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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 28, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> what is that new corporate
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symbol? i am at the headquarters of formerly known as facebook and we will explain coming up. more questions, did the rain on sunday make a dent in the drought? two show the before afr. >>d cup soccer come to levi's stadium? how the bay area is making its pitch on the pitch . i am allen martin and our top story is , new name, new logo, facebook trading out its iconic thumbs-up and renaming itself meta . we are live with what is behind the major change. >> reporter: the thumbs up logo that we are familiar with and have been looking at for the better part of a decade is gone, replaced with this blue undulating 3-d loop that looks like a symbol for infinity. >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i am proud to announce that, starting today, our company is
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now meta. >> reporter: facebook, instagram will still keep the names with whatsapp but meta will reflect any technology platform called the meta-verse thatthpo have user acescreated by other users and you will have an avatar you can dress up and change the look of or stay inside your digital home and go to work, socialize, buy and sell goods, it is virtual reality essentially. >> in the next five or 10 years, a lot of this will be mainstream. and a lot of us will be creating and inhabiting worlds that are just as detailed and convincing as this one on a daily basis. >> the question we need to ask ourselves is who will be good stewards of this eventual future. that is where facebook really has a lot of proving to do.
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it is not just building it, they have shown that they can build at least some of it. but can we trust them to run it? that is the key question. >> reporter: that was cnet who says the company has done a lot of talking and that was the time to show that they can do better with privacy, harassment, disinformation, and hate speech as their corporate structure will not change in mark zuckerberg will say stay the ceo and chairman and they will go under the stock symbol mvrs. in oakland, one of the places where, starting monday, indoor mask rules are easing up and with covid case is declining, alameda county says masks will no longer be required in certain indoor settings where everyone is fully vaccinated. that will include offices, gyms, fitness centers, employee commuter vehicles, and indoor religious gatherings if there are 100 people or fewer. that order starts monday,
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november 1st. students in oakland unified are required to be vaccinated against covid-19 by january 1st. that applies to all students 12 and up. in order for them to attend in person classes. we have more information at . a big covid vaccine headlight today as the cdc recommends a fourth shot of pfizer vaccine or a half shot of moderna for people with suppressed immune systems . this is six months after getting a third dose. a recent study found that immunocompromised people are almost 500 times more likely to be hospitalized or die from covid-19. the drought emergency, we are getting a better look at how much of a dent the rain on sunday actually made. chief meteorologist paul heggen with a drought snapshot . the first change in a long time. >> i will start with the drought monitor from last thursday, exceptional and
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extreme drought covering the entire bay area and the latest update this morning shows exceptional drought and extreme drought covering the entire bay area but the difference is the exceptional drought, the worst category, has shrunk just a little bit, especially north bay we picked up eight to 12 inches of rain. without much rain you may think, why are we not seeing more improvement? because this is a good start to the rainy season, we will see if mother nature wants to follow through with his through the rest of the rainy season with more rain chances in the extended forecast and i will look at those in a few minutes. a live look at the white house where president biden unveiled a new framework for his social spending and climate bill. now a $1.75 trillion plan, and includes universal pre-k for all three and four-year-olds and an extension of the child tax credit and a reduction in health plan premiums under the affordable care act. but it leaves out proposals for paid family leave, a free community college, and a tax on
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billionaires. >> no one got everything they wanted, including me, but that will compromise is. >> the framework also includes a half trillion dollar investment in climate change initiatives, it is expected to be paid for through taxes on the nation's wealthiest corporations and individuals. progressives in the house say they will not vote on the infrastructure bill until the spending plan is ready for a vote. former new york governor andrew cuomo faces a criminal complaint as a police investigator accuses him of committing a misdemeanor sex crime . he resigned in august after several women accused him of inappropriate touching. he has repeatedly denied allegations against him. the justice department announced an $88 million settlement in the 2015 shooting at a black church in south carolina. nine people were killed in the attack. relatives, survivors at the emanuel ame church had sued ,
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arguing that errors made during the background check of the shooter allowed him to purchase the gun that was used. the deal, announced today, these final approval from a judge. organizers of a right wing protest in charlottesville, virginia begin their trial as more than four years after the demonstration turned into a deadly riot. 10 plaintiffs are suing about two dozen organizers of the unite the right rally, claiming that they violated their civil rights and are responsible for their physical and emotional injuries. the defendants have argued that there was no conspiracy leading up to the rally and that they have a first amendment right to protest. financial news, a lot of green as the dow is up almost 240 points, the nasdaq up 212, and the s&p gained nearly 45. new unemployment numbers are out and showing that in california claims went down last week compared to the week before but are higher than pre- pandemic norms. 65,000 claims. nationwide, claims dropped to
