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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 22, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the kpix five san francisco studios this is kpix news. . good morning. we are staying on storm watch this morning. darren is joining us with the latest forecast and how this can effect your morning. it is going to effect our commute and also our weekend plans. for sunday especially. but friday morning's drive to work, that is the first headline. there is a lot of rain from the north bay all the way to the peninsula at this point. this is that organized rain along the cold front that will give us the best rain of the day, it has taken over the north bay. within the last hour or two the rain has gotten down to the heart of the bay. that is rain going across the b
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bay into east bay hills. there is good rain through oakland. the heaviest rain is going to places like san mateo. this is the kind of rain that will hold together. san jose, you have not gotten a whole lot of rain. today you will. this is the kind of rain that will tolled together and get over the mountains of the it comes to an end by the time we get to the late morning. then we are done. that is good. we are going to need a break because there is another one coming sunday. we will look at that and the complete forecast but for now let's go check on the drive. >> keeping a close eye on the roadways. some brake lights and slowing on the golden gate bridge. taking a look at our maps we
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are seeing slower speeds as you work your way through there. as you head across the san mateo bridge, things are moving but that wet weather will slow you down this morning. just a handful of crashes. none of them blocking any lanes or causing delays. right now everything is in the green. it is friday, hopefully there are going to be less cars on the roadway, westbound highway four to the maze, there is a crash near san pablo causing slight delays. san jose, quiet this morning. we are not seeing any issues or significant travel times here. you can see north bound 280. 68285, 11 minutes. easy ride on when one. actor alec baldwin is being
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investigated after shooting and killing two people when a prop gun discharged on the movie set. we are is new details right now. halyna hutchins is dead two days after posting this video on instagram. while taking a break from filming the movie rust starring and produced by actor alec baldwin, who new mexico county investigators said pulled the trigger that killed halyna hutchins and injured joel souza. the western movie where the prop gun was discharged is being filmed in new mexico. there is no word on joel
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souza's condition. halyna hutchins was 42 years old. we also want to know that alec baldwin has not been charged with any crime this morning. detectives were out for hours collecting evidence of a gas station that was the scene of a wild shoot out. one of the victims was a man who made a career out of fighting gun violence, a former oakland police captain. we have more. >> reporter: from start to finish, it lasted less than a minute. ersie joyner was pumping gas and one suspect craps the cell erscwoi joy retired as a captain in 2019. he does not appear to struggle with the men but as the
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suspects opened his car doors and one appears to take his backpack ersie joyner pulls out a gun. this shows ersie joyner shooting one suspect. >> we need three units. ersie joyner was shot. >> say that again. >> ersie joyner is here on the scene and shot multiple times. >> he sent the last six years of his career with opd as the head of a cease fire program aimed at reducing gun and gang violence. he retired two years ago and became active in the cannabis industry. >> this shows how brazen individuals can be. >> oakland police so far have
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not made any arres case y at anrecove. pectedto announce weapons charges against a safl yan employee civilian employee of the police department. investigators say they found a loaded hand gun at his locker at work and a search of his home turned up a modified rifle. a new study finds if a major earthquake were to hit the bay area it could knock out cell phone service for weeks. delays in emergency services for fires and 911 calls could happen.
