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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that the extension project has changed the area over the years now they are putting up a fight. john ramos has the story. like with homes on one side and schools on the other, this looks like a place to baha'i capacity traffic corridor, cities been planning for a long time and neighbors are now struggling to prevent it from happening the project starts on the other side of the freeway 880 on shortcut avenue, the city wants to extend chart hot with the vehicle and pedestrian overpass over the freeway, seen here in red. the idea is to provide another way for people to cross 880, taking some of the congestion from nearby broke road, on the other end the extension would be a 4 lane street squeeze between this residential neighborhood, and orchard school, neither of which was here in 1994, when the project was first planned. >> doesn't make sense, and especially after it's been so many years, i mean you know, if
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they had this plan, then why did they allow the school to be built? >> reporter: this morning members of the orchard school community went door to door handing out flyers, and passing the word to neighbors, many of whom had no idea what the plan was, they are also seeking donations to continue a lawsuit to the group has filed against the city. >> today we are hoping to get more community involvement we are hoping to get the people knowledgeable about it to help us fight to the city. both financially, and also, emotionally, we need the support, to keep fighting the city, to make this road stop. >> reporter: should become within 30 feet of some of the classrooms and carve off a large portion of the school's playground >> we knew half of it would be cut off, the best part where the bars were like the bars, i don't like the idea of that could speak of if the extension is successful at relieving
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traffic, those cars will be streaming past their homes. >> the schoolyard and in the first few years are going to be unbearable, then after the road is built, this will be a traffic nightmare because everybody that's right in front of my house, will be having to turn right or left it's because orchard school community says the extension was conceived 28 years ago, and no longer reflect the reality of the area. still, they believe their lawsuit is the only reason construction has not yet begun. >> if they are going to settle, then we need to know that. and then that way we can stop the lawsuit. but, because there is no response publicly, there is nothing else that we can do, we have to just move forward >> reporter: in san jose, john ramos kpix 5 news.
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>> let's take a lie look outside from our ritz camera on this beautiful saturday. but, don't get used to this warm weather we could be seeing rain as soon as tomorrow, and darren is here with more on this wet weather throughout the week . >> big reversal from the first half of the weekend to the next. it was in the mid to upper 80s for most of the day tomorrow it's going to rain first of all there a saturday, and if you like warm and sunny come this first part of the weekend was for you, if you like more fall feeling cool cloudy night we had, tomorrow is your day and you can see the storms before there, go to the high- resolution forecast model, