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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 23, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PDT

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with andy stanley. now at 11:00. you are looking at the calm before the biggest storm in years. here comes the atmospheric river. i'm tracking when and where it will rain the most and which part of your weekend might still be dry in the forecast. it is an incredible important problem that we ever had. tonight, a second facebook whistle-blower comes forward with explosive acquisitions about a top executive and election interference. i think it is the safest way to get it. >> what ucsf doctor says parents need to know tonight about vaccines for younger kids.
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and the booster shot break down. and the effort recall embattled district attorney just cleared a major hurdle. get ready for a stormy weekend. good evening. evacuation warnings were just issued in santa cruz county for areas in and around the burn scar. the big worry with all of the rain mudslides and debris flow. it is dry right now as we look live but the bay area is about to get drenched. the storm headed our way could set records by the time it is all over. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, paul, sunday could be one of the rainiest days we have had ever in october. >> yes. certainly in the month of october. it is going to rank up there courtesy of the atmospheric river. off and on showers in the forecast on saturday. then, the atmospheric river aims towards northern california and then towards the bay area sunday and into sunday night. if we get certain amounts of rain we climb farther into the record books.
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2-1/2 inches of rain on sunday, again, midnight on saturday night through midnight sunday night that would be the wettest october day on record. if we get three inches of rain it will be one of the top 10 wettest record for any month. talking about similar records for other cities around the bay area. 3.1 inches of rain. the wettest day in 25 years and we need almost 5 1/2 inches of rain between now and the end of the month for this to become the wettest october on record. i think that is probably just out of reach but it might be close. flash flood watch in effect for most of the north bay and peninsula and focused around the 2021 burn scars, that is where we are concern about rock slides, mudslides as well. power outages will be a concern because we have gusty winds, sustained winds, 15-25 miles an hour. gusts up to 45 miles an hour. wind advisory in effect for sunday for the whole bay area. we will take a look atfure cast, hour by hour, tracking the rain and gusty winds coming up in the forecast.
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>> all right, paul, thank you. you have tickets to the 49ers game at levi stadium on sunday, well, it goes without saying prepare to get soaked. the team says they are ready for anything. they are advising fans to arrive early and dress appropriately. in the santa cruz mountains weather likely played a role in taking down the tree falling on this truck killing the driver. it happened east of highway 9. kpix5 has you covered when it comes to the storm. you can always get live radar for your neighborhood on new at 11:00. new whistle-blower has come forward tonight claiming facebook chooses profit over safety among its millions of users. kpix5 has been digging into these newest allegations. maria? >> reporter: ken, these allegations against facebook are mounting that facebook causes harms, these
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newest allegations come the same month another whistle- blower broke her silence. >> what we have now are internal people coming forward. playing that whistle-blower role. >> reporter: former facebook employees are taking on one of the most powerful companies in the world. the latest whistle-blower according to a "washington post" article alleges top facebook executive tucker bounds shrugged off russian's interference in the presidential election when it bout social media ads to spread misinformation. the whistle-blower said quote, it will be a flash in the pan, then in a few weeks they will move on to something else. meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement and we are fine. >> facebook's products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy. >> reporter: the newest whistle-blower reaffirms what the former facebook employee testified in front of members of congress this month. accusing facebook of making profit its top
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priority. >> so many companies to go through these -- had to wrestle with these issues, they are philosophical, moral, ethical. children's sugar cereal, the soda industry, tobacco. but this is complicated. this is not tobacco. this is a communication's platform. it has to be treated differently. and i am certain it will. >> reporter: and facebook is releasing a comment tonight saying, in part quote at the heart of the story is a premise that is false, yes, we are a business and make profit but the idea that we do so at the expense of people's safety or well being misunderstands where our own commercial interests lie. ken? >> facebook owns other very poplar social media platforms i am wondering are those under scrutiny? are they under fire as well
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tonight? >> reporter: yeah, social media platforms that we are very familiar with facebook owns instagram, messenger, they are accused of failing to keep hate speech and terrorist content off of those platforms as well as well as failing to tell the investors when issues come up, ken? >> all right. thank you. and in another closely watched silicone valley case the jury has the weekend off in the elizabeth holms fraud trial following damaging testimony from a former pfizer scientist. shane weber worked for pfizer 33 years ago when the pharmaceutical giant was in talks with holmes. he carefully researched the company and had serious doubts about the blood testing technology. >> they checked out the technology. they analyzed it and they also asked questions. they were not able to get any direct answers. >> weber says he recommended
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pfizer hold off on a deal but she ignored that. prosecutors showed documents proving she used the pfizer logo to make a deal with walgreens falsely showing pfizer endorsed the machines. 70 million americans are eligible to get a covid-19 booster shot this weekend. the cdc has now approved boosters for all three of the vaccines, pfizer, moderna and johnson&johnson. the approval for children may be just around the corner. here is a lot to sort out like which booster is the best one to get. kpix5 has some answers, andrea? >> reporter: a lot to take in here. cdc approving all three vaccines for boosters mixing and matching is an option, for those that are coming to pharmacies like this one for a shot it is causing confusion. >> i am over 65. i just want to be safe. >> reporter: jean
