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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 26, 2021 4:30am-4:50am PDT

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through are growing calls to ban prop guns on hollywood films. tom wade has more on the proposed legislation. >> two people accidentally shot. >> the chilling 911 call came if from the movie set in new mexico. according to an affidavit the director told investigators that they were practicing a scene that entailed alec baldwin cross drawing his weapon and pointing the gun toward the camera lens. the director said while he was practicing with the gun he heard what sounded like a whip and then a loud pop. >> was it loaded a real bullet? >> i cannot tell you that. >> he remembers the phrase cold gun being used onset meaning the gun was safe. >> if someone actually put a live round in there, number one that shouldn't have been on the
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set. number two they should have inspected the gun first with a pencil down the barrel and a flashlight to make sure there is nothing in the mechanism. >> guns on the film set were supposed to be checked by the armorer and then checked again by the assistant director who handed the gun to baldwin. we are learning one was fire from a previous movie after a gun incident on that set injured a crew member in the wake of this stunning and horrible tragedy california state senator is calling for a ban of live ammunition on theater productions. >> why are we still doing this? when you are filming a western you don't need to have the same rules of engagement for your props as people did 100 years ago in the wild west. you can't throw someone a gun, let alone a gun without checking it. as authorities in new mexico continue their investigations
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there are many questions about the legal fall out. >> his potential legal exposure has two parts. he could be convicted of a crime but it's unlikely. more likely is he will be sued for wrongful death and millions could be awarded. time for money watch. a record day on wall street and the next big plans in the works for blue origin. diane king hall report from the new york stock exchange. >> wall street ended the day with a couple of record highs. the dow was one of them ending up 64 for its best close ever. the nasdaq jumped 1346 and the s&p500 hit a record closing up 21. that new s&p500 high was helped by a rally and shares of tesla. it jumped 12% after car company hertz said it would buy
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100,000 model 3's. its part of an effort to make it's fleet 20% electric by the end of next year. the rally lifted it above a one trillon dollar market for the first time. here is one way to cut down on traffic during the commute to the office. put that office in space. that's what jeff bezos is planning next now that it's rocketed human tourists off the planet. they are part of a team launching a venture called orbital reef. it's a mixed use business park. it's aimed to research industrial, international and commercial customers. the team which includes boeing, sierra space and a number of universities plans to have the facility up and running by 2030. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange.
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>> 15 minutes now to five let's get a check of weather and traffic. let's start with mary lee. a lot calmer than the next couple of days. >> big difference as we look at those clouds streaming in for today. our temperatures mainly in the 50's. here is a live look as we look east across the bay and the bay bridge this morning as we start off the tuesday and you can see the temperatures mid50's for many of us from concord, oakland, livermore, san francisco, 50 in san jose and 49 in santa rosa. current visibility looking at patchy fog along the coast down to two miles in half moon bay and current wind speeds and looking at calm to light conditions as we start off our day. a huge difference compared to the historic storm we had with all of that rain and wind. you can see a lot calmer as we start off the day. ten mile an hour winds in oakland, six in concord, livermore and for half moon
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bay. we have a high surf warning in effect and that's until 11:00 a.m. we are looking at areas in purple for the coast. we are looking at high surf, large northwest swells, large breakerns 20 to 30 feet. watch out for the strong rip currents and sneaker waves in the sudden breakers. use extra caution at the beaches. satellite and radar view and we are look at a weak little weather disturbance that could bring a few showers to the north bay. most of us will be dry but let's time it out hour by hour and then you can see the clouds streaming in with the weather system. mere be are at noon and a few spotty showers. stopping the clock again at 4:00 p.m. and a few showers for the north bay. this very light and very spotty, nothing like what we just saw but there is that ce t rough the afternoon for the north bay as we look ahead to wednesday morning. stopping the clock here at 6:00 a.m. can thclouds as we start off the day, wednesday into its the afternoon.
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clearing and temperatures -- for this time of year. the sunrise at 7:28. the sunset at 6:18. let's check the daytime highs for today as we look at high temperatures below average for this time of year. for the coast upper 50's to low 60's. we are looking at daytime highs around 59 in pacifica, 61 at half moon bay. for the peninsula, 64, 66 redwood city. 65 in palo alto and the south bay 65 in sunyvale. san jose at 66. also for campbell and 65 for morgan hill. for the inland east bay, 65 in concord, pleasant hill. the tri valley, 65 in livermore later on today. as we look around the bay from 62 in san francisco, daley city, for the east bayshore line, alameda 64 for san leandro. oakland at 63. also for berkeley and richmond as we look to the north bay.