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the study also finds that alameda county would be the hardest hit with 7% of service available after the quake. that is compareddable to the cell service failure in new york city after 9/11. we see all of our life line infrastructure, roads, bridges, bart stations. water utilities. things will break. >> coming up on kpix five san francisco, the bay area talking a stand against hate. they show solidarity and respond to racist comments to kpix five san francisco report betty yu. a foggy friday out there. we are tracking more rain throughout the morning and through the weekend. stay with us, we will be right
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betty yu is speaking out following a racist attack against her. she has been targeted because of her race. we had a chance to sit down
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with betty. >> this is just another reminder that racism is so prove lant here in the united states. >> do you have hope that one day, that you are not going to be looked at as an aggressive asian face? >> you know, it is going to take a lot of time. here we are in 2021 and, what is triggering about that is that, what gave this guy the authority to decide what is americanized? that is triggering. and that is racist. when i look back, what is the most shocking to me is the casualness of the racism. this kind of just unbridled hate and the mockery. >> the man behind the attacks, steven crowder is a conservative host with millions of followers. you tube recently suspended for
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for a week. crowder went after betty on a conservative media site, the blaze. >> you could hide in a corner and try to get away from this. okay it happened but we do not want to give this man more publicity. why you are speaking out. >> that option was there. i did think about this. it is strange to be on the other side of this. all of this made me think about all of the people who do not have the support of a corporate entity, colleagues, other people in the industry. it made me think about people who do not have the outlet to not just air their grievances but to take racists to task. >> in the past 24 hours journalists from throughout the country have been calling, texting, e-mailing and posting on social media to support us. >> i thought it is so important to not be passive given the
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last 18 months or so that you and i have spent and our station has spent covering these attacks on asian americans particularly here in the bay area. >> again, kpix five san francisco and cbs television condemn the horrific racist comments against betty and we affirm the importance of our work to shine a light violence and hate speech. the san francisco based company lyft received 360 reports of rape. 10 riders and drivers died from physical assaults during that period. the federal reserve tries to eliminate conflicts of interest between their
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employees. cbs money reports is live fromn >> stocks were mixed thursday disiet improving jobless claims numbers. yesterday the federal reserve announced new rules prohibiting all policy making and senior level officials from buying individual stocks or bons. they will be allowed to buy broad based securities such as mutual funds, this follows the departure of two regional fed presidents whose investments came under scrutiny. snapchat shares fell after they released their latest quarterly results thursday. the company said they lost $72 million. although that was an improvement from a year ago they said apple disrupted the online ad industry by require
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apps to get permission to have data collected and tracked. thank you. back on storm watch people in nevada county ra bracing for potential flash flooding in areas hit hard by wild fires. heavy rain is expected this weekend. flooding and debris coming from the burn scar area of the river fire are have big concern. >> it can just move down and take out communities. >> i travel light so if they say evacuation i will just bet the hell out of dodge. >> we are covering all of the weather concerns with a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning guys. we are going to see enough rain sunday that we should be watchful of even the local burn
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scars from last year. the rain is going to be intense and the numbers are high. first let's go to friday morning. live doppler shows us the band of rain that worked it's way across the northern half of the bay area. it got down to the heart of the bay within the last hour and a half. if you look, the screen is lit up in yellows and greens going up 101. the rain will continue for the next couple of hours. it just arrived in to the heart of the bay. this is where we see the heavier rain going over the bay bridge. the most impressive rain down here. that is coming in over the peninsula. all of the communities up along the stretch of ntclara county and the valley, the rain is going to stay steady.
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you can watch that on the future cast. the heaviest rain stays through 11:00 this morning. then we get the next system. that played through fast. i want to walk you through how the next series of rain makers get here. first if you look at the totals for today ee pick up half an inch of rain over the next fow hours. the rain that is happening in the north bay. similar totals in the south bay. those are pretty good numbers. palo alto, .4 inches. san jose, you will be able to measure the rain today. that is a live look from our camera. a cloudy view from the top sales force tower. highs in the 60s. it will be a comfortable day out there. the storms are lining xtstorm.
