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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 27, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. ready to roll out the covid vaccine for kids, a bay area county unveils his plan as
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parents wait for the green light on the shot. shut down for defying the county covid order, how the east bay in-n-out is getting people there fast food fix . we have collected 600 items of evidence. >> law enforcement laying out what they have found out the side of the deadly shooting on a new mexico movie set and where the investigation goes next. i am alan martin. a lot of parents have been waiting for this, how and when the younger kids can get the covid vaccine , that is once it clears two more hurdles. we are live in san jose where health officials could be putting shots in arms in a week. >> reporter: all that is left to do is for the fda to follow the advice of its own advisory panel and the cdc has to issue its own findings and own approval but it looks like covid vaccine for children is on track . in santa clara
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county, they are moving forward with their plans as they estimate they will begin administering shots as early as wednesday or thursday of next week and pharmacies, doctors offices, and in school clinics will be sharing 55,000 though shipment arriving next week. there are 167,000 five to 11- year-olds in the county of santa clara county has a vaccination rate of 3% and in order to use the mask order down here, the county has to get to an 80% vaccination rate. >> we are now at 73% total population vaccinated and we need about 55% or so of the kids vaccinated to get to 80%. we want all the kids vaccinated. >> reporter: kids will be getting a shot that is one third the dose of an adult shot and the containers arriving will be orange in color and the side effects include pain in the arm, muscle soreness, headaches, fatigue and we will get more info about how to sign up next week for the shot.
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if there is a rush next week, don't worry, the shipments are coming in fast and furious and you should get one in no time. many school districts preparing for the vaccine roll out to the younger kids, in san rafael, miller creek middle school says it is ready, a lot of parents are as well. >> it is time. the kids really need to be vaccinated. the holidays are coming up and we are leery, we had to cancel some of our trips because they were not getting vaccinated in time. the sooner we get done, the better. >> governor newsom visited oakland with a message about booster shots. as jocelyn moran shows us, it was not all talk . >> reporter: in addition to talking vaccination rates in the state, gavin newsom encourage those who are eligible to get the booster shot. that is california health and human services secretary dr. mark ghaly giving gavin newsom his booster shot in his left arm . he got the johnson &
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johnson dose back in april and he decided this time to get the moderna for his booster to make the point about the opportunity to mix and match and the cdc says this was okay to do last week. if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine, booster shots are recommended those 18 and older and got their initial dose two or more months ago, that is how gavin newsom was eligible. here is what he said about why it is important to get boosters if eligible. >> i want people to understand why this is more important than it may appear, we are not here to promote boosters in the abstract but here to promote caution. and the imperative of considering getting boosters, particularly if you are in these categories with underlying conditions or are 65 and older and in the vulnerable population because of what we anticipate happening this winter.! last winter, california had a surge of malina golphin cases and hospitalizations , as we go to the hospital, we encourage those -- they encourage those eligible to get the boosters,
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to find out if you are eligible, get that on . reporting in the newsroom, i am jocelyn moran . we brought you the governor's news conference live on cbs bay area, you can catch us on or our news app . the governor covered northern california, state school superintendent tony thurman visited southern california touting the covid vaccines and announcing a partnership to roll out vaccination pop-ups at elementary schools statewide. this is after official approval. a san jose police officer is accused of punching a woman in the face on the freeway. the deputy da says it happened during road rage along 680 in july. the officer, 37-year-old george brown, is charged with felony assault. in a statement, the police chief said that i assure you that this officer will be held accountable for any law or policy violations if they
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occurred. updating you now on the disputed -- the dispute between in-n-out and costa, county over covid requirements for businesses , justin andrews shows us how customers are getting there fast food fix in pleasant hill today. >> reporter: we have been watching cars wrapped around this drive-through here at this in-n-out . a big difference than just the other day when it was closed. wednesday morning, workers at this in-n-out in pleasant hill were now back on the job, getting things ready for carryout and drive-through orders only. isaiah and his friend found out and decided to come here and check things out. >> hearing how they don't want to enforce, it sucks that we cannot get our own burgers. >> reporter: the business was shut down after health leaders say it violated several repeated health orders. >> they should have followed suit but that is my personal opinion so i can get my food.
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>> reporter: health officials that workers were not checking the vaccine status of customers eating inside as required. they say this location had already been fined multiple times and violations told more than $1700 and the county pulled the chains permit. two other locations in pinole and san ramon were hit with fines. we reached out to in-n-out again to see if they would give us any new statement today but they have not gotten back with us. yesterday, they sent us this, saying, "we fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business." they say this is a clear governmental outreach and is intrusive, improper, and offensive. we are waiting to hear from the company to see if it will appeal any of the violations.
