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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area news studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. a critical meeting underway right now in the fight against coronavirus. when kids as young as five could soon get vaccinated. today we could be finding out more about the future of the oakland a's. we will tell you about a board of supervisors meeting happening today that's coming up. looking live on the peninsula, the storm may be over but it's still making a mess in the bay area when we are learning from the scene. >> and later what pet ownerns need to know in being forced to evacuate at the drop of a hat. the humane society joins us live with what you can do to prepare.
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good morning to you. it's tuesday, october 26th. we are going to start with a look outside. looking at san jose. did you feel it? a small 2.8 quake struck the allen rock neighborhood around midnight. a couple people said they felt a jolt. >> they felt it. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> i feel like you timed out your vacation. >> i know. it's a family reunion. >> missed this historic storm. big difference with the weather for today. missed but by the way. let's walk you through the day in san francisco. we are looking at cool, cloudy conditions, daytime highs in the low 60's. 6 # in san francisco this afternoon. for the east bayshore line, oakland, good morning to you. 63 this afternoon with the clouds, for the south bay. san jose looking at 65 with mostly cloudy skies. daytime highs below average. with those clouds so i'm
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tracking a weak little weather system. that will bring more clouds back to the bay area and the chance, slight chance of a few showers for parts of the north bay as we head through the afternoon. something i saw for sure can handle as we look to this afternoon. since spotty showers through the seven. sunny, warmer weather ahead. let's check in with gianna. it's busy in the bay bridge. the metering lights are turned on earlier than usual at the bay bridge toll plaza. about 15 minutes and you can see traffic backing up. a busy ride as you work out of the east bay getting in to san francisco. keeping an eye on that, no crashes. watching traffic through the pass. from 205 toward 680. bulk of the delays. the dublin, things looking better through there. i want to draw your attention to this trouble spot. we had a fallen tree in the
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roadway. a large tree. lanes still shut down on 84 between 35 and la honda. you will want to use the alternate. cut across 280. you can stick with highway 1 over to 92. that will get you over to 280 or 101. let's give more details and turn it over to ann with what we are seeing from the scene. and it's good that it happened around 3:30 and we haven 't heard of any serious injuries. we know that there was a car that drove through before emergency crews got there and did hit this whole mess it. was not only that tree that went down, also taking down some power lines with it. this is a big reminder. the ground is still soaked from that storm. we could see more events like this over the next couple of days. this is san mateo. taking a live look at the scene. crews are still on this scene right now.
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still blocking all lanes of 84 and at this time no estimated time of reopening for that roadway. as we get later on in the commute. that could be a real issue. back to you. today advisers scheduled to meet and pave the way for children as young as five to get the vaccine. >> this could -- justinandrew is live with details on the potential green light. >> fda panel will be looking at evidence and give recommendations on whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine for the kids that you mentioned, 5 to 11. this could mean 28 million children would be eligible for the vaccine this is a live look at the meeting. that much activity happening right now has been going on for the last 30 minutes. if the cdc endorses the two shot lower dose vaccine the shots could start going into the arms of younger children as
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soon as next week. extending vaccine eligibility to children younger than 12 has been a major goal for public health officials. vaccinating children could prevent education interruptions, severe illness and death. here is one kid vaccinated as a clinical trial incident. >> to go outside and play all the sport that i play and have fun with my friends and family. >> administration states that starting november 8th most foreigners entering the country must be fully vaccinated and show proof before boarding a plane. all travelers will also have to test negative for the virus before their flight. there are a few exceptions to this new order including children under the age of 18 and people from areas where there is a vaccine shortage. we will watch that meeting throughout the day and update you as we get them. we are live in the newsroom. kpix5.
