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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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with more on this. we are focused on the burn scars. we have a whole bunch in the north bay, the glass fire, the lnu complex fire. i want to add up how much we expect in those vulnerable areas. this will be a lot of rain as we had through the weekend. most of it will fall sunday and sunday night in the santa cruz mountains. we are talking 4 to 6 inches of rain on the periphery of the burn scar. within it, maybe over 6 inches of rain. that's a lot of water in a short amount of time, especially on the hydrophobic soils. they don't absorb the water as effectively after a wildfire for several years. north bay, walbridge complex, probably getting the greatest amount of rain. over 8 inches of rain possible, but the higher amounts for all of the north bay, 6 to 8 inches of rain, a ton of water going to fall in the daylight hours of sunday. that is the window of opportunity for the north bay, but that will affect the entire
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bay area. we will look at the amounts we expect for all parts of the bay area coming up in the full forecast. what a difference a week makes. >> last week we were talking about the fire. there are mudslide concerns for the caldor fire burn scar. >> we are in el dorado county with the special tools they are bringing in. >> reporter: became to el dorado county at a grocery store, expecting to find people preparing for storms and stocking up. what we found is that they knew weather conditions would be changing, but it was added to a list of concerns for people who are still processing the caldor fire. >> reposition equipment, whether that is bulldozers or deep water rescue vehicles, and also work with our local fire
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partners in case swift water rescue becomes needed. >> reporter: the high water rescue vehicles are available now and look similar to these national guard vehicles, seen here in 2019 during flooding in sonoma county. as part of that process, trucks are staffed and waiting at a nearby fire stations. they can come from all over the state. >> is their assets and equipment and personnel in a community in case it needs to get out and help save people, and if there isn't, is there another community that won't be impacted that perhaps has equipment and personnel that can be relocated? >> reporter: that is what is happening right now. the state office of emergency services have called on teams from the bay area and central california for support. they move closer to areas that have earned scars and are more susceptible to mudslides and flooding. >> whether it is their own fire station or a partner hire station, they are not necessarily on a mountaintop, but at a staging base where they have place for the firefighters to rest. >> reporter: the best way to
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stay alert is by having a charged cell phone. i got this emergency alert earlier today from the el dorado county sheriff's office wanting me that i was in an area susceptible over the weekend to mudslides and flooding. maddison keeney b, kpix 5. back here in the bay area, pg&e is getting ready for the storms coming , where power crews store equipment and materials to gear up for emergency response to potential outages. a pg&e spokesperson says crews will be on standby all weekend, and the backup gear is just where they need it. >> this is a great location , because it is right here in the bay area red when we have issues like a storm or other kinds of emergencies, we can access the equipment we need immediately, get it to the right locations, so that we are able to restore our customers safely and as quickly as possible. >> they say they are hoping the rain washes away the debris and blood from the power lines so that part the sparking ceases to be an issue.
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we have you covered is the atmospheric river comes to slam the bay area. we will keep you covered on cbsn bay area , and we have live radar, special reports, and cottons on sunday as the storm moves through. here is a look at the major headlines this evening. about 70 million americans are now eligible for a covid-19 vaccine booster shot. this after the cdc endorsed both the moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. the cdc has also signed off on the mixing and matching of the vaccines. federal regulators are now considering authorizing vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11. pfizer announced its covid-19 vaccine is nearly 91% effect at preventing infections in children. joining us live now is pediatric infectious disease specialist with santa clara valley medical center. thank you for joining us. can you tell us more about the
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data coming from this pfizer study, and how children responded? >> the study came out this morning, and it has really exciting data on it. what they basically found was that in their pediatric population aged 5 to 11, that after the 2 dose series mother was over 90% vaccine efficacy. the other important point noted was that the dose for this age group was one third of the dose approved for 12 and over. the 12 and over age group get a 30 microgram dose per vaccine, and for this 5 to 11 age group, it is 10 micrograms. the reason why that is important is they found the lowest efficacious dose that elicited the best immune response. the other thing to keep in mind with that is that the side effect profile has also come down. the usual side effects that were most common after getting the vaccine, it's now a lot less than what we saw at the 30 microgram dose. all in all, this was an
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extremely exciting day for all of us in pediatrics, because the data looks so promising and is so exciting. >> what are you telling parents that are still cautious about getting the kids vaccinated, despite the data? >> i would say a few different things. i am a parent myself. i have two young children, and there is a daily concern is apparent that your kid is going to get covid, and what happens if they get covid. we know that long covid is a situation in children, but we don't know what the ethics of it are, so we do everything we can as parents to try to protect our children. i am willing to do anything to protect my children, and to that extent, i myself have gotten the vaccine three times. i know how it felt, and i know what has happened to me since that time. we also have much data now that the vaccine has been out for over 10 months.
