conference which starts on monday. as leaders meet, the u.s. and the eu are selling differences. a halloween party shooting left two people dead and five injured in sacramento. investigators say hundreds of people were at the party held at a banquet hall early this morning when a gunfire started. no word on what started the shooting and no arrests have been made. aquatic weeds are interfering with lake tahoe's ecosystem and scientist .2 climate change is the culprit. we have new methods to manage the weeds. >> reporter: the tahoe quays, ground zero in the fight
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against aquatic invasive weeds that environmental groups say pose a dire and growing threat to all of lake tahoe. >> this threat in the tahoe quays is spreading. climate change, make the water warmer, makes a more hospitable for them to call the shoreline home. report back weeds cover as much as 90% of the channels, getting caught in boats and changing the ecosystem of the lake. expensive harvesting equipment and daily sweeps are currently used by scientists say they're not fixing the problem and now they are unveiling a new testing system, a desperate attempt to control a problem they say threatens the entire lake. >> is not just the keys, it goes into lake tahoe proper. the test is to not only develop better methods for the keys control but better to protect the lake. >> reporter: that includes herbicides and a uv light system and are in a public
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input stage. they hope to gain approval to begin testing next spring. >> without testing, we know what the future looks like, green and murky. that is not what we want. >> reporter: in the meantime, that is what people are seeing, on beaches that are miles away from the tahoe keys. >> anything spreading is concerning for everybody, it is a big draw from people all over the world. >> reporter: scientists say it is too late to eradicate the problem but they are optimistic this testing may be a chance to manage it. >> i am hopeful, we have a chance, if we don't get started it will be too late. coming up, bay area counties ready to loosen the rules on masking, what you need to know. she was my friend. >> alec baldwin is speaking publicly for the first time since he accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer on a
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movie set. monday's rain will be the headline in the forecast but not the only one, there is another chance that will show up on thursday. it will be a busy pattern but none of them are
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welcome back. with a drop in covid cases in marin county and cost roster county, masking could be lifted in some indoor spaces. we are live in walnut creek with the details. hello, wilson. >> reporter: there have been times in the pandemic where everyone was under the same set of rules and at times rules depended largely on what county you may be in. we will go more in that
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direction on monday. that is when some counties roll their rules back a little bit, but not the same in every place. we are talking about some facilities, offices, gyms, fitness centers and contra costa county, they will dispense with the mask rules while other businesses will not. in marin county, you have a different set, they will be the first county to go a step further as of noon on monday, a wider selection of businesses, including restaurants, will be able to get rid of mask mandates if they want to. marin county is taking the extra step because, as of yesterday, they reached all three of their target metrics. >> over 80% of our population is fully vaccinated, of all ages, only two in the hospital right now. we have a four month low in hospitalizations and for 21 consecutive days, we have been the cdc moderate or yellow
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tier. >> reporter: the counties will stagger this, contra costa county, alameda county on monday, marin county going further. all of the counties will be watching case rates as they make the changes to see if case numbers go up. what we heard from max, people thinking we're on the tail end of this. especially in marin county where the rules are taking a big step backwards monday at noon. >> something to look forward to, good news in walnut creek, wilson walker, thank you. we are hearing from alec baldwin for the first time since he accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer. >> this is something that, you know, there are incidental accidents on film sets, but nothing like this. this is a one in 1 trillion accident. >> two people had inspected the
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gun before the shooting that killed halyna hutchins and injured bay area director joel souza. alec baldwin says he was close to halyna hutchins . >> she was my friend, the day i arrived and i took her to dinner with joel with the director, we were a very, very, excuse me, a very, very well oiled crew shooting a film together. >> investigators are looking at whether anyone should face charges. new video from taiwan, an annual halloween parade, costumes inspired by the netflix series the suite games. kids and tracks it's not old enough to watch the show. outside is foggy and we have drizzle close to the shoreline.
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>> i will spend time talking about a couple opportunities for rain, monday and again thursday. >> what about tomorrow night? >> i will start about that. halloween, do not let the possibility of a stray sprinkle challenge your plans, any rain would be really light, most likely you will not get any. we got a couple hundreds of an inch today in the north bay, most people did not notice. tomorrow evening, for most of us, low-60s, upper-50s to low- 60s, depending on when you go out for the kids. pretty typical for this time of year. there is rain well off the coast now. the light rain we have been getting does not resolve well on the radar because it is just sprinkles. it will stay that way for the next two days. tomorrow will look like today. monday, you can see the system
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developing. that is an impressive trough with the futurecast picking up on the rain. we pull that forward and we have a pretty good rainmaker coming back into northern california. i will stress this 1 million times, this is nothing like the system that came through last sunday. if we slow it down, close enough where we can pull out high resolution. the first thing is, this system will have much better aim on the north bay than anywhere else and we will get days decent rain on the north bay monday afternoon. if we come in for a close-up look, the rest of the bay area gets showers out of this. second half of the day, evening, on monday, scattered, spotty showers. for most of us. any rain in the south bay, you may get 2/10 of an inch in the second half of the day. you really see it when you look at a beautiful map like this which shows you where the rainfall will accumulate.