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originally received the pfizer vaccine but switched to moderna for her booster. so did her friend jeffrey who got the johnson&johnson. >> jean said her doctor said the moderna is the best one. she is to blame for that. >> reporter: which one you should get and if you should get one at all depends on a few factors. infectious disease expert with ucsf says one thing is clear. if you got the j.&j. vaccine get the booster and switch to an mrna vaccine, pfizer or moderna. for others get a booster if you are 65 or older, immunocompromised or work in a setting where you have exposure to the virus. >> get whatever as your booster and whatever is in the pharmacy. whatever your doctor wants you to get. next in line will be the 5-11- year-olds emergency use authorization of the vaccine for the age group is expected in the coming weeks. the doctor shares many parent's concerns having an 11-year-old son
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herself. she says studies shown a low dose and extending the duration between the shots significantly reduces the chances of severe side effects. >> my recommendation and i have already talked to my pediatrician and recommending it for her practice is to give that 10mg dose, one now and one in 8 weeks i think that is the safest way we can give it. >> reporter: she adds if enough kids get the vaccine school play return to normal where kids will no longer have to wear a mask. andrea nakano, kpix5. tonight, the supreme court agreed to fast track khral ledges to the strict new abortion law in texas. the justices will hear arguments on november 1st, 10 days from now. the law that remains in effect essentially bans abortion procedures after six weeks of pregnancy before many women know they are pregnant. in her descent, the justice said the law should be blocked immediately because quote every
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day that the court fails to grant relief is devastating both for individual women and for our constitutional system as a whole. a live look tonight from san francisco it looks like voters will get to decide to recall the district attorney. critics say his approach has led to an increase in crime. according to the chronicle organizers submitted 83,000 signatures supporting their effort to remove him from office and that is way more than they actually needed if enough signatures can be verified the recall will be on the june ballot. still ahead tonight, new details on safety concerns raised before the deadly shooting involving alec baldwin. >> you are firing real bullets on them? are you out of your mind? >> starting this weekend you will have to dial a few extra numbers to reach certain parts of the bay area. >> and if you own a home experts say you might want to check your
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insurance coverage before the atmospheric river hits new details coming out tonight about the shocking movie set shooting involving alec
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baldwin. reports before the deadly accident. crewmembers walked off of the set for safety concerns. >> we have two people shot accidently. >> reporter: the 911 call came in as an accident. some in the film industry say the fatal shooting of a cinematographer was an accident waiting to happen. >> send them all of the way to the edge of the booneys on top of that you are firing real bullets on them, are you out of your mind? >> reporter: the director knew the victim halyna hutchins. multiple sources that worked on the set told them union crewmembers voiced concerns about turnaround time with their hotel rooms being 50 miles away from location. as well as gun safety on the set of "rust" for days before the shooting. he says before the union members walked off they were ordered to leave. >> the production was like you need to get out of here right now. pick up your stuff and get out
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or security will escort you out. they left and they ended up going to higher nonlocal union members for all of the camera crew rolls, i don't think it was just camera that left. it might have been people in the props department that handle the guns. >> reporter: on friday, an affidavit revealed an assistant director declared the gun safe before he hand today to baldwin by shouting out cold gun. meaning it did not contain live ammunition. when baldwin pulled the trigger a projectile hit hutchins in her chest, killing her. the ad did not know live rounds were in the gun that was prepped by an armorer beforehand. >> the question is, whose fault was it? was it an accident? was there negligence? >> reporter: an entertainment attorney, she says investigators will try to determine whether or not a pattern of safety violations existed on set.
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and if they find negligence led to her death they will have to determine which production members will take what percent of responsibility. >> the film's director was also shot. joe souza lives in fremont. and an actress from the film tweeted he is out of the hospital. his bay area neighbors are still, though, in shock. >> i did not believe it. i asked my -- my wife said it is on the computer that joel is hurt. i said what is hurt. they were on tv making movie in new mexico there with baldwin and something happened there with a loaded gun. >> according to his neighbors souza grew up as an aspiring film producer. new at 11:00, people living in most bay area counties will soon need to include the 3 digit area code to make a phone call.
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it starts on sunday. here is a look at the codes and counties impacted by this. the fcc is changing to the 10- digit dialing to streamline crisis calls to the national suicide prevention lifeline. other counties, statewide, will be affected. now it started raining again it is a good idea to double-check your insurance coverage. homeowners insurance covers most weather events but damage from flooding and mudslides require separate flood insurance. the weather is not the only good reason to check your coverage considering the red hot housing market and the price of building materials up nearly 20% these days. older policies may fall short of covering a home's current value. >> and, live look outside right now. storm has not arrived quite yet. it is coming. >> yes. paul is in the weather center and looking alt the radar for us. okay, get our time line straight. tomorrow, okay. sunday, that is the big one.
