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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 25, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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managers. this storm was actually bigger than we had forecasted and thought. >> reporter: last week, we showed you the east fork of the russian river barely crawling into lake mendocino. now the lake is carrying the storm and as of today, the lake was up 5,000 acre feet. >> lake sonoma just from this rainfall has received over 13,000 acre feet into that reservoir. >> one of our smallest lakes, actually phoenix lake, is spilling now. >> reporter: marin is now in the wettest october since 1890 and the storm has had a dramatic impact on the water system. >> we've ended up with 17 inches total and that brought our reservoir levels up just over 11%. >> reporter: a few more storms like this one and marin could very well find itself with reservoirs that are completely recharged. in sonoma, it will take more time and more rain, but the first step was getting the ground saturated enough that it could carry the runoff to the
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reservoirs. they thought they needed about seven to 10 inches to do that. that is exactly what they got over the course of one single weekend. >> absolutely. this atmospheric river sets us up for success. >> reporter: yeah, the wet ground is going to allow us to fully capitalize on the future rains. that is incredibly important. it is important we get more rain in the near term. i am told that if we go another month or so, that rain will start to lose some of the ground recharge that we just were so lucky to accomplish. here on phoenix lake in marin county, kpix 5. >> the storm also sending water to reservoirs in the east bay. this time last week capacity for all reservoirs was w stands take a look at these amazing pictures. a massive rock slide blocking highway 70 in plumas county. crews have closed the highway there and in butte county this
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happened near the dixie fire burn scar. crews say debris and rain are causing some problems. >> as far as that burn scar, we have massive amounts of debris, black mud plugging up the culverts. >> crews are continuing to work on both sides of the rock slides this evening. no word on how long it will take to clean up that area. it is not just northern california. the powerful pacific storm system is also impacting southern california. reporter jeff nguyen has more on the rain impacting burn scar areas there. >> reporter: luigi returned to his santa barbara county home after spending the night in a hotel during the storm that brought significant rain. >> because of the potential of landslide and flooding because there is no more vegetation on the mountain, the dirt can give anytime. >> reporter: they have been
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scarred by the fire that burned a dozen homes. >> we don't have a phone line ever since the fire started which is like two weeks ago today. >> reporter: after the rainfall tapered off, the santa barbara county public works department inspected the canyon. how is this looking? >> this is looking great. as you can see, the water is flowing through. there's no debris or mud flow through there. this is the best we could low for. >> reporter: the fear was we would see a repeat of 2018 when montecito was hit by deadly mudslides caused by heavy rain in the burn scars of the thomas fire. this red cross shelter was setup because at least 300 people were under an evacuation order and work was done on the flood control channels over the past week. >> maintenance crews were in here clearing vegetation, creating channels in the creek to make sure anything that would get in there would flow smoothly. >> reporter: he was concerned about his cows that help him to
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clear the brush. their faces have been covered with ash as they rummage through this charred landscape looking for things to eat. >> i have to feed them. i came back to town just to take care of them. new at 5:30, oakland police showed pictures of this bust. officers recovering a boring company flame thrower, along with guns and gambling machines from what's being called a gambling shock. now to washington where president biden self-imposed deadline for passage of his build back better agenda is fast approaching. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats are very close to a deal on the nearly $2 trillion plan. biden held talks with democratic senator joe manchin at his delaware home over the weekend. both sides are saying a deal could come this week. >> we're all working in good faith. i've been talking to everybody as you know and i think that we
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got a good understanding of each other now better than we've ever had. >> very, very positive to get it done before this year. >> president biden scheduled to take a trip to europe thursday and wants a deal before he leaves. the biden administration announcing a new effort to help afghan refugees. it's a program called sponsor circle program. it will allow refugees to move from u.s. military bases into a sponsor home. the administration aims to connect evacuees with americans willing to help. former refugees have volunteered to help out. >> we just feel that it is really our obligation, also frankly our privilege to be able to be in this position where we can just help others that need help. >> the program allows groups of five people to apply to be a team that will help evacuees with housing and support for at least 90 days. the sponsor program is modeled after a similar refugee program
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in canada. coming up, covid-19 in the brain. a new study out that shows how the virus could be effecting the mental health of teenagers. plus, a vacation getaway in space. the company looking to build a new, massive space station. coming up all new at 6:00, it was an area of great concern during this weekend's storms. we go back to the santa cruz mountains as residents begin clearing the damage and how all the rain could impact the rest of wildfire season. plus -- >> i'm john ramos in healdsburg. thanks to yesterday's storm, the russian river is once again running high. will it dampen the enthusiasm of people to conserve water? we'll have that story coming up.
