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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 27, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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right now on kpix5 and cbsn bay area looking live from the mark hopkins camera. a live look east. good morning. it's wednesday, october 27th. > we will start with a check of weather and traffic. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> are you ready for a beautiful day? >> i think we all need it. >> we do. we do. we will get it as we head through the day. we will have sun and temperatures back to where we should be for this time of year. looking at temperatures near normal for this time. looking at 67 in san francisco, 69 oakland. 72 san jose and 73 for concord. as we head through the day, check it out. we are looking at clearing in the afternoon. catching that sunshine as we go through the day today. high pressure builds in for us and that means sunnier, dryer, warmer weather ahead. that will continue into tomorrow as well. we will talk about the next weather system. when we could see a few showers. details in just a few minutes.
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let's check in with gianna. good morning. we are off to a gray start on this wednesday morning. if you are out early and hitting the roadways check this out. not a lot of cars. you are good to go for the most part. things are pretty quiet. easy ride out of the east bay as you work into san francisco. in fact most of the bay area bridges are looking very good this morning. we are not seeing any brake lights or issues. live look at golden gate bridge. quiet conditions out of marin into san francisco. san mateo bridge 12 minutes, that's your travel time. things pretty quiet along the peninsula. no delays northbound 101 all the way out of the south bay. are you good to go if you have the early flight to catch. also highway 480 and 580 in the green which is good news means traffic is free flowing in both directions. the latest on the fight to keep the a's playing baseball in oakland. taking a live look at the
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oakland waterfront near howard terminal. that is where this ballpark would be. in a late night vote the county board of supervisors decided to go forward with what they call a new ballpark district with an announcement of willingness. that vote would help finance the project. it was a 4-1 vote approving a nonbinding resolution to help the team pay for parks, affordable housing and infrastructure. city officials had been wanting a ballpark development with the a's that was 100% privately financed. they said that private financing would be necessary. the mayor sending out a statement late last night saying the vote by the board is a historic action that takes a clear path to keep the a's rooted in oakland and build a world class waterfront ballpark district that will benefit bay area residents for generations to come. this is still far from oar but last night's vote was enough to
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keep the a's at the table and keep our eye on. >> thank you. we may be just day away from five to 11-year-old's getting the pfizer vaccine. final approval could come as soon as next week after an fda panel gave the green light tuesday. what will the roll outlook like in the bay area and what are top doctors saying? maria has the answers. >> hoping that this is kind of the final frontier of when we go back to normal life. >> three out of three bay area doctors say they understand why parents are hesitating about getting their young kids vaccinated against covid but all also agree the risks out weigh the risks of the vaccine. >> most people have said that children don't get sick. they don't get infected. those things are wrong. we have had kids in our hospital that have been really sick. on ventilators, on life support. children who died. >> the doctor said that right
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now stanford's children's hospital is partnering with school districts to make hold town halls to change the narrati version. one she said some still believe. >> i think that's a mistake. they are used to seeing hundreds of hows of adults dying and to them if a few hundred kids died it's not a big deal it. is a big deal. they say 500 children die of something that's preventable that's not acceptable. >> bay area county health departments preparing. marin said it plans to vaccinate 15,000 children, the first month shots are available. the doctors say for hesitating parents, doctors will be key to changing their minds. >> they are the most trusted member of the medical community to parents of a child. i have an 11-year-old granddaughter in this age group. i'm biting at bit to get her
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vaccinated. >> a doctor plans to get her 11-year-old son vaccinated, especially before holiday gatherings. >> i think they want to go back to total normal in school and life. it's kind of a ticket to normalcy. >> as for potential side effects he said that the risk of developing that condition is higher from the coronavirus itself than from the vaccine. and happening today the governor will visit an alameda health clinic to promote vaccinations and booster shots as part of the ongoing state effort to increase the number of shots going into arms and decrease coronavirus rates. hungry drivers pulled up to the in and out in pleasant hill to find out it's closed. the health department shut it down over coronavirus vaccination violations. the health department said that restaurant workers were not checking proof of vaccination at the door after four violations which resulted in fines the county shut thecoleow
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issue. i think that it is important to, you know, follow the shout like resting entirely on the employees to like be security guards if they are not -- that's not in their job description. >> this after san francisco briefly closed the restaurant at fisherman's w harf for the same reason. this morning thousands of people in the bay area just spent another night in the dark because of downed power poles and other damage from the weekend storm. here is a look at the current pg&e outage map. as of last night over 2,000 are without power. most are in san mateo. a guilty verdict is the first of it's kind. a sheriff's deputy was convicted of assault with a firearm in the killing of a
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mentally disabled man. >> it was a big step toward holding andrew hall responsible. >> family members still trying to process the verdict against the deputy who shot and killed their loved one in 2018. the deputy fired nine times during a chase in danville. according to the district attorney hall used excessive and unnecessary force. >> i certainly hope that there is an understanding that there is really nobody who is above the law. >> hall becomes a first deputy to be charged and found guilty in an on duty shooting in contra costa. the family wants to know if the verdict will lead to justice or
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if the judge will hand down a lighter sentence. >> mr. hall is held responsible to the maximum extent of the law which is 17 years we understand and he should have to serve every one of those in a california prison. >> wheel the da will look at whether or not to retry the case family members walked out of the courthouse in disbelief. hall's attorney said his client was just trying to protect himself and will be looking to appeal the verdict. >> that's a serious charge and i think it's unwarranted and we are going to take every step we can in terms of addressing that. >> the da said that an investigation is still ongoing into another deadly case from earlier this year involving the deputy. there is no decision yet on if charges will be brought in that case. this morning three pet shelter employees are facing animal cruelty charge after seven puppies died in their care. the suspects work at pets and
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need in palo alto. the puppies died while being transported in august. it was hot, no ac and police say n water. 20 other adult dogs survived. the three employees were cited and released. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the massive storm dumping feet of rain. and why you can take the braves for the chance to snag a free taco from taco bell next week. the and later the plan set to be announced for vaccine pop ups at school sites statewide. let's get a live look from dublin before we head to break.
