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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look from our exclusive sales force tower camera at the city of san francisco this friday morning. thanks for joining us. it's october 29. i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a look at weather and traffic. len is off but we have the ladies together this morning. >> love having anne in the house. >> thanks guys. happy top here. what's our halloween weekend look like? it's going to be nice. beautiful today, 60s and 70s, around where we should be with a few clouds streaming in. 74 in san jose, 73 concord. you can see a few clouds as we head through today on futurecast. at this point, there is a chance of maybe of seeing a few showers for north bay tomorrow. it looks dry for all of us as we look to sunday for your halloween. i will have moreon at u can pect system that can bring more rain
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next week. details on all this is coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. happy friday. it is friday light and we are looking pretty good overall. we are seeing a lot of green which is what we like as we ad a accidents or incidents. showing you bay area bridges, an easy ride into san francisco. no delays on golden gate, traffic quiet out of marin heading into the city and all clear on the san mateo bridge, 12 minutes between 880 and 101. altamont pass commute is friday light, seeing cars working rest bound, 580 head lights heading towards 680, dublin interchange connector. no major delays or issues. it's going to be busy in san francisco over the weekend due to outside lands. i will have more on that coming up. scary moments out of l.a.x. where reports of an active shooter grounded flights and
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sent hundreds of travelers running on to the tarmac. officials received a report of someone with a gun around terminal 1 around 7:30. no shots were fired and no weapons were recovered. one person was detained but no further details were provided. >> that came 24 hours after an attack on a flight attendant in mid air. there is now a call for the most powerful transportation agency in the u.s. to take action. maria medina reports on the fights for safer skies. >> reporter: the latest attack against a flight attendant in a disturbing trend of physical assaults in the air. passengers booed the suspect accused of punching the her twice, breaking her nose. >> she had blood splatter on
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the outside of her mask. >> reporter: faa issued more than $1 million in fines to unruly passengers. frontier flight attendants duck taped this passenger after he allegedly groped them in july. this passenger was charged with two felonies after allegedly refusing to put on her mask and punching a flight attendant. >> i think it's sad. they're there doing the best that they can. it's a hard situation for everyone. i think we need to work together during this time. >> people need to chill out and be kind. kind is the most important thing right now for sure. >> boo! >> reporter: the suspect on yesterday's flight is banned from american airlines. but the association of professional flight attendants wants to take it one step further and have faa and department of transportation prosecute violators as well as ban them from every airline. >> we need passengers to feel safe on board an aircraft whether that is with the virus or with that is with knowing it's going to be safe and
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they're not going to be attacked or witness an attack that puts the airplane in jeopardy at 35,000 feet. >> that was maria medina reporting. the union's call for faa to take action comes as more people are expected to travel for upcoming holidays. taking a live look at san francisco, limited work on a fix for the leaning millennium tower resumed thursday. there are concerns about whether that work can continue. kpix5 stroke to a structural engineering consultant who thinks there is serious potential the retrofit will hit another roadblock. >> reporter: construction crews were busy on corner of mission and fremont today as work on parts of san francisco's leaning millennium tower retrofit resumes. work on the fix was put on pause before labor day once it became apparent construction methods were making the problem worse. >> we haven't gotten to the worse part of the fix yet, the
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most risky part of the fix. >> reporter: david williams is a structural engineer and deep foundation expert. in 2017 concerned unit owners in millennium tower hired him as consultant after learning their luxury high rise had sunk more than a foot and was leaning northwest. >> it was evidence of a lot of places with water intrusion. >> reporter: williams also noted extensive water damage in the garage but says the floor of the basement exposed what appeared to be an even bigger problem. it was dipping in the middle something referred to as dishing. >> the dishing of the floor there which is the dishing of the mat, 10-foot thick mat, was significant. clearly it had been distressed. >> reporter: he predicts current perimeter pile upgrade may run into serious problems when new piles anchored to bed rock are connected to the weakened foundation. >> when they start jacking and are doing a load redistribution
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and they're really dependent on the integrity of the existing structure. >> reporter: williams hopes foundation issues will be discussed when supervisors host hearings on the millennium tower fix next week. the supervisor called for the hearings. >> the building today is not in any imminent threat of structural failure. the question that has not been satisfactorily answered as far as i am concerned is at what point is the point of no return? >> millennium homeowners association sent a copy of the letter from a contractor working on leak repair design for the garage which is separate from the main tower. according to the contractor, water intrusion does not pose a safety concern. 4:37. new york is among several u.s. cities set to enforce coronavirus vaccine mandates for municipal workers, big apple bracing for shortage of police officers, firefighters, other essential workers
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starting later today. laura podesta has more on the potential impact. >> reporter: hundreds of new york city firefighters gathered outside mayor de blasio's home to protest his new rule that they all must be vaccinated by 5:00 p.m. today or go on unpaid leave. union officials rallied the crowd. >> we are antimandate. we are prochoice. >> reporter: firefighters union says as many as 20% of fire companies could close and ambulance fleet would be impacted as well if the mayor does not budge on his mandate. the city's police force could also be affected. roughly a quarter of officers haven't gotten the shot. de blasio insists he has a contingency plan to help prevent response time delays. >> the bottom line is can we do the things we need to do first of all to keep the city safe for the long run? that means getting people vaccinated. with we can do that.
