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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 18, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, students and parents making their voices heard today. school walk out plan across the state and their gripe against vaccine mandates. pandemic changing the way americans view their careers. why many are not rushing back to work right now. getting more protection against covid-19. the move that could be coming as soon as this week from the fda and cdc. looking to the holidays, advice from top infectious disease expert on how to stay safe with family. good morning. it's monday october 18. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. first, weather and traffic. how is it looking?
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i don't know about you but i really liked the rain. >> it was so nice. >> nice for a sunday night and we needed it. >> yes. that widespread rain, we haven't seen that in quite sometime. all of us got it so that was great to see, definitely a welcome sight as it's been so dry. great to see that, and we are still looking at lingering showers on high def doppler. parts of the peninsula, fremont, south bay, a few spotty showers. it's a breezy start to our day, tracking westerly winds at 12 at sfo, 16-mile per hour winds in oakland and 12 for fairfield. through our day, we are going to catch clearing and some sunshine. we are looking at low 60s for around the bay, low to mid 60s for peninsula and mid 60s inland, 64 for san jose and 66 for concord later today. let's check with gianna. i know have windy
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conditions. how is it shaping up for super commuters in the altamont. >> there is a wind advisory. be extra careful especially if you are on the roadways. we are dealing with slick conditions. most of the rain is gone though along peninsula and south bay, there are areas where you may still see some this morning. but there are slick conditions. clocking in speeds around 35 miles per hour in some spots, sluggish. a live look at 580, 680 dublin interchange, head lights heading towards 680. altamont pass wind advisory, chp has one for the benicia bridge as well as the dumbarton bridge. we'll check the south bay in my next report. tens of thousands of people in the bay area are waking up without power. let's take a live look and explain the reason. pge crews are out trying to
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repair power poles after a very rough morning and that is because of the rain. this is the corner of green wood drive and clarendon street in san pablo actually. pge says the issue is dirt, dust, salt had built up on the power lines without rain and then when we got moisture, it turns to mud which conducts electricity. almost 21,000 homes and businesses are without power, a live look at the map where pges is constantly updating the information. more half of the outages in east bay and more than 7,000 on the peninsula. new video shows pge power transformers on fire. this was in san pablo and richmond. as you see, the issue they mentioned, the mud cang fire after it conducts electricity. some citizen app video shows another power pole fire in san francisco. so far we are not getting
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reports of fires spreading beyond the wooden poles, not spreading to homes and businesses nearby. so that is the up side here. we are going to keep you posted. back to you. today, california teachers and parents planning a massive school walk out to protest potential vaccine mandates. organizers are asking parents to pull their kids from the classroom. 12 to 15-year-olds can get shot under emergency use authorization but those 11 or younger are not yet eligible. one parent plans to take part in the walk out saying he is concerned about the longterm effects the vaccine might have on his 12 years old daughter. >> if there is enough reason for pause and further study before we subject our children to an experiment, which this is. it is an experiment. >> it is my opinion that it is not a safe working environment for anyone on that site to be unvaccinated, whether it f mee
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student. >> ucsf infectious disease expert says fda would not grant full approval of the vaccine for children unless evidence showed it is safe and effective. we'll have a live report on this story in our next half hour. us is making progress in the battle against covid-19 with increases in vaccinations and availability of booster shots for some. >> the pandemic appears to still have a grip on the job market and giving workforce the upper hand on employers. despite average growth and hourly wages trending up, a record setting 4.3 million people left their jobs in august. >> number one reason is burn out, mental health issues. i want better work/life flexibility to be with family or pursue other dreams i have. >> hollywood appears to have averted a strike. a union that represents 60,000 workers reached a three year
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tentative deal with the studios. the new contract would include better working hours and increased health and pension funding. the deal still needs to be san francisco restaurants facing product shortages and sky rocketing costs. examiner spoke to owners who say it's impossible to restock cutlery, glass wear, other dinner wear. things that used to take no more than eight weeks to arrive now can take five months. the crisis has impacted them in almost every way imaginable. top health agencies can produce boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. fda panel recommended last week and it is up to fda and cdc to give the final green light nearly a month after doing the same for pfizer. agencies may allow americans to get a different booster than they received specifically for the 15 million who got the j&j shot. >> getting the same one is