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a former facebook data scientist turned whistle blower says facebook is making hate first. she made that statement as she testified before a british parliamentary committee. it is reviewing the on-line safety legislation in the uk. >> it's true 97% or something they take down happens because of their robots, but that's not actually the question we want answered. the question we want anticipated is did you take the hate speech down and the number i've seen is like 3% to 5%. i wouldn't be surprised if there was variation within the documents. >> the committee is proposing big fines or other significant penalties for companies that do not limit and get rid of harmful, on-line material. despite two whistle-blowers coming forward this month, facebook's third quarter
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earnings rose today. tesla electric car companies are passing a $1 trillion vallation today. the news sent shares topping $1,000 and comes after hertz announced a record order of 100 house thousand teslas for its fleet and influential auto analyst recently raised his price target on tesla to $ 1,200 a share. tesla joins trillion dollar market cap companies like apple, amazon and microsoft. kellogg being sued over its strawberry pop tarts. a woman in illinois filed a class action lawsuit alleging there's into the enough strawberries in strawberry pop tarts. the $5 million suit alleges the filling is heavier on pears, apples and red food coloring than actual strawberries. jeff bezos has new space plans. this time it involves tourism
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for the public. his company plans to open a massive, commercial space station. the company has named it orbital reef. they plan on using it for science experiments and tourism. blue origin executives say they plan to sign on nasa as an anchor tenant. it will require multiple safe launches before humans are allowed to ride abroad. the company hopes to have the space station operating in the late 2020s. a boom for south korean garment factories thanks to the netflix hit "squid game." one factory said october typically a slow month, but this time around they have more than 6,000 orders in a two-week period. the hottest items are the green track suits and pink jump suits worn in the netflix show and netflix says it has been watched by 142 million households since its debut in mid-september. coming up, an appendicitis used to mean emergency surgery. now there's another option. a look at the treatment that
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will keep some patients out of the operating room. and coming up tonight on the cbs evening news -- we have a lot of news on this monday starting with the triple threat of severe weather. a bomb cyclone on the west coast, tornado damage in the great plains and then a nor'easter here taking aim at the east coast. we're on the ground in virginia ahead of election day. we talk to two voters who previously cast ballots for biden, but now they are considering voting for the republican. could the race be a bell weather for th
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traffic thinned out in the last half hour. to the coronavirus, children 5 to 11 could start getting vaccinated against covid-19 as soon as next week. an fda advisory committee meeting tomorrow to consider recommending emergency use authorization of the low dose pfizer vaccine. a review by the agency found that pfizer's pediatric vaccine is nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic covid with the benefits outweighing the risks of the most serious side effects. those would include myocarditis, a rare heart condition linked to the pfizer and moderna vaccines in young men. it usually subsides on its own in a matter of days.
