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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 27, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> the motorhome coming down that hill, a line of cop cars chasing him. this is how it ended tonight on a busy road in contra costa county. breaking news at 11:00. the first look at the damage just minutes ago. a flight attendant attacked on a flight to california. a passenger arrested. what happened? we are live tonight in the drive-through line of what might be one of the busiest restaurants in the bay area. in and outs vaccine showdown goes to a whole new level.
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>> he starts shouting nonsense and lunges into the studio and stops me. this former survivor contestant has not told anyone her story until now. our exclusive interview. we have been working with the thousand plus school district. with in santa clara county is mobilizing to vaccinate one third of the 5 to 11-year-old next week. >> feature not to do that every year. it happened one time. had an interesting outcome. >> in 31 years, is there anyone can has not talked to? a look back at the late night conversations. good evening. versa breaking news, and i absolute mess in san ramon tonight after a high-speed chase involving an rv came to a crashing end. it happened within the last hour.
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the camper crashed into a previous at the intersection, sending the car crashing into a pole. a driver on his way home from work saw the entire thing. >> there was a motorhome coming down that hill, probably hitting i would guess 90 miles an hour. ripping down the hill. an entire line of cop cars were chasing him. he was coming to a crowded intersection. i could only imagine he blew through its fast. we have calls out to said moron police for details and how this started. as well as any injuries. we will keep you posted. a flight attendant was attacked mid air are grouped. she was on her way to california. she never got there. a passenger was arrested. this is american airlines flight 976 arriving at its final destination in orange county less than an hour ago. the plane left new york this afternoon bound for donlin airport. a passenger assaulted the flight attendants after refusing to wear a mask.
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the plane was diverted to denver, where police came aboard and arrested the passenger. witnesses ate the flight attendant had blood on her face. she had to be taken to a hospital. traffic is finally moving again on 580 after a freeway shooting caused my long backups. we have the latest on this investigation. drove the westbound lanes of 580 just opened up about 8:30 tonight after a lengthy investigation. we do know that one person in a white car was shot to death after driving on 580. this was a scene late tonight as a corners fan parked next to a chevy sedan. we can confirm that one person has died and this latest act of violence on the freeway. the sedan had its tires blown
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out as it that in the far right lane of the freeway. the officer from the highway patrol were on scene for hours gathering evidence. we also have several other cars stop on the roadway in the white car. we do not know at this hour whether or not those are eyewitnesses that stopped to help with the investigatn whether they were involved in some way in the incidence. it happened just around the 5:00, right in the middle of rush hour traffic. as you can see from this footage, it created quite a traffic nightmare as it extended several miles. the eastbound lanes faced a slowdown as well as cars drove past the scene. all of the westbound traffic was being diverted off to highway 13. the chp has not released any further information on the circumstances surrounding the shooting. bay area counties, cities and school districts are getting ready to vaccinate kids against covid-19. met hundreds of thousands of
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kids are expected to get their shots in a matter of days. the cdc is expected to give the final approval next week. are live in santa clara county, where thousands of doses will be arriving. we're talking more than 50,000 doses to begin with. it is a day a lot of parents have been looking forward to. we are looking forward to getting our life back to normal, hitting the kids back to normal. truck it is not the only night that the mother's daughter was upset. the pandemic kept her kids from experiencing a lot. it has been hard for them these past few years with the masks and not social distancing and aborting parties. >> reporter: wife could begin to change for them as soon as next week. if the fda and cdc give the green light to authorize emergency use of a lower covid vaccine dose to children 5 to 11. and fda panel and down its recommendation yesterday. we have been working with 1000+ school districts and
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working with our departments to prepare for this. >> reporter: in santa clara county, 55,000 doses are expected to arrive next week. that is enough to vaccinate one third of the 167 thousand kids in the age group starting next wednesday or thursday. the city of milpitas announced a kids public vaccine clinic for sunday. meanwhile, the oakland unified school district discuss whether to require covert vaccinations by january 1. i trust scientists. we are looking for to it. >> reporter: mary plans to get all three of her children vaccinated as soon as they can. we are talking to our pediatrician. we're talking on their device. we will get the vaccine. the mother you just book 2 talks about how her kids have to wear masks at school. does this mean one thing vaccinated those masks can come
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off in the classroom? >> reporter: not yet. the mask mandate will be lifted for everyone, at least here in santa clara county once 50% of those kids in the age group, by dish to 11 are vaccinated. in contra costa county, and in and out is open again after being shut down was a one day. the health department says that it was not complying with the county's vaccine mandates. we are live, in san ramon to explain what has changed things. >> reporter: we are actually in the drive-through line here at the location in san ramon, yes, at 11:00 pm there is still a line. the only options for burgers at any of the stores, either the drive-through or to go. the drive through line snakes
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through the parking lot tonight. i am a vegetarian. i will do anything i can to support businesses that are standing up and think this is not right. >> reporter: this evening, demonstrators were out e thsp i will go and get more in and out these coming weeks. >> reporter: while in sant hill, the demonstration was a bit more musical. supporting the people who have been negatively affected by this vaccine mandate. took the showdown started earlier this month when the county health department received complaints that the pleasant hill location was not checking the vaccination status for people eating in side. after multiple citations, the county said enough and close to the restaurant yesterday. the company's response? this is clear governmental overreach and is intrusive, improper, and offensive. four hours later, all contra costa locations are open but an
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agreement reached with the health department, customers have to take the double double to go and the dining area is closed. you have a responsibility, especially if people gather less than six feet apart, with no masks on. that is a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: health department officials told me late tonight their main goals around the vaccine mandate are education and compliance. they say they have that compliance now that the dining rooms are closed. that is probably also leading to more people in the drive- through lines. still ahead, a kpix 5 exclusive. betty yu speaks with a survivor contestant who was the target of a brutal attack outside a pilates studio. >> she had a rusty metal saw in one hand and a metal pipe in the other. i never thought i would be a victim of this. northern california toy shops facing an unprecedented problem. the issue that could impact
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for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. survivor contestant who was brutally attacked outside a pilates studio in los angeles is breaking her silence. she told her story exclusively to kpix 5's betty yu. >> reporter: shell is recovering from this vicious attack. she said that while she is doing better, it will take more time to heal the emotional wounds. >> i never thought i would be a victim of an attack like this.