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okay. you will get enough protection to get through delta. if you want a little bit more protection, mixing may have some benefit. >> health officials are hopeful fda will grant emergency approval 5 yrs olds next oki out etr ornot people can safely gather for the holidays. he says the country should concentrate on getting covid cases down. >> let's focus like a laser on continuing to get those cases down. we can do it by people getting vaccinated and also in the situation where boosters are appropriate to get people booster. because we know they can help greatly in diminishing infection and diminishing advanced disease. >> dr. fauci did add people should not hesitate to spend the holidays with family if they are fully vaccinated. nearly 190 million americans, less than 60% of the
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u.s. population is fully vaccinated. today there could be incentive coming for people to get the vaccine in san francisco. mayor london breed and educational leaders are expected to make an announcement at noon. we are hearing from australian singer who confronted an armed robber in san francisco. >> the musician says this is his first trip to the city. he had only been in town an hour when this crime happened. it happened on friday. cane says he and two friends had been eating outside at rooster and rice. the robbers made off with more than $30,000 worth of camera equipment. everything his team had just shot for the upcoming documentary was also lost. >> we kind of heard glass shatter and looked over. we knew it was our car already. three of us, two of my mates, we went over to the car and as soon as we tried stopping them, they pulled out guns on us, all
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three of them. we ended up on the floors with our hands raised. to the east bay where a pair of shooting investigations are underway. police say a man was killed and two others hurt saturday in different areas of the city. gun shots first rang out around 6:00 near 59th street. three hours later a man was fatally shot near international boulevard. the killing is the 111th death this year investigated as a homicide. investigators assessing damage from a house fire in santa rosa. it broke out around 6:30 last night at a two story home. firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the attic and from a vaulted ceiling in the living room. crews got the fire under control within about 20 minutes. no one was home at the time and no one was hurt. eight people in san jose are looking for a new place to stay after a fire ripped through their apartment. it happened at a two story complex on north 5th and st.
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john streets. when crews arrived flames were shooting into the attic. fortunately no one was injured. health problems, not a hoarding issue. that's what an east bay man says is the reason more than 80 cats and dogs had to be rescued from his home. he is president of a nonprofit rescue group based out of his home in danville. he and his wife have serious health problems and say they can no longer take care of the animals. they're upset contra costa animal services says officers responded to a hoarding situation. he says that's not the case. >> wednesday night my wife had a stroke. i am not physically fit enough to take care of all these animals. yes we had a lot of animals. did we have too many? perhaps. that's subjective, you know. but they were well taken care of. >> most of the animals are at various bay area shelters. he says the pandemic forced him to cancel public adoption events and hopes other pet lovers will adopt the animals.
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chp officer recovering after attacked and bitten by a suspect on the side of a freeway. a pedestrian was allegedly throwing stuff at cars when the officer tried to stop the person. a struggle brec out. that is when thcesays he was bitten by the suspect. chp was able to take the suspect into custody and then to a hospital. the officer is expected to be okay. fire watch, cal fire says the fire in santa cruz county is 60% contained. all evacuation orders and warnings have been rescinded. it turned into a scary sight for those around mount madonna last friday when a controlled burn teheran much got out of control. it scorched up to 150 acres so far. cal fire to begin a prescribed burn at 9:00 in sonoma county. it will be west of magic mountain road and south of kit creek. crews say they plan to burn up
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to 40 acres. smoke is expected to be visible for much of the county. controlled burn is set to be completed by 9:00 tomorrow night. eldorado, fire crews have repaired lines along the borders of the caldor fire. the fire has burned more than 221,000 acres and is 98% contained. still ahead, no end in sight for the volcanic eruption in spain. continued chaos on the island and the impact on travel. a rough weekend for many in ohio. we look at some of the damage after a tornado ripped through the buck eye state. check out our new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin everweekbe evening news with norah o'donnell at 3:30. i am tracking that cold front that brought widespread rain. this low moves out. high pressure builds in briefly
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for sunshine this afternoon but changes as we look to the end of the week, a parade of storm systems moving across the bay air bringing more rain. i will have details on that coming up. we've got injury crash in the south bay causing brake lights plus wind i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime.