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to the south bay, the fraud trial about theranos is done for the week, not because of legal complications but because of this , a water main break three blocks from the federal courthouse in san jose. this morning, the judge was meeting with the attorneys outside the presence of the jury when the word came down that the courthouse had no water. the judge called all of the jurors back in and dismissed them for the rest of the week. we are learning new details about the deadly shooting on the set of and alec baldwin movie in new mexico as investigators said they found 500 rounds of ammunition, including blanks, dummy rounds, and live rounds. cbs reporter anthony pura looks at what is ahead . >> reporter: investigators looking into the fatal shooting on a film set in santa fe, new mexico say they have recovered the lead project out used in the incident and send it to an fbi crime lab for testing. >> is a suspected live rounds but it did fire from the weapon and cause injury.
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that would lead us to believe it was a live round. >> reporter: cinematographer halyna hutchins was killed and director joel souza was injured when alec baldwin fired a long cold revolver while rehearsing a scene last week. according to authorities, the gun he fired was one of three set aside by the armorer and picked up by the assistant director. the assistant director shouted cold gun, meaning it had no rounds inside and then handed it to baldwin. >> we will try to determine how that happened and if they should have known there was a live round in the firearm. >> reporter: the district attorney says all options are on the table but it is too early to discuss criminal charges. >> we cannot say it was negligence by whom, how many people were involved, we cannot say that with certainty at this point. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is investigating a report that some members took guns used onset for target practice, according to the entertainment website the wrap, crewmembers used the guns with
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live rounds in them earlier in the day before the shooting. the sheriff department says that alec baldwin and the two people who handle the gun before giving it to him have all been cooperating with the investigation. still ahead, u.s. airports are about to get a lot busier. the new rules for travelers coming into the u.s. how that rush could be good for people wanting to get away. and where this bear force the school lockdown and probably put some pants on edge today. the atmospheric river did not just give us much-needed rainfall but also scrubbed the skies, look how blue it is
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% spotted in a southern california neighborhood and was even on a school campus. this is an san dimas, eastern l.a. county as the bear crawled under a fence, walked past the sheriff's vehicle and pulled out a hummingbird feeder and checking out a screen area with birds. wildlife personnel were called out and within a couple of hours the bear was tranquilized and removed from the neighborhood up in the san gabriel mountains probably.
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wall street was a bear market as the dow fell 266 points and the nasdaq was up but less than one point and the s&p down 23. a look at sfo which could be busier pretty soon, the week of next, the u.s. will open the border to international visitors vaccinated against covid, anyone not november 8 will have to follow strict testing requirements, proof of a negative test within one day of departure instead of the current three days. joining me now is our senior travel advisor peter greenberg. thank you for joining us. there are 111 countries that have opened up to international travel and in two weeks the u.s. opens to vaccinated travelers. how will this impact americans traveling abroad? >> it already is as in24 hour of the president announcing the november 8 date to open, bookings for the united states travel overseas have gone up over 750%.
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that means that they will not just be flying to international gateway cities in the u.s. like san francisco, they will be flying through them. as a result, domestic airfare in the u.s. is already going up at a rate of 3% to 5% every single day. the cost of domestic travel as we near the thanksgiving holiday is rising. >> the pent-up demand and people coming to the u.s., typically, if they are traveling through sfo, where are they typically going? >> everywhere because it is the fr travel, that stands for visiting friends and relatives, they have not been able to go anywhere for 18 months. they're not waiting for next summer, they are coming now. what that means is, it is a reverse irony, if you want to go overseas as an american, prices have dropped, because they are leaving, we can come to an example, round-trip fares from the nicest to ireland has been as low as $359, you cannot get from san francisco to
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chicago for $359. a lot of opportunities for people who want to be strategic and smart travelers and look at the off-season as a buyers market. >> our senior travel advisor, thank you as always. some other travel news as delta wants to be the first airline to offer full curb to eat security centered around facial recognition. members of delta's loyalty program who upload passport details and they have tsa pre- check can send you this. >> as soon as you can take your mask off, it takes the photograph, it is using the images you just had with your passport number, it is pinging the customs database and making sure there is an image match and, here we go, our tag will print, and the final link you can use your biometrics at the gate, no i.d. or boarding pass necessary. >> if it is successful, it reduces the need for agents while streamlining your check- in. delta is partnering with the tsa and it is a gradual
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rollout, first atlanta and detroit, as for privacy, the airline says it immediately destroyed any images taken. the program is voluntary. new for travelers, the u.s. issued his first passport with the x gender marker, if they identify as non-binary, intersex, or gender nonconforming. previously, applicants needed a medical certification if there self-selected sex marker did not match the sex listed on official documents. we should note that the state department is updating the system and forms for the new policy should be completed early next year. let's get outside because inside right next to me is our chief meteorologist. >> all this travel talk, why would you go anywhere? it is perfect, chamber of commerce weather, beautiful, same thing tomorrow and on friday. the warmest day is tomorrow as this big h on the map.