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>> and more on what you have been talking about. more on that new rule from the white house. nearly all foreign travelers entering the united states will now have to be vaccinated against coronavirus. airlines will be required to gather information from all passengers in case contact tracing becomes necessary after a flight. looking live at the cole several the a's future in the bay area could be decided today at the alameda county supervisors meeting. we are live in oakland with more on what we can expect at today's vote. >> today at noon we could be finding out more on how the board of supervisors feel about keeping the athletics in oakland this very a possible vote today. we know that many will be paying at tension. supervisors are expected to signal support for a new ballpark for the a's at the howard terminal site along the waterfront. on at againa for the noon meeting is a resolution and possible vote on whether the county will contribute future tax revenue to help the a's pay
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for parks, affordability housing other on site infrastructure. the resolution is nonbinding. we know the mayor has expressed support for this proposal. take a listen on what the mayor said ahead of the meeting. >> i feel very confident there will be a vote on tuesday and that vote will be yes. and i comend the county for the due diligence they have preformed offer the last several weeks to really dig into the numbers and the economic benefits for them and their mission. >> as we know recently the golden state warriors move across the bay and the raiders the las vegas raiders. if this doesn't get support from supervisors the a's could get more serious about exploring other cities. now we know there are people, oakland fans who don't want to see the a's leave and we know there are people on the other side as well. there is going to be a press conference today against the proposal, again many people will be paying at tension and so will we at noon.
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for now live in oakland. new details on the accusations involving richmond police chief and her oakland police sergeant husband. the pair have now agreed to stay away from an 18-year-old relative who was accused of -- accusing them of threats and domestic violence. an attorney for the frenches has denied the young woman's accusations and said they were trying to rescue her from being trafficked by a 34-year-old man who is facing charges of tempting women. the accusations put the chief on leave. this morning we are waiting for a verdict in the manslaughter trial of sheriff's deputy andrew hall. yesterday was the first full day of jury deliberations. hall is accused in the shooting death of a man of newark three years ago. attorneys say that the mentally ill man was trying to escape police after a slow speed chase. hall's lawyers say he opened fire because he feared for his safety. body camera footage showed his
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car was faced directly at hall at the time of the shooting. city councilmembers forced to return to virtual meeting but not because of coronavirus. >> ? their four in person meetings full of interruptions, outbursts and chaos. a small group of residents called the mayor a terrorist and accused her of being part of hate groups. 24 came to a head early their month when those residents mada fencive remarks about her son. >> you are not god. >> can you remind the public that we are the elected officials and there is no need to harass minors in our community. >> the mayor has issued a washing that anyone who comments about nonpublic officials could be cited. the time is now 6:09. still ahead, the storm has come and gone but the clean up is just getting started. the race to mop up the damage across the bay area. coming up. and we know the bay area is
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expensive but wait until you hear how much it'll cost the new bart project. all right. i'm checking a weak disturbance that could bring a few showers from parts of the north bay. nothing like we just saw but hour by hour on future cast coming up. the and the roadways may have dried out just a bitw. he are still dealing the clean up. a closure along 84 and this. look at that. traffic back up for this ride into san francisco. your travel times coming up.
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welcome back. all right. we do have a high surf warning until 11:00 a.m. today. with restill looking at large northwest swells, breakers, 20 to 30 feet. use caution at the beaches. the full forecast coming up. a new video. a big sink hole near bellcrest avenue and west line drive. it's covered sheets and hard
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wood and blocked off by safety cones. some of the damage will take days or weeks to fix. in the north bay santa rosa was one of the hardest hit during sunday's storm. after heavy rains, water started spilling out of a local creek and onto the roadway creeping up to people's homes. >> in a way i will take the flood over a fire. not worried about losing the home in a flood, just some damage. >> we just got new outrage numbers in from pg&e, moments ago as of six this morning nearly 13,000 customers are without power across the bay area. that is down from more than 68,000 earlier in the day yesterday. and the storm is doing wonders for lake tahoe. take a look. on your left is how the lake looked just last week when water levels hit a low threshold dropping below the natural him of the basin. the storm surge raised its water levels back up above the natural rim. the lake is still low.