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i am anne makovec. we have breaking news for you. colin powell has died. his family made the announcement on facebook saying he died of complications from covid-19. he was the first black u.s. secretary of state, was in the george hw bush administration if you remember. cbs news is planning a special report. we'll go to that momentarily. back to you. >> thank you. we'll keep you updated on that story. overseas volcanic dust causing disruptions at the airport in spain. it has kept spurting lava and huge clouds of smoke and ash four weeks since the eruption started. a local airline was forced to cancel flights for a period of time. there is no immediate end in sight. about 7,000 people have been evacuated from homes. tornado damage assessment underway in several communities
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in ohio. national weather service has confirmed that at least six tornadoes touched down saturday morning. the strongest storm hit southeast of south salem. residents there say for something that only lasted half a minute, it took so much. >> the wind was just crazy, powerful. we didn't have time to get in our cellar. >> we are probably talking at least a week to finish all the clean up. >> officials say the tornadoes originated from a thunderstorm late friday night and into saturday morning. we have a cbs news special report on the death of colin powell. >> complications from covid-19. his family says he was treated at walter reed national medical center when he was ill though they juan us to know he was fully vaccinated. nancy, good morning. i realize this is just breaking but have you heard anything about how long he had been in the hospital? >> reporter: we are getting new
5:18 am
details, gayle, courtesy of our pentagon correspondent david martin who says powell's wife also contracted covid-19. but she responded well to regeneron. she had been fully vaccinated and had a break through case as well. powell was 84 and had battled various other appointments including parkinson's. that may have made him more vulnerable when he got the break through case of covid. such a unique figure in washington, someone whose counsel was sought by both parties, encouraged to run by both parties, a four star general whose parents immigrated here from jamaica. he will be deeply missed here in washington, someone who was
5:19 am
so respected really. such a singular figure respected by both sides in that way. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in john dickerson chief political analyst for cbs news. i know he will be claimed by washington, dc, is a new york story, product of public schools, born in harlem, went to city college. when we think about his legacy in washington where he spent most of his professional career, what stands out to you? >> i think what stands out is he bridged the period from the cold war into the age of terrorism. he served under ronald reagan and george herbert walker bush and then served under george w bush, reagan and herbert walker bush over the end of the cold war and the two at the age of terror and of course the
5:20 am
central role colin powell played in front of united nations making the case that iraq had weapons of mass destruction. he also has of course a political legacy arguing increasingly during the obama administration and ultimately endorsing president obama that the republican party had strayed from its original principles and he became quite vocal about that at the end of his life. >> he was widely respected on both sides of the isle. as you know, that is very difficult to do. how was he able to do that do you think? >> you are right, gayle. he was one of a dwindling number of what we used to call wise men. those were people particularly coming out of the foreign policy arena. there used to be more of a consensus in american political life where republicans and democrats kind of believed on the same set of basic principles. that was largely because it was focused on common enemy of
5:21 am
russia during the cold war. that started to break down and partisanship became more part of our life, calcified partisanship, number of figures like colin powell, secretary gates, former secretary of defense. it starts as tony mentioned in his american story, his autobiography called my american journey. he was the embodiment of the american promise, that america is an idea no where you are born and what your skin color was, of course, the most important thing about his service as secretary of state was he was the first african- american secretary of state, you could grow up and go through public schools and public college and reach those levels in america. that was the foundation of his story and it's what makes his personal biography so central to what you are talking about,
5:22 am
gayle, which is the respect he received on both sides of the isle in addition of course to his service and the fact that he basically served in the top post, chairman of joint staff, national security adviser. he was in the thick of it for a very long part of his career. >> you mentioned he was highly decorated and highly respected, of course first african- american to serve secretary of state, how much of that has opened doors for people of color in those positions? >> well, i think it has. he was he was of course followed by another african-american secretary of state condoleezza rice. what powell talked about and always lived and talked about was the fact that the military was the place to look for those judged by attributes, that it was a colorblind institution and america when it was seeking in other institutions to
5:23 am
