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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 20, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> but first a live look at oakland where police and community members are asking for a call to action over a spike in homicides. >> this is a community problem. it's not a political problem. >> oakland police and community members are remembering loved ones lost to violence, and ken bastida is here with more on the community event that is bringing the two community groups together. >> yeah, today the police department and community members joined together to remember loved ones lost to gun violence. it was held by the love life foundation. it was started when a young girl who lost her life to gun violence in 1997. she wanted to spread acts of kindness throughout her city with our foundation. oakland police and community members gathered at the intersection of 26th and myrtle
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street in remembrance. community members shared that they have had enough of the violence. >> this is not acceptable. it's totally unacceptable. we all have to do more, and work together, to save the lives of these two people young ladies here, like all of these students here. >> family members showed photos of loved ones lost to gun violence. this comes as the city of oakland has had more than than a hundred homicides this year. the man accused of killing 19-year-old cal poly student kristen smart in 1996 has pleaded not guilty. paul flores, now 44, is charged with murder for allegedly killing smart in his dorm room over 25 years ago. hits father, ruben, who is 80,
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also pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to murder i. he is alleged to have helped his son hide the body. the body newar found. she was declared dead in 2002. to the coronavirus now. we're following major headlines this evening. first, the fda has authorized booster doses of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. the fda also said adults can mix and match their booster shots, and the white house unveiled its plans to roll out covid vaccines for young children pending fd authorization. the distribution plan will target kid-friendly spaces, including schools. joining us now is dr. george rutherford. thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> so how soon will kids be able to get vaccinated against covid-19, and when will they really have full immunity? >> i'm guessing the week after next when this could actually start if all of the approvals
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fall into place. these are pfizer vaccines, so there's a three-week interval. so if you start at day zero, you're out at day 21, so you would have immunity at about the 35th day after your vaccination. >> do you anticipate them having to get booster shots after, sir months, as well? >> possibly. think that probably should be part of the plans. >> and you saw parents and students holding a protest against the vaccine mandates in california schools. some we spoke to cited the fact these vaccines are new and they're worried a bout long- term effects. you're also a pediatrician. what would you tell those parents. >> we've given more than 200 million doses in this countries, and we have a pretty clear feel for what the side effects are. the other thing, and i don't think people realize, is that the mrna vaccines, the pfizer and moderna, don't work by going into the nucleus of the cells. they actually work out in the
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cry tow placeful of the cell, where they are just co opted to make proteins. so the chance for genetic manipulation here is zero. >> let's talk about boosters now. we've been talking about this for a couple of months now. this mix and match approach. they were doing it in europe. now it could be a game-changer for a people eligible for these boosters. should people who got a certain vaccine, though, really try to stick to the same brand if they can? >> yeah, if we're talking about mrna vaccines, yes. if you got pfizer, get pfizer, if you got moderna, get moderna. however, they also authorized being able to switch out to an mrna vaccine, meaning either moderna or pfizer, for people who got j&j the first time, and also authorized an extra dose of j&j. but if you look at the studies, the boosting that goes on is
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substantially higher, i moon substantially higher, when people who got an o.j. dose of j&j got either moderna or pfizer. so i think this is going to play out over the next week or so, but that's currently what the recommendations are. the fda is agnostic, doesn't care if you got j&j, whether you get j&j, pfizer, or moderna, but the data would suggest that you want to get a moderna or pfizer booster. >> all right. stay with the same brand. >> yeah. >> all right, dr. rutherford, thank you so much again. >> you bet. my pleasure, take care. bye-bye. sonoma county could be the next to ease their indoor mask mandate. the county is considering allowing fully vaccinated residents to ditch wearing masks indoors. it will be in small sittings where the hosts or organizers can easily ask for proof of
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vaccinations. this week marks 32 years since loma preetta, an earthquake that rocked the bay area and the state holds its yearly drill tomorrow to make sure we are all ready. i spoke with representatives about how it can give us earl warning. >> u.c. berkeley's labs have developed an earthquake early warning app called my shake. this is the only state- sponsored app. it's only one of three that actually delivers earthquake early warnings. >> that app can warn you of shaking initiated by moderate or large quakes some seconds before you feel the shaking, if the shake is a long way away, and when the shaking starts, don't run outside, instead, yeah, duck, cover, hold. coming up, protest at netflix over a new special from dave chappelle. the comments the comedian made
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that has members of the lgbtq community up in arms. coming up, the sharp words san francisco's mayor has about in-n-out's refusal to follow the city's mandates. >> go to super dupe person that's my response
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program
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for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. >> that's how it looks likein' live out on 80. facebook could be getting a new name. it is report ared that facebook is intending to rebrand so it will be known for more than just social media, and, too, and i'm quote wig reflect its
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focus on building the metaverse. the potential name change, a facebook spokesperson said the company just doesn't comment on rumor or speculation. a new state law could help hair salons and barbershops bounce back from the pandemic. it will make it easier for aspiring hairstylists to get their cot mettologist license. there will be no longer a hands- on exam, and a separate program created for hairstylists would only require 600 hours of training. >> it is to help with affordable and access. hopefully, you know, with the reduction in hours, it will provide an opportunity for people maybe to leverage technology. >> the law is set to take everything on january 1st. coming up, how one east bay
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woman is helping seniors stock their pantries with healthy foods. it's a busy news day today. we begin with that breaking news in the gabby petito case. possible human remains have been found in the florida reserve where authorities have been searching for her fiancee, brian laundrie. plus the toxic water crisis in america. dangerous levels of led have been found in the water of a
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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haw shaw now welcoming visitors back. hawaii. they are encouraging fully vaccinated travelers to the islands again. there are still no changes to the vaccination or testing requirements, but the governor said travel is safe again because of dropping infection rates. >> i think most importantly, our healthcare system has responded and feels like we do have the ability to move forward with economic recovery. >> and lava has been flowing from a volcano there for three weeks now. scientists say there is no threat to any populated areas, and visitors can come look at the eruption from safe viewing areas. and incredible new video to show you out of spain.