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light showers we deloped that sunday storm is, you could not get a more clearly defined atmospheric rift. here's the center of the low and here's the large plume of moisture. this is what we look like sunday. if you see that stream of moisture coming up from the tropics, here's what it looks like on the radar. this is sunday in the middle of the day. we are right in the heart of it at that point. the high resolution forecast models are able to start showing what this will look like sunday. this starts early in the day but from 5:00 on look at that slow steady march of that most concentrated band of rain. here's another way of looking at this. we slow it down. we get a bit of rain saturd owthe sunday storm. attere
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there is the leading edge. 1:00 in the afternoon in the north bay, it works down across the heart of the bay. to go further we have to lose resolution but we can watch the duration through into monday morning. it is going to be a long period of time. the rainfall totals could be high. we are not going to go to the bank on the numbers of the screen. this is a window. we consist get 2-inches to 4.5 inches of rain. the take away is sunday looks different than every other day on the seven-day forecast. every other day has rain. sunday has a lot of rain. we will keep the showers going into monday and tuesday but the good news is that as we go into next week, the systems do not look as intense. i know we need rain. it is good we will continue to get manageable rain monday and tuesday. but there does not appear to be
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the intense set up of another atmospheric river. maybe to our north but not here. we still have friday. there is a lot of rain out there today. we looked at that on high def doppler. show us how this is impacting the roads. >> we have to get through this soggy friday morning commute. this is a live look at the bay bridge. the rain is coming down. it is blowing sideways. traffic is light right now as far as the volume goes. mot a lot of cars on the roads on this friday. that is going to change. we are getting a handful of accidents. be careful as you hit the roadways. slow as you work your way over to the bridge and across the span. the san mateo bridge, the rain is coming down there as well. travel times, 12 minutes between 880 towards 101. there are a couple of crashes. one in the right lane.
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this is west 80 before san pablo dam road. there are some closures. the right lane is shut down until further notice. west 980 near 880 i am getting reports of a new crash around highway 13. that is as you work your way into oakland. that altamont pass commute is getting busy for super commuter. west out of tracy you have brake lights there. laif look at the dublin interchange. we have that extra volume heading west towards 680. no crashes in this area. travel times, 24 minutes 205
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good morning. stef curry said after their win against the lakers, in which he had a triple double, he played like trash. nothing trashy about his performance last night. the chase center was rocking. first quarter, justice winslow, no chance. curry, nine for nine, tied a career high with 25 points in the first. clippers got back in it, in the fourth quarter. curry watching from the bench. no question who got the ball on
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crunch time for golden state. a 40-foot jumper is good. he drills it and the warriors go up 108 - 107. a minute to go, lee finds his brother-in-law and gets his eighth triple of the night. warriors basketball is back. they win 115 - 113 and start the season two and zero. >> stef curry, there is nobody like him. >> you have seen a million of his shots. what do you think when he pulls something crazy. >> some of them are like, jesus christ, what the hell. he makes those ridiculous shots. that is why he has become who he has become. that is why he is one of the top players in the league and one of the top players in the
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game. tough shot taker and tough shot maker. >> the braves up on the dodgers, where have we heard that before? last year. the dodgers ended up coming back and winning the world series. let's go to dodger stadium. la without justin turner who suffered a hamstring injury. they did not need him. chris hammers a shot and they have the lead. fifth inning, this type he goes to center. another two run shot. and then some history in the seventh. taylor becomes the first player ma major league history to hit three home runs in an elimination game. dodgers force a game six in atlanta saturday. >> to the ice.
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eric back in ottowa, sharks and senators. second period. logan buries his on. game is tied. behind 30 saves from the goalie they are three and zero for the first time since 2015. to the gridiron, san jose state playing a late one against unlv. quarterback nick nash calls his own number. he goes in for the 15-yard td run and san jose state takes the 27 - 20 lead. that was the final score. they are four and for on the season. that does it for sports. from chase center, have a good morning. >> coming up, as the rain comes down this morning and more is
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in the forecast, how the city of fremont is preparing. >> we are keeping you a close eye on all of the rainfall. coming up we let you know what
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live from the cbs bay area studios. >> right now a rainy start to your friday morning. we are tracking the wet weather and how it could effect your weekend. >> city inspectors answer the question whether fans are safe at chase center after a deadly incident over the weekend. plus a deadly shooting at a gas station and oakland. >> the tragic news from a fum set in new mexico and how investigators said it all happened. we are staying on storm watch this morning. we have live team coverage from how the


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