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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> later we are sending off ken bastida, but not before we look back on his incredible 30 year career. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm ken bastida. it's a very busy halloween weekend in the city . a record crowd streaming into golden gate park for outside lands. kpix 5's andria borba is live at golden gate park. the city has been buzzing for the past couple of days. it's really going to hit a peek this weekend. >> reporter: i wouldn't say that outside lands is buzzing , as much as something right now. i'm between two stages. i can barely hear you talking. and here was 70,000 of my closest friends for the biggest party ever san francisco has thrown since the pandemic began. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: grab your flower crown, cowboy hat, or whatever, because outside lands is back. this time with a halloween
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weekend twist. >> extremely. >> inside land, not the same. port that the festival didn't happen in person last year, but now the music and golden gate park is back with a vengeance point >> it's nice to be out here, because it has been on for so long. we bought our tickets over -- like, over a year ago. >> reporter: to get through the gates of the 3 daylong festival, you to show proof of vaccination through the clear app, or a negative covid-19 test from the past 72 hours. >> i'm here to see vampire weekend. >> reporter: concertgoers say the extra safety measures give them peace of mind in a crowd this large point >> it's nice to be out again am a feeling the vibe of everybody here having a good time. i think that this event did the best he could to go through all the safety measures. i'm just trying to have as much fun as i can right now. >> we haven't done some like this in a really long time. it's halloween weekend. the weather is perfect.
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people are vaccinated. people feel good. i feel that the energy and five for the weekend. i'm pretty excited. >> reporter: your eyes aren't deceiving you. there are a lot of super mario brothers marching through the fields, and they all seem to be grateful the ground isn't soggy from sunday's atmospheric river. >> me and luigi were so terrified about the storm last weekend possibly having a little reprisal this weekend, but it doesn't appear to be the case. >> reporter: if you are coming out here tonight, tomorrow, or sunday, here is a word of advice from someone who doesn't live far away from here. coat. the fog has entered. it is cold. it's starting to get windy with the breeze coming off of ocean beach. it feels much more like we typically see this concert in the summertime out here and it doesn't here in fall right now. >> not buzzing, but buzzed. you can say that. >> it's buzzing a lot of
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different ways. let's say that. >> thank you. let's bring in chief meteorologist paul heggen. i know we have rain in the forecast, but you think it will clear up and warm up a bit for the festival and trick-or- treaters? it will clear up and warm up, but they can avoid actual rain. it just going to be foggy and cloudy for most of the festival, but it is san francisco. just a beautiful perspective as the sun goes down. it has been rolling in, and it will be with us for the next couple of days. for outside lands, temperatures only reach just short of 60 degrees tomorrow and sunday. dress appropriately and there up. get me feel damp, but in terms of actual showers, the best chance tomorrow stays further to the north, north of the golden gate, and right along the coast. slight even there. alameda county fair, upper 60s tomorrow and mid-60s on sunday, and the trick-or-treat forecast, all-important. as the sun goes down on sunday,
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temperatures along the coast will be in the mid-50s, around 60 near the bay, with mid-60s further inland. >> thanks, paul. costa county, where people are preaching a levy on purpose. earlier today, this levy in martinez was breached to allow water from the sisson bay to flow back into the pacheco marsh. it's a big step towards restoring the marshland, and the lower walnut creek watershed. the restoration is a $25 million project 20 years in the making. the county prepared the land by doing construction mature removal, and then digging up channels, and now they are letting the water back in. the hope is that the marsh can be a habitat for wildlife, including endangered species. now to the coronavirus. the fda has cleared the first coronavirus vaccine for kids as young as 5. it's an announcement that millions of families have been waiting for, and just in time for the holidays.
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about 28 million children will be eligible to receive one third of the adult dose, with two injections. days ago, the santa clara county health department said that they have been preparing for weeks to welcome kids at county vaccine sites, and already ordered tens of thousands of pediatric doses. the world cup could return to the bay area. fifa officials are in the bay area right now , and they are set to tour levi's stadium as a possible venue for world cup games in 2026. this is what one six official said about how the bay area measures up. >> you need to just be what you are. you know, the bay area is what it is. the bay area in terms of a candidate is a very strong candidate. >> nobody really knows the fun of hosting the world cup like the tantalus . it was homebase for team brazil, and their fans , in 1994. kpix 5's len ramirez covered the fan frenzy back then.
