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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 28, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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you can extreme it on paramount plus. cbs it's it's thursday, october 28th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." a deal for democrats? president biden is expected to delay his trip to europe today by a few hours in hopes of finalizing an agreement on his spending agenda. where negotiations stand right now. movie set mishap. police give an update on the deadly shooting during the filming of alec baldwin's latest movie. why they say there was some complacency with how the weapons were handled. and wicked weather. from strong winds in the northeast to tornadoes in the south, we have the latest on the rash of storms slamming the country. well, good morning.
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good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with president biden making a last-minute attempt to clinch a deal on his massive spending agenda before heading to europe. the president is expected to speak to the house democratic caucus this morning to push for an agreement. laura podesta has more on this from new yorork. laura, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the president's meeting today with members of his own party will be a real test in his negotiating skills and domestic diplomacy. he wants to get this deal done before he embarks on his trip to work on foreign diplomacy. democratic lawmakers are scrambling to finish negotiating a social spending and climate change bill. >> we're still talking. >> nothing is done until it's done. >> i'm not giving up, and i'm not going to give up until the deal is signed. >> reporter: president biden heads to europe today for a climate summit where he'd like to promote an agreement in front of other world leaders. >> they're looking at the president's commitment to making
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a historic investment in addressing the climate crisis. >> reporter: the president's delaying his departure and is expected to attend a house democratic caucus meeting this morning where he'll ask them to vote on an infrastructure bill the senate passed earlier this year. >> if by the time that he leaves, if he can present us with a deal, we will look at it. >> reporter: the progressive wing of the party has withheld its support until the senate can pass the build-back-better social and climate plan. >> we owe it to the president to move forward, take a vote on the infrastructure bill, the only thing we have is bipartisan. >> reporter: moderate senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have concerns about the cost which has already been negotiated down from $3.5 trillion to under $2 trillion. >> they are a significant minority, think they have a right to determine what the rest of the congress should be doing. >> reporter: paid family leave and a medicare expansion that includes dental coverage may be on the chopping block
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while free pre-k appears safe. democrats are considering tax increases on billionaires and corporations to pay for the bill. anne-marie? >> all right, laura podesta in new york. thank you so much, laura. this morning people in the northeheast are still cleaning after a severe nor'easter this week. the powerful storm toppled trees in eastern massachusetts and also triggered flooding. as janet shamlian reports, the outbreak of severe weather in the u.s. is not letting up with tornadoes ripping through the south. >> reporter: a trail of destruction in lake charles, louisiana, where a tornado left this neighborhood in tatters. roofs ripped from homes, debris in every direction, and neighbors racing to check on each other. at least one person was hurt. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: texas was also in the path. a tornado in the houston area roaring across an interstate, churning up property and taking out power lines. there are reports of multiple twisters across the lone star state.
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the system raced across the region. residents in east texas posted video of the aftermath. >> this whole neighborhood was affected pretty severely. >> reporter: trees snapped in half, overturned cars, and widespread power outages. more than half a million customers were in the dark across massachusetts, connecticut, and rhode island as a powerful nor'easter intensified into a bomb cyclone, delivering hurricane-force winds early today. >> a transformer blew. >> reporter: as the storm blasted the region, a fire erupted from an exploding transformer, sending flames down power lines. >> oh! >> that was janet shamlian reporting. investigators on the set of the alec baldwin's movie "rust" say they're not ruling out criminal charges. this as we learn more about the gun that fired the shot that killed the cinematographer. anthony pura has the latest details. >> reporter: investigators say they recovered the gun and projectile they believe killed cinematographer halyna hutchins
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and wounded director joel souza on the set of "rust." >> we regard this specific spent casing and recovered projectile to be the live round that was fired from the revolver by mr. baldwin. >> reporter: santa fe county sheriff adan mendoza said 500 rounds of ammunition including blanks, dummy rounds, and suspected live rounds were found. in an affidavit released wednesday, the film's 24-year-old armorer, hannah gutierrez-reed told detectives during a break the firearms were secured in a safe but ammo was left on a cart on the set unsecured. the assistant director examined the gun before rehearsal but did not check all five chambers before it was handed to actor alec baldwin who fired the deadly shot. the sheriff was asked about the use of real weapons on the set. >> i think there was some complacency on this set, and i think there are some safety issues that need to be addressed
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by the industry. >> reporter: the sheriff and district attorney say at this point they aren't ruling out charges. >> if the sheriff's office determines during our investigation a crime has occurred and probable cause exists, arrest -- an arrest or arrests will be made, and charges will be filed. >> reporter: the recovered ballistics will be analyzed at fbi headquarters in quantico, virginia. cbs news, los angeles. former chicago blackhawks player kyle beach has revealed he is the one who filed a lawsuit against the team for allegedly mishandling sexual assault accusations. an investigation by a law firm concluded senior blackhawks leaders failed to take action in 2010 after beach claimed brad all-drich, the coach, sexually harassed him. during an interview he got emotional when recalling the people who stepped up for him. >> for those individuals who came forward early on with absolutely nothing to gain,
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they're heroes to me. they really are because when i was alone and i was afraid and i was scared, i didn't think i could turn to anyone. >> well, ahead on "cbs mornings," former blackhawks plplayer kyle beach will join t program to talk about his lawsuit and the emotional toll this has taken on him. well, this morning there are new developments in the battle to get a handle on covid. u.s.-based pharmaceutical giant merck said it will license drug makers worldwide to produce its anti-viral pill for covid treatment in adults. the drug has shown promise in treating the virus, and the agreement could help millions of people in developing countries get access to it. meanwhile, the cdc updated its guidance for moderate or severely immunocompromised people. the agency now says that those folks may get a fourth dose of a pfizer or moderna shot at least six months after getting the third.