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>> yes. sunday is going to be wet t is going to be windy. tomorrow, i can not guarantee it will be dry but it is the drier half of the weekend. satellite, radar, it shows a few returns in the north bay. it is all evaporating before it hits the ground. let's track the system, we stay dry through the night. showers are going to run into the north bay already by midday tomorrow. could be by midmorning, it will be light rain. not associated with that atmospheric river. this is the preview of coming attractions. showers possible anywhere across the bay area on saturday. they are going to be intermittent and light? keep the umbrella handy and flexible with the outdoor plans, not a wash out. best chance of showers will be the northern half of the bay area and showers continuing into saturday evening. it is late saturday night into the presunrise hour of sunday morning that the first wave of heavy rain moves in. this point, the bulk of the moisture aimed at the northern california coast. then, aimed in the north bay as we head farther into sunday morning. first half of the day, dry
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areas for the southern half of the bay area. it will be a soaking rain for the north bay through the first half of the day and continues into the afternoon as the rain continues to make its way farther and farther to the south. freezing the maps here at 5:00, a lot of rain for much of the bay area, if you head to the 9ers game it might not be raining at kick off at 5:20. the rain will move in during the game and it will be breezy throughout the game as well. it will be a mess. by 8:00 in the evening the entire bay area is covered in moderate to heavy rainfall. that will continue into the late evening and early overnight. back edge of the rain will drop across the bay area as we head towards sunrise on monday morning but still plenty of rain for the monday morning commute. that finally departs heading towards midday and a little bit of a break in the action for the rain to soak in by monday afternoon and evening. a descent amount of rain. focus on the north bay, first, we are talking about future cast numbers here in the 5-8 inch ranch for the north bay. forecast model data. they are not perfect but give us a good
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idea of the pattern to expect. even if the numbers are off by 50%. that is still a lot of rain especially around the burn scars in the north bay. we will have to be watching out for the debris flow issues, same thing in the mountains, the forecast model has a good handle on the pattern that out lines the rain shadow in the valley. you will still pick up over an inch and a half of rain in san jose. this is a phenomenal amount of rain for california in general. for the bay area in the month of october it is unheard of. we could seat october records and ranking in the top 20 wettest days on record by the time it is all said and done. breezy, noticeable winds heading into saturday night and sunday morning but the winds pick up midday on sunday. 40-50 mile-an-hour wind gusts looking through it at the afternoon, a lot of 50s on the map, power outages a concern, downed branches, down full trees are going to be an issue heading into the day on sunday as the rain continues to soften up the
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soil. currently we are in the calm before the storm. temperatures near the 50s. we will stay in the 50s overnight. north bay valleys dropping down into the 40s. high temperatures, in between the showers, reach up into the lower to middle 60s around the bay. around 60 for the north bay, middle to upper 60s. inland, east bay, santa clara valley. sunday is the wettest day, showers lingering in the forecast on tuesday. then, we have three straight dry days, wednesday, thursday, friday. with the drier weather taking hold late next week the temperatures will return to what is normal for this time of the year. >> another day, another gain. the san jose sharks look like they are better than many believe. but the big story tonight, dusty baker. will his astros get him back to the world series for the first time since 2002? highlights and reaction from the alcs are coming up next -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. dusty baker is managing his
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5th team. they never won. he has been in this 3-2 position, once in chicago, another in san francisco, troy gloss. 6-16 were dusty's teams in the clinching games, worst of all-time. tonight, astros had a chance to close it out against boston. bottom 1. alvarez hammers the breaking ball to center. hernandez chasing and it is off of his glove. alex bregman scores the first run. that did not help the cause. alvarez, 4-4 tonight. bottom 8, 2-0 astros, tucker, see you, opposite way. 3-run homer to put the champagne on ice. austin 5, boston 0. they are headed to the world series. >> it is not often that your
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kid tells you they are proud of you. most of the time it is us telling them. my emotions were such that they wanted it for us, they wanted it for me. but we still got work to do. >> the sharks first week of hockey featured canadian-only competition. they beaten the jets, senators and the canadians with the maple leafs, the last leg of the northern sweep. sharks facing one of the stars ever the nhl. austin matthews, 5 combined ginos. this one courtesy of myer. deflected by the goalie into the netting. later in the 2nd we are tied at 2. eric carlson. the slap slot and he sinks it. san jose back on top. he has 6 points this season. sharks win this one over the leafs, 5-3. they are 4-0 for the first time since 2015. it is back to jimmy time by
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default for san francisco. rookie lance is out with a sprained knee. it is jimmy g. who will start sunday night football game against the indianapolis colts. he missed the last game against arizona. he injured his calf on october 3rd and thought he would miss more than just that one game. >> obviously i am not a doctor. >> a couple weeks thing was a little aggressive. came out of the gate with that. it was, i don't know, i have done it before in the past, similar injuries to that. i just knew my body and it was going to take a couple weeks it was just a little pull. nothing too serious. >>
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if you are looking for something fun to do this week threatened does not include sailing your couch down the sidewalk, the fair is back for the first time since the pandemic. >> where else can you enjoy
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carnival rides, live concerts and deep fried oreos. they are so good. have some of those cookies and go for a spin on this. today was opening day at the fair in pleasanton. >> it runs through halloween. this year's theme is all things fall. >> well, fall meaning the season not coming down. masks are optional outdoors. >> what a great time to have a fair during halloween. >> it would be fun. >> ye
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