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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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what they are dealing with. certainly a much larger tree, but in this case, you can see how the tree just missed this house and thankfully little property damage and no one was injured. >> reporter: reminders of a historic storm all over san francisco on monday. public works spent the day cutting down branches and removing debris on streets. >> our crews now are working on cleanup to try to get the city looking back in shape. >> reporter: the damage is much larger than this team usually cleans up. it's the most downed trees they've seen in years. >> it's been crazy as you know. >> reporter: crew members went from one neighborhood to the next. in some cases, they had so clean up 20 trees in one spot. it's unlike anything some of them have ever experienced. >> my first year actually seeing all this. busy week, not day. week. >> reporter: it's just the start of a long process to clear all of the debris. neighbors next to this tree say
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it made them stop and stare. >> i'm excited. this is great for a walk counting trees down. >> reporter: bonny jones as lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. she says damage like this can be seen block after block as she walks around her house. >> this is huge. it's huge. i don't know why i am so excited and smiling, but it is just great to get out of the house. what a storm. >> reporter: while public works and other agencies say they were prepared for this storm and staffed their crews as best as they could, they still didn't have enough workers and will need more time to reach every spot in the city. >> we've done this before. this is our job taking care of the city street trees, so we are prepared in that sense. we can't do everything at once. we will take care of the high priority cases first. >> reporter: certainly, if you see a large tree like this, you are being asked to call 311. public works says they would appreciate the help of residents across the city if you see some smaller branches or leaves, they are asking you to clean that up yourself and
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put it in your own green bin. reporting live tonight in san francisco, kpix 5. a live look at oakland where all lanes southbound 880 open again after major flooding there. standing flood waters reached nearly three feet trapping cars going both directions of the freeway. chp closed lanes between dakota road and thornton avenue. the freeway shutdown for nearly 10 hours and reopened about 8:00 this morning. >> kpix 5 julia goodrich is checking damage reports around the east bay and is live at the alameda fairgrounds for us. juliette? >> reporter: we hear that saying what a difference a day makes. in this case, it's a really big difference. here we are at the alameda county fair. when i did this story on friday, they told me they would be open rain or shine. they just didn't take into effect the wind. no shortage of leaves and fallen tree branches on the ground throughout the east bay. >> mother nature just passing through. >> reporter: at the alameda
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county fair, stuffed animals were sent airborne and drenched from the rain. >> plenty of new ones and these dry out pretty quick. >> we'll still get by. >> reporter: that's good. what did you do yesterday in the meantime? >> watched football. >> reporter: the fair took a hit with the overnight storms. here are some photos of the damage left behind. vendor items scattered over the fairgrounds and tents knocked over by the strong winds. sally tajier was inside her livermore home when this happened. did you hear it fall? >> kind of. they had the football game on, so it was a little loud. >> reporter: when you came outside, what did you see? >> we kind of went, well, maybe we should go look and it slid right there. >> reporter: here is the temporary quick fix right now. >> my husband roped it off just in case because it was still really windy when we found it. >> reporter: here is another example of the power of the wind and the rain last night. this tree literally split in half. you can see where it fell on
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the front lawn. try making your way to the front door. you can't. back at the fair -- >> the show must go on. >> reporter: and that it did after serious housekeeping before reopening. >> clean up the leaves and the mess and all that. get the boards situated back how we had them and get open. >> how long does the fair go on since they lost a day yesterday? can they extend it? >> reporter: i know. they don't get to extend it plus one day, but the fair does go through october 31. this is the first time they have had it in the fall. they were shutdown because of the pandemic. i bet next year they'll reconsider if they have it in the fall or maybe go back to summertime again. >> hopefully this weekend will be a nice, perfect weekend to enjoy the fair. thank you. the storm pummeled the peninsula pretty hard. several streets like millbrae avenue flooded including businesses on the west side of 101 in millbrae. strong winds toppled trees and
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downed powerlines leaving thousands of residents without power. >> it had just come back on. it went out like 1:40 yesterday. we had to rush this morning to get ice to kind of like try to salvage as much as we can from the fridge contents. >> when we woke up this morning, no power. we're hoping when we get back after this walk, we'll have power. >> evacuation orders have been lifted for the c zu fire burn scar areas of san mateo and santa cruz counties. fire crews issued the warning as the atmospheric river dumped inches of rain over the santa cruz mountains. they logged five times the emergency calls than a normal 24-hour period. >> inches and inches of rain. how much did we get? paul hagen joining us now. you have the numbers. >> they are substantial. this was a huge rain maker. almost unprecedented for the month of october.