6:15 am
it's considered full. when levels rise about six feet above the rim. we are able to store a lot of water and reservoirs and that's going to help us for later. >> tahoe city ha more precipitation in the last few days than it did all of 1977. the time now 6:15. let's check get a check of weather and traffic. we can't say it enough. that rain has so needed. >> for sure. i will show you how much rain we picked up and of course for the water here we are looking great so far. it was so great to have that rain. we need it of course we are in a drought across the bay area. for the -- a lot calmer. cool and cloudy conditions for today. tracking a weak weather system that could wring a few light spotty showers for parts of the north bay this afternoon. nothing like we saw and sunnier, warmer weather ahead as we look to the rest of the week. here is a live look at the -- across the bay with the sales
6:16 am
force tower camera looking east. the bay bridge and the temperatures are in the low to mid50's at this hour. let's talk about how much rain we have picked up with that historic storm. this is for the water year that started on october 1st. we are looking at really good rainfall amounts. 900 to 22% of average. santa rosa. 1100 for san francisco, livermore, 568% of average in san jose. of course, this is since october 1st. it's a really good sign as we are looking at a great start to our water year and a lot of snow up in the sierra. we have been talking about this. about three feet of snow for palisades tahoe. nine inches of snow. and three inches from mammoth. we need more snow in the sierra and more rain here for the bay area. tracking a weak weather system that will bring a few showers
6:17 am
north of the golden gate. otherwise, dry for most of us with the clouds streaming in and then high pressure for the rest of the workweek for dryer, sunnier and warmerconditions. let's time it out on future cast. you can see the clouds streaming in. here we are at than and a few light spotty showers. here we are at 4:00 p.m. we look ahead to tomorrow and a cloudy start. you look ahead to the wednesday afternoon. a warming trend through the rest of the workweek. the sunset at 6:18. daytime highs for the coast and again that high surf advisory. high surf warning for the coast until 11:00 a.m. upper 50's to low 60's. the south bay, looking at mid- 60s's. santa clara. inland east bay, mid-60s's concord, pleasant hill, low to mid-60s's for the tri valley. a cool 62 in san francisco, around the bay and for the north bay, low 60's.
6:18 am
61 in santa rosa and topping out at 59. seven day forecast, for san jose and you can see the warm up as we look ahead to wednesday, thursday and friday. there's a chance to see a few showers for saturday and monday but we will monitor that for you. inland, and for the north bay. a few spotty showers north bay and for the coast. there we go with the warm up wednesday, thursday and friday and the potential to see a few showers for saturday and into monday. let's check in with gianna and a look at traffic. >> we have the usual stuff as you work toward the bay bridge and the pass and this. we are dealing a full roadway closure on 85. we are just wrapping up things. you can see a live look here. that was blocking lanes. it fell into traffic lanes there. fallen power cables as well and apparently before emergency vehicles got on scene there was a car that, tried to get
6:19 am
through that mess. it's taking a minute. looks like the final stages of cleaning things up. the roadway is shut down on 84 between 35 and la honda. in the meantime you will want to stick with the alternative. you can stay on 35, take that all the way to 92 to cut over to 280. or highway 1 will take you to 92. those are the -- we have a lot of traffic for everybody going out the tracy area. it's busy. no accidents. that's the good news. a lot of volume as you work through there. northbound 10 #. super commuters out of gilroy. traffic building out of san martin. checking south bay travel times all in the green. once are you past that out of morgan hill. if are you going along 101 or 280. not the case. 580. busy as well as highway 4. it's 6:19. update for public transit. the price tag to extend bart
6:20 am
into downtown san jose has jumped again. this time by more than four billion dollars. the project is now estimated to cost more than 9 billion total. 32% higher than the original price and this morning the completion date has been pushed back to 2023. the vta which is building the extension had this to say. while the fta identified risk that could drive up the project's cost, vta now has the chance to avoid those pit fall. paranoia. >> sometime ahead the bay area study linking coronavirus to mental health in teenagers. the and later the international space station may soon get a neighbor. what
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welcome back. the time is now 6:24. a bay area hospital is looking in to troubling coronavirus cases this morning. ucsf is researching three teenagers who developed symptoms after being infected. dr. wilson said the patients had minor to no symptoms of coronavirus but the timing speed of the mental problems was suspicious. the three teens underwent spinal taps that revealed unusual antibody activity. lab research suggested that the virus could have infected their central nervous system and antibodies which normally attack invader was attacking the brain. >> it was a relatively abrupt onset of symptoms. obsessive behaviors, dels, ions. paranoia and those simple toes brought them in to the hospital. >> the sample size of three patients is too small to make conclusions for now but will