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authorities in new mexico will provide new details on the dead will movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. we hope to learn more about the chain of command for the gun and what kind bullet was fire from it. the accident killed a woman and injured a bay area director. according to sharon waxman editor and chief the wrap sources allege crew members had been firing live ammunition off set earlier that day. >> there were crew member who had gone off and done sort of
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passing the time fun shooting at targets out in the desert before the shooting happened with gun from the set including that gun. >> criminal charges have not been ruled out. palisades is set to open friday. that's a month ahead of schedule. laura checked out that resort where last minute preps are underway. >> in just a few short days ski village will be packed with people, some of whom will be wearing costumes opening weekend, falls on halloween and everybody excited. >> for only the third time in 72 years, skier also hit the slopes in october at the resort now known as palisades tahoe. >> that's really exciting. >> when three feet of snow hits the mountain what other choice to do you have? >> have a ton of snow.
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we always get snow up here in october but this was substantial. >> alec said that it was a quick decision to open this coming friday. >> yesterday morning i started my workday thinking thinking i had a month to get ready and that's not the case. we just got a couple days. >> it's all hands on deck prepping the mountain for visitors. >> we kicked it into over drive. our crews have to be out. ski patrols had to be out. >> skiers and riders expected to dress accordingly. >> i think that will be fun this weekend to see what people come out wearing. >> that may not include masks for covid. palisad es is following guidelines which means no more masks in lift lines. visitors will only have to mask uindoor itself they are unvaccinated. >> it'll be nice to return to normalcy. >> it's a welcome return for thavid ier. ol.
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kewato recreate in the mountains. >> local wildlife is anxious to get their gear on two. >> that was laura reporting. >> time for this morning's money watch report. there is new concern about passenger safety in certain types of suv's. diane king hall report from the new york stock exchange. stocks closed higher on tuesday. the dow notched a new record high after adding 15 points. the nasdaq was up nine and the s and p500 gained eight after closing at a new high. a strong earning season continues to roll on. google beat revenue expectations. coke, mcdonalds and boeing are amongst the latest groups reporting their results. the insurance institute for highway safety has the new test
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for side crashes and many small suv's didn't fare well with it. only one out of 20 models earned the top rating of good, the mazda crashes account for n a quart irof deaths. they hope the new test encourages companies to improve safety measures. you can thank the braves for free taco for the 10th year in a yaw taco bell is giving away a free taco because of a stone base in the world series. ozzie stole second in the first inning between the braves and the astros. fans can get their free taco on november 4th. that's your cvs money watch report. for more head to cvs money at the new york stock exchange. it's 4:46. time for a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary lee. >> good morning. we are looking at beautiful day
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ahead. get ready for that. we will looking at mainly clear skies. you can see that ins. the hotel camera and our temperatures as we start off our day. we are looking at temperatures in the 50's so 53 for you in concord, oakland in at 58. livermore 5 #. san francisco at 57, 53 in san jose and down to 56 in santa rosa this admonishing. here is what you can expect. we are looking at sunnier, warmer weather ahead as high pressure builds in. we will stay dry through the rest of the week and right now looking at our next chance for showers, next monday. the weather system nothing like what we just saw but still looking at some shower chances for early next week. here is that ridge of high pressure bringing more sun for today as we look ahead to tomorrow with that ridge building even more, temperatures will be peaking as we look to thursday. even warmer still. as we take you hour by hour future cast and you can see that sunshine as we go through
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the day today. as we look to tomorrow starting off the day with mainly clear skies and then sunshine in the afternoon all thanks to that ridge of high pressure. temperatures on friday and more clouds streaming in for the weekend ahead and the shower chances for next monday and we will sue you this in the seven day forecast. sunrise at 7:30. checking our daytime highs, for the coast, in the low 60's this afternoon for the peninsula, upper 60's to low 70's. a pleasant day in the south bay. low 70's in santa clara and for san jose. as we look to the inland east bay from 73 to concord and pleasant hill. low 70's for the tri valley. 73 in livermore. around the bay, 67 in san francisco, 65 in daley city. upper 60's for alameda, oakland and san leandro for the east bayshore line. 73 for santa rosa and for the napa valley. in the low 70's. here is that seven day forecast