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the lowest level since mid march of 2020. tomorrow, officials with soccer's international governing body, fifa, will visit the bay area . as jocelyn moran reports, levi's stadium is a potential host for the 2026 world cup. >> reporter: we are talking the biggest soccer tournament there is which attracts fans from all over the world. this is a hi. for local mayors and business leaders as they will all be there to make the case that the bay area should be osbay area. >> reporter: levi's stadium could welcome soccer fans from all over the world in 2026, that is the hope for san francisco 49ers president as fifa officials visit the bay area friday and saturday . >> not just about the number of games played in levi's stadium, the teams that will train here, international travelers that will spend time in our hotels and restaurants . >> reporter: the visit will include a presentation and a
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tour of the stadium. mayors of san francisco, san jose, and oakland will help make the case that the bay area should be chosen. in a press release, the san jose mayor says that the southbank has a rich history and hosting international soccer and boasts world-class venues needed to get the job done in 2026. for sports fans locally, the thought of posting world cup games is a big deal. >> like watching the olympics, everybody will tune in. it puts you in the front row seat. >> reporter: he is visiting from alabama and the world cup would bring him back. >> i would return to see that, that is an international event and it would be a lot of fun, very exciting and you cannot go wrong with soccer. >> we feel we have the demand, the infrastructure, the corporation support, the political support, we have everything that fifa needs to select the site . >> reporter: the 2026 world cup will take place in the u.s.,
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canada, mexico, 16 cities will be chosen across all three countries and the 49ers president says he hopes to have an answer before or after the holidays. still ahead, how a rockslide from the storm shut down part of a coastal california highway. how long before drivers can get through. democratic lawmakers press ceos of some of the world's top oil companies over claims the industry is responsible for years of disinformation and i
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the heads of chevron and other big oil companies took the hotseat before showushow th claims of misleading the public . >> it is an open question. >> reporter: democrats wanted information from oil executives. >> big oil has escaped accountability for far too long about a central role in bringing our planet into the brink of a climate catastrophe. that stops today. >> reporter: the lawmakers said they did not get the answers they wanted. >> i was hoping that you would not be like the tobacco industry was and lie about this. reporter mike oil executives spoke freely about climate change and its effects. >> as early as 1991, our annual reports discussed concerns about climate change.
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>> exxon mobil has recognized that climate change is real and poses serious risks. >> we work against some of the early efforts, yes. reporter mike this is following the release of a video in june that shows former exxon lobbyist speaking about the company's efforts to fight climate science. but the ceos of exxon mobil and chevron say their companies have not engaged in disinformation campaigns. >> any suggestion that chevron is engaged in an effort to spread disinformation and mislead the public on these complex issues is simply wrong. >> is disgusting -- >> reporter: republicans question the legitimacy of the questions by the democrats. >> this is to deliver partisan theater for prime time news. >> reporter: oil company executive said they would do their part to combat climate
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change. the united nations climate conference begins in glascow at the uk with the united states as a part of has ambitious goals to fight climate change. joining ms. joe white, the british consul general in san francisco. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on. >> talk about the conference agenda, what are the main goals to come out of this for leaders? >> for the uk with cop26, we are looking for pledges, the trimester has been very keen, he has his catchy, cars, coals, cash, trees, talking about the transition away from coal in the next decade with developed countries moving away by 2030 and developing nations by 2040, cars continuing the transition away from internal combustion engines and cash, the developed world really supporting the developing world with $100
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billion of your over finance over the next decade. >> the president's plan has hundreds of billion dollars to fight climate change and he is actually calling it transforming the nation. a response from the uk at this point on his plan? >> the prime minister has been supportive of the cash and commitment the u.s. economy is putting behind this and both agree that this is a pivotal moment for the world to come together and do this. governor newsom, who is traveling to the uk, california has been an excellent voice in this process as well. >> at the state level, local businesses, how do they play in all of this? >> local businesses can make individual choices about how they support this. the ways that everyone starts to approach this is a challenge, the way they may face certain issues as they may change products and packaging,
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the suppliers of electricity, everybody can play a part in this. particularly in california, the technological sector, already big to is making bold ambitions but the developing technologies which will come to support this feature change. >> we appreciate all of the insight, thank you so much. >> pleasure. one more climate as salesforce announces $300 million in investments towards ecosystem restoration and climate justice. big road closure we have to tell you about this if you are going down highway 1 as a 12 mile section is closed after a rockslide was triggered by our recent storm as caltrans is temporarily closed the stretch from monterey county to write it point in san luis obispo county. they will work seven days a week on the repairs and they hope to have it back open within a week. let's get a look of the forecast with chief meteorologist paul heggen back with us .
