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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 26, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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we call it lake carlson. >> the monster cleanup after a monster storm and bay area neighbors who are furious tonight. why they say this creek
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flooding could have easily been avoided. there is no need to harass minors in our community. city council chaos tonight. activists are accused of crossing the line to make their voices heard. if you thought california's edd scandal was bad wait until you hear what we just learned tonight. [ engine roaring ] and ken is riding off in the sunset this week but not before one final road trip down memory lane. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. >> what a mess. the cleanup is just a mess tonight. the east bay and beyond is cleaning up after a historic storm flooded roads, caused widespread damage and left more than half a million homes and businesses in the dark. we are live with team coverage. let's begin with the north bay
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where neighbors are furious tonight about damage they blame the city for. >> reporter: well, ken, with the amount of rain santa rosa received water started spilling out of the creek on to the roadway and it crept up to people's homes. >> we call it lake carlson. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the carlson family yard is one soggy mess with the trampoline and play structure sitting on quite a bit of standing water. >> never seen anything happen like this. really surprised to see that and see like the rushing rapids down the avenue. >> the water is expected to rise, please evacuate. >> reporter: this was the scene as the creek running overflowed, the santa rosa fire department responded to evacuate residents. everyone got out safely. tonight, four homes have been red tagged and some are saying it could have been prevented. >> i am livid because we went
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through emotional dispare with what is particularly when we know this is the situation. >> reporter: she claims the city did not do enough to clean out the debris clogging the creek. the city said to prevent flooding the city performs routine maintenance on 100 miles of city owned creeks and 346 miles of storm drainpipe to keep waterways clear. these residents did have their bags packed worried about the next big fire they never imagined it would be a flood forcing a major cleanup of their neighborhood. >> in a way i will take a flood over the fire. i am not worried about losing the home in the flood just damage. >> reporter: if the city says they have been doing maintenance on the creeks do they know what may of caused this particular creek to overflow? >> reporter: liz the city says they are looking into it. it says that it received a lot of run off from the burn scar that really
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impacted the flow into santa rosa creek. they are looking at a lot of things as to why some of the creeks in the area overflowed. >> all right, andrea, thank you. some of the damage will take days or weeks to fix. this is a live look from daly city where a sinkhole opened up near bell crest avenue and westline drive. meanwhile in san francisco, public works crews spent the day removing downed trees and debris from the streets. crews say they have not seen this many fallen trees in years. some crews had to remove up to 20 trees along one location. the storm also washed up quite a mess on bay area beaches including this one in albany. look at all of the debris in the sand there. and the alameda county fair took a hit. vendor items were scattered when the storm ripped tents apart. all of the stuffed animals and prizes took off, they had to be air-dried today. we just got an update from pg&e, they
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say they are making progress in restoring power. here is a look at the outage map. under 16,000 right now down from more than 68,000 earlier this morning. now, let's bring in our chief meteorologist with a look at our historic rainfall totals and what to expect tomorrow morning, paul? >> reporter: we use the words historic and record setting and the automatic a assumption is that we are being exagerating. santa rosa, more than 10 inches of rain. san francisco, seven inches of rain and even though you spent a lot of time in the rain shadow in san jose you picked up over two inches of rain. it is significant. not only did we pick up the almost seven inches of rain in san francisco four of it fell between midnight of saturday night and midnight last night.
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making it by far the wettest object day in the history of downtown san francisco. and an exceptional event. you need another chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow. it will be lighter and it will not be a wash out. far from it. check it out on future cast coming up in the full forecast. new at 11:00, tonight, city councilmembers have been forced to return to virtual meetings but it is not because of the covid-19, kpix5 is live with the chaos in the council chambers. maria? >> reporter: the councilmembers only had a few meetings in-person. there have been outbursts and boos and defiance of mask wearing now the mayor is issuing a warning. >> madam, you are not god. >> reporter: this is how
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the last in-person council meeting ended. personal attacks against the mayor's son that forced her to call a recess and now we are choosing not to air on tv. >> this is inappropriate. >> the outbursts mainly towards the mayor were far from the only one. by a small group of residents over the last couple of months. >> you are not a mayor, you are a terrorist. >> i do consider lbgtq a terrorist organization. >> i think it is unanimous, mayor. >> no it is not. >> officer paul. this is my meeting. i gave you three minutes. and i am asking you to allow other people now to speak. >> keep it above your nose. >> we know your goal is to silence the opposition. >> keep your mask on. >> the resident accused the mayor of leading a smear campaign against her and her team. it all came to a head when she
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and another woman made offensive remarks about her son. >> can you remind the public that we are the elected officials and there is no need to harass minors in our community. >> after more than a year of virtual meetings during the pandemic councilmembers returned to the chambers in august. but after just four chaotic meetings went back to zoom. last week the mayor gave out this warning for anyone who comments about nonpublic officials again. >> please be advised if you fail to listen to the advice you will be muted and potentially cited. >> do you know why this group is so upset with the mayor? that is number one and is anyone saying anything to you tonight about who they represent? what is their beef? >> reporter: you know we tried to reach out to the residents. i was able to get ahold of her. she had no comment and then hung up on me.
