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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 30, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PDT

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just get me water. tonight, we have the videos the santa clara sheriff never wanted you to see. they reveal about a $10 million case. >> i want the public to look at there video and say somebody needs to be held accountable. >> will the bay area see another rise in covid-19 cases this winter? what the latest numbers reveal and what ucsf doctor says is the big difference this time around. >> i am tracking the details of your halloween forecast and a look at when rain could return to the pay area. [music] while music fans dance their hearts out. businesses around golden gate
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park are loping for a much-needed boost this weekend. >> when you started anchoring and put him in a suit i almost did not recognize him. how do we say good-bye after 31 years? it is the end of an era here at kpix5 tonight. this is ken's final broadcast. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida new tonight, disturbing body camera video released. the incident led to the county's largest lawsuit in history. a $10 million settlement. kpix5 is live outside of the main jail. you just spoke to the supervisor who demanded the sheriff release these videos months ago, maria? >> reporter: and ken, after this incident the sheriff's office launched an internal affairs investigation but quietly closed
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that case. the supervisor i spoke to says the public may never of heard of this case had the family not filed the lawsuit. warning to viewers the footage you are about to see may be disturbing [ screaming ] >> i am dying. >> reporter: body camera video slows he is pleading for medical help after he reportedly beaten his head. >> he is banging his head. he has blood everywhere in our van right now. >> reporter: hogan was held at the elm wood correctional facility when he told the officers he was not feeling well. >> the doctor is waiting for you. the doctor is waiting for you. >> reporter: according to a county report there was no ambulance or medical staff waiting for hogan who is now bleeding from his head. once more, moments after arrival officers chose, instead, to shut the door on hogan. >> i need a water. i am going to pass out.
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please get me water. officer, please give me water. >> close the door. >> reporter: then this happened. >> we are going to wait. he can do all of the damage he wants, we are waiting for it to be safe for us. >> let him do his worst. how can that not just send a shiver through any of us who have some sense of humanity. >> reporter: the supervisor, who demanded the public release of the videos, and a multiagency investigation into the sheriff says hogan now suffers from long-term disabilities from the incident and no one has ever been held accountable. >> i want the public to look at there video and say somebody needs to be held accountable and then i want to see that accountability in our sheriff's department. starting with the sheriff herself. >> reporter: that is really the question. do you know if any of these supervisors on
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duty that day were ever reprimanded? held accountable? >> reporter: well, according to supervisors one employee still works for the county. the other supervisor, get this, was promoted and then given a raise. that is why the supervisor believes no one has been held accountable. we reached out to the sheriff's office but have not heard back. ken? >> thank you for that. as the weather gets cooler and people start to gather indoors more, they believe we could see a rise in covid-19 cases this winter. statewide the positivity rate has risen to 2.8%. a .7% increase from the prior week. over the next month state models show covid-19 deaths increasing, but hospitalizations decreasing. tonight, we asked ucsf disease expert for her take. she says with 80% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated in california there should not be a >> may get changes in cases
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it depends how much you test your positivity rate. hopefully we will not get the increase. i can not imagine it will be like last year we have so much more immunity. >> reporter: more good news, kids ages 5-11 could begin receiving doses of the pfizer vaccine as soon as wednesday now that the fda has given the green light. now, we have not had a night like this in san francisco since before the pandemic, if you can believe that. >> outside lands is back in golden gate park. final performances for night one just wrapped up. now people are heading out in the sunset where kpix5 betty yu is standing by, betty, how did it go? >> very well here on outside lands, people are still making their way out of the festival. we have spider men and spider women here
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with us. take a look at irving street. traffic is stop and go. businesses tell us that they are seeing a bit more foot traffic and also a bit of a boost in sales. [music] >> reporter: tonight, thousands of fans went wild. for rapper tyler the creator. the first mass event of its kind in san francisco since the pandemic began. >> all of the way from d.c. just to come here and check out the festival. >> did not disappoint sounds like? >> not at all. [music] >> it was so nice to be around a lot of people and to just be outside and see like the music and feel like you are part of the community again. [music] >> reporter: the sold out three day festival is expecting more than 70,000 people each day. everyone must be vaccinated or show proof of a negative covid-19 test. tonight, they are seeing three
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times more business it gets on a normal friday. >> after 10:00 p.m. we will be slammed. we are very, very excited for it. >> reporter: the festival has upset some residents near golden gate park who do not like the noise, traffic and trash left behind. >> it is one weekend out of the year. it is totally fine. let people have their fun and enjoy themselves. next weekend it will be quiet and dead. [ laughter ] >> i really get a feeling there is a penalty up demand. the story is oozing that tonight. >> yes. everybody wants to get out. a lot of people are in costumes, too. it will be a big weekend. >> reporter: oh, yeah, so much to celebrate here. i mean people are still out in the streets as you can see at this hour and it is, for the most part i run into a lot of happy people. >> good. >> nice to see, nice to see things start to come back to normal and see people having a good time. >> big part of the city and it
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is good to see it back. >> reporter: for sure. even though the fog is back, too. [ laughter ] >> well. >> yes, a good san francisco night. >> exactly. is would not be san francisco without fog. >> thank you, betty. new at 11:00. workers are slowly making their return back to the office. according to b.a.r.t it may not be enough to get them out of a budget deficit. what is helping keep the transit system on track? >> reporter: a train just arrived moments ago. as you can see behind me there are few riders coming through the station, even on a friday night. b.a.r.t did receive $1 .3 billion in relief funds, the hope is, those dollars will last until the riders return. >> without revenue, b.a.r.t can not continue to operate as it does now. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t board of directors got a ridership update. the news was not good.
