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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from exclusive sales force tower camera, you see the bay bridge on this wet monday morning. good morning. it is monday october 25. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. looking live from san jose to 880 and oakland, the worst may be over but the storm is still hammering on, more rain than we have seen in months. >> our crews have been on top of the storm all weekend as it continues to move south. we have live team coverage starting with darren peck. still raining. but we are coming to the close of this. you can see on high def doppler, you will watch the bands of rain moving across the bay area and starting to finally clear out from north to south. although if you are in the east bay, that makes little difference because there is still rain coming down. there is the heavier band of
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rain not only moving down 880 through east bay shoreline but extending across diablo range and towards 680, towards diablo valley even into the delta. a closer look at the east bay shoreline drive. san leandro, you are getting a good clip of rain. if we switch to futurecast and watch the showers play out, you will see rain begin to just fall apart here. that's about 8:30. by that point we have gotten into the clear. it will rain across the central valley, still slow in the sierra at that point but we'll see the left over showers clear out. a few afternoon stragglers might get in here. we'll get breaks of blue sky today. you will get sunshine and temperatures will begin to warm. don't let that fool you. i know it is early but here is
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your 4:30 am monday morning. it's not a good time to go to the beach. it might be the last thing on your mind. for some of us, it might not be. for the first few days the surf will be quite dangerous or unexpectedly so. a heads up for you or someone you know who likes to go. how are the roads looking? it is already busy, wet weather leaving a mess on the freeways throughout the weekend and especially this morning. we have a full freeway closure along 880. we are dealing with wind advisories on most bay area bridges. bay bridge, golden gate bridge as well. i will zoom in on 880 and you see we are tracking brake lights along 880. we have one accident north of fremont. in the fremont area 880 both directions still shut down due to flooding, standing water. there is a lot of that on major
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freeways, parts of 101 as you head into the city. we saw flooding there. keep in mind traffic lights are out in certain areas so if you are pulling up to an intersection where the traffic light is out, treat it as a four way stop. expect a lot of puddling, standing water, and wet weather as you hit the roads. not a lot of cars but we are tracking brake lights along the nimitz freeway, 880. let's check in with justin andrews. he is on 880 in fremont. look at the back up behind you. >> reporter: absolutely. we are on south bound 880. we couldn't even get to the flooded area because of all the traffic. it is backed up and goes for miles. 880 as you mentioned it shut down between thornton and i believe mallory avenues north and south bound directions. that's a little more than a two mile stretch due to the
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flooding at 880 as you get closer to fremont. this video is from up above, drone footage giving that aerial view. look at the long line of cars. some were stuck. this is on the freeway. we have other video too giving us another vivid view of stranded cars, people walking through the waters, basically just trying to get help. there are cars that were stranded in these high waters and we have been seeing videos of social media of people wading in the more than trying to get help. the water levels are extremely high and impassable and an officer said the water reached the door of his patrol car. that illustrates how much rainfall we got over the last several days. fremont police are alerting everyone to avoid 880 because of all the traffic and because of the flooding. again we can't even get to the area this morning because of
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the traffic. that gives you an idea of what we are talking about when talking about these conditions. there is no word on when 880 will reopen. justin andrews, kpix5. >> quite the mess, thank you. joycelyn moran is live taking a look at flooded roadways there as well. >> reporter: we are on milbre avenue. i will step aside so you can see cars are still trying to pass. this area is heavily flooded. we are at the intersection. that's where bart is. you can see the chevron gas station. this is completely flooded and closed off but you see cars trying to pass by. there are at least three cars we can see and assume that they seem to be stuck. one car at the far end by the chevron sign, these streets are completely flooded now and we can still see cars trying to pass by. about 15 minutes ago, we saw at
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least two buses trying to come through and had to turn around. again, this area is blocked off. this is by the chevron gas station. bart is behind me. that's where el camino is. these conditions are very dangerous to be driving through. it's much more of a sprinkle now. here is another car trying to pass again. these streets are still blocked off. i can imagine just a little bit behind me, the water is higher. again, dangerous conditions on the road. this area is blocked off so be sure to drive slowly and carefully to where you need to get to. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. if you have power now, you are one of the lucky ones. tens of thousands of people around the bay area are without it. taking a live look at the east bay where we are seeing a lot of power outages. it's caused by what we would expect, the ground that is saturated and cannot handle
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weight of power lines, trees. things come tumbling down and power goes out. pge has a lot of work on its hands. pge power outage map, you see a lot of the outages, more along coast, north bay, peninsula including that big red triangle you see on the peninsula which shows more than 5,000 customers without power just in that particular area. pge is getting crews around trying to restore power to the neighborhoods and we will keep you posted all morning as these outages continue. back to you. >> thank you. a live look at sfo where the storm is making a mess of travel plans. the airport says there are more than 400 delays and 60 cancellations. drenching conditions did not keep fans from the niners colts home game. it was a sea of ponchos last night. one fan wasn't afraid to bring
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his banjo to the game but in the final minutes with niners down, the stadium had pretty much cleared out. the history making storm is expected to bring a big snow fall to the sierra. check out the conditions yesterday along the slippery highway 80. traffic moving nicely at castle peak but truckee scales backed up with big rigs slowing down because of the conditions. a major landslide in plumas. you see huge boulders, trees, mud covering highway 70. mud flow and debris came from areas burned by wildfires. chp says it will be a while until the stretch of highway reopens. we have storm coverage all weekend on cbsn bay area and we'll continue to stream live radar. find us on, the kpix5 app and your streaming device. coming up, how people across the bay area are making
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the best of a stormy situation. later, path of destruction left after a tornado touches down in missouri. looking live outside, it is 4:40. we'll be right back.