improve its record on race and improve the way americans were brought into the american dream that it should look to the military. in both the way he talked and in his life, he proved there were institutions in america where through your talent and skills and regardless of birth and skin color, you could rise. so he was both an advocate in his positions but also in the way he lived his life and in the way he talked about what was possible in america, for black americans or any americans of color. >> i have to say when i got the news, this one really hurts. if the just seemed to come out of the blue. i know he was 84 but i think many people don't know he was sick or certainly in the hospital. you interviewed him many times. i got to know him a little bit. he had a great sense of humor. that's what i will remember. you have interviewed him many times. what are your thoughts? what do you think we should all
5:24 am
remember? >> well, he had a very quick laugh and self deprecating humor. one of the stories, he was known in part for his lessons of leadership. we are familiar with people who do well in life, have his lessons of leadership. i will give you a couple. they were get mad and then get over it. one was it ain't as bad as you think. share credit, that's one of my favorites of course. we are in a political world now where sharing credit doesn't happen much. he told stories at his expense, made fun of himself. that attribute is pretty rare in public life from people who achieve great heights. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate you getting on the phone so quickly. i like get mad and get over it and share credit, lessons we can all use. our coverage will continue on
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good monday morning to you. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, protesting vaccine mandates. statewide school walk out planned today. controversy swirls around drug ivermectin to treat covid patients. the issue is now entering the courts. southwest also looking to the courts. their request to block a pilot's bid on vaccinations. good news from former president bill clinton as he leaves the hospital. good morning. it's monday october 18. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we are following breaking news on the death of colin powell from covid-19. first we will look at our weather and traffic. it was really nice to get some rain. it was a welcome sight for sure. so great to have that.
5:29 am
it's been a while since we had widespread rain and still tracking lingering showers this morning on high def doppler. gianna will have the latest on your more than commute. high def doppler, a few showers lighting up our radar for the peninsula, from mountain view down to los gatos this morning and also a few showers over the santa cruz mountains. we are looking at windy conditions in spots. it's a breezy start to our day, 12-mile per hour winds out of the west at sfo, 16 oakland, 12- mile per hour winds in fairfield. as we go through the day we are going to catch clearing and sunshine for today. daytime highs, low 60s around the bay, 61 in san francisco, 63 oakland for the peninsula, low to mid 60s this afternoon and inland mid 60s for many locations. 66 santa rosa. let's check with gianna. in some spots we have wet roads and windy conditions. i checked through altamont and
5:30 am
winds are gusting up to 35 miles per hour. in a high profile vehicle especially be careful. it's very gusty out there. advisories for altamont, benicia bridge and dumbarton bridge this morning. slick conditions because we are dealing with still wet weather from yesterday and this morning along the peninsula and south bay. we have a crash in the south bay 880 north at the 237 east bound connector. sped are sluggish as you make that connector because of a crash involving one vehicle. injuries are reported so you've got activity on scene. the rest of the south bay is quiet, easy conditions as you work along 101, 85, 280, and 87. we've got the trouble spot through milpitas. this is on the west bound side. looking at the live shot not seeing a lot of brake lights or issues but i will have more in
5:31 am
my next report. a statewide school walk out planned opposing the vaccine mandate for kids in school. >> some parents plan to keep their kids home. >> reporter: absolutely. that's because they believe covid's risk to children does not warrant a vaccine mandate. they say our children, our choice. so today they're fighting for their freedom to choose. we know the protests and walk outs are planned across the state today from the steps of the capitol building in sacramento to the board of education in sonoma. even walk outs are planned at school campuses. california's plan to have all elementary through high school students, k through 12, get the shots once the vaccine gains final approval for different age groups. this mandate makes california the first in the nation to require school children to be
5:32 am
vaccinated against coronavirus leaving some parents frustrated and others all for it. >> there is enough reason for pause and further study before we subject our children to an experiment, which this is. it's an experiment. >> i personally don't believe there should be a walk out just because i think that pulling kids out of school is a detriment to them and their education. >> reporter: back in august, the state mandated teachers and staff members in school, public and private schools, to be vaccinated or test weekly. we know teachers are also sounding off about this mandate when it comes to students. you will hear from a teacher coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> justin, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. thank you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have been following the death of colin powell. his family announcing it on facebook this morning.