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that's a good crowd, isn't it. >> reporter: it was a good crowd. and it could happen again today . these streets right here, this is the main boulevard in los gatos. these streets were a big resilient dance party for several magical days and nights 27 years ago. i was here, and here has how i described it back then. >> reporter: the drum beating somebody dancing soccer fans from brazil have taken over the town of los gatos. >> saba. >> reporter: for those lucky enough to have been there, these scenes bring back smiles and memories. >> there was no more beer. they sold out of beer. >> reporter: of how sports can be a bridge between countries, and bring strangers together to sing and dance. >> i don't think we have ever
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seen anything so joyous. >> reporter: the lodge is gone now, replaced by luxury housing, but in 1994, it was the team hotel for world cup champions brazil, and their legion of loyal fans who followed them into town, onto the streets, and right into ed rathmann's willow street pizza place. >> it was a zoo can but really fun. >> reporter: he still keeps pictures of the crowded streets and brazil team jerseys on the restaurant walls point >> the brazilians adopted us as their home restaurant to hang out in the evening, and drink and eat, and it put us on the map. >> reporter: is the kind of economic impact it is hard to measure from an event like the world cup, but the pizza place is going strong. as the bay area makes a new bed for world cup 2026, folks in los gatos say, bring it all back point >> it would be such a positive thing for the bay area. >> please, please come out. we would love to have you. it is really exciting. we could all use that right now. >> reporter: as you can see from our live shot, willow street is still thriving here
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in downtown los gatos. this is the type of atmosphere the people who organize events, like the world cup, would love to have as part of their offerings to fans from around the world, as you just saw folks here in los gatos would love to have them. live in los gatos, len ramirez, kpix 5. video from back in 1984 is so much fun to watch. we put more of it on the website. you can go live those world cup memories. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area -- >> he was always taking those stories that put him in the sierra, or on a river, or outside somewhere. >> buckle up, we look back on ken bastida's 30 year career here at kpix on the night of his retirement. it's a tribute that everyone can enjoy peer counselor san francisco is honoring a legendary bay area musician and his family.
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you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. the murals of san francisco's mission district have been an institution for decades. now the newest addition honors a family that needs no introduction, the santana's. 24 and mission b.a.r.t. plaza came alive today when the city dedicated a mural to the santana family, honoring legendary musician carlos, his late mother, and their parents
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moved to san francisco in the early 60s. the event felt very much like a santana family gathering, bringing together multiple generations and former band members. >> the real center of the santana family is my mother. when you do it like this, we are in the fifth dimension. i will meet you there. to the sea ever now, where people are excited to be skiing in october. last week's storm got enough snow so they rebranded palisades tahoe opened 4 weeks early. many skiers dressed up in their favorite halloween costumes. the boreal ski resort opened today. the atmospheric river dumped 36 inches of fresh snow last sunday. do you think the highways will be busy? before anybody finds a secret? i'm sure there's a camera
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on the highway to see how bumper and bumper it is. hard to blame them, because it is early in the season. we want to take advantage of it. more moisture is on the way. some snow in the sierra, some rain in the bay area. not nearly as much, but we take what we can get. some changes as the storm system will be sliding into northern california. the bulk of the energy will miss us to the north, but close enough to give us a chance for a few showers tomorrow. these are going to be very few and far between. a few blips, radar freckles on the simulation. a passing shower, then it will dry out again. be flexible with any outdoor plans. don't cancel anything or rearrange anything. it will be very light, a trace of rainfall with the showers and move through. then we dry out for halloween. we will freeze the maps as we head toward trick-or-treat time, and things are looking good. we see a mix of loud and sunshine during the day. kids are heading out for their