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most bay area cities set daily rainfall record totals yesterday. over 15 inches in kentville into early this morning. yountville picked up almost 10 inches of rain. almost eight inches in danville. farther south, 4.5 in pleasantton. pacifica picked up almost five inches of rain. even the santa clara valley in the shadow of the santa cruz mountains picked up a count of inches of rain. a couple showers out there right now. they are few and far between. they will disappear off the radar entirely within the next hour to 90 minutes. one storm warning in effect for sonoma county. it is an urban and small flood stream advisory goes until the top of the hour. we will take a look at future cast and check out a chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow. it won't be as substantial in a few minutes. >> paul, thanks. if you are thinking of heading to tahoe to see the snow, it may not be a good idea. winter storm warning in effect
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until 10:00 tonight. heavy snowfall is making travel there a nightmare. >> a little bit heavier than the last two this early. >> reporter: paul strong is ready to head back to work bracing for the road conditions following this weekend's massive storm. the weather system still dumping snow in the early afternoon hours in the sierra. >> i've heard about the flooding. >> reporter: the rain in lower elevations was a big concern for the town of colfax that is surrounded by the river fire burn scar. much of the debris staying put keeping people out of danger allowing the national weather service to lift flash flood warnings in colfax. as the sun peeks through the trees that were burned, people like tom green are staying put waiting for the right time to hit the road. he's on his way back home to colorado, but got stuck in the weather conditions bracing for more possible slow downs. >> it could. we were going to take the 50 by pass around and they closed it at the last minute in sacramento because of a burn
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scar slide. we've had that in colorado all summer long with big closures. pg&e crews are still working to restore electricity to all bay area customers. at last check, there are about 39,000 people still without power. for the hardest hit areas of the peninsula, pg&e says service should be fully restored by midnight tonight. in the meantime, the company is putting out this warning. >> reporter: if you see a low or down power line, assume it's alive, keep yourself and others away and call 911 and pg&e immediately. >> the storm even forced some school closures in the north bay. sonoma county bennett valley school district canceled all k- 6 classes. the guerneville school district and montgomery elementary school district also had no school today. now to breaking news. minutes ago, two earthquakes rattled california's central coast. the first was a 4.7 quake that
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struck north of san simeon about 4:42. less than 10 machines later, a magnitude 3.6 quake struck virtually the same place. no reports of damage. still ahead, kpix 5 streaming cbsn bay area. new details in the deadly shooting involving actor alec baldwin. the safety concerns involving a crew member. plus, good news for b.a.r.t. riders. the big financial boost the transit agency is expected to receive. teenagers and covid. how the virus could be attacking the brain. the new bay area study just released. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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this just in. a huge boost for the effort to extend b.a.r.t. into downtown san jose. within the past hour, the feds announcing they will kick in almost $2.3 billion for the extension. the money will help the vta
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come up with a design called the phase two extension part of it which will run underground beneath santa clara street and into the city of santa clara. it is billed as the largest public infrastructure project ever in santa clara county. work is expected to start next year. we are waiting for a verdict in the manslaughter trial of contra costa sheriff deputy andrew hall. today is the first full day of jury deliberations. hall is accused in the shooting death three years ago. attorneys say arbleta who was mentally ill was trying to escape police. they say he opened fire because he feared for his safety. body cam footage shows his car was direct at hall at the time of the shooting. that deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico, new documents reveal safety issues involving a member of the crew. actor alec baldwin fired a prop gun last week killing a
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cinematographer and wounding a bay area direct roar. >> reporter: dave halls grabbed one of three prop guns set aside by the film's armorer hannah gutierrez who took her first lead armorer job earlier this year. when halls hand the ball to baldwin, he allegedly shouted "cold gun" indicating there were no live rounds in the chamber. baldwin later fired the gun killing halyna hutchins and injured joel souza who was standing behind her. souza told investigators baldwin was rehearsing a scene that involved drawing his weapon and pointing it towards the camera lens. a 911 call from thursday raises questions about how the gun was handled onset including by assistant director halls. >> [ bleep ] >> he's supposed to check the guns. he's responsible. >> reporter: gall was a pyro