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>> fog this morning which burned off and plenty of sunshine this afternoon with fantastic weather. the fog will develop through tonight and temperatures tomorrow will warm up but not quite as warm as today. near average high temperatures and it would be cooler along the coast. a brief offshore wind warm temperatures of today. into the weekend, a few showers possible on saturday and this is in the north bay and the coast on saturday but not a washout. keep the rain jacket handy. dry weather in the forecast on halloween. futurecast shows a little bit of fog developing inside the bay and along the coast early tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine the rest of the day. into the weekend, a storm system will you closer to us but exactly where it goes will determine exactly how high our rain chances are going to be, especially in the north bay and along the coast. this model sends the center of the storm system closer than the others as they push it farther north. we have to wait and see on that even though it is 48 hours away. we have a chance for spotty
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showers in the north bay and futurecast indicates that, and along the coast. otherwise it will be rain that evaporates before it hits the ground. a few spotty showers possible into saturday night when the sun comes up on saturday and sunday -- how much rain, not talking about very much, the 0.01, round nose down to zero with the best chance in the north bay and maybe a 10th of an inch in santa rosa. overall, more rain down the line with another rain chance late sunday night into monday and another chance wednesday night into thursday. a quarter inch to half-inch in the santa clara valley, half- inch to an inch in san francisco down the peninsula and inside the oakland hills. an inch or two of rain in the next seven days for parts of the north bay, very welcomed even in the wake of the atmospheric river last weekend. everybody in the mid to upper- 70s. unseasonably warm but not hot.
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dropping down to the low to mid- 50s tonight and we warm up tomorrow but not as much, near average high temperatures. upper-60s along the bay. low-70s inlet with the warmer spots into the mid-70s in san jose. mid--- near 60 by the bay on sunday with low-60s farther inland. below average once we drop this weekend and the best chances of rain are sunday night into monday and again wednesday night into thursday, and rain chances farther down the line in the forecast includes more of the bay area saturday. allen? thank you. all new at 7:00, as a fix for san francisco's millennium tower starts up again, we hear more about the problems inside the luxury high-rise. a former condo owner speaks out about leaks and cracks and how he felt deceived and an extensive interview with us. >> we are left with this
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feeling as if this was not fair, it is not fair to so people these units and not disclose what was going on. >> more trouble below, tonight at 7:00. still ahead at 3:00, fast food meets digital art, the giveaway from mcdonald's to celebrate a sandwich milestone. >> reporter: i am in rome, tonight on the cbs evening news, president biden heads here after announcing a sweeping new compromise he says will rework the nation's social safety net. but can he keep his entire party on board? that is coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. all this week we are sharing some throwback stories about our calling ken bastida as he heads off to retirement, share yours with us. here is one from our south bay reporter. >> reporter: still got time to fly back.
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he went on to cover some of the biggest stories in bay area history, including the oakland hills fire, and i also remember vintage ken bastida when you cover the disabled rock climber going up half dome, you disappeared for two weeks, a month and came back with a beard. that was something
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i know you have this on your calendar, the mcrib isturn wich, mcdonaldl t. the fast food giant has created a limited number of non- fungible tokens. they are a unique piece of virtual art that cannot be duplicated. mcdonald's digital version of the mcrib, 10 fans on twitter will be gifted the digital art and a sweepstake starting on monday, also the day the mcrib makes its return to mcdonald's locations nationwide. as always, just for a limited time. united airlines is bringing back hard liquor as an offering on domestic flights as they plan to start selling the small bottles on economy flights at least 300 miles in length beginning november 15th. for one year economy passengers at united have only been able to purchase wine and beer. coming up, how about skipping traffic in this?
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where a flying taxi cab could be a ride to the airport. streaming on cbsn bay area, more on the announcement by facebook about meta, that is a 4:30 , find us on or our app. we are also on the cbs
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here is our afternoon lineup, cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next, followed by back-to-back
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episodes of judge judy starting at 4:00, then our news at 5:00. all new at 5:00, a halloween favorite in the south bay, we will take you to the winchester mystery house to see how it is doing post lockdown and as the neighborhood around it continues to grow. the other day we showed you a new hover bicycle out of japan and now sticking with that theme, check this out, a flying taxi cab out of italy made by a german startup. the battery-powered taxis use 18 motors to lift two passengers and their luggage into the air, offering a ride to the airport, the ticket expected to cost about $175 per person and the company hopes to get its commercial license from the european aviation safety agency in the next two e years. to le antheir agha not met my w
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>> it sounds like the villain in a transformer movie. >> that is it for us at 3:00, the cbs evening news is co ng up ponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden stakes his presidency on massive congressional bills filled with historic infrastructure projects and social spending. the question tonight, does he really have the vote? president biden travels to capitol hill making the pitch to his own party. the hundreds of billions of dollars for climate change initiatives, universal pre-k and elder care. so why are some progressives in the party not satisfied? >> no one got everything they wanted, including me. >> o'donnell: breaking news, the complained filed today against former new york governor andrew cuomo -- could he faceme? vaccine protests, new york firefighters and city workers
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rally against the covid mandate. what they're demanding in order to stay at work. anger


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