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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 20, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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show to talk fall at chase center. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, a fresh round of rain sweeping across the region at this hour. it's just a taste of what is to come. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the rain is really starting to ramp up right now. this was the scene in san francisco about an hour ago. umbrellas up as the rain comes down. >> and this is what it looks like for all of those in drivers out there right now in the east bay tonight. alex montano out on the roads. >> paul heggen is tracking a
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lot more rain on the way. >> yes sob if you haven't figured out yet, you will. i had to remember last night whether it was up or down on the little lover to turn the windshield wipers on. you'll definitely need them this evening. here is how much we've picked up so far, since the rain started around this time yesterday. just a trace for san jose. don't worry, eventually you're going to get some eventually rainfall. just over a tenth of an inch for san francisco. over an inch and a quarter so far for kentfield. you've been the big winners so far in the north bay. this is light rain. it will soak in nicely. there's heavier rain the forecast. in fact, a couple of waves, but not tonight. this is what we'll see, light off and on showers. it's a consisten chance of rain into the early morning hours, so it's wet on the roads now it
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will probably be wet for most of the area to start the day on that morning commute. more on the forecast in a few minutes. the north bay, the reservoirs there are very try right now, but they are collecting, the first badly needed drops in this drought bucket we have to fill up. it's going to take a while at first, especially at first, as the parched earth soaks off the runoff, but once the ground is saturated, it could add up pretty quickly. >> it's been a very resilient system, so a few atmospheric rivers can hit, and we can ride on up to full capacity. >> we want enough to end fire season, but not too much where we start dealing with flooding and in some case those potential for mudslides. that means all eyes will be on our burn scar for us. fire crews in santa rosa say the rain will promote some
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much-needed regrowth in nearby burn areas, but they are also prepared to respond immediately should the ground get too wet. stay with kpix 5, and, and cbsn bay area for the latest on the weather. well, this could impact your commute this evening. san francisco is scrambling to plan for a potential shortage of muni operators. with a november 1st deadline looming, 275 of the 6,000 employees are either unvaccinated or have not reported their status. that's less than five percent. so we wanted to know it will really make that much of a difference if they're barred from working. >> any loss of transit operators will impact our ability to deliver excellent service to the public. >> a person should not be put in a position to where somebody is forcing you do something that has nothing to do with the
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job that you're performing. meanwhile. >> reporter: to, mayor london breed trying to make it clear that the city has no beef with in-n-out burger out on the wharf, the chain's loan san francisco location is back open for takeout only, though, after the health department briefly shut it down. in-n-out is refusing to ask customer else who want to dine inside about their vaccine status, saying it shouldn't be there job. >> we don't take leastly asking people to do this. this is really about public health. look, get that people feel a certain kind of way. we get it. the goal is not to, you know, try and target people, but if someone reports it, we check it out. we learned another bay area county is taking a different approach to the very same problem at their in-n-out restaurant. beam have that part of the story tonight at 11:00. the country pop duo dan and
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shea is taking the stage at chase center where the warriors will host their home opener tomorrow. tonight the band phish is reacting publicly the death of a fan who fell from the upper deck at their show on sunday. guitarist trey stopped a show in oregon to offer condolences. >> we send our love to the presser family. but i also want to say very quickly some words to all of the people who -- i knows the affected everybody, and some of the people who were nearby this event, i know had a lot of, you know, feelings, and experiences, and i'm sending out my love, we, me and the band, sending our love to everybody involved. >> the fan who died was one of two who fell from the upper levels that night. to the other was save bed athird fab who broke his fall.
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police are investigating. a mother accused of throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers in los gatos has now been bars from character with her own noo'nnor silent at first court appearance in san jose today, as a judge issued three-year protective orders for all 15 of the alleged victims, which includes her own son. investigators say about she moved away to idaho, o'connor hosted a string of these alcohol-fueled parties where she encouraged sex acts among 14 and 15-year-olds, sometimes nonconsensual, and sometimes while she watched. >> some people refer to the defendant as a cool mom. there is nothing cool about getting teenage children drunk, then commit sexual assaults on one another. >> and the judge denied bail for o'connor, who is facing a total of 39 charges.