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technician with halls in 2019. his behavior on that set caused her to file a report. >> they are not just steering the ship. they are there to maintain a safe working environment. >> were there any safety concerns that you had when you were there? >> yes, no fire lanes. hard to access. doors were blocked. there were no safety meetings. >> reporter: the investigation into the shooting continues. it is not clear if criminal charges will be filed says new mexico defense attorney linda johnson. >> they have to demonstrate criminal negligence that the person acted recklessly with wanton disregard for the safety of others. >> reporter: authorities are expected to release more information about the case at a press conference on wednesday. we have developing news out of boise, idaho. police say two people are dead after a shooting at a shopping mall. four people are also reported injured including a police officer. police say one person is in custody and are asking people to avoid the area. police in south san
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francisco arrested a man accused of sexual assaulting several women. authorities responded to a report of a sexual battery at a shopping center over the weekend. an investigation revealed the man is also suspected of attacking two other women. the suspect booked into the county jail on numerous sexual battery charges. this weekend's storm is helping crews battle the dixie fire. blaze is now fully contained. the fire has been burning for more than 100 days in butte, plumas, lassen, shasta counties and it grew to more than 9,063 acres. the cause is under investigation. the winds were so strong yesterday, it blew a semi truck on its side and towards other lanes of traffic. this happened on the richmond san rafael bridge and took hours to clear away that truck. got a warning for people headed to the coast. the storm that battered the bay area still generating large swells and waves up to 20, 30
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feet high. chopper 5 over the pacific pier earlier today. high surf warning in effect until tomorrow morning. paul is with us. i guess any rain coming is going to be like a spritz. >> yeah, it will feel like nothing compared to what we saw this weekend. we're talking trace amounts in the forecast over the next 24 hours. let's take a look back. an exceptional rain event. the longest record keeping we have for downtown san francisco go back to 1850. yesterday was the fourth wettest day any month, anytime of year in those records. 171 years of record keeping and over four inches of rain only the fourth time that we've exceeded four inches of rain in downtown san francisco. still about 1.5 away from the record set back in november of 1994. that was a lot of rain. most bay area cities sent records for their wettest october days ever. here is what to expect the next several days. partly cloudy skies overhead tonight. a couple sprinkles out there. i'll show them to you momentarily. nothing to worry about there.
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a couple showers in the north bay on tuesday. maybe even sneaking down toward san francisco. also nothing to worry about there. a few .01 inch of rain. dry weather the rest of the week. the moisture we received over the weekend will continue to soak in. here are the showers. they are disappearing as we speak. a couple of blips on the radar here in the higher terrain of the east bay. most of us are still staying dry. we'll put everything in motion. showers were more substantial about an hour ago. as the sun gets lower in the sky, they are losing their energy. we'll see another chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow. tonight will be dry. showers hanging out to our north overnight into early tomorrow morning. as we wind the clock forward, there is shower activity making its way into the north bay even trying to creep down towards san francisco by about noon. very, very light stuff. these are not going to result in a washout on tuesday. take the umbrella with you tomorrow morning from san francisco northward to be on the safe side or grab the rain jacket. the majority of the day is going to be dry even if you do pick up some additional measurable rainfall. it is not going to be much. adding it up with future cast,
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that same forecast model indicating less than .05 inch of rain on top of the 6.29 inches of rain that fell on the north bay over the weekend. this is very, very little. it won't cause additional problems. our rain chances go to zero wednesday, thursday and friday. there is a chance for isolated showers saturday and sunday for halloween weekend. it is not going to be a wash out for halloween weekend. you don't have to worry about waterproofing the kids' costumes. there is an outside chance of a couple of showers saturday and sunday. we'll keep an eye on that the rest of this week. blue skies out there right now mixed can cloud cover and cool temperatures from the upper 50s to low to mid-60s. 64 in san jose. tomorrow is going to be another cool day before we return to near normal temperatures for wednesday, thursday and friday. tonight, a little bit cooler because we don't have that blanket of clouds overhead. temperatures are going to drop off into the upper 40s and low 50s. high temperatures tomorrow a good seven to 10 degrees below average. we'll dip down into the low to mid-60s for highs. pretty similar to what we had today. low 60s around the bay and in
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the north bay with temperatures inland of the east bay and santa clara valley only reaching the mid-60s and around 60 degrees on the coast. closer to normal temperatures for wednesday, thursday and friday. upper 60s in the city and around 70 degrees for oakland and east bay. back into the low to mid-70s for san jose. same thing for inland parts of the east bay back into the 70s and even the north bay is going to warm up after that chance of showers tomorrow and we'll throw a couple of shower icons in the forecast saturday and sunday for the north bay and along the coast. not a wash out for halloween. i don't think the kids need to worry about their trick-or- treating plans. there's a chance of a passing shower. we'll zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's temperatures at 5:30. >> paul, thank you. coming up, will the 49ers make a change at quarterback after last night's rain-soaked loss? plus -- >> expectations were high on the storm and it may have exceeded them from sonoma to marin. we will show you the transformation of the north bay water shed and what it means