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i think it is very important to know this is not brand-new anymore. the majority of us in the united states, and even in california, specifically in santa clara county, we have been vaccinated, and we are all doing okay. our case numbers are going down, and everyone is trying to get back to some version of normalcy. >> you think this will get us there? >> absolutely, without a doubt. >> the numbers are out from the cdc, and officials say the number of americans getting boosters has outpaced the number of those getting the first vaccine shots. what do you make of that report? do those numbers surprise you? >> they don't surprise me, but it is disheartening. it is a multifactorial reason why this is happening, and a large part of it was politics that played into this, right? the fact that a virus of all things, an infectious disease, was politicized has never made any sense to me. i do realize there are a lot of
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people who have multiple other concerns regarding the vaccine, but i hope everyone can understand that if all of us in the medical community are pretty much saying the same thing about how efficacious this vaccine is, and how this is the only way to end the pandemic and keep all of us safe, i hope that everyone out there feels a bit of comfort to know that those of us who are recommending it have also received it as well. >> walking the walk and talking the talk. thank you so much. in other news at 5:30, video just in of a fire in san jose that broke out at a 1 story commercial building. firefighters say that it was being used as a storage facility, and there are no injuries reported. coming up, a bay area director accidentally shot by one of hollywood's biggest stars. the incredible story, and what his neighbors are saying about the tragic incident. >> always a great guy. very polite. very respectful.
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a major recall from walmart. the spray that could contain a deadly bacteria. coming up all new at 6:00, a fake letter bombshell. testimony from a pfizer scientists. we are in the courtroom for the elizabeth holmes trial. how the south bay is gearing up for the atmospheric river. kpix 5 news at 6:
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ever wonder how san francisco became
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the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. an urgent recall from walmart. they are recalling an aromatherapy room spray due to the risk of a potentially deadly bacteria. it covers thousands of bottles of the better homes & gardens essential oil infused aromatherapy room spray. the bacteria can cause a potentially fatal condition.
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walmart sold the sprays nationwide and online from february through october of this year. if you have this product, you can return it in a ziploc double back for a full refund. a man's height may have helped save a woman's life. >> a 6'10" police officer using his height to save someone in a locked house. in rockland, a woman was trapped inside of her own home after suffering a fall. she could not get up on her own, and the front door of her two-story house was dead bolted. that is when police officer kept kozak, 2 inches short of 7 feet, used a natural set of tools to get in. >> let's be honest, it seems her height may have helped. >> a little bit. >> he jumps right in the window like it was nothing. i go, how tall is that guy? >> i just thought that is not something i can do, so i might as well document it as best as i can, because that is pretty impressive. >> tall and really strong. thanks to his height, the officers were able to get into the home and assist the woman
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to safety. >> it is handy being tall. you can soon by dungeness crab directly from the boat at fisherman's wharf. the new proposal that could be approved just in time for the holidays. coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- happy friday. we have some interesting news to cover tonight, including a special report on universal pre- k, a major part of presid
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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for an adult, losing time with a parent can be one of life's most heartbreaking experiences, but for a child, such a loss can seem nearly impossible to recover from. this week's students rising above scholar last time with her dad when she needed him the most. i've definitely been more in tune with who i think i really am. >> she's growing up. the 20-year-old uc riverside junior using her online pandemic study time to reflect on where she has been, and where she is headed. >> working through things on my own, getting more in touch with the way i react to things, my
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emotions, just excepting how i am as an introvert going through things in my own. >> an introvert who shined back in 2019 at san jose's louise valdes leadership academy, where a high school aged supported her friends and the classroom, and on the basketball court. >> basketball is amazing. i love playing basketball. being able to have that distraction allowed me to stay focused. >> focus but hurting. her father, her support, absent from her life for 1 year. he went to jail and she started high school, and experience she was reeling from long after his release. >> you don't ever picture someone that you are supposed to look up to do something is bad. >> back then, she leaned into her grief and story, sharing it with others to move her forward out of high school, onto college, and into adulthood. >> it has been a shift. i'm older now. i can make my own decisions.