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google parental if a bet amazon apple and facebook will deliver earnings. facebook's results are due later today. congress may pass president biden's legislative agenda. nancy pelosi told cnn that 90% of the bill is agreed to. it includes investment in climate, childcare, education, and more. it originally carried a $3.5 trillion price tag but has been negotiated to about 2 trillion.
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squid game combined with halloween has south korean garment factories in over drive. one says october is typically a slow month but instead they've received over 6,000 orders in a two week period. the hottest item seemingly everyone wants, green track suits and pink jump suits worn in the show which net flix says has been watched by 142 million house olds since mid september debut. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i am diane king hall. 4:43. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. >> we begin with darren peck with what it looks like outside. still as rainy as it was in most places. north bay you are getting a break. but for other places, it is as rainy as it was. if we look at the totals, close to five inches of rain. when i say so far, i am only
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talking about a 24 hour tally. how much rain have we gotten in a 24 hour period? impressive for sure but you one that stands out as new is the san jose number, close to two inches. nice to see you start catching up and you know you did that in the overnight hours. it is still raining if we look at high def doppler. the camera on top of the sales force towards the west, look at high def doppler to see the rain primarily on the south and east bay. the rain extends down the peninsula certainly over towards the 880 corridor but over to 680. a quick look inland, we will skip over east bay shoreline, show you the rain here coming down 238. as we go over the hill, 680, it's a bit light in concord but doesn't mean it will stay that
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way. as we look to the wider view, plenty showers to the east already. more rain from out here. the long stream, that's where the rain will continue to work into the rest of the bay area. as we watch futurecast, all the showers drift back over the south bay. here we are in the 6:00 hour. it's still going. here we are in the 7:00 hour. still going. mainly in the hills, we'll see a rain shadow effect. we are like 95% of the way done here with this but we are just not completely done. there is a little bit rain to go with the system over the course of the next few hours. how about temperatures? we haven't spent a lot of time talking about that over the last days but in terms of the way it feels we'll get concord recording station back up and running hopefully at some point later this morning. temperatures in every other location are identical.
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mid to upper 50s. that's what happens under a scenario. it's like the great leveler in terms of the way it will feel temperature wise. we all end in pretty much the same spot in terms of the actual temperature. for daytime highs that will be a similar story. we'll look ahead to today. it is mid 60s. we will not warm up a lot from where we are. we are pretty much keeping the numbers here, 66 concord and san rafael. cool spots on a technicality will be in the north bay. talking about snow in the sierra, the thing about atmospheric rivers is they're usually relatively warm and you don't get big snow fall totals out of the gate. we pulled in cold air in the over night hours. this is a good start to the season. if we didn't have this huge downpour of rain and all we had was a foot and a half of snow,
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that in itself would sound good and would be a good start for sierra in terms of snow fall. in light of how much actual precipitation was falling from the sky over california yesterday, we could have done so much better with snow in the sierra if we only had a little bit colder air entrained into this storm. but i digress. there is your seven-day forecast, only a few showers left over today. and there are no more showers coming our way for the rest of the seven-day forecast. once we get past about 9:00, 10:00 this morning, we are done with that for a while. it's even going to warm up a bit for inland valleys, mid 70s for daytime highs. sunny and mid 70s are coming back. how is the drive coming? the drive is looking busy already especially along 880. that's one of our biggest problems because we have a full freeway closure both directions
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of 880 in fremont. justin andrews was live on the scene and traffic is backed up in both directions. this is due to flooding in the road way, standing water, extremely deep standing water. there are several vehicles stuck in this. they're not allowing traffic to pass through. they're telling you to avoid 880 until they can get this mopped up. use fremont boulevard as an alternate. 238 may work, mission boulevard, or depending where your commute takes you 680 may be a possibility. 880 in fremont, both directions shut down until further notice. if you are headed along 880 through oakland traffic is okay through there with no major incidents. both directions are at the limit at least through this portion. 880 towards bay bridge, first reports of a crash near treasure island. a live look at censors west bound 580 out of altamont pass out of tracy, already getting busy. we are seeing significant delays out of tracy getting on