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>> vaccinated children will be really important for us to be able to return to normal life as we know it. >> we are looking forward to the day he has a matching set of protected kids. >> if the fda formally signs off on the two-dose vaccine, kids will be able to get the shots at the pediatrician offices and even schools. moderna says its half dose vaccine showed a strong immune response in children ages 6 to 11. the company plans to submit data to regulators soon. it's the most common surgery in the united states, but there could be a new treatment plan for those with appendicitis. now comes word that patients could avoid or delay surgeries with antibiotics. researchers looked at 1,500 patients. some were given meds instead of surgery. after three months, nearly seven in 10 patients in the antibiotic group avoided surgery altogether. four years out, just under half of patients in the antibiotic group had to have surgery. >> they didn't make me feel the
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greatest. i was really tired and had a weird, metallic taste. after i finished the course of antibiotics, fine. life went back to normal. i have not had another episode. >> this trial did not include children, but researchers say other studies are looking into if the antibiotics work for them as well. despite the snowy conditions in the sierra, interstate 80 as opened at donner pass at truckee, but trains still required at 580 between reno and carson. cars can go over, but semi trucks are still being held. >> i just could walk to reno faster. >> reporter: dylan and his friend drive a truck for fedex transporting packages from reno to sacramento. >> we've been here for six hours. chained up and then they told us we can't go even though we have chains. >> reporter: caltrans closed i- 80 due to a record-setting storm that rolled through the sierra stalling commercial traffic. how is it going? >> waiting. >> reporter: sounds familiar. >> yeah. >> reporter: andy owns his own rig. he is on his way to north
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dakota to ship honey bees back to the golden state. >> it ain't our first rodeo going over the hill. >> reporter: it stung a bit as he watched interstate 80 open up to passenger cars with four- wheel drive or chains by mid- morning. >> there's no reason why we want go. >> we have to do it. it is law in california. if it is the law in california, then we have to fix it. today it is maximum. last time i got four chains. now i have to have six chains on. it is what it is. >> reporter: this trucker hired professional installer chris. >> it is releaptless. it just won't stop raining. >> reporter: at it for decades now, he reminds drivers to always be prepared. >> don't come out here without your chains, a tank of gas, your patience and maybe a snack if you get hungry in the car. >> i'm hoping it clears up soon. the weather didn't say it would hit this hard, but what can we do? we have bills to pay. >> yeah, we keep talking about the rain and all the damage it did here closer to sea level, but up north look at that snow
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you are looking at. incredible. >> this is a stock image. it is representative what's happening in the high sierra because they got feet of snow. palisades 39 inches of snow. that's on the nevada side of the border. over three feet and exactly three feet, 36 inches at north star. you get down in elevation and the amounts weren't at substantial. the amount of moisture was the same. that's the important part for the state as a whole and obviously we had plenty of moisture around the bay area as well. yesterday the wettest october day on record for downtown san francisco. four inches of rain from midnight to midnight. the storm total was higher than that because it started before midnight and lasted after it, but that goes back to 1850 we recorded our wettest october day on record and fourth wettest overall. it's remarkable this early in the rainy cities tell. we don't have showers out there right now. we have a couple of sprinkles. tomorrow we bring in a chance of showers north of the golden
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gate. light stuff. don't be concerned. no additional problems. temperatures warm back up to about what's normal this time of year for wednesday, thursday and friday. rain chances north of the golden gate will be lower than 50-50 so we are talking about a chance from late morning into the afternoon. a few .01 inch of rain. it's not enough to cause additional issues. it's not going to exacerbate the existing flood be problems. it's not going even slow down the rate at which those problems are improving. there's a chance a couple of showers make its kay down into golden gate and even san francisco, but it's an outside chance. maybe throw the rain jacket in the car and an umbrella. far down the line, it looks like the atmosphere is going to dry out the next couple of weeks. there's another chance for a shower halloween weekend. the outlook from the climate prediction center shows a significant chance of below average precipitation for most of the california and the eight to 14-day outlook that takes us about a third of the way through november shows a significant chance of below
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average precipitation. maybe by late november the really long range data has been pointing at another rainy pattern. 65 degrees for santa rosa and concord. low 60s for fremont and san francisco. we'll start off cooler tomorrow because we don't have the thick blanket of clouds to insulate the ground. we drop down into the low 50s. this is normal this time of year. temperatures will be 10 degrees below average, low to mid-60s acrosse the board. around 60 degrees along the coast. low to mid-60s around a the south end of the bay down to the peninsula with mostly mid- 60s in the santa clara valley. san jose height be a degree cooler. mostly mid-60s inland in the east bay. 10 degrees below normal for it this part of the bay area.