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we have posted more information on >> the defense may have just scored an important point in the elizabeth holmes trial today. a former product manager was grilled after stating blood wasn't actually run on theranos machines during media and investor demonstrations. today he received those demos were sometimes run just to show the device's graphicle user interface. >> this witness scored some points for the defense by saying that the demonstrations that he conducted were not only to sample the blood tests, but also show how the hardware worked. and he also said that he wasn't trying to deceive anybody. >> holmes is fighting 12 counts of wire fraud. the trial will resume on friday. thirty years ago today, fire crewing in the east bay hills were in the second day of losing battle gains one of the worst firestorm this bay area
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has ever seen. andrea borba is on the berkeley side with how the victims of the 1991 oakland hills disaster are being remembered tonight. andreas? >> reporter: well, ken, the tree of hope that popped up here in the oakland and berkeley hills after that fire storm, in the days after that fire storm, well, it was lit once again tonight in an east bay backyard to commemorate those who lost their lives, their homes, and lived in fear for days. >> and we thought, oh, it's never going to jump the freeway. how could it jump the freeway? >> then we went home and started throwing stuff in the car. >> reporter: in the kind of gale force winds that now trigger red flag warnings, the tunnel fire burned 3300 homes to the ground and claimed 25 lives. among the homes that burned, the childhood home of oakland
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mayor libby schaaf. >> we also fund a lump of metal that my dad said was silver that my dad wasn't going to give me as a wedding present one day. i'm so sorry. >> out of the horror and rubble of october 19th and 20th, a commitment to change and do better, with fuel reduction, better communication between agencies, and standardized firefighting equipment. >> we must all embrace and understand that the response to the fire 30 years ago continues to this day. >> reporter: now before that tree of hope was lit up here on grizzly peek this evening, just about 20 minutes guy, the names of each one of the 25 victims were read off for people to remember exactly what happened that week. ken, elizabeth? >> doesn't sound like it was 30 years ago in my mind, but i know it was. andrea, thank you for that.
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>> me either. still to come, netflix walkout. why protesters say the bay area base $streaming service should have pulled to the plug on dave chappelle. >> the line is simple, stop making things worse! plus how the next big vaccine rollout will be different when it comes to younger kids. and a new tactic to tackle traffic jams. to the california highway where the speed limit could change every time you drive it.
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a group of netflix employees walked out of the company's los gatos head quarters today to protest dave
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chappelle's new comedy special. they say the closer crosses the line with chappelle's remarks about gay and transgender people. mr. chappelle is known for his sharp edged humor, but the group of netflix employees said he has gone too far this time. so warm the special pulled or at least balanced out with more content portraying the lgbtq and community. >> the impressions that people be a score through media become their truth, especially if they don't know anybody from the groups that are being discussed. >> the people who are most likely to experience harm from the closer are black and brown trans women. this gives permission to harass trans people, to belittle us. >> the netflix ceo initially
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defend the his work as artist it'sic freedom, but has since backed away from that, saying he ignored employee's concerns. coming one be the biden administration said it's ready to administer shots to children ages five to 11,s so the fda and cdc sign off, possibly as early as next month. they'll be given a kid-friendly spaces like pediatric offices and schools using smaller needles. the white house is also launching a public education campaign to get parents on board. >> we will make sure that we are reaching parents in their language and through the people they trust. an eerie discovery tonight in the search for brian laundrie, receding waters revealed some of his belongings along with suspected human remains. this copping a month after
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laundrie's girlfriend, gabby petito was found strangled to death in wyoming. the two had been on a dose current trip when laundrie returned to florida alone and then vanished. and confessed florida school shooter nikolas cruz formally admitted today he is guilty of carrying out the deadly shootings at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. now that he has entered a plea, it will be up to a jury to sentence him to life or death. a plan is in place to rescue four dogs that have been stranded for days. they were cut off by that volcanic eruption on a spanish island. they have been dropping food and water to them, and now there's a plan to use food to lure them into an attached net, and then try to left them to safety. this is why no one can get to them on the ground.