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look at that. huge volcanic rocks seen floating along a river of lava. look at that. the eruption showing no end in site. reporter dan johnson has more. >> reporter: more than 7,000 people have been affected here now. evacuated from their homes. we're right on the edge of the exclusion zone in the shadow of the volcano, which only seems to get more active day by day. it has actually grown over the last month. here is where the lava is going. right down the hillside, towards the sea. but in its path, it has taken out all of the farm land, the homes, the villages, the businesses. but the main question is how much longer is that going to continue? how much more lava will be produced? and how much more destruction will it cause. this is dan johnson, bbc news,
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for cbs news. an unprecedented mess cue mission under way. crews preparing to use a drone to rescue several dogs that have been trapped for days in an area of the spanish island. the spanish company that specializes in drones said it had carried out successful test of the system. the plan is to use food to lure the dogs into a net attached to a drone, and then to lift the animals to safety. quite an operation. in other news, she hopes to distribute more than a million pounds of food each year. >> sharon chen introduces us to this week's bay area jefferson award winner. sharon? >> brian and liz, krista luccese is helping others. she and hundreds of volunteers
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sort and pack groceries are so that low-income citizens don't go hungry in alameda county. >> those are the stories that break my heart. >> reporter: the stories come from older adults, struggles to survive the high cost of bay area living. >> they skip meals. they skip being able to do laundry because they have to buy lunch. they skip presents for their grandchildren. >> reporter: often medical costs force tough choices. >> this medicine says i have to take it with food, but i can't afford food, and i can't afford the medicine, so maybe i skip one or the other. >> reporter: for the last 15 years, krista has mad sure alameda county seniors are get nutrition food for free through the mercy brown bag food distribution program. as program director, she has seen the need jump nearly 70% during covid. the program now serves 8,000 older adults a month. the center's residents started
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the program 40 years ago to help neighbors seniors stay n mes. mey brown bag dit rve provider and united way has helped fund doordash drivers to deliver the groceries during the pandemic. 91-year-old clark shaffer has welcomed the food bags for 15 years. >> i can go for days without food, but i done want to, but i'm grateful for those brown bags. >> reporter: volunteers like 73-year-old sue experience the joy of seniors helping seniors. >> i see how they are grateful to get in the food. >> reporter: and they appreciate krista's compassionate leadership. >> everybody be loves krista. she is so sweet. >> there are times that you cry after you have answer the phone, and you're happy that you're able the groceries that they need. >> reporter: so for helping
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fight hunger among senior citizens, one grocery bag at a time, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to krista through kacie. >> krista said the program is welcoming donations so it can keep up with the skyrocketing number of seniors who need food in the pandemic. liz? >> amazing work she is doing. let's bring back paul to talk about this miracle that is the rain that's going to be happening for almost a week, it sounds like. >> yeah, currently raining across much of the bay area. this is very light rain, but we'll take every little bit we can get over the next several days. unsettled weather through tomorrow. this is going to be off and on shower activity, but the next system will provide rain to the pass if northwest, to northern california, and more rain into
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the bay area late tomorrow night into early friday morning. let's take a look at what is on the radar right now. and the loop shows plenty of rain, basically for the southern 2/3 of the bay area, but farther north there is activity, but it is just under the radar beam. we'll be tracking this rain as it continues to make its way farther and farther inland, a few hundredths of an inch of rain per hour, but it's enough to make the roads wet and make for a slow morning commute. you see plenty of breaks in the action, but they'll replaced by another shower rolling through. makes the challenge to get anything done outside. tomorrow it looks like it will bemore focused on the north bay to start the day, but i would still plan on wet roads for the morning commute. we'll see the majority of the rain tomorrow afternoon shifting eve farther to the north as the warm air pushes it
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in that direction. that's temporary. because people night the cold side of the system will take over, and we'll see heavier rain approaching the coast, with the heaviest rain moving in around sunrise within a couple of hours on either side. this is a better chance of rain for everybody. more substantial rain than what we had last night and during the daylight hours today, and then that rain moves off to the east with a little dry break taking hold by friday afternoon into friday night. let's add up the rain for the burn scars. we'll start with the czu burn scar. half an inch to an inch of rain in that area, but within the burn scar itself, potential for an inch or two of total rainfall just within the next 48 hours or so. farther north for the lnu burn scars outside in red here, that is where they have already picked up two inches of rain, and another two and a half inches of rain could fall just within the next 48 hours. most of in the heavier rainfall amounts will be over the north