6:25 am
continue to research the developing brains of teenagers. it's 6:24. in the next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area. the future of the a's stadium up in the air again. with relieve from oakland with ia big vote just hours away. live in the newsroom watching that fda panel meeting happening right now. how soon younger kids could get the coronavirus shot. ly have that answer after the break. the and movie sets safety under the microscope after what happened with alec baldwin. how far one bay area lawmaker is willing to go
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potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. good morning. it if are you just waking up with us here are your morning headlines right now fda advisers are meeting. it could pave the way for children as young as five to get the coronavirus vaccine. this would be under an emergency use authorization for kids. the a's future could be decided today in the supervisors meeting. on at againa resolution and possible vote on whether the county will contribute future tax revenue to help the a's pay for parks. accordable housing and other on site infrastructure. and san mateo part of state route 84 is blocked off due to a downed tree and a car crash. it happened earlier this morning. crews have been working on
6:30 am
removing the debris, no word on if the driver in the car was hurt. good morning to you. it's tuesday, october 26th. >> good morning to you. so glad to have you with us on this tuesday morning. >> moving at long this week with nicer weather. >> even for tomorrow we will have more sun, temperatures warming up for today, cool, cloudly. we are looking at temperatures about 62 in the afternoon with those clouds for the east bayshore line. good morning to you. as we head through the day with those clouds and for the south bay. san jose and you can see temperatures warming up to just 65 degrees. not all that warm as we looking at mostly cloudy skies, below average daytime highs i weak disturbance that will bring some more clouds back to the bay area and the chance to see a few spotty light isolated showers for parts of the north bay.
6:31 am
we are looking at the potential to see a few especially north of the golden gate. have you a bet every chance of that but as we look to the rest of the week high pressure builds in. with retracking sun. let's check in with gianna. it's getting busy in spots. >> once we hit the 6:00 hour, we are starting to track break lights. heading toward the bay bridge as well. reports of a new crash eastbound 80. the good news, it's noncommute direction. doesn't look like any injuries. we will have more details as it comes in. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights turned on and traffic backed up to the footst maze. your approach off 80 slow. 20 minutes highway 4 to the maze. if you are getting ready to head out the door, that will take you about 40 minutes from antioch toward 80 and we are tracking the usual stuff for that ride in to the pass. 50 minutes, 205 to 680. the green light could come
6:32 am
from fda advisers today for -- to get the vaccine. >> and the panel set to voit on the pfizer vaccine for kids ages five through 11. justin andrew is live in the newsroom this morning looking at the potential approval for this. >> if the potential -- if the panel gives good recommendations and the cdc director accepts them about 28 million children will be eligible to get the vaccine in just a matter of days. this would be a lower two dose vaccine for that five to 11 age group today the fda panel will look at evidence and give recommendations on whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine. medical experts say extending the vaccine eligibility to children younger than 12 is a major step in getting more americans vaccinated. pfizer said vaccinating children could prevent severe illness and death. >> it shows that smaller dose is still sufficient for younger kids. that it creates just as strong
6:33 am
if not stronger of an antibody response with potentially knewer side effects because your body section posed to less of that material. >> now pfizer requested this emergency use authorization early their month. doctors say it'll protect our children, add population immunity and help bring infection numbers down that. meeting is happening right noww. he will keep watching it. and new this morning we are learning coronavirus was likely spraying across the united states and europe before we realized it. a new study said transmission of the coronavirus was likely happening in several areas by january of 2020. many infections could have been undefected. it's based on a model of transmission during the first wave of the pandemic. i'm at the live news deck. we will watch the hearing in less than a half hour. focusing on tiktok, snap chat
6:34 am