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sugar rush sunday night, but more rain chances are ahead later sunday night. they will be highest during the day on monday, widespread rain for most of the bay area, and another chance by wednesday night. it is nice to see additional rain chances in the forecast. we have moisture in the form of fog. this is the view from the hopkins hotel. it is thick, and it will continue spreading as we head through the rest of the evening. the temperature downtown has dropped from 74 to 58. other temperatures are running in the 60s and 70s, including antioch for this weekend's puppy. we have really dressed up as ted. she doesn't look thrilled to be giving away the candy. temperatures that far inland are still above 70. they will slowly dropped out of the 60s. the rest will end up in the low to mid 50s by early tomorrow morning. temperatures won't be as early warm tomorrow. we will be about 34 degrees below normal. most everybody in the 60s along the coast, pixies around the bay, mid-60s in the north bay
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with more clouds, and then upper 60s to around 70 point the extended forecast keeps temperatures below average. rain chances are late sunday night into monday. dry out tuesday and start today wednesday, and more showers wednesday night that could linger into thursday. sunday night and into monday, and again by wednesday night, and early thursday, then we try it again for the end of next week. we hope there are more rain chances further down the line. the 49ers cannot seem to squash that injury bug in santa clara. it has bitten again, ending a season, but hopefully also reviving a career at the same time. it'll make more sense when i tell you next. the burning question today, kyle shanahan's presser,
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. hindsight is always 2020, but even 19 months ago, many were scratching their heads. the 49ers traded buckner, and they felt they had his replacement ready in the draft. things have not gone according to plan. he will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery. that's the same need that cut his rookie season jordan 2020.
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kyle shanahan said the doctors feel they have solved the problem this time, which is good news, and he should be ready for training camp next summer. meanwhile, jimmy garoppolo struggled in the rain last sunday against the colts. kyle shanahan said afterwards jimmy g wasn't one game away from losing his starting job, but the clock does seem to be taking. >> i don't, i would never answer a question like that. you guys can exit 1000 different ways. i don't think like that. trying to get our team out of this losing streak with four losses in a row. >> trent williams returned to practice listed as questionable for sunday with an ankle injury. the 49ers offensive line won't have to worry about khalil mack. the former raider has been ruled out with a foot injury. the warriors will not go 82-0 this season, but one loss sure does seem to amplify, it puts a microscope on some of the issues that this team has. >> when you lose, you realize you have to start nitpicking
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pretty quickly. >> they missed nine of their final 10 shots. steph curry was held scoreless again in the fourth quarter, plus overtime. this after scoring 36 in the first three quarters. the big stat that led to the overtime loss, 23 turnovers. >> how many film sessions do you think you've had where you discussed turnovers? >> one or two, one or two. yeah. last night was pretty blatant point >> we have to take this and learn from it. we can't cry about it. it sucks to lose. it sucks to lose at home. it is what it is, and we have to apply it to what is next. >> back to the 49ers, kyle shanahan's halloween will be spent trying to tame the bears. after a win, hopefully he can focus on some candy. the neighborhood or his kids will be trick-or-treating, and he is a particular kind that he likes. >> i am a big swedish fish guy.
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i like swedish fish. my kids hook me up with it. they know i like it. when they get it, i usually steal from their bags late at night. i always like halloween, because that is katie for me. >> solid pick. swedish fish. i like to add sour and maybe go with sour patch kids, but sweet, give it to me. give it to me. that is sports. my name is ken bastida -- >> baghdad, fires, earthquake point >> next, we look back on ken bastida's legendary career here on kpix , on the night of i saw you toss the kites on high... improved vision coverage. so you can focus on every little detail. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022.