5:33 am
he died from complications of covid-19. his family says he was fully vaccinated. 84 years old, he did have comorbidities. but the first black u.s. secretary of state under george hw bush, he really made an i am pa account on american politics often by being applauded from both sides of the isle. he was a military leader, led first gulf war as chairman of the joint chiefs. he died this morning at walter reed national medical center, his wife alma also apparently had a break through case of covid-19. she is expected to live but we are going to continue to watch this as reaction comes in across the nation and really across the word. back to you. >> thank you. a live look at san francisco where today tenants in public housing will protest in front of city hall. they're angry about housing authority's plan to transfer management to a private landlord. tenants in sunny dale and hill are worried they will have
5:34 am
fewer rights, face higher rents, be more likely to be evicted. city planners in lafayette will take up request to replace commercial strip with housing units. two three story buildings would replace 4500 feet of commercial space and parking lot. the project includes nine units of housing plus a public plaza and new landscaping. if lafayette planning commission approves, it would next go to city council. idea for a new jail in santa clara running into opposition. county officials are considering building a new jail after reports of inhumane conditions in current facilities. last week dozens said in a public session that the county should shift from punitive practices they say criminalize poverty and mental illness. a live look from oakland where a $2 million project to boost black homeownership is in the works. according to east bay times, khan zuckerburg initiative has launched pilot program to help
5:35 am
low income homeowners to redevelop their properties with in law units. bay area businesses hit hard with lawsuits for violations of the americans with disabilities act. some of the businesses are fighting back turning tables on one man who has filed hundreds of complaints. >> at some point if somebody doesn't say enough is enough, this keeps going on and on and on. >> tune in for the special report, fighting ada filer that's tonight on the kpid5 news at 7:00. the number of lawsuits increasing over a false and unproven cure for covid. diane king hall joins us. good morning. okay. we do not have diane yet but hopefully we can check in with her in a short bit. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn
5:36 am
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welcome back. number of lawsuits increasing over false and unproven cure for covid. diane king hall of cbs money watch joins us live now from new york. good morning. good morning. lawsuits demanding ivermectin as treatment for covid-19 are piling up. interest in the drug started rising after studies from other countries seemed to suggest
5:39 am
ivermectin typically used in animals here was a solution. but there has been lack of evidence to support that in the u.s. at least two dozen suits have popped up asking courts to force hospitals to tree covid stricken loved ones with ivermectin. southwest asking federal court to reject a method by one of the unions to block covid-19 mandates. if it sides with the union that would put business and customers at risk. they're aiming for a deadline to have shots in arms. applying on impulse at check out this year. wanting a discount or promotion was the in uber one reason people added to plastic followed by rewards and ability to stagger payments. >> they're always like you can get an extra 30% off if you sign up. >> gotta be careful with that. >> can be enticing. >> it can bite you in the end. >> yes indeed. i hear you have a list of the
5:40 am
top halloween treats no one likes to receive. what's on the list? >> want to hear a horror story. tossing out toothbrushes. the dental is the worst, raisins was the runner up. >> if you are giving out toothbrushes, turn your light out on the porch. don't even give anything else. the kids walk away with disappointment. >> start over. give them your treat. they will not come back to your house. that may be the plan. >> maybe that's what it is. thanks so much. we'll see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens. oakland kicking off love life. this is in recognition of the heavy toll violence has taken. the event will conclude sunday with prayer and honor to lives
5:41 am
lost. one bay area organization celebrating war veterans in a new innovative way. heroes were honored. they are often flown to washington, dc to visit memorials built in their honor. this is put on hold so they're doing something different. they're honoring with a flight less trip and virtual tour of the memorials. >> this is interim step until we can get on the planes. this does not disqualify them from a trip. this is just a recognition of their service and to be able to give them something until we can actually fly. >> the foundation hopes to travel to dc in spring of next year. check out this new video, erie sight in the sky, a water spout swirling off the coast of cuba yesterday. video shows the funnel shaped cloud from different parts of town. water spouts occur over a body
5:42 am