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the largest fire department in the nation says that it may have to close 20% of its fire companies and will lose 20% of its ambulances due to new york city's vaccine mandate which goes into effect tomorrow. it comes as a judge ruled the public worker mandate can stay in place. workers who don't comply will be put on unpaid leave starting monday. efforts by pilots to block southwest airlines from imposing a vaccine mandate have failed. a federal judge ruled southwest may lawfully require vaccinations to improve safety and maintain its operations. well, we have ourselves a series. the houston astros fired back in a big way in game two of the world series. >> jammed -- and a scored run and safe. 2-1 houston here in the second. >> much like the atlanta braves did in game one, the astros' bats got hot and fast. they scored five runs in the
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first two innings en route to a 7-2 win. that ties the sears up one game apiece. for game three, first pitch at that game is tomorrow night at 8:09 eastern time. and coming up, passport milestone. the u.s. issues its first passport with an x gender designation for those who identify as nonbinary. and later, star fleet returns. an animated "star trek" series debuts today with new adventures and an old favorite. this is the "cbs morning news."
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when our daughter and her kids moved in with us... our bargain detergent couldn't keep up. turns out it's mostly water. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. [daughter] slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide. with a nonbinary gender marker was issued, and iran is ready for nuclear talks. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports iran is indicating that it will rejoin talks on limiting its nuclear program. the country's deputy foreign minister tweeted that iran is ready to return to nuclear negotiations by the end of next month.
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the talks stalled in june after iran elected a new president. former president trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal that was negotiated by the obama administration. the white house says it is waiting for european officials to confirm that iran is ready to resume talks. "the washington post" says a bomb threat near the u.s. capitol triggered the evacuation of multiple government buildings. the department of health and human services received the threat yesterday morning at the herbert h. humphrey building. that building and others nearby were evacuated for what officials called an abundance of caution. several streets were also closed. hours later, capitol police gave the all clear, and people were t offices. and the "associated press" says the u.s. issued its first passport with an x gender designation. you can see the passport here with an x listed under sex. the state department did not reveal who received the
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passport, but colorado intersex activityist dana zzyym said they received it. it's a milestone for people who do not identify as male or female. the government expects to offer the option to more travelers next year. still to come, raising wages. why costco is giving workers a pay hike for the second time this year. (ringing) - hey kaleb, what's up? how you doing? - hey, i'm good, guess what, i just had my 13th surgery. - really? i just had my 17th surgery. - well, you beat me. - well, i am a little bit older than you. - yeah it's true. how are you doing? - i'm doing good. i'm encouraged by seeing how people are coming together to help each other during times like these. - kind of like how shriners hospitals for children is there for us. imagine if i couldn't get my surgery. who knows what would have happened. - same for me. i know my shriners hospitals family
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the new animated series features a crew of young aliens set in 2383. veteran actors of the franchise will return include voyager star kate mulgrew who will reprise her character kathryn janeway. such a unique voice. on the cbs "money watch" now, why costco is raising wages again, and there might be a new top dog in the cryptocurrency world. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this morning, the latest reading on the economy is due along with a new report on weekly jobless claims. yesterday stocks eased back from record highs as investors digested a slew of earnings from major companies like mcdonald's and general motors. the dow dropped 266 points. the nasdaq gained nearly a point. the s&p 500 lost 23. costco is luring workers by raising starting wages again. the big box chain hiked its week. costco's wage increases were enacted to help it compete with
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large companies including amazon, target, and best buy which all raised their starting pay last year. this is the second time in eight months costco has bumped up pay for its employees. the pandemic seems to be having an unhealthy and unintended consequence. an increase in people smoking. the federal trade commission says cigarette sales rose across the nation last year for the first time in two decades. the data didn't specify why sales are up, but the rise coincides with similar shifts in consumer behavior prompted by the pandemic which increased feelings of isolation, stress, and uncertainty. and a dog-themed digital currency is setting records. say hello to the sheeba inu coin, not to be confused with the well-known doge coin. the cryptocurrency is the 11th largest digital currency by market value. the token launch last year has surged nearly 60 million percent
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since then and has a market of $26 billion. anne-marie? >> i just don't get it, diane. i want cryptocurrency based on my cat. a monk coin, my cat's name is monk. >> i like it. >> that's how silly it seems to me. but some would say -- >> certainly not silly. i mean, look, years ago i remember when i first heard about bitcoin, for instance, and i kind of like chuckled at it. i mean, look who's having the last laugh now. it ain't me. >> that's right. someone is making money, and that someone is not you and i off cryptocurrency. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much, diane. >> thank you. up next, galactic neighbor. we will show you new images of the first possible planet spotted outside our solar system. want more from your vitamins?