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river of lava still flowing toward and over homes, businesses, and the volcano is show nothing signs of calming down. another live look at the slick streets in walnut creek, and that is good news. you can drive home now, but do it carefully, alex montana. >> yeah, paul is tracking the radar, and, paul, those roads won't be drying out for a while. >> yeah, we appreciate alex out there give us those shots of the road through the evening commute. this is going to be hitter miss activity tonight, but it's nice to see a green display on the radar. san jose is still mostly dry. a few sprinkles there. most of the rain is getting hung up there in the santa cruz mountains, but don't worry, your turn is coming. everybody is going to get rain over the next several days.
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the tri-valley getting moderate rain making its way in from the southwest, and rain falling around chmond and farther north. in the north bay, scattered shower activity as well. it is just under the radar beam so is not showing up there on radar. let's show you the futurecast. the radar simulation picks up on the rains actually accumulating. it doesn't show the mists and drizzle. that's what keeps everything damp. that there will be plenty of that this evening and through tonight. so i would count on wet roads to start the day tomorrow. as we head towards mid-day, things starts to dry out a little bit for much of the bay area. that's ten prayer, because more rain is going to be moving in from the west as we head into thursday night. this is going to be more widespread, a little heavier. this is a week atmospheric river wait quarter inch to a half inch of rain accumulation
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for most of the bay area, and one to two inches of rain possible north of the golden gate, and then another break in the action on friday. that also is temporary. let's add up the rain through mid-day on friday. we're talking about an inch to an inch and a half for much of the north bay. this is the same territory that has already picked up the most rain so far. we'll seeking lower amounts elsewhere, a quarter to a half inch in most spots for the east bay. santa clara valley, almost half an inch of rain for san jose, but like i said, no so farr just a trace. your turn is still coming. low 60s right now. we'll only drop few more degrees, down to the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow, as the rain gets pushed to the north, it will be a little warmer, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay, with low 70s around the san jose area. the heaviest raven moves in with a moderate to possibly
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strong atmospheric river sunday and monday, and then some lingering showers on tuesday with the atmosphere drying out a little bit by next week, but that's week from today is the next day we're willing to say is going to be a dry day across the entire bay area. a wet weather pattern that we're still at the beginning of right now. >> thank you, paul. well, a week after shifting to 24/7 operations to help unkink the supply chain, the port of los angeles isn't actually moving cargo around the clock. why the port says, hey, don't look at us. and streaming today on cbsn bay area at 8:15, we'll talk with a doctor at stanford children's health about the new california law requiring
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total the port of los angeles says it has made a big dent since switching to 24/7 operations last week. >> but it's not actually running 24/7. the port also says no company is currently using the 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. window. it's so more like 19/7. meanwhile, governor newsom has signed an executive order to
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help tackle the supply chain issues, and it directs state agencies to find public and private land for short-term container storage. some weight limits could also be temporarily lifted to allow trucks to carry more of those goods. and cal trance is launching a new variable limit speed limit program. digital signs will suggest a speed based on traffic flow. a similar program cut congestion by about 8% in san diego. the six-month pilot program starts november first. important 20 note, though, the speed limits will be recommendations and will not be enforced. well, calling the mid-20th century. the rotary phone is
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show, folks. thank y'all. i appreciate that. thank you, everybody. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey... [cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,775 bucks, from las vegas, my city--it's the champs--it's the germany family... miguel: yes! yes! steve: and from nazareth, pennsylvania, it's the talarico family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here with a chance to walk out of here with some cash, and somebody might have a shot of driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause]
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let's get it on. give me alex.


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