of water but never reach land. no damage was reported from the water spout. 5:42 is the time. always cool to look at those. >> for sure. just to see the water spouts there and see the sight in the sky. we are looking at our own storm system bringing widespread rain to the bay area. yesterday we picked up anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch to as much as a tenth to a quarter and for the north coast, as much as a half inch of rain. we haven't seen widespread rain for sometime and we are still looking at lingering spots this morning. a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam, we are starting to see clearing even in san francisco this morning, looking at temperatures in the 30s, 40s, 50s. kind of a widespread range here with temperatures as we start our work week. concord is 51 and also for livermore, 55 oakland, san francisco 54, 49 san jose. check out santa rosa with foggy
5:43 am
conditions down to a cold 39 degrees. definitely grab that jacket as you head out the door possibly for work or school. here is what you can expect. it is a breezy start, 12-mile per hour winds out of the west at sfo, 16 oakland, 12 fairfield. through the altamont i have been watching winds gusting to about 35 miles per hour, windy conditions in spots this morning. here is high def doppler. you can see a few lingering showers this morning, still lighting up our radar screen. peninsula, you can see a few light showers there. south bay, you see showers over cupertino, saratoga, and los gatos as we start our day. as we head through our afternoon we will catch that clearing and sunshine with cool to mild temperatures, a bit warmer for your tuesday and then as we look to tuesday night through the rest of the week, a series of storm systems. so really we are looking at wet
5:44 am
weather, unsettled weather over the next several days wednesday through the weekend. great to see that, it was so nice to have that rain yesterday and as we look to the rest of the week, we have those rain chances for us. we are looking at mid 50s along the coast this afternoon, low 60s around the bay, 61 san francisco, 63 oakland. peninsula, low to mid 60s and inland locations, mid 60s. 66 in concord as well as for santa rosa. the low pressure system bringing rain for us that we had yesterday and again a few lingering showers this morning. it will move out through the day. high pressure builds in briefly but again we are looking at a parade of storm systems through the week bringing return of the rain as we look to the rest of the week. you see sunshine as we head through today. tomorrow, a little bit warmer and more clouds stream in for kraus tuesday afternoon. by tuesday night into wednesday morning, it's going to be looking at the widespread rain as we look to wednesday and
5:45 am
again through the rest of the week. this is futurecast rainfall amounts, estimated rainfall amounts through thursday night. we are looking at a quarter to as much as an inch to possibly an inch and a half of rain as we look to just tuesday night through thursday night. again, more rain on the as we look to friday and the weekend. daytime highs, taking you hour by hour with our temperatures, again, we are looking at highs for many locations in the 60s. tomorrow as we take you hour by hour, we are looking at highs a bit warmer for your tuesday with a mix of sun and clouds. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, temperatures warming up just a bit more for your tuesday and rain moves in tuesday night into wednesday. we have unsettled weather thursday and friday and at this point, the strongest storm looks to be this weekend with more rain coming our way. inland east bay, north bay, as well as for the coast,
5:46 am
temperatures at least for inland locations a little bit warmer for your tug. there we go with more rain as we head through wednesday through the weekend. that will be great to see. we definitely need more rainfall in the bay area. it is windy in spots and also still wet in some locations as well. it's a busy morning on the roads. we have wind advisories for some freeways. be extra careful as you head out. we are still dealing with slick surfaces because of the wet weather. be extra careful especially along peninsula and south bay where you might see a little rain as mary mentioned. west 92 at 280, we have a crash, activity in the center divide as well as the right hand side of the road way. apparently debris in the road way as well. minor delays as you approach the area, still early for morning commute on that portion of e 9another of 92, that's t san mateo bridge. you see tail lights heading west bound. things are moving at the limit,
5:47 am
travel time is 14 minutes between 880 and 101. if you are taking 880 towards san mateo bridge south in oakland, first reports of a crash from chp involving a rolled over vehicle. i am not sure if it's on the main lines or blocking the off ramp. chp and emergency crews are headed to the scene. i will bring more information as soon as it comes in. that will affect your drive 880 south if headed towards san mateo bridge. another area of 880 where we are seeing brake lights is into milpitas, a trouble spokesperson to 237. a crash involving one vehicle, there are injuries reported. waiting on tow crews to arrive to get this out of the road way. brake lights north bound 101 out of san jose especially around the 280, 680 connector. we have brake lights north bound 101 out of morgan hill. travel times are okay, eight
5:48 am