and youtube. this is a senate committee that is going it be meeting about children and how they are affected by use of the platforms. what laws may need to change. tiktok and snap have been blamed for facilitating illegal drug cells and vandalism and this is the first time that both tiktok and snap chat have testified in front of a congressional committee. the other side, facebook representatives have testified 30 times total and twitter executives have testified 18 times so i guess it's their turn in the hot seat. we will have the eye on it. back to you. many hag toe the elizabeth holmes trial continues. this after potentially damaging testimony to the defendant's side in court. it came from a scientist with a major pharmacy company yesterday. his company rejected the technology but he claimed otherwise. in another development the judge is getting concerned about how long the trial is taking. he wants to up the trial to
6:35 am
four days a week instead of three. developing this morning two people are dead and at least four hurt after a mass shooting at an idaho mall. among the injured yesterday was a police officer who was one of the first responders on the scene of boise. last night investigators saided gunman was taken in to custody after exchanging fire with police. >> i didn't see the gun or the person holding the gun. i could feel that like everybody else was panicking. people running out and other people i saw freaking out. outside and i was like, this is a real -- this happened. this is a real event. >> the suspect was in the hospital in critical condition. following the deadly shooting on a set of a film starring alec baldwin there are fresh calls to regulate guns on film sets. there are new concerns being brought up about the assistant director. he was fired from a previous movie after a gun incident on
6:36 am
that set injured a crew member. calling for a ban of live ammunition on theater productions. >> why are we still doing this when are you filming a western. you don't need to have the same rules of engagement for your props has people did 100 years ago in the wild west. you can't throw someone a gun, let alone throw someone a gun without checking it. >> no charges have been announced related to its shooting. coming up, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a closer look at the damage left behind and the biggest storm of the season. how the fair took a big hit. and after the break what pet owners need to know in being forced to evacuate the humane society joins us live with what you can do to prepare. and the market opened a few minutes ago. let's check on the big board. the dow is up a hundred points. diane king hall breaks down the numbers after the break.
6:37 am
good morning. ahead on cbs mornings the first storm of the season is threatening tens of millions of americans. how people still recovering from the impact of ida -- are dealing the heavy rain and nodding. how some school districts convincing students to get vaccinated to participate in sports and extraprograms. and a film maker discusses her collaboration with former nfl player collin kapernick in a new series about his life talking about issues of race and class. we will see you at seven. and a live look outside from san francisco before we head to break. a tribute to ken bautista who is retiring. ken always knew everything about the bay area. he knew everything. all the towns, who the mayors were, who the fire chief was, all kind of information that i didn't always know.
6:38 am
it was really wonderful to have him anchoring with me.
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welcome back. we still have the high surf warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. we are talking about large northwest swells. large breakers, 20 to 30 feet. strong rip currents and sneaker waves so use caution at our beaches this morningw. relooking at cool and cloudy conditions for today. 62 in san francisco, 63 in oakland, san jose 66 and 65 for concord, the daytime highs running about seven to ten degrees below average for this time of year. ly let you know what you can expect. tracking a weak disturbance and the chance for a few showers
6:42 am
for today. details coming up. diane king hall on it tuesday. diane good morning. >> good morning to you. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and investors are in a buying mood. looking for new records. the dow is unott plus side by 81 points so a little off it's high. still gaining over the tech sector you are seeing gains. the nasdaq is better by 111 points. the president said he is hopeful that congress will reach a deal this week on his build back bet ear againa. this after his administration proposed a new tax onbillionaires. joe manchin appears to beon board with a scaled back version of the package. >> thank you. the sound of chainsaws in the bay areaneighborhoods as clean up gets underway in san francisco. public works crews have had
6:43 am
their hands full removing downed trees in some cases. they have to remove up to 20 trees in one spot. the alameda county fair took a hit, stuffedanimals being dried out. items were scattered all over the fairgrounds when the storm ripped tents apart. from flooding to wildfires, the bay area is no strange tore packing up and leaving in a moment's notice. for pet owner that can cause a little more panic. joining us live with how to prepare your pets before a crisis hits diane robinson, good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> and rounding out the family member when is we are told to get out we know it's not easy. what is your biggest piece of advice? >> put together a to go kit to start with. make sure that you have everything that the pets need and leashes and all that handy.