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i understand what is best for me. >> her dad moved forward as well. >> is time incarcerated help. put a lot of perspective into him, his life, his children. it changed him in ways where he can meet see me graduate college. >> she says the pair are close. her college graduation is a few years away, and her relationship with her father is now a source of strength for a young woman setting her own path. >> i enjoy being on my own, taking my life and ownership of it. at the end of the day, i did realize that this is my college career, what i am going to be doing with my life, and right now the only person that can make these things happen for myself is myself. >> she wants to become an educator, so she is eyeing a graduate program at stanford. to nominate a scholar for students rising above, you can head to /sra.
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shd arly biican collector tourchcall him big john, and it's easy to see why. he is the world's largest triceratops set skeleton. he went for big bucks at an auction in paris. $7.7 million for that. a paleontologist dug him up back in 2014. the mammoth dinosaur comes in at 23 feet long, 8 feet high, taller than that police officer , with a massive skull, and 3 foot horns. who does he go to? >> he's being acquired by an american collector, and that individual is absolutely thrilled with the idea of being able to bring a piece like this to his personal use. >> that would be fun in the living room. big john roamed modern-day south dakota more than 66 million years ago, just before the asteroid took everybody out.
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the anonymous buyer will now get all 200 pieces of him, and hopefully instructions on how to put them back together. >> and instructions on how to earthquake proof him. amazing. seafood lovers will be excited about this next story. you may soon be able to purchase dungeness crab directly from both at fisherman's wharf. that could happen this season starting november 15, if a new proposal goes through. the plan by the port of san francisco would allow direct sales from crab from commercial fishing boats. the proposal will be presented to the port commission on tuesday, and a vote could come 2 weeks later. it is a san francisco tradition having crab on thanksgiving with the turkey. it is fabulous. >> i'm allergic to it. >> sorry, paul. >> just keep the epipen right there. >> maybe not a polished coming to dinner. let's talk about weather.