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>> six of the ten largest cities have or are planning a mandate for workers. los angeles, san diego, new york city, there is no testing alternative. the sheriff made it clear yesterday his opposition to the vaccine mandate for sheriffs department employees. he says he doesn't plan to enforce it. a study by kaiser family foundation found more than a third of unvaccinated workers say they would leave their job if their employer required them to get a vaccine or be tested weekly. north bay residents on toward after two mountain lion sightings alone in the area in the last two weeks. now a resident says she saw one walking on the trail at the shores. andrea nakano caught up with her and a wildlife expert about the sightings. >> reporter: the expert i talked with says creeks like this one is like a network of highways for mountain lions, can cover a lot of ground and
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go from one neighborhood to another. what convinced you this was a mountain lion? >> the face for sure. >> reporter: lunchtime walk turned into a scary memorable moment. >> i snapped a quick picture and then i kind of hustled out. >> reporter: a snapshot of an animal lurking in the bushes along the trail. this comes on the heels of this mountain lion spotted in santa rosa. >> only about 100 yards away from a key habitat feature which mountain lions use, a creek. >> reporter: the big cat was less than a year old. efforts were made to shoe it away but when it didn't move it was tranquilized and brought to the sonoma wildlife rescue for medical evaluation. all signs pointed to a healthy feline. >> condition was really good. i doubt he would be doing that well on his own at this age.
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so i think he's been sort of helped by his mom. thontoitab decided to release bitat give it best chance at reuniting with its mother. >> reporter: a tracking lion was traced and gps information shows he is back in the hills. movements will be monitored in hopes of finding out if he indeed reunited with his mother. the stage is set for outside lands, the big music festival returns to golden gate park today. it was canceled last year of course because of the pandemic. proof of vaccination or negative covid tests are required for entry. the festival runs through sunday and some big headliners, strikes, lizzo, vampire weekend. i know a lot of people have been looking forward to that. traffic will be crazy. >> but the weather will be nice so it will be fun, a good time. coming up on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area. >> it is officially halloween weekend. the disp better than ever in one east bay neighborhood. how a ford engineer is getting into the halloween spirit with a little costume design. let's take a >>away but
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the ghosts and goblins are
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ready to party like it is 2019. >> the holiday displays in the bay are bigger and better than ever this year. >> it's a monster mash. >> ♪ just dance. >> if they're old enough to remember halloween, they'll remember that crazy time we went and danced in somebody's driveway with a bunch of monsters. it's great. >> so good. >> happy halloween! >> we decided to take it mobile and see what the community did with the decorations. decorations are top notch. >> i don't know. livermore is just into decorating for other holidays too. it's just about making memories and give them something to look forward to. >> we have seen all the community involvement and everyone going nuts for halloween. it brings back normalcy. >> if you go around all the
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houses this year, it's crazy. >> ♪ ghost busters. >> being kind and getting a smile especially in times like this, it is kind of what it's about. >> looks like a good time. the halloween party in livermore continues all weekend long tonight, tomorrow, and sunday. time for the money watch report. two major tech companies seeing down turn in stock prices. elise preston reports from the new york stock exchange. stocks were higher on thursday. dow jumped 239 points. nasdaq rose 212 hitting a record high. s&p 500 added 44. two tech giants delivered disappointing third quarter earnings reports. amazon shares dropped 4% in after hours trading. the company lowered expectation for the holiday season. shares of apple dipped 3% after
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hours. ceo tim cook says supply chain crunch is costing the company $6 billion. first, it was the facebook and now it's meta. facebook is rebranding as it looks to identify with more than just the social media website and possibly detach itself from recent reports about role spreading misinformation. the new corporate name comes with a new logo, infinity sign replaces the thumbs up. a ford engineer putting skills to work on a halloween costume. he made a seven and a half foot kids version of cruella deville's phantom car. the girl has a medical condition that leaves her unable to walk. in past years -- that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs i am elise preston. time for a quick check on
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our weather and traffic. >> tgif. we made it to the weekend. it's going to be beautiful today, 60s and 70s with a few clouds streaming in but a nice end to our work week. you can see the temperatures out there. we are in the 50s as we kick off our friday, 54 concord, oakland 58, 52 livermore, 59 san francisco, 57 san jose, santa rosa 52. we are noticing some areas of fog. here is what you can expect. a mild day today, we are looking at temperatures seasonal for this time of year and more clouds for today. it's going to be cooler for our weekend, tracking a weather system at this point bringing more clouds in. there is a slight chance of seeing a sprinkle or maybe a little shower activity, a spritz for the north bay cot tugood for sunday for
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halloween. rain returns for next monday. warm today looking at again 60s and 70s with rain to our north. as we look to our weekend, i will tell you what you can expect as we take you hour by hour. 3:00 p.m. you see clouds streaming in. as we look to tomorrow with more clouds, temperatures will be cooler and even cooler still for your sunday. sunrise at 7:32 and sun set at 6:13. daytime highs along the coast, low 60s this afternoon, low 70s for the peninsula, mid 70s for south bay, 74 san jose. we are looking at mid 70s for morgan hill in the south bay. inland east bay 73 for a high. we look around the bay, 67 in san francisco and also for alameda, 68 oakland, san leandro. north bay, upper 60s to low 70s, topping out at 72 for