6:44 am
it's so stressful to try to run around grabbing everything plus worrying about your pets. if it's ready to go, you know where it s it takes some of the stress away. >> and diane we know this is every pet owner's worst nightmare. what should we do if our pet gets left behind in the shuffle of getting out? >> first make sure they have fact if possible. i know that's harder with cats to have and collars and something like that they could get caught up on. you want to make sure your pets chipped all of that information is current and then there will be call lines that you can provide the information to the folk that will go in and rescue them or hopefully if they can get back in can rescue them. >> and you talked about that to go bag. i know with my little dog she shakes it just a hint of
6:45 am
anything being -- >> that is harder. pets react -- the same way we do and they will sense your confusion and concern when you are having to evacuate and all the urn certainty around that. there are some things that you can talk to your vet about if there is medication you that can give them that will help calm them and that's -- there's also things like stress shirts and things you can put on them that are compression and the biggest is even if they don't tend toward being nervous like you mentioned yours is, is just make sure that in the to go bag are -- you have a blanket or you know a toy or something that is going to help comfort them when they are there in the shelter or even with you in your room wherever you are. >> protect our fur babies. >> diane robinson.
6:46 am
thank you for joining us. 6a 4:00 is the time. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary. it may be a nice day to walk the pups outside. >> we are looking at cool and cloudy conditions. calmer compared to the historic storm that we just saw. let's talk about what you can expect if you are getting ready to head out the door. more clouds streaming in for today. cool, below average and a few spotty light showers for the north bay. just a bit of a spritz. nothing like we saw. from the rest of the week sunnier, warmer weather ahead. the sales force tower camera. the temperatures in the mid to low 50's. how much rain we peculiared up and the rainfall verses average for the water year that started october 1st. we are looking at 922% of rage. 1100 in san francisco, 985% of
6:47 am
average in livermore. a great start to our water year with all of that rain we peculiared up. a lot of snow up in the sierra. great to see this. about three feet of snow for palisades. north star, nine inches for dodge ridge. mammoth. three inches of snow. here is the satellite and radar view. showersfor parts of the north bay. north of the golden gate. a few light spotty showers. a weak disturbance. after that high pressure builds in. dryer, sunnier warmer weather ahead through the rest of the workweek. let's time it out. you can see clouds streaming in. stopping the clock at noon and a few light spotty showers for at least the best chance for the north bay. here we are at 4 p.m. with a few isolated showers and we head through tomorrow morning, a cloudy start and then as we go through tomorrow and in the afternoon you can see the sunshine. temperatures on the rise, the
6:48 am
start of a warming trend for us. as we look to our daytime highs, upper 50's to low 60's for the coast. a high surf warning in effect for the coast until 11:00 a.m. for the peninsula. mid-60s's. mid-60s'ser to the south bay. inland east bay, 65, concord, low to mid6o's for the tri valley. a cool 62 san francisco, 60 in daley city. around the bay and be log at low 650's for the north bay this afternoon. topping out just 59 in ukia. here is the extended forecast. san francisco, oakland and san jose you can can see temperatures on the rise wednesday through the rest of the workweek. back to where we should be and a slight chance of a few showers possible for saturday and for monday. we will have a better idea as we get closer to it. inland east bay, mid-60s's and for the north bay and coast. that chance of a few more light spotty showers. there we go as we look ahead to the rest of the workweek. temperatures climbing as we go through the rest of the workweek and again that
6:49 am
potential to see a few showers saturday and monday. that better chance the north bay and coast. let's check in with gianna. it's getting busy. is. you know what a difference a day make was those roadways trying out. things calmer on the roadways. if are you getting leady to head out the door. looking better for the most part. showing you an overview. a lot of green on 680. that ride out of concord. no troubles there. walnut creek. things clear there. if you are going through the peninsula we have that ongoing closure. 84 is still shut down in both directions. la honda, skyline boulevard, want to stick with alternates. it was a tree that fell into lanes, took power cables down with it as well. apparently a car tried to get through that area. there was an accident also through there. most of the clean up has happened. they are still waiting on pg&e crews to get out on screen to make sure everything is okay. just a heads up. you can always take 35 to 92.