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residents said during the meeting they believe that the mayor has ties to hate groups and that she is noninclusive and we did try to reach out to the mayor as well and she did not respond to us. >> we heard the one woman say that she felt that lbgtq is a terrorist group? is that correct? >> reporter: yes. and she did say that she does not mean that those who are part of the community are terrorists groups but that the organization is a terrorist group and that she said that because she believes that the mayor, who is an executive director for councilling organization for kids told her child that she could turn into a boy. so, kind of a complicated issue there but it sothes unds people have with the mayor. >> and what it has to do with politics and running the city i don't think
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we will find out. thank you for that. new at 11:00. state officials say california has given away nearly $20 billion in unemployment fraud. they say the fraud accounts for more than 11% of paid benefits since the start of the pandemic. officials say nearly all of the fraud can be blamed on the rush to approve expanded unemployment benefits. the director of the edd says a new identification software system has stopped an estimated $120 billion in fraud attempts. still ahead. movie set safety under the microscope after what happened with alec baldwin. tonight how far one bay area lawmaker is willing to go to prevent another prop gun tragedy. >> you don't need to have the same rules of engagement for your props as people did 100 years ago in the wild west. in just a matter of weeks millions of kids could be eligible for the vaccine. major decision expected tomorrow. and we are looking back at
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growing calls to ban prop guns on the set of films. we have more on the proposed
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legislation. two people accidently shot. >> reporter: the chilling 911 call coming in. director souza told investigators they were rehearsing a scene that had actor alec baldwin cross drawing his weapon and pointing the revolver towards the director lens. while he was rehearsing with the gun he sounded what sounded like a whip and it shot. >> was it loaded with a real bullet? >> i can not tell you that. >> reporter: souza remembers the phrase cold gun meaning the gun was safe. >> if someone put a live round in there, number one t should not have on the set and number two they should of visually inspected the gun first with a pencil down the barrel and flashlight to make sure there is nothing in the mechanism. >> reporter: guns on the film set were supposed to be
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checked by the film's armorer and checked again by halls, the assistant director who handed the gun to baldwin. halls was fired from another movie. california state senator is calling for a ban of live ammunition on set. >> you don't have to have the same things you can not toss somebody a gun let alone toss someone a gun without checking it. >> reporter: as authorities continue their investigations there are many questions about the legal fall out. >> baldwin's potential legal exposure has two parts. he could be convicted of a crime but unlikely. much more likely he will be sued for
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wrongful death and millions could be awarded. happening tomorrow, the pfizer vaccine could win emergency use authorization for children between 5 and 11 years old. if an fda advisory panel gives the green light. shots in arms could come in the first few weeks of november. earlier moderna released new data showing its vaccine is safe and effective for kids between 6 and 11. the company says it will quickly move to apply for emergency authorization. back on the storm watch, interstate 80 has reopened over donner summit after snow fell in the sierra. traffic is flowing along highway 50. earlier today drivers were frustrated waiting in backed up traffic. the wet and snowy highway led to spin outs and cars sliding off of the shoulder. tonight a driver says he would rather camp in his car and wait out the rough weather. >> probably for the best. it is a little safer in your car than out
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on the highways here. >> you are going to hunker down for the night? >> yeah, i am going to have to. >> if you come up here, be responsible, chain up, know your weather and be prepared. >> you got to be careful. it feels like it is so early in the season. >> yes. >> it is. >> yes. it feels like it should be december. >> it is early for that much snow and that much rain. an extraordinary storm. we told you earlier yesterday was the wettest october day in san francisco but all of the bay area cities set records either yesterday or today in the case of livermore for the maximum daily rainfall in the month of october. almost a foot of rain yesterday alone. almost 8 inches of rain in santa rosa and san rafael. unbelievable system. now, the atmosphere will dry out a little more over the next few days, still, one more chance of showers tomorrow, north of the golden gate and along the coast. then, we see dry weather taking hold for wednesday, thursday, friday,
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high pressure builds in. drier weather but also warmer weather. back to normal temperatures by the latter half of the workweek. check out future cast. staying dry for tonight. other than a little bit of fog accumulating on surfaces. the showers will be approaching the north bay. the sun comes up, light activity. hit or mess, not going to amount to a trace of rain overall. a chance of showers making their way all of the way through san francisco. not surviving inland of the east bay or making their way into the santa clara valley. after the sun goes down tomorrow evening the rain shuts down for the bay area. more rainfalling over the northern california coast. more needed moisture elsewhere in the state. adding up on future cast how much rain we will need tomorrow. not much. we are talking barely a trace. a little more, less than 1/10th of an inch of rain. not enough to cause any additional problems in terms of flooding and existing problems are still going to improve despite the tiny bit of rain. here is some of the fog developing right
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now. temperatures dropped down into the 50s. 56 downtown, 58 degrees in oakland, all of the way down to 49 degrees in santa rosa. we will end up with a mix of middle and upper 40s and 50s on the map by tomorrow morning, that is normal for this time of the year. high temperatures on tuesday are still going to be a good 7-10 degrees below normal. around 60 along the coast. lower 60s around the bay and for the north pay with more cloud cover and outside chance of showers, farther inland in the east bay. high temperatures into the middle 60s but those spots will be back up to or above 70 degrees by wednesday. the temperatures hit normal levels, wednesday, thursday, friday, just a little baby cool down in time for halloween weekend. there is an outside chance of showers over halloween weekend. like tomorrow it will be few and far between. it will be light and the best chance will be farther north. no need to adjust outdoor plans at this point. keep you updated throughout the rest of this week, vern? >> straight ahead. i have been waiting for this. 11:00 sports tradition returns. it has been a while.