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the subsidies it receives could run out in october of 2023. >> our burn rate over the last two quarters averaged $1.31 million a month. >> reporter: b.a.r.t is using funds to make up for the lack of ridership according to b.a.r.t spokesperson. if the transit agency does not receive anymore federal funds b.a.r.t would face a $100 million to $250 million operating deficit after fiscal year '24. data from the bay area council says office occupancy as of this month is only a quarter of 2019 levels. >> what we are trying to do here is stretch our federal money to give us the time we need to put together a new revenue source. >> reporter: where the additional revenue source will come from remains to be seen. advertising and parking and funds and grants are options. b.a. r.t directors say there will
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not be a change in the schedule. >> everyone in the best case, 69% are supposed to return by 2026. still ahead tonight, netflix accused of violating federal labor laws after an employee walk out over dave chapelle. the trick or treat forecast looking good -hi mommy! -hi honey!
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oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you heare? shutdown. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. tonight, two netflix employees claim the company illegally retaliated against them against their criticism of dave chappelle's special. they had a walk out because of his stand up routine. netflix fired the employee that organize today and suspended a second worker accused of crashing a business meeting.
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those employees say the punishment broke federal laws. >> heading into the weekend, we are tracking a chance of showers on saturday along the coast and north of the golden gate. these showers are going to be very few and far between. more miss than hit. check out future cast. this is not going to amount for a much more than a trace of rainfall. do not cancel and base it on a light chance of showers, be flexible and have an umbrella. trick or treat forecast looks good and next chance of rain will be monday morning. the bulk of the rain still out over the pacific. we will track it as it moves in. it will arrive bay area with
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more rain into the afternoon and early evening hours on monday, evening commute could be challenging and needed rainfall for the bay area. right now, it is just fog. a lot of fog out there. the temperatures downtown. same temperature in santa rosa. most temperatures in the upper 50s or lower half of the 60s. dropping down to the lower 50s overnight. if you did not know, october 29th is national cat day. we have a special version of the nondog walking forecast. the pet walking forecast. we have lily and suzie. the temperatures are going to warm up to 70 degrees in brentwood tomorrow. one of the warmer spots on the map. temperatures not as warm as in the past couple of days. middle 60s around the bay. middle 60s for the north bay with 60s to 70 degrees farther inland in the valley. the temperatures will stay below average with a good chance of showers on on monday. another good chance of showers mostly
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wednesday night. a few showers could arrive before the sun goes down on wednesday and sticking around after the sun comes up on thursday and one more extended forecast to show you. not weatherwise, this is ken's extended forecast. all of the stuff that he gets to do or has to do in terms of taking care of the ranch there. we are maybe a little bit jealous. this is all of the stuff we would like to have time to do. congratulations, well earned. thank you for welcoming me when i started here almost two years ago now. that flew by. don't be a stranger, charlie? >> he has his football on the schedule on sunday. jimmy g. is going back to his native chicago. he is going to enjoy his food regardless of how much he has been bashed in the last week. the world series made
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gone is the luxury of having a retractible roof in houston. it meant the forecast had to have some rain. sloppy weather but they got the stthfit ries game in ever hethe black, sit down gonzalez. anderson was dealing a no hitter. lifted after five innings, top 8, astros trailing, 1-0. hitless, diaz, the flair, coming on and eddie can not snag it. the no hitter is over. atlanta with the longest no no bid in a world series since the perfect game in '56. astros had the tying run at 3rd. this is a can of corn right here. michael brantley pops up, inning over. travis darno, travis dar-yes. they get it.