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highs in the low 6o's. 61 in santa rosa. 62 in napa and for sonoma and there was that chance to see a few spotty light showers this afternoon. 56 for lake port and for clear lake. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect and there is a chance for san francisco. you may see a spotty shower. 63, with those clouds streaming in as well as for san jose, more cloud cover with that weak little weather disturbance. temperatures will be warmer, back to where we should be. little more sun. wednesday, thursday, and for friday. there is a chance we have another weak weather system for the possibility of a few showers on saturday and then another chance on monday. the weather model is not in greet agreement on that. i will have a better idea. let's show you the inland east bay, north bay and for the coast. you have the chance to see a few showers for today. all of us will see more clouds
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and then a little more sun for wednesday and that will continue that warm up as we head through the rest of the workweek. warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday and then again tracking the chance to see a few showers and i think the better chance for saturday will be the north bay and coast. then we have another chance as we look ahead to possibility of sunday along the coast and for monday. those are the weak weather systems. there is that chance into saturday and for monday. let's check in for gianna. >> we have a couple things going on. first off if you are going near the valley there's a road closure. this is due to a fallen tree. its been out there for about an hour now and fallen cables as well. it has shut down the roadway on 35 at 84. both directions between 35 and la honda. if you are taking that for the
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morning commute it'll be some time before the clean up. if are you working in to the pass we have a lot of brake lights. look at that. a lot of red and yellow popping up on the sensors. you have a slow ride out of 580 and it stays sluggish to just about north flynn. once are you past that things look better at the dublin interchange. you can see traffic moving for the most part at the limit. those -- extra volume toward 680. plan for that wind advisory was issued for the pass overnight but looks like they have cleared that so hopefully things are quieter as you work through there. travel times 32 minutes 205 over toward 680. no delays on 8o the east shore freeway and 101 out of san jose. we are not seeing any troubles there. live look at the bay bridge. easy ride out of marin.
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the san mateo bridge looking really good. here is the rest of your travel times for some of our busiest bridges, even the richmond, san rafael bridge toward the marin side and 880 oakland. looking good, no construction or crashes. everything clear in pot directions. morning. what have i got? in the am? how about a sports tradition that has been running in the 11:00 news since the 50's. it was back last night. been a while. jimmy on the ninners. they are favorite at chicago. niners empire you will have to
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let's talk about the 49ers. they are not first in the nfc west. they are not last either. despite the offensive struggles on sunday which spotlighted three second half turnovers the coach said yesterday number 10 ; remains qb1 at chicago for the bears game. trey lance still nursing the knee injury. niners the slight favorite coming off the four straight losses. here is coach. >> jimmy didn't play as good as he could which, he knows that, i know that. that was not a game to where if jimmy has one bad game is he losing his job. we know that trey is the future here. >> here is why the niners are not last in the west. brian johnson in his debut footed a go head field goal and. russell wilson there was not much that gino smith could do on third down as time was running down it.
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was the saints last night. final of 13-10. record 2-5. as you take a look at the standings. seattle dropped their third straight game which sent them south of the 49ers in the west standings. giants fans you have to root for dusty baker when he take his astros in the world series game one. bakers last time. this in 2002. eight outs left. game six. they lost that game of the series to the angels. baker remembers the haters. >> i heard mostly criticism, you know. you didn't do this. you are not good at that or you know, you don't know how to use your pull pan or don't like players. i heard whole lot of stuff, most of it not positive. >> stand back. its been a while, roll up my sleeves. get all kind of loose.
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i go like this and the top five appears. catch alert. it's a catch alert. giants quarterback daniel jones leaping ability, nice. number four, hockey go with the baseball like swing. nationals -- and what do you know. the number 3. john -- hanging, balling, looking for buckets. look at leaping ability. from that to number 2. we will see how john collins does it. dunk for the hawks. and number one, tom brady and his career, 600 touchdown pass sunday. trouble was receiver michael evans gave the ball away to a fan. got to get that back. that fan got three signed jerseys, a health, cleats, a thousand dollars gift card, two years of season tickets, and a bit coin from brady all for the ball in return. >> who made out big on that
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deal? just let you chew on that one for a while. >> not a bad deal. >> good trade. >> yeah. coming up on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> the vote today that could pave the way for millions of children across the nation to get vaccinated against coronavirus. and the clean up still underway this morning after the bay area saw the biggest storm of the season over the weekend. and he has a live look from dublin before we head to break. stay with us. we will
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santa rosa after damage from the weekend storm. >> and the fda panel set to meet today could give a green light on the vaccine for kids. good morning to you. it's tuesday, october 26th. >> we are going to start with a look at our traffic with mary. >> calmer conditions. thankfully so. that was a historic storm where we saw so much rain and snow up in the sierra and of course that strong wind damage as well. now we are looking at calmer conditions and temperatures below average. we have clouds streaming in. we have a weak weather system that could bring a few showers for the north bay and i will show you this in just a minute.


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