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there is the yellow bull's-eye in the north bay where santa rosa gets 6/10 of an inch. san jose gets maybe 1500 of an inch. a spread in between. typical for a false system. that is what they should look like. last weekend it was off the charts and the intensity of the atmospheric river was the strongest we had in october in 40 years. morning lows tomorrow are in the low to mid-50s with daytime highs tomorrow and the upper- 60s. there is your day forecast tomorrow. those numbers are on the mark. another chance for rain after monday. the monday system, out here is the next system, we lose resolution to watch that but we see it in the models and the gets us into thursday. there is not a lot with that but you will see light rain in the forecast again on thursday. not as much as monday which will be the better rain day. we will get a break in between and a warm up on wednesday, san
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jose at 71 degrees on wednesday before the next system gets here in the valleys of the east bay, 71 on wednesday and we cool things down again. into next weekend, brian, back to you. straightahead in sports, is this kid having his birthday? we have a basketball game to talk about on the other side. steph curry and his warm-ups, getting ready for oklahoma city in a few moments. more on that in
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talking warriors basketball. that is why we are at thrive city as the nba take center stage tonight. golden state looking for a bounce back game against oklahoma city and just 10 minutes. injury update, steph curry's
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brother-in-law is out with a shoulder injury. that gives more minutes to some guys off the bench. more minutes for jordan. we will see how he responds. and this young fellow, jonathan, we will finally see him. the seventh overall draft pick cleared to return and could make his nda did you. he has been sidelined since injuring his knee in the preseason. the sharks are dealing with a covid outbreak , the head coach and seven players were placed on the covid protocol . san jose had to call up five players from the barracuda to just have enough players to play tonight against winnipeg. must go to the 49ers who played the chicago bears tomorrow. they will be shorthanded because they are injury played.
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exhibit a, how about linebacker who is out. with concussions. and ford. a safety joins kenlaw on injured reserve who will miss the next three games. college football, san jose state against wyoming, scoreless early in the second quarter. he scores from a yard out. 7-0, spartans. third quarter, nash showing off the arm. charles ross with the 44 yard touchdown. under two minutes left, cowboys trailing by six, williams sacked.
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san jose st won it, 2 e o ayfrom being bowl eligible. give me charles woodson, the michigan wolverines against michigan state, two unbeaten teams. they trailed by 16 in the second half and with over five minutes left, kenneth walker with his fifth touchdown of the game. jim harbaugh not happy with the results. last chance. the quarterback thought he had a man open but brantley gets the interception. the paul bunyan trophy staying put is michigan state defeats michigan, 37-33. think about halloween spirit and salt lake, earthquakes on the road for the final time this season.
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the corner kick. they score on the header. quakes beat salt lake, 4-3, as they finished their season next weekend. san jose will miss the soccer playoffs but we do have professional soccer fighting for a playoff spot. the team would be the oakland roots, the game tonight at 7:00. >> we are hoping the right players make the right place. >> reporter: one of their final practices before an epic win and make the playoffs or lose and go home. >> three points or we are done. one of the biggest games in our history. >> ward put them on the national stage with his ridiculous goal last sunday.
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>> he fires in! >> reporter: it may be sportscenter top 10 plays. >> someone mentioned it, i said no way, that was on my bucket list. i saw it and was like, that is pretty cool. not everyone can say that. >> reporter: he took a one win team and brought them to the brink of the playoffs. >> it is a brand-new season for us and it would mean a lot to our fans and club, the people who have been on this roller coaster with us. >> sporting kansas city 2 is
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cb s gather in rome for their first in person since the pandemic began. who made the trip and who didn't? cbs news is there. >> reporter: i'm nancy cordes at the g-20 summit in rome, where president biden and other world leaders are trying to make progress on covid, taxes, and climate change. >> sargent: also tonight, vaccine holdouts-- employees nationwide face deadlines to get their shots or lose their jobs. plus, port problems: dozens of ships, billions of dollars in goods, and in this california neighborhood, a real nightmare. nightmare. >> reporter: i'm lilia luciano in the port of los angeles wher


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