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solo shot, atlanta n zilch. erwill miss wthts. e braves to. the rest of the season after knee surgery. the same knee that cut his rookie season short in 2020. the doctors feel they solved the problem this time. the 13 overall pick should be ready for the training camp next summer. on sunday, jimmy g. will return to native chicago. he went to high school outside of soldiers field where the bears play, second start back home and he intends on enjoying it regardless of all of the negativity he has been dealing with this. it will be fun. i have a lot of family and
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friends, the chicago fans are ruthless, though. >> they are looking to avoid their 5th straight in the windy city. tonight, a happy ending to a mystery
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tonight, a veteran's flag found is back where it belongs. >> the chp found this folded flag and a photo among debris. no name was included. the family recognized the flag and photo after seeing reports on tv and social media and the priceless possession was returned to them today. that is good. well, we can't end tonight without saying good-bye to ken bastida. we will hear from someof the many people he helped and insp
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when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you.
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welcome to channel 5 eyewitness news i'm ken bastida. . [music] >> tonig is bisweet ter 31 years this is ken's final newscast. and ken, we are not letting you go without a proper send off. >> let's take a look. >> it is 6:01. good morning. >> i don't know what would of happened to ken's life if he had not found television. what would he have done with all of the energy and willingness and need to tell stories and be in the middle of things. >> i will check with you tomorrow. >> ken came over to channel 5 from radio. i can remember looking at him on the air and thinking, does he wear flannel shirts all of the time? he was such a mountain man with this huge mustache and all of his hair and ys ieth put him in the sierra or on a river or outside somewhere.
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so, when i met him, in the studio, and when he started anchoring and they put him in a suit i almost did not recognize him. >> reporter: who is the real ken bastida? we turned to a reliable source who has known him for, well, forever. >> 65 years, he is my son. >> reporter: meet ken's mom. she gave us the lowdown. >> as a child he was always a story teller. he would sit down his brothers and tell them stories and tell them this and that. >> reporter: he was born and raise inside the bay area, went to el camino school. >> 41 years ago we started working together. >> reporter: in 1981 mick jagger came to town. >> he walked into the restaurant and watched him break my glasses. >> reporter: he was upset at radio reporters, nine years
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later ken learned a rolling stone gathers no moss. >> i could not believe that was my son. it was like whoa! >> reporter: for 31 years he covered lots of news. from bay area dis asters to in- depth investigations. reports from the middle east and -- >> that tastes like real vomit. >> reporter: and bizarre stories. >> i think the bay area is truly going to miss ken's versatility, right? he walked the streets of baghdad, covered fires, the true magic he never took himself that seriously. he and i covered the giants 2010 first world series championship. fortunately that suit was from k-mart. the next sign you see on ken's computer is gone fishing, plenty of poles for you. >> even the speaker of the house. >> it is a joy to congratulate
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ken bast ida on an extraordinary career. his colleagues could not agree more. >> when you retire every night it is friday night. >> you are a grandfather many times over and enjoy your family. >> reporter: what a successful career you have had. >> you are so smart, so sharp. >> we love you, kenny. you are my tv husband. and i am so excited for you. >> it is going to be fun. >> wait, there is more. >> do you think he will grow his beard out? >> absolutely. but dude, don't grow it this long because holiday comes people want things from you. >> we are going to miss you. >> as you ride off in the sunset best wishes for you and your family during the next chapter in your life. >> you know, i feel, i feel so lucky. i hope that everybody has this experience in their careers or whatever you do to have somebody that is a mentor, somebody that
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inspires you to be the best version of yourself and who is such a great friend. i am so lucky because you are all of those things and more to me. >> that is so nice for you to say that. [ laughter ] >> you know, it is a team. there are two of us up here. you earned your stripes, man. you are ready to take off and run the show here. i am going to give you the keys to the cadillac. i want you to drive it like it is stolen. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i don't have big long speeches tonight. what i really want to say is thank you, thank you to all of you out there who invited me in every night. who were more than kind with your comments. some i agreed with and some i did not. i always respected the bay area. hi chances to go but i stayed here. this is like no other place on the planet. and, you are smarter than most people. i know the rest of the country does not want to hear that.
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you are more compassionate. stuff that works here does not work in other parts of the country. that is why we are all here. we love the bay area. that is why i never left and it is really why i will never leave. i will be here for a long, long time, hopefully. and enjoying life. if you see me i will be the guy standing in the corner with a long beard like my photographer who is here tonight and told me not to have a white one. i can not control that. very poplar around christmas. and then the other thank you is for all of the people that work here and people that i love and will always love, true professionals and they are going to continue after (announcer) the following is a paid commercial program for rotorazer, sponsored by razor tools llc. stay tuned to find out how to get a free upgrade to the rotorazer 3000 series absolutely free.
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