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clear lake. here is your halloween forecast for sunday evening. looking at mostly cloudy skies along the coast in the mid 50s, partly cloudy in upper 50s around the bay and low 60s with a few clouds inland. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, more clouds tomorrow. temperatures are cooler and also for sunday. we have another round of rain as we look to next thursday. for tomorrow there is a chance or the possibility of a few sprinkles as we look to the north bay and coast. otherwise looking at the clouds and cooler and also a little bit cooler for your sunday for halloween. rain returns monday and for next thursday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. so far, so good. if you are up early and hitting the roads, things look nice. this weekend, if you are headed into san francisco, things will be incredibly busy. there are a few closures in and around golden gate park
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happening due to outside lands. it's going to be fun but it's going to be busy. all roads west are shut down. john f kennedy drive will be closed from transverse to 36th. bikes have access to limited areas and also parking will be limited. parking is really tough in and around the area anyway. public transit is your best bet. bart will be running extra service throughout the weekend for folks headed to outside lands as well as a lot of halloween fun happening in the city this weekend and muni will have extra service and express service. muni is probably your best bet or maybe share the ride. no delays heading into san francisco, things are pretty quiet. it is looking good at the golden gate bridge, easy ride out of marin into the city. san mateo bridge is definitely friday night. no delays between 880 and 101. altamont pass commute is doing
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good. 580, 680, dublin interchange, you see things are moving at the limit. it is not as crowded as typically on monday through thursday so your travel time is only 26 minutes 205 towards 680. it is also halloween on sunday so make sure you keep an eye out for the trick or treaters. a surprising departure yesterday in oakland. we know some names will not return but the one people expected back most i would say is gone. fourth quarter remains idle hour for curry. could teammates provide
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good morning and good gracious, something we had never seen before, eight game home stand for golden state warriors, over 10% of the season will take place before they hit the road again. didn't like it, said he didn't want his guys going stir crazy. warriors hadn't lost since memphis ended their season. curry, a floater, oh what can't he do? stuns himself sometimes. fourth quarter tied at 86. bain hits it and after trailing by 19 memphis has first lead of the game. lee from the corner dials up and connects. that ties it. he had 14. game went to over time grizzlies up one, a minute left. the kiss, what a play there, he had 30 points. 10 seconds left, dubs down three, it's lee, not curry and
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it is in and out. memphis hands warriors their first loss of the year 104-101. steph scored 36 but again no points in the fourth quarter or over time. it felt like bob melvin had a lifetime contract in oakland if he wanted it. the bay was his home, born and raised, berkeley for college ball and decade as manager of the oakland athletics. you didn't see it coming but you could see why he did it. melvin is reportedly leaving for san diego, accepting a three year deal to manage the padres. he inherits a bunch of all stars will transition to a well attended ballpark. the best part, the bar is low, it's padres. melvin had no issue reaching post season for oakland doing so six times, only had three losing season with a's. to hockey, sharks home after a five game road trip hosting
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montreal. second period, rips it from justified the blue line and scores. montreal 4-0, first win in san jose since '99. sharks lost three straight after starting the year 4-0. last unbeaten nfl team in action, arizona hosting 6-1 packers. green bay leading 17-14 and a waiver wire pick up if you got it, cobb, second td catch from rodgers. feels like he is 50 years old. he is only 31, still got it. arizona had the field goal if they wanted but instead some miscommunication and packers call game. murray picked off by douglas and packers win 24-21 to hand cardinals their first loss of the season. i am charlie walter. that does it for sports. have a great morning. it is just about four minutes before 5:00. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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>> in a few hours streets in san francisco sun set and richmond districts are about to get busier. the final preps underway for the outside lands music festival after covid hiatus. get those costumes ready. it is time to trick or treat agai
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it's more than enough to keep everyone working. can your internet do that? this is work! this is hard! learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, tens of thousands of people about to flood into golden gate park. outside lands is back in a matter of hours. >> the celebration of having a festival in our city and being able to celebrate the best parts of the town. live, haow kidse ready to trick or treat like it is 2019. the reminder from doctors, be
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covid conscious. how you can have fun while staying safe. in the north bay, watch for mountain lions. back to back sightings. chinese american world war ii veterans finally getting recognition they deserve. how they are being honored. good morning. it is friday october 29. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am anne makovec in for len. we are waking up to a weekend that the area has been waiting for all year long. we have live team coverage for what you need to know better the busy bay area weekend. we begin with justin andrews and final preps for outside lands. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: remember last year it was canceled because of covid concerns. we're not able to get inside the gates but i can show you the gates that are outside. this is a sign that they are ready to welcome the festival goers. inside all six stages are set across golden gate park. it's a good line


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