6:50 am
that will i can you that over to 280 or stick with highway 1. that's a great alternate. that will take to you 92. bay bridge toll plaza. photograph sick backed up well in to the foot of the maze. that morning ride already busy off the east shore freeway. a 19 minute ride west 80 from the maze over into 101. that's as you work across the bridge into san francisco. the other busiest bridge is the richmond, san rafael bridge. no delays on the golden gate. things quiet as you work out of the marin county area. live look and you can see photograph sick moving at the limit. 880 and 101. new this morning, we are in the -- airport is still reporting losses and doesn't expect air traffic to recover until at least 2026. that's even as the travel industry gathered steam on
6:51 am
letting up restrictions. they are since tried to claw back gains by raises its charges to airlines. the future of the athletics, the county board meeting today could tell us more on where the county stands on keeping team in oakland. and jeff bezos already planning his next out of this world move. how it could bring competition to the international space station. streaming today on cbsn bay area, more than 10,000 pages of internal documents have been leaked. we will talk cnet on what it could mean. you can watch it or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free. and let's give a live look outside right now. looking down the peninsula. we will be right
6:52 am
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live in the newsroom. watching the fda panel. the fda panel will belonging at evidence and give recommendations on whether to authorize the pfizer vaccine. if favorable recommendations come out, this could mean 28 million children could be eligible to get the vaccine in just a matter of days. this would be a lower two dose vaccine. the white house outlined its plan next week to distribute the doses as soon as it's authorized by the fda and the cdc. the meeting is scheduled to last about nine hours. it's an all day process. with he will keep following it. kpix five. live in oakland this is where we are anticipating a
6:56 am
board of supervisors meeting today. soups are expected to express support one way or the other more a new ballpark for the a's at the howard determine natural site along the waterfront. on the agenda for the noon meeting is a resolution and possible vote on whether the county will without future tax revenue to help the a's pay for parks and other on site from. the oakland mayor said they have confidence there will be a vote and the answer will be yes. as we know the golden state warriors moved across the bay to san francisco and the raiders now the las vegas raiders. we know a lot of fans will be paying attention. kpix5. the live news desk and want to take you become live to unthe big mess we have been covering on the peninsula. a big tree went down taking
6:57 am
power line was it and a car came along and hit the whole mess. this happened just after 3:30. this is in san mate oh, and it's a remind tear the ground is soaked and more trees could becoming down all over the bay area. at this point all lanes of state route 84 are still blocked. no estimated time of reopening. let's get back over to gianna with more on how to get around that mess. that closure is just west of skyline. you will want to avoid that choir area if you can. you can use 35 toward 92. 35 all showing green. you can take that to 92 to cut across to 82 or 101 as well. if you want to take 101 to 92 that will get you there. we will update you on the twitter pages and facebook. bay bridge toll plaza busy. it's already busy as you work out of the east bay there to san francisco. checking our travel times, no crashes in the pass but look at
6:58 am
that. it's a slow ride. one hour. that's your travel time to go from 205 toward 680. we are tracking a slow travel time as well about an hour as well from antioch to the east shore and that freeway commute showing a few break lights. 24 minutes to the maze. what a difference a day makes. here is mary. a lot calmer for today. we are looking at more clouds streaming in and a cool day across the bay area with the below averagedaytime highs. good morning to you in the south bay. you can see mostly cloudy skies as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon with the below average highs, check it out. upper 50's along the coast with the high surf warning in effect. right around the bay. low 60's this afternoon. 62 in -- 63 oakland for the peninsula and the low to mid- 60s's this afternoon and low to mid-60s's for the south bay. 66 in san jose. looking at 6a concord and 61
6:59 am
for santa rosa this afternoon. i want to show you this as we go hour by hour on future cast the clouds streaming in and tracking a weak disturbance that will bring a few isolated light showers and that better chance will be the north bay. just a bit of sp ritz. as we looka ahead to tomorrow more sun with temperatures on the rise. tomorrow the start of a warming trend for us as we head through the rest of the workweek. back to you. >> want to go to space? you may be in luck. >> blue origin is proposing a new commercial space station called or ib atal reef. it could host in space manufacturing and vacations. they hope it could be operational in the late 2020's. it'll likely cost in the tens of billions of dollars and will require multiple safe launches before human ever gets to take a ride. vacation get away. to space. >> i'm all up for it. >> how do you eastbound even pack for a trip like this?
7:00 am
>> guess we will have to find out. thank you for joining us. cbs morning up welcome. welcome to cbs mornings. gayle king is off today. >> first, your eye opener. >> new york and new jersey declare a state of emergency it becomes the first nor'easter. effects will be six inches of rain, maybe more in some


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