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>> reporter: the former survivor contestant and season 16 favorite, michelle --, who goes by piper shared photos of her injury from a brutal attack on october 14. she was preparing to teach a first pilates class of the day at the santa monica studio when police say this woman assaulted her. >> she had a rusty metal saw in one hand and a pipe in the other. she starts shunning nonsense and lunges into the studio and stabs me in my left bicep with a knife and then strikes me twice with the pipe. the first time striking my hand, shattering my watch, getting my fingers good. the second time, it was straight over the head. >> reporter: the attacker hit her so hard it spread her eyebrow wide open. she received stitches at the hospital. she may also have a detached retina. police say 25-year-old alexandria ds have been reported missing from fresno. she had assaulted two other victims moments before she attacked piper. one of the victims was an older
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asian man. >> if i were a different person i'm not so sure she would have attacked me. i think being an asian woman and not large in size, it makes for an easier target as well as elderly asian gentleman. there were other people around in santa monica. >> reporter: police are investigating whether this attack was a hate crime. added that the suspect was not her prescribed medications at the time of the assaults. ds has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >> that is brutal. look at her eyebrow. >> reporter: she says she is dealing with a ufo affect where she sees light out of one eye. she is continuing to get that checked out. >> a long recovery ahead for her. with the holidays around
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the corner, the shipping back log on toys and candy continues to hit businesses hard. one toy store in sacramento was not playing around when they filled out their inventory this year. for the stock room full of boxes, they are confident they made the right decision to lock in holiday shoppers. >> we took a gamble and said, let's put big orders then. will hopefully make the right decision. we are thankful that we did that. like to put a big order in for more sunshine. but not all winter long. how about two days of sunshine, a day of rain, two more days of sunshine and a day of rain. keep that through march. we will ask for, let's escort. we are in for sunshine. high pressure is in control which means a couple things. the sun will stick around tomorrow and friday with passing clouds tomorrow night. and the warmer temperatures we had today will stick around for
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a couple more days. let's take a look at futurecast. we will see fog in the bay as we head through tonight. it will dissipate quickly. there is a passage cloud cover that mr. quickly tomorrow. plenty of sunshine again on friday. weekend brings a return of the cloud cover and an outside chance of a shower north of the golden gate. it looks like it will go hung up on the coast. the coastal rain will pick up some intense drivel, maybe a passing shower. the best chance of rain will stay further north. it is an isolated check on sunday for the north bay. i would not adjust any outdoor plants based on a low chance of rain. we'll see a better chance headed our way sunday into monday. we are talking late sunday night. after the trick-or-treaters are done. another chance of rain will head our way wednesday into thursday. it is nice to see the rain chances further down the line. hopefully we can add up more rainfall after we allowed the weekend rain to get. the fog is creeping through right now. this is a shower shallow layer
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of fog. temperatures are mostly in the low 60s although it is 55 in santa rosa. temperatures later tonight will drop to the low to mid 50s for most of the bay area. a tiny bit above average. tomorrow high temperatures will be a tiny bit above-average. 1 to 3 degrees above normal. mid-70s further in line. let's zoom in. mid 60s along the coast. around the south end of the bait with mid-70s further into the santa clara valley at 75 in san jose. 75 for concord and livermore. countable territory for this time of year with low 70s around most of the bay. at 70 in san francisco with low to mid 70s for the north bay. slightly warmer temperatures further north, up to 77. temperatures will drop back a little bit on friday. more of a drop as we head into the weekend. holiday does look dry other than the chance on the coast.