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nfl up top. the 49ers, well, they are not first in the nfc west. they are not last, either. despite the struggles sunday, spotlighted three second half turnovers, the coach said today number 10 remains qb1 for the bears game. nursing a knee injury, the 9ers are a slight road favorite, as i said, coming off of 4 straight losses, here is coach. >> jimmy did not play as good
2:01 am
as he could. he knows that, i know that, that was not a game where jimmy has one bad game he is losing his job. we are trying, beating pete carroll. not much back up quarterback smith could do the 3rd down. time ran down it was the saints final of 13-10. seattle's record down 2-5. seattle dropped their third straight game. that is what sent them south of the 49ers in the west standings. giants fans you got to root, root, root for dusty baker when he takes his astros into game one tomorrow against the braves? well, baker last time in the fall classic in 2002, game ball to ortiz, 5- 0 with 8 outs left in game 6. lost that game in the series to
2:02 am
the angels. baker remembers the haters. >> you know, i heard mostly criticism, you know, he did not do this or not good at that or, you know, you don't know how to use your bullpen or don't like young players, i heard a bunch of stuff. most of it not complementary. >> been awhile. i just kind of go like this and the top 5 appears on your screen. number 5. catch alert. danielle jones, a baseball-like swing. what do you know? jano. what do you know? that is john moran hanging, balling for buckets. i wonder if liz does this at home? oh, yeah! number 2. let's see how john collins does it. thunderous for the atlanta hawks. number one, tom brady in his
2:03 am
career 600th pass, trouble was the receiver gave the ball away to a fan. you got to get that back. here is what the fan got. three signed jerseys, helmet, cleats, $1,000 gift card and two years of season tickets and a bit coin from brady for the ball in return. wow! boy, holding out for a nice
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all week we are paying tribute to our good friend. >> all week? >> yes. >> and ken is retiring in case you did not know. not before we relive some of his best moments here at kpix5. so, tonight, get your motor running, head out on the highway for the road trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: the year, 2014. that is when ken bastida got into his '66 corvette stingray and put the pedal to the medal. >> here we go. >> reporter: he joined more than 6,000 others for a corvette caravan. >> the car is running good. we are half quart of oil in there and we have coffee. >> reporter: riding shotgun, kpix5 photographer. >> trying to set the corvette speed record for slow. >> reporter: the destination, the corvette
2:08 am
museum in bowling green, kentucky. along the way, busted in wyoming for a little known state law about pulling into the far left lane while passing an emergency vehicle. [ laughter ] >> that is my favorite story. [ laughter ] >> trooper homer was his name. did not like us taking his picture. see his hand? >> i saw. he was not messing around. what am i going to do, right? >> i saw the kpix5 decal on the side of the corvette. what was it all about? >> we did a little thing for charity. we put the logo on there. we had so many great stops, went through columbia, missouri, i can not remember, so many states, then we get to the end of this thing and bob, who looks like he is from zz top. that is my photographer over the years, wanted to go to new orleans. so i said why not! [ laughter ] we drove to new orleans and
2:09 am
then across texas and it was great. >> what was it like when you finally got home after riding in that? >> my butt was sore. >> i was going to say not an easy ride. >> no. i would not recommend going 7,000 miles in a 50-year-old car. >> so, now that you will have more time on your hands are you going to do it again? >> thinking about it. thinking about going to driving to carlile, pennsylvania maybe next year with a
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