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we are in a break from the rain right now, and will be this evening and overnight tonight. maybe a stray shower north of the golden gate, but that is it. we see scattered showers already tomorrow. that is not the atmospheric river but it could complicate your saturday plans. this will be hit or miss activity. at the northern half of the bay area has the best chance, but there will be rainmakers elsewhere as well. they just won't be very numerous her last very long. if you have outdoor plans like the alameda county fair, go ahead. just be prepared to find shelter for 15 minutes as a shower passes through. we do see an area of heavier showers moving in saturday evening, but the heaviest rain will start hitting the coast late saturday night and pre- sunrise hours sunday morning. it will be heaviest over the northern half of the bay area through the first half of sunday. mostly dry conditions further south through noon, but heavy rain north of the golden gate that will gradually make its way farther and farther south through the afternoon and
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evening. widespread moderate to heavy nd first half of sunday night. we are talking about rainfall rates of about 0.25 inches per hour, but you can add up several inches of rain. the heaviest rain moves out before the sun comes up on monday, but we will see off and on showers on top of the saturated ground monday. it should not cause additional flooding problems, if we have flooding problems. with the amount of rain we have, i think flooding problems will occur. urban and small stream flooding issues, water on the sides of the road, intersections, we have to watch the burn scars as well. we look at that a little bit earlier. we will check it again at 6:00. north bay, widespread amount of 4 to 8 inches of rain, just on sunday. this goes all the way to monday. the rain monday will be minimal , most of this will fall sunday and sunday night. that is a lot of rain. farther
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south, the amounts won't be as great, but even in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, we are talking about almost 2 inches of rain. everyone else is in the 3 to 5 inch rain met with even more than 5 inches of rain possible in the santa cruz mountains. a lot of water in a relatively short amount of time. we will watch for wind damage as well. it will be noticeable saturday night and early sunday morning, but look at these numbers as we head towards midday on sunday. wind gusts widespread, 40 to 50 miles per hour. that is why we have a wind advisory in effect sunday as well. right now, a mix of clouds and sunshine, pleasant. temperatures topped out in the mid to upper 60s for most of up. 60 degrees in pacifica. those numbers will drop down into the 50s later on tonight, but right now low to mid 60s. mostly dry as well. low temperatures tomorrow morning, mostly 50s with 40s in
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the north bay valleys. 60s inland and east bay area low to mid 60s around the bay. 60 degrees north of the golden gate. north bay with more clouds and better chances of showers. the heaviest rain is sunday and sunday night. lingering showers monday. still a chance for showers and sunshine on tuesday, and then three straight dry days on wednesday, thursday, and friday, as temperatures return to what is normal for late october. i will update you and how much rain we expect over those north bay and santa cruz mountain burn scar's coming up at 6:00. knew it 6:00, a perfect storm brewing for the niners matchup with the colts at levi's stadium. a fake letter bombshell and stunning testimony from a pfizer scientist. what the prosecution in the elizabeth holmes trial revealed today. the oakland police chief speaks to kpix about the
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former police captain shot in a violent robbery. still ahead here at 5:00, a bay area director injured onset of alec
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we are learning that actor alec baldwin was handed a loaded weapon just before he fired it on a movie set, killing one person, and injuring the movies director. >> "rust" , joel souza the
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director is from the bay area. he is going to be okay. spthso what back the movie director is from a quiet neighborhood in fremont. while some of his neighbors told me they were shocked to learn he was one of two people hit by this prop gun, they are grateful to hear he is recovering. tragedy on the set of the western film "rust" near santa fe, new mexico. investigators say the movies star, alec baldwin, fired a prop gun onset that resulted in the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins , and sent director joel souza to the hospital. according to the associated press, court records reveal a associate director handed alec baldwin a prop gun and indicated it was safe to use moments before shooting. the assistant director did not know it was loaded with live rounds. souza is from this fremont neighborhood. >> joe is a good neighbor. >> reporter: she watched souza
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grow up. he was stunned when he learned about the shooting. >> i didn't believe it. my wife told me it's on the computer that joel is heard. i said what is hurt? it was on tv, making a movie in new mexico with baldwin, and something happened with a loaded gun. >> reporter: and actor tweeted that souza is now out of the hospital. he's relieved that he is expected to be okay. >> is a great guy. very nice. very polite. very respectful. he picked up quite a bit from his mother. >> reporter: the movie set is now quiet. production is paused. baldwin is said to be cooperating with investigators. he has also released a statement saying he is heartbroken and in shock. in fremont, max darrow, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area ,
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bracing for an atmospheric river. why a lot of rain too fast would be bad things for reservoirs. a perfect storm for the niners. we are live at levi's stadium ahead of what will be a very soggy game. the police chief speaking to kpix 5 in the past hour about the former police captain shot in a violent robbery. we are on storm watch here in the bay area, gearing up for a huge rainmaker, upping the risk of flooding and debris flow , especially in the burn scar areas. >> we start with a live picture from elmont. the peninsula will be in the path of rain and wind, but it should put an end to fire season in northern california. we have team coverage from the north and south bay. let's go to chief meteorologist paul heggen. any chance the system will change pathsan


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