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temperatures will peak on thursday and they start backing off a little bit for the end of the week. we are in for cooler weather into the weekend. let's put the maps in motion. the warmest day is tomorrow with a little system try to sneak it in northern california. we did have a chance of showers, along the coast and north of the golden gate on saturday and we have taken that out of the forecast at this point and it looks like this will be moisture starved. we will be cooler as we head to the weekend. futurecast, a little bit of fog developing tonight, not widespread and it should dissipate quickly tomorrow with some passing clouds tomorrow night. that will be overnight as we have plenty of sunshine for the end of the workweek on friday and more clouds through friday night and maybe some coastal drizzle. in terms of shower chances, this is not an impressive system that is further to our north and west saturday morning, the odds of bringing measurable rainfall to the north bay or along the coast only 20%. that is the point we leave the
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rain out of the forecast entirely. farther down the line, a better chance of rain, the six to 10 date outlook and the eight to 14 day outlook which take us farther and farther into november both showing a significant chance of above average rainfall in early november. we can look further down the line and look forward to that because we do need some additional rain. in the short term, beautiful with temperatures in the upper- 60s and low-70s. tonight, mostly low to mid-50s with a couple spots in the north bay could get below 50 degrees with high temperatures tomorrow a couple of degrees above average with low-70s around the bay and the-70s farther inland. even along the coast, mid-60s and low-70s around the south end of the bay and peninsula with mid-70s and the santa clara valley. it is 75 in san jose and 75 in concord and livermore. low to mid-70s widespread inland and the east bay with low-70s around the bay itself with warm temperatures for this time of year. not much difference from around the bay to farther inland with the warmer spots in mendocino
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county and lake county briefly getting into the upper half of the 70s. we cool off a little bit for the end of the work week on friday and we cool off more over the weekend but halloween weekend is a dry and the next decent chance of rain will head our way late sunday night. after the trick-or-treaters are done which will be with us on monday as well. we will keep you updated on that as the weekend gets closer. still ahead, a lot of buzz over the next pixar movie, the big change toy story fans are talking about. a busy newsday and tonight we have a cbs news exclusive, with gun related homicides at alarming new levels, we will hear from president biden's first pick the atf, why he says the gun industry is profiting from fear. and the new breast cancer warning, what you need to know about a rare genetic mutation that can dramatically raise the risk of developing breast cancer. the cbs evening news is minutes away. all this week we are sharing members of our calling
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ken ahead of his retirement and use our hashtag to share yours. here is from our team members on and off screen. >> i love working with you in the studio and out in the field, i will miss you so much and i know this guy is to, right? >> you are all right. we had a lot of good rolls and put a lot of miles on live trucks and other cars. the good thing about it for me is i will see you later. >> we are going to
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d- five, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. we have liftoff. to that is the next big pixar film, due for a june release it tells the origin story of buzz light year, the key story in the "toy story" moving's. that is before he became a toy. he is a toy? he will be voiced by actor chris evans instead of tim
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allen. the jonas brothers are part of a new netflix special and they will need a thick skin. here is why. >> roasted. >> we are doing a jonas brothers family roast, a one-of- a-kind comedy special minnesota- based universal truth and no one can get under your skin like a family. >> you will see us like you have never seen this before through sketches, songs, games, and special guests. >> keenan thompson will host the family roast special and guest rp davidson, and john legend, the special is on netflix november 23rd just ahead of thanksgiving. coming up, a tourist experience in new york city, the reward after this big climb. streaming on cbsn bay area, lincoln university in his first year with a sports program, we speak to the basketball head coach, gary payton. and how you can celebrate
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dia de los muertos in oakland. download our app for free on your favorite
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we have dropped the shower chance from the north bay on saturday, not a 0% chance of rain but low on the rain chance chart, we are just going with a mixture of clouds and sunshine for saturday. sunday is dry and rain returns late sunday night and the best
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chance will be on monday with another system coming our way wednesday night and thursday with more opportunities. we need more rain as the atmospheric river helped but we will take all we can get. thank you and look at our afternoon lineup. cbs evening news with norah o'donnell is next, followed by back-to-back episodes of judge judy starting at 4:00, and in the news at 5:00. all new at 5:00, monster cleanup after the monster storm, we go out on the water to look for hazards and debris. before we go, and attraction not for the faint of heart. it is called city climb, for $185, you climb 1200 feet in the air and can hang off the side of a new york city skyscraper and check out the 360 degree view. it is 190 steps to an outdoor sky deck and you can enjoy champagne toasts at the top. what do you think?
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>> i would have to have the champagne before i tried it. >> i would stay on captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the stunning news: 500 rounds of ammo baldwin accidentally killed a cinematographer. the safety protocols ignored. plus the shocking place where investigators found the fatal bullet. new questions tonight about what led up to the death of halyna hutchins. what the district attorney is saying about possible criminal charges. >> no one has been ruled out at this point. >> o'donnell: trail of destruction: tornadoes tear through the south, destroying neighborhoods. plus, hundreds of thousands bolone. pow power after a danges charlottesville trial: a jury is seated. why the organizers of that deadly white supremacist virginia rally will be in court. biden's bill in


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