minutes north 101 from 85 to 680, 280. north of there you will see brake lights. traffic into altamont pass, a wind advisory for your ride along 580. brake lights for super commuters out of tracy west bound onto 580 itself. 48 minutes 205 towards dublin interchange. east shore freeway, highway 4, 101 all looking good. >> thank you. former president bill clinton is back home in new york after a six day stay at the hospital in irvine. he walked out yesterday with the former first la on his arm, gave a thumbs up and posed for photos with his doctors. hillary clinton hugged his icu nurses. mr. clinton had been hospitalized with untreated urinary tract infection and it was a pretty close call. >> i think we are lucky he was near an excellent hospital, that his team pushed him to go right away and get the care he
5:49 am
needed. it is very dangerous. literally hours, a day later he could have died from the infection. >> doctors released a statement saying mr. clinton's fever and white blood cell count are back to normal and all that's left is to finish a course of antibiotics. report warns about some medications used to treat asthma in children. pediatricians need to be aware of the adverse effects of biological therapies. it recommends doctors and patience work together to understand benefits and risks of each medication. estimated 7 million children in u.s. suffer from asthma. one in six doctor visits by older patients are now conducted online or over the phone. telehealth is gradually replacing in person visits for many patients since the pandemic began. the study found in rural areas where access to medical care is limited, older patients are not using online or phone visits as much. experts say more needs to be
5:50 am
done to provide telehealth options to rural patients. americans with heart disease aren't getting flu shots and that can lead to increased risk of heart attack or stroke. journal of the american heart association found less than half of heart disease patients under 65 got their flu vaccine. doctors say patients are six times more likely to have a heart attack the week after getting the flu. getting a shot can significantly lower the rick of of a cardiac event. nasa's new mission in outer space and how it can help us learn more about history of the solar system. today on the drew barrymore show, gray's anatomy star scott speedman stops for a chat. drew also speaks to the project run way host. >> don't forget to tune into cbs mornings, news of the day from the brand new studio in
5:51 am
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5:53 am
welcome back. california drought forcing farmers to make tough decisions. >> that includes owners of pumpkin patches which requires a lot of water. nash ranch had to cut back on crop of corn and pumpkins. pumpkins are down by a third in terms of acreage but the owner does not want to disappoint
5:54 am
loyal customers so he is bringing orders from other places. >> had to order pumpkins to supplement our crop. you have to go into it knowing that you will not make money and you just sell what you can to break even and try again next year. >> family fun time together in the fresh air, getting out some energy. we have done the train. we have picked out pumpkins. >> nash ranch is open to visitors seven days a week. a 99-year-old golfer in australia has an incredible story to tell. >> he hit a hole in one on the course and it comes 61 years after his first ace. brown is two months shy of his 100th birthday and it is not stopping him. he is the oldest australian golfer to ever achieve this great feat. >> i thought jeez, they're
5:55 am
annoyed. i said "where is the ball"? they said in the hole. >> the 99-year-old says he bought everyone a beer after. gotta celebrate. latest project has put him in the record books. >> he set a guinness world record for being the oldest to release an album of new material. at the time ben it was 95 years and 60 days old. lucy is in the sky now on a 12 year mission. >> it is set to fly past eight ancient asteroids. lucy is first mission to investigate the trojan asteroid swarms which are asteroid clusters along jupiter's path, gets her name from the lucy fossil, an ancestor whose remains transform the study. both the fossil and
5:56 am
spacecraft's name are nods. >> if you meet anyone up there, lucy, give them love from me. >> look at that. armed with cameras lucy will collect the first high resolution images of the asteroids. nasa researchers hope it will help them learn more about history of the solar system. >> now that song will be stuck in my head. thank you. >> all day long. in our next half hour, more on the breaking news of the death of former secretary of state colin powell. new boosters can soon be available here. dr. anthony fauci's take on a third jab. the widespread outages being seen this morning. a live look outside before head to break. you are looking from the mark hopkins camera. it's 5:56.
5:57 am
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breaking on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, first black secretary of state colin powell dead from complications of covid-19. anne has the latest from the live news desk. >> ♪ can't stand the rain. rain returns to the bay area after a very long dry spell. mixed reactions. two fatal crashes down south. a look at the wreckage. parents and teachers butting heads. what's prompting a school walk out planned in just a matter of hours. good morning. it is monday october 18. i am len kiese.
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