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halloween? strive for the trick-or- treaters. you do not have to waterproof their children costumes because the shower chance moves in late sunday night and that we dry out tuesday and wednesday with the next chance of showers moving in wednesday into thursday. we will keep you updated on those down the line as we get closer to next week. what to look for in sports. this is it. hanging on the air with the teammates. the teammates for the brace on the astros, they will be hanging around for
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this on top of the world series. dusty baker, one step closer. now, he has to go back to where his big league career started. they slit it open for game two in houston. a postseason first since 2005. atlanta spotted the astros. they got it back in the second. first home run of the playoffs. bottom of the inning, houston got after it but got help from the brace. up 2-1, martin singled in a run. throw to third, nobody there.
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astros lead 5-1 after two. first pitch, bottom of the seven. don. he hit that like he had a good night sleep. houston 117-2 to even the series at 1-1. the series resumes in atlanta on friday, where baker spent his first eight seasons. installation day today. the game plan was hatched to face the chicago bears. it will be jimmy garoppolo, a 4 point favorite to end a four- game skid. he group 30 miles from soldier field. trey lance was back at practice under limited activity because of a knee issue. he is been out two weeks. the coach is cautious. i do not think it is the right thing for him to start full-time.
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especially if i do not know if he can get to practice today. when he is healthy, or at least more than one day, we will start to see when it is the best time for him. which i do not think that is crazy at all to think now is the best time for him when he will come out to practice limited for the first time in two weeks. the portland timbers do not fall at home. there is is unbelievable goal. my gosh. a bicycle number? epic shot in a two-nil victory, which sadly, eliminated san jose from the mls playoffs. which brings us to this picture. ken bastida, my teammate of nine years. because of scheduling, tonight is my last time. i will look to my left and see him sitting there. insight, humor, wisdom. this is what you want from a father figure, right? at our age, it is brotherhood. to make it is grandfather. >> it came straight from the heart at 6:00, which is all
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over social media. i am bringing it 100 right now. >> tha you much, me the pleasure was all mine. you are top of the game and always came prepared and were always there. i appreciate that so much. here is a promise. warriors, 49ers, giants, any of them would win, the world championship, call me back and i will help you with the parade. >> you got it. >> it works every time. >> i will laugh at anything. coming up, we'll find
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all week long we are paying tribute and giving thanks to our colleague and friend, ken bastida for 31 years of reporting and anchoring here at kpix 5. as part of the job, he
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got to interview two cbs talk show titans, where the topic turned to those strange events involving musical bands. >> the cal stamford picking this weekend. give me a prediction, who do you think will win? >> is that the game where the band got onto the field? the desire veer? >> they try not to do that. it happened one time. it had an interesting outcome. >> i am no pr expert. i am no sports expert. you folks are missing a bet if you did not do that every year. with 40 seconds to go, at the end of every game, turned the band loose. you cannot go wrong. >> what the band is available? get gloomy on the phone. does he sing? he placed the spoons. get him. >> bring him in. >> brad pitt does hambone. >> damon plays a washboard. your timing could not be better. >> angelina place the one the
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string bass. the game that letterman was referring toa memorable plate when the cal football team scored the winning touchdown asthe stanford game band came out onto the field thinking that the game was over that they had won. it was a bad blood. >> stephen was really sick that day. i do not think you wanted to play too much. he is a great guy. letterman, on the other hand, was absolutely hilarious. i interviewed him twice and both times he sent me hand written thank you letters. they were not notes. they were full on letters saying this is hilarious. thank you for the time. >> did you friend them? >> i have them at home. 's secretary probably wrote them. >> no, i bet his secretary did not, he did. >> he has a dry wit and humor.
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that is pretty fun. >> it was interesting times. >> a lot of great memories. we will invite you to say farewell to ken on social media using the hashtag kpix 5 . >> where is your mustache in those pictures? [ laughter ]
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some animals at the san francisco we were having a good time ahead of halloween. sue officials tweeted out this video of a meerkat looking confused as to what to do with some cords. [ laughter ]
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i wish you guys could hear what goes on between these stories. >> the zoo tweeted out these photos of animals getting special halloween treats. [ laughter ] captioning sponsored by cbs >> ahead of this halloween weekend, a warning about cannabis products made to look like popular snack foods and candy. the concern here is the illegal products come in deceptively designed bags. new york attorney general tish james is urging parents to make sure that they don't end up in children's hands. >> and now a public service announcement from the national association for drug-free kids. >> it can be easy to confuse cannabis-infused treats with the popular candies they're modeled after. but this halloween, don't make the dire mistake of giving weed to a kid. keep it for yourself. that's daddy's candy. you see, giving marijuana to a child can do irreparable damage to your next home movie night. one careless mistake could lead to this: watching a movie about
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human-animal hybrid children


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