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bay, but we'll keep an eye out, because we have another round of rain headed our way. let's track it as we look at our two long-range models. the bulk of the rain moving in during the day on sunday, starting in the north bay, with the heaviest falling to the northern half of the bay area, making its way farther and farther south. these two long-range models agree on that scenario. we're talking about an inch or two of rain just out of that system. a full-fledged at moss firic river. temperatures dropping down to the mid-to-upper 50s, not much cooler than they are right now. should reach the mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow around the bay. low 70s inland and the east way and the santa clara valley. temperatures drop back on friday as the cooler side of the storm system takes over. again, a break in the action friday afternoon, friday night, and the first half of the day on saturday, but then the heavier rain returns saturday
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night, and especially sunday d underneath with lingering showers possible into tuesday. the next dry day doesn't look- like it's going to arrive until wednesday. that is week from today. so many rain chances between now and then. i'll have another look at the radar coming up at 6:00. also new at 6:00, san francisco's mayor has some harsh words in response to in-n- out's refusal to follow vaccine mandates. plus. >> the dead light for employees to get vaccinated is looming. the city says noticeable service disruptions could happen november 1st. a closer look at what that mean. plus how oakland is remembering 30 years since the devastating oakland hills fire ripped through thousands of homes. >> and still ahead here at 5:00. a rally outside of netflix over a new dave chappelle spec
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noah companies stage add walkout today to protest a comedy special they say ridicules tran sexual people. >> we have the latest on the dave chappelle controversy and the message from protesters. >> reporter: dave chappelle has been under fire for his biting jokes about gay and transgender people for some time, but his latest is drawing the company on to the
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battlefield with him. the employees staged out of the building of netflix to stage a rally in the parking lot. the same thing happened in the netflix offices in los angeles. their message is that his new special entitled the closer has crossed the line. >> the line is simple, stop making things worse! >> reporter: but chappelle has made a career of crossing lines. his commentary has been compared to that of george carlin and richard pryor. in the closer, he pull no, sir punches in his discussion of lgbtq people, but some say they're tired of being his punching bag. >> the people who are most likely to experience harm from the closer blacand brown women.
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>> reporter: ted initially defended the work as freedom. tarafield was suspended after openly condemning the special, but said she has since been exonerated. >> the impressions that people absorb through media become their truth, especially in the don't know anybody from the groups that are being discussed. >> reporter: so is chappelle fostering hate against lgbtq people, or is he just the latest victim of the cancel culture? it depends how you look at it. hate, it seems, as something in common with beauty, it exists if the eye of the bow holder. rain coming down across the bay area. the evening commute a bit soggy in some places, and there is more on the way. plus a closer look at muni's 275. why that number could cause a serious headache for commuters.
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and how a single tree will be the way oakland is remembering 30 years since a deadly wildfire destroyed thousands of homes. we are on storm watch, and right now showers are spreading all across the bay area, and you won't hear too many people complaining about it. you want more good news? more of this is on the way. first off, let's hit the streets for the first time in a while we have a wet evening commute. we're cruising around. this is a live look at conditions in pleasant hill. some light showers there. >> and many people are happy to be finally seeing the much- needed rain. some are hoping the showers will keep some bay area reservoirs from running completely dry. >> we actually heard it all night last night. it was very nice. when i woke up, the yard was nice and wet. very nice to have the run back. >> we are very thrilled to be seeing some rain right now. quite a bit more than we've
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seen the last nine mont . >> i'm here with meteorologist paul heggen who is tracking those showers for us. >> yeah, it's light stuff out there right now, but it's very welcome light rain. you can see plenty of green, and outline of that is hitting the ground. you see that hole in the map there, the little doughnut hole around san jose? yeah, the santa clara valley is in the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains, so that rain squeezes out and there's nothing to fall in the valley. eventually you'll see measurable rain. it just might take a little bit longer. but the majority of the bay area, we're seeing light rain right now. we'll see the rain continuing. in fact, our rain chances will remain off and on with us
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