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forking and you can see temperatures just a little warmer for tomorrow and still looking at temperatures for this time of year for friday. more clouds for the weekend and cooler and there we go with the shower chances for next monday. inland east bay for the coast. we are looking at temperatures just a bit warmer for tomorrow. similar for friday. maybe a touch cooler and then much cooler for the weekend and again looking at our next weather system for next monday. dry conditions for the next several days. so far so good. if you are getting out and about early this morning you are doing okay for the most part. we have the usual stuff into the pass. a few brake lights here. you can see 580 westbound headlights going toward 680. just getting crowded on this wednesday morning. you have brake lights east of there if you are headed out of tracy getting onto 580 expeow d
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connect there. accident free. no wind advisory. the travel time looking good. 205 toward 680. east shore freeway, highway 4, 101 all checking in problem free. if are you taking the bay bridge heads up we have reports of a travel trouble spot on the upper deck. i want to show you all the green on the mapping system in the south bay. everything looking clear. northbound 101 an easy ride out of san jose. it 280 off to a good start. that crash is on the lower deck of the bay bridge. its been there for some time. not causing any brake lights or issues but that right lane is blocked until further notice this is around treasure island it. will affect your ride out of san francisco in to the east bay. not a lot of cars headed in that direction. traffic moving for the most part at the limit. same for the westbound commute. things pretty clear there and your south bay travel times in the green which we love to see this when you are commuting on
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the roadways. no delays on 845 87. everything moving nicely through there. the return of a race in washington dc may be a sign things are getting bang to normal. >> just be sure to strap on your heels. last night thousands of people cheered on drag preformers at the 17th street high heel race. many made a mad dash to the finish line. some tripped and fell but they got right back on up and kept going. the race started back in the 80's when some men in drag decided to race down the street in heels. it stuck and became a yearly event. some people shuffle too. straight ahead in sports let's see. the fall classic last night. we said good-bye to the great career of one player and we get to sit back and enjoy a lot of players with those warriors last night getting it done on the road. live oue now.
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log attosan jose. good morning to you. san jose. thank you for watching
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up top and the warriors. four games, trailed at the half of each. by the finish, like last night, yeah, scoreboard. now this guy write your own caption. i'm not body shaming. first quarter the old seth curry highlight reel was found. he led with 23 and 32 minutes but oak object city had the first half. as much as 15. midway through the third warriors down nine but they are
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in a rhythm. worked it around for lee. he scored 20 off the bench. what they were getting contributions from everybody on the block at one end and then to the other why not? porter from the corner. warriors scored 15 in a row and led for good. curry did not need to score in the 4th quarter. unbeaten at 4-0. next up a chase center run tomorrow with memphis. the world series, open for business last night in houston. game one as dusty baker posted the braves. baker in the fall classic for the first time since 2002 and atlanta didn't waste any time. first lead off homer in a world series game one. top third, adam duvall remember him as a giant? even better as a brave. a popular spot.
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two run blast. it was 5-0. now, the braves, they started pitcher charlie morton. he was settling in after a shaky first but then this. a liner off his leg. he got the out but the impact broke his leg. didn't know it at the time. stayed in the face three more batters. as he struck out jose, the pain level was just too great. big casulty in a 6-2 atlanta win. game two is later on tonight. brent and that familiar face pillow. the sharks in nashville. the finish of a road trip and sometimes have you to keep trying. you try and then try again got to buy by. he has a point in all six games of the season. sharks look to tie it. stopped, predators clear it out. nashville won it 3-1. the sharks came home last night after a 3-2 road trip. and shout out to the great
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united states women's soccer career of lloyd. subbed out in the 66th minute and left to a standing ovation. not going to say her age but she was been play that game since she was five years old. that's enough today. i will see you later on. coming up, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the vote that could help keep the a's in oakland and the next steps to keep that happen. and the people in the dark after that big storm of
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this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area one step closer when children as young as five could be eligible for coronavirus vaccine. and the governor's push to promote booster shots for eligible people across california. and the new hope to keep the a's in oakland after a late night vote in alameda county. and a popular fast food chain shut down by health officials. i'm justin andrews explaining where and why up next. good morning to you. it's wednesday, october 21th. >> we are going to start with weather and traffic and we are looking at a much brighter day today. something to look forward to on this hump day. if will be so beautiful for all of us. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures back to where we should be for this time of year. we are looking at pleasant conditions in the 60's and 70's this afternoon. looking at 67 in san francisco, upper 60's for oakland. mountain view, looking at low 70's for you in san jose. 73 in concord and 7 # for
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napaw. he will


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