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for our water supplies. streaming today on cbsn bay area, now that the fda has authorized mixing and matching coronavirus vaccines, should you? we will ask a doctor at 8:5. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix 5 app. you can
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the 49ers lost their fourth straight game last night. plenty of blame to go around. >> most of the criticism has been directed towards jimmy garoppolo and kyle shanahan. glenn joins us now with the latest. >> of course, the two highest, visible positions on the team get spotlighted, but that's
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part of the game and they are not running away from criticism. >> you're getting some scrutiny here. do you think you deserve it? >> yeah, you lose four games in a row, i'm the head coach of this team and i expect it and i deserve it. >> colts had to play in it too. jimmy garoppolo struggled in his return from a calf injury. timing, rhythm, look at this. he had three turnovers in the second half. shanahan said garoppolo will remain the starter next sunday in his chicago native area. garoppolo gets it. sometimes you're the dog. sometimes you're the hydrant. >> you know, the nfl is a crazy thing. it's one week you're on top and one week you're at the bottom of it and it's just every team has their ups and downs and we're at a lower end of the point right now. we can fight back. >> season is over. no. win in chicago, 3-4. the big challenge is staying together. four straight losses can bring
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out the finger pointing in that building and that can destroy a team. see you next hour. >> vern, look forward to it. another record for tampa bay quarterback and native tom brady. this milestone comes with a twist. wide receiver mike evans gave the instantly very valuable ball to a fan in the stands. then, he found out that brady had just set a record. oops. the fan was a good sport about it. after a brief negotiation, he gave the football back in return for a bunch of brady swag. >> i don't actually keep too many things and in that circumstance i fell like that might be a good one to keep. he's going to get something nice in return. we'll get him a helmet or a couple jerseys or some other stuff. >> he got to hold it for that brief moment. as far as that ball goes, one
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sports memorabilia expert says it could be worth up to $500,000. >> and the memory is priceless. the good news after sunday's storm. bay area reservoirs on the rise. was it enough to put a dent in our drought? what we found out. also. most amazing video we saw today. the massive cleanup effort after a landslide comes crashing down on a california highway. >> not looking at a gift horse here, but a case of bad timing. the storm in the sierra stopping truckers right in the middle of a supply chain crisis. this evening, we are paying tribute to our good friend and colleague ken bastida who is wrapping up 31 years at kpix 5. >> here is former kpix co- ankielor barbara rodgers. >> ken knew everything about the bay area. he knew everything. all the towns, who the mayors were, who the fire chief was. all kinds of information that i didn't always know. it was wonderful
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on bay area, a large landslide shuts down a california highway. the all out effort to reopen the road. plus, people forced to evacuate and return home. the storm damage left behind in the burn zone. first, our top story at
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5:30. it's the day after the much- needed storm, but was the rain enough to stop the drought? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. was that atmospheric river a drought buster? >> in the north bay with the answer. >> reporter: this was a storm that arrived in california with some expectations not just on what the weekend might look like, but what one storm, one storm could do in the larger conversation of clawing us out of two years of drought. it was just one storm, but it did not disappoint. >> i always think in nature the animals and, no, our animals are okay and the fire danger is going away and, yeah, it's absolutely gorgeous. >> reporter: the morning came. the storm had passed. before our eyes, a different landscape. in the wake of the atmospheric river, the north bay is now basking in the glory of an epic storm that was desperately needed. >> it was a great weekend for
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us water nerds and water managers. this storm was actually bigger than we had forecasted and thought. >> reporter: last week, we showed you the east fork of the russian river barely crawling into lake mendocino. now the lake is carrying the storm and as of today, the lake was up 5,000 acre feet. >> lake sonoma just from this rainfall has received over 13,000 acre feet into that reservoir. >> one of our smallest lakes, actually phoenix lake, is spilling now. >> reporter: marin is now in the wettest october since 1890 and the storm has had a dramatic impact on the water system. >> we've ended up with 17 inches total and that brought our reservoir levels up just over 11%. >> reporter: a few more storms like this one and marin could very well find itself with reservoirs that are completely recharged. in sonoma, it will take more time and more rain, but the first step was getting the ground saturated enough that it could y


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