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ astronomers have found what may be the first exoplanet ever discovered in another galaxy. the saturn-sized object is 28 million light years away in what's known as the whirlpool galaxies.
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more than 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered since the 1990s, but they're all in our own milky way galaxy. nfl commissioner goodell is said to have misrepresented wishes of clients. tuesday he said he would not release a report on a ten-month investigation into the team's workplace culture because he wanted to protect the identities of employees who came forward. well, the attorneys say their clients want anonymity but also. the findings made public. and some rare beatles memorabilia is being auctioned off today. two handwritten set lists from the group's early days are up for sale by bonham's auction house. only eight such set lists are known to exist. both written by paul mccartney before shows in england, one in 1960 and the other in 1963 before shows. each list is estimated to sell for up to a quarter million dollars.
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coming up on "cbs mornings" now, we'll show you around the newly opened climate pledge arena in seattle which is billing itself as the greenest sports and entertainment venue in the world. do i need to pretreat my laundry? nope! with tide pods, you don't need to worry. the pre-treaters are built in. tide pods dissolve even when the water is freezing. nice! if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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our top stories this morning -- president biden is making a last-minute attempt to reach a deal with democrats on his massive spending agenda before he departs to europe. the president is expected to speak to the house democratic caucus where he'll reportedly push progressives to get the deal passed. investigators say that they recovered the gun and projectile they believe killed cinematographer halyna hutchins on the set of "rust." in an affidavit released yesterday a crew member said during the lunch break the firearms were secured inside a safe, but the ammo was left on a cart on the set not secured. october is breast cancer awareness month, and there's a new weapon in the fight against
4:26 am
the deadly disease. cleveland clinic is launching trials of a vaccine aimed at preventing one of the disease's mostre and lessnown gta tising arms. nikki battiste has the story. lie back -- >> reporter: dr. mathilde crutchfield isn't used to being the patient, but recent genetic testing revealed she has a rare mutation in the palb2 gene, significantly increasing her risk for breast cancer. >> when it came back positive, i was very surprised. >> reporter: now the 48-year-old mother of three faces an excruciating decision -- biannual mammograms and mris or a double mastectomy. >> you feel a little bit like a ticking time bomb because you know you have the gene. >> reporter: typically palb2 genes help repair dna damage in cells and stop tumor growth. a mutation can result in cells that become abnormal, further increasing every woman's nearly
4:27 am
13% average lifetime risk of getting breast cancer. for carriers of the palb2 gene the risk goes up to 33% and even higher with the family history to 58%. dr. elisa port is crutchfield's physician at the dubin breast center. some people who consider genetic testing would rather not know. >> i would say that knowledge is power, and i tell all of my mutation carriers the ball is in their court. >> reporter: dr. crutchfield had genetic testing because of her family history of cancer. >> my maternal grandmother and her sister, and they both had breast cancer. >> reporter: she says they have inspired her to move forward with a double mastectomy. >> i wish they could have had the same information and the same choices that i have. >> reporter: nikki battiste, cbs
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news, new york. coming up on "cbs mornings," more on the chicago blackhawks sexual assault investigation. we'll speak with former player kyle beach who claims he was abused by a former coach. plus, we'll show you around the newly opened climate pledge arena in seattle which is billing itself as the greenest sports and entertainment venue he "a erfe wel take you to a farm in michigan where workers are growing a new future for themselves. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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