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to the 580 connector with a 36 minute travel time from 205 towards 680. east shore freeway is okay, 15 minutes highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 is checking in problem free. the bay bridge, it's very dark but you see traffic moving at the limit. new crash near treasure island involving two vehicles and blogging one or two lanes. chp is headed to the scene. a live look at the golden gate bridge, as you are out and about, you will see puddling and ponding and also wind advisories for most bay area bridges. already very busy. >> thank you. the strongest storm of the year is leaving a trail of flood waters, up rooted trees, downed power lines. >> a lot of you are making the best of it. in san francisco these people, many in shorts, braved ankle deep flood waters and used brooms to clear intersections. their efforts were not in vein. this was taken an hour later
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because the community pitched in. the flood waters started clearing. >> in berkeley a group of die hard soccer fans and players played a match at the gill man soccer fields. >> welcome to the gill man soccer field. the ship is leaking. we're going to be all right though. >> did you have second thoughts about coming out? >> yes. well i was driving on the freeway and thought i was crazy but i have other crazies with me. >> a viewer sent this video of his adorable pup playing in the rain in north bay. you see the streets are flooded but don't worry they make life vests in dog sizes too. 4:50. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, rain and 49ers loss made for a tough night in the south bay. a complete break down of last night's game coming up in sports. >> a quick look outside before
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you know that movie groundhog day where you wake up and it feels like didn't i do this the day before? that's what the radar feels like now. there is plenty rain on here, high def doppler shows showers for the most part bay area wide. we will track this in more details if you are ready to hit the roads. i will show you where some of the more impressive rain is. gianna will let you know where the trouble spots are. we are not done. we are almost done though. i will show you when this comes to an end in a bit.
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let's check with vern. good morning. last night 49ers, it wasn't pretty. it wasn't even satisfying. but it's the niners and in this market they drive the bus. soggy or not. buckner never wanted to win but was traded to indy. lots of rain and wind but they did do their best to keep the balls drive in the elements. mitchell early, a 14-yard touchdown run, 7-0, 49ers. 9-0 niners, later in the quarter. each quarterback completed less than 50% of passes in the first half. this is one he wishes he had back. colts shoveled it, later ruled
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a fumble. 49ers had mistakes too, extra slick ball made it easy to punch it free from samuel, three combined turnovers in the half. indianapolis cashed in, wentz fooled even the cameras. i went with the play fake too. it was 13-12 at the half. garoppolo and offense kept going backwards. stripped the ball away, recovered by the rookie. watch the reaction. oh boy. a few days later taylor darted right in to score, taylor rushed for 107 yards. by the fourth the niners had signs of life. gar open lee, 29 yards across mid field, 49ers went 70 yards in three plays capped off by a 14-yard pass from garoppolo to samuel. it was a ball game and they
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went for two. the ball was batted away at the line, 20-18 colts. colts added a field goal and led by five. what happened here? samuel, ball tipped, xavier somehow ended up with it, stayed in bounds. he thought he did. took it to the house. he did step out of bounds. see the heel? kyle shanahan nervously watched. a jump ball and michael pit man jr, kirk patrick, kept his feet and scored. a back breaker play. the colts shocked the 49ers 30- 18. wentz came in with another team and did it to the 49ers again. the record is 2-4. if you survived through that, pour another pot of coffee.
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i got more later in the day. >> thanks, vern. 4:56. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a closer look at some of the damage left after the first big storm of the season. >> a rainy start to your monday morning after all that flooding. meteorologist darren peck will let you know
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on kpix5 and cbsn bay area, a rainy start as you are waking up to start the week. this is after the first big storm of the season in the bay area. a closer look at the areas hit hardest by the storm and challenges still remaining. >> how the storm made history in san francisco in 170 years
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of record keeping. soggy field conditions on the grid iron for 49ers and how it impacted the crowd. >> good morning. it is monday october 25. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. atmospheric river delivered inches of rain to the bay area and effects are still being left this morning. we have live team coverage on all the wet weather from the conditions across the area to how the roads are looking. >> we start with justin andrews live in fremont where 880 has been shut down due to a lot of flooding there, justin. >> reporter: absolutely. fremont police telling people to avoid 880 because of the flowing water on the freeway. traffic is backed up for i would say miles this morning because of the high waters. this is south bound 880 you are seeing on your screen. the freeway is shut down in both directions. i want to point your attention to video. it is very telling because it shows that


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