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low 60 for san francisco with low to mid-60s for oakland and the east bay and a chance for passing showers. low 60s there with even cooler temperatures farther north in the mendocino unlikely to touch 60 degrees. temperatures warm back up to average for wednesday, thursday and friday and then a little cool down saturday and sunday. there is that chance of a couple of showers saturday and sunday. it's not going to wash out halloween weekend. i don't think you need to worry about lackering lacquering the kids' outfits. it's not a dramatic temperature drop. it should be comfortable. best chance of the stray showers over the weekend will be north of the golden gate and along the coast, but even then we're talking about a couple of .01 of an inch of rain. not a repeat of this past weekend. we'll have a look at this evening's dog walking forecast. only problem is the water on the ground. it's coming up at 6:00. >> lots of puddles to jump through. all this weekend's rain
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finally bring an end to the california wildfire season? plus -- >> the cleanup continues in the santa cruz mountains after a storm with lots of rain moved through the area leaving downed trees and power outages in its wake. he'll have details coming up. and the warning this evening to keep on conserving water despite all the rain. still ahead here at 5:00 -- >> new research showing how covid-19 could be affecting the mental health of teenagers. how the virus could literally be attacking their brain. coming up all new at 7:00, a bay area port is on notice for alleged repeat violations of the clean water act. drone video shot by the nonprofit san francisco gate keeper appears to catch the alleged polluter spilling a petroleum by product into the bay. not only are we getting airborne contamination, but we are getting contamination in the water. >> caught in the act. it is tonight at 7:00 on kpix
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nice to see that sunset. researchers looking at the case of three teenagers who developed psychiatric symptoms after being infected with covid- 19. >> as glenn ramirez has more on what we know about these troubling cases. >> reporter: researchers have been interested in how covid-19
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affects different age groups in different ways. now comes unsettling evidence that when it comes to teenagers, the virus might be affected their mindsment researchers say out of 18 covid patients in 2020, three also had severe mental problems. >> it was a relatively abrupt onset of symptoms so obsessive behaviors, delusions, paranoia and it was really those symptoms that brought them into the hospital. >> reporter: dr. michael wilson says the patients had minor to no respiratory symptoms of covid-19, but the timing and speed of the mental problems was suspicious. >> could there psychiatric symptoms have been triggered or exacerbated by the recent viral infection? >> reporter: they underwent spinal taps which showed usual activity in their fluid. >> there were subtle markers in these children that said something was going on, but not exactly what the cause was. >> reporter: then lab research
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suggested the virus could have infected the patients' central nervous system and antibodies that normally attack invaders were attacking the brain. >> we found in two of the three children evidence for auto immunity meaning the immune system affecting self-proteins in the spinal fluid. >> reporter: he says the sample size of three patients is too small to make any conclusion, but could the developing brains of teenagers be more susceptible to the virus? it's a question researchers are know focused on answering. kpix 5. now at 6:00, the storm damage tradeoff. downed trees, yes. mud, no. and the people just fine with that. >> then, boom, the lights went out and the high powerlines arc. the latest from pg&e as it
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works to get the lights back on to tens of thousands still without power here in the bay area. despite all the rain, why cal fire is not ready to call an end to this year's wildfire season. it's a sound you likely heard across the bay area today. crews cleaning up the aftermath of this weekend's powerful bomb cyclone. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. >> drying off and cleaning up, this evening there is still work to do in the santa cruz mountains after our epic storm. kpix 5 begins our storm coverage live from boulder creek. devin? >> reporter: yeah, when boulder creek fire department forms the nerve response of the emergency response in this area. at the height of the storm, the fire department says they had as as many as 16 different emergency calls for help and services. the emergency response phase of the storm is winding down.
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the cleanup continues and people in this area say they are thankful the mudslides did not materialize. >> the rain was coming down really good and the winds picked up. >> reporter: the combination of wind and rain uprooted several trees toppling them on to will's home. >> i could hear the cracking and popping of something getting ready to fall and then, boom, the lights went out and the high powerlines arced. >> reporter: by daylight, crews raced to remove the trees and restore power, a scene replayed countless times across the santa cruz mountains after the first major storm of the year barreled through the area. >> it's terrible because we have no running water now. we have no heat. the oven is not working although it's propane. i guess that's electricity too. we are just kind of up there. >> reporter: stephanie was able to drive through the road closure to stock up on the food and supplies


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