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welcome to channel 5 eyewitness news, i am ken bastida. i always love that mustache. tonight is bittersweet. our friend and colleague, ken bastida, is retiring. this is his last day , or night with us. we aren't going to let you go without a proper video sendoff. >> world of video. good morning and welcome to channel 5 eyewitness news. i'm ken bastida. >> i don't know what would've happened to ken's life if he hadn't found television. what would he have done with all of the energy, the willingness and need, really,
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to tell stories and be in the middle of things? >> we would check with you tomorrow point >> ken came over to channel 5 from radio, and i remember looking at him on the air and thinking, does he wear flannel shirts all the time? he was such a mountain man, with this huge mustache, and all of this hair. he was always taking those stories that put him in the sierra, or on a river, or outside somewhere. when i met him in the studio, and when he started anchoring, and they put him in a suit, i almost didn't recognize him. >> who is the real ken bastida? we turned to a reliable source who has known him, well, forever point >> 65 years, and he's my son point >> meet ken's mom. she gave us the lowdown point >> as a child, he was always a storyteller. he would sit his brothers, and tell them stories, and tell them this, and tell them that. >> can was born and raised in the bay area, went , d studied broadcast journalism at sf
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state. he then jumped into radio. >> 40 years ago we worked together at k frc. we were long-haired hippies. >> in 1981, mick jagger came to town. mike and ken spotted him at a fancy bistro. >> you walked in and watched mick jagger break my glasses point >> jager was peeved at radio reporters. 9 years later, he learned a rolling stone gathers no moss point >> when i first saw him on tv, i couldn't believe that was my son. >> for 31 years, he has covered lots of news point >> it still burning -- >> from bay area disasters, to in-depth investigations, reports from the middle east, and -- >> that tastes like real vomit point >> bizarre stories. >> i think the bay area will truly miss ken's versatility. he walks the streets of baghdad, covered fires and earthquakes. the true magic of ken bastida , he never took himself that
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seriously. he and i covered the giants 2010 first world series championship. >> fortunately that suit was from kmart. >> the next time you see on ken's computer it's gone fishing. but you have to get your own. >> even the speaker of the house has taken note. >> it is a joy to congratulate legendary news man ken bastida on an extraordinary career. >> his colleagues did not agree more. >> when you are retired, every night is friday night point >> you are a grandfather many times over, and will be enjoying your family point >> what an incredibly successful career you've had point >> you are so smart and sharp point >> love you kenny. you're my tv has bent, and i am so excited for you point >> it's going to be fun. >> wait there's more point >> do you think he will grow his beard out? >> absolutely, but don't grow it this long, because when the holiday comes, people want things from you. >> we are going to miss you.
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>> as you ride off into the sunset, best wishes to you and your family during this next chapter in your life. i have a ken bastida story. i started here -- >> only one? >> i have many, but this is the one i think resonates with all of us here at kpix . i started here 10 years ago, from palm springs. i was so nervous. it was my first newscast. i was anchoring with the great ken bastida. and he said to me, don't worry. i'm never going to let you fail. and you never did. it has been an honor. >> you, you good when you got here, so, i was just helping you along, to get a little bit better, and we had a good group of people here. mom, i know you are watching, don't believe anything these people are telling you about me. it is all a big lie, okay? i am just the same as i always
6:29 pm
was, and i just had the advantage of working with so many good people, including molly mcrae, who was just an amazing editor, photographer, and producer, who put that piece together, and all the other vignettes that you saw this week. molly, love you, thank you so much. and think all of you guys, and all of the guys that were here before you guys, because i was here then as well. kate and barbara and juliet, and of course you, liz. you are going to soar onto great things. >> it has been an honor to sit next to you, truly. the honor of a lifetime point >> the honor was mine, and the
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privilege. thank you. >> we will miss you terribly. it's so fun to look back on all your stories, and the amazing legacy that you have left here, and your mark on the bay area point >> we d manage ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, mall terror threat, the warning from intelligence officials. members of isis could be planning an attack this halloween weekend. how the terror group is inciting lone wolf attacks. security patrols beefed up at malls in virginia with the department of homeland securityd is saying about the credible threats. mini-doses for kids-- the f.d.a. says it's okay for children as young as 5 to get a pfizer covid vaccine. all the details parents should know. plus, if you've had covid, do c you still need a shot? the new study tonight. queen's health scare: new concerns out of buckingham palace as doctors ordered the 95-year-old monarch to rest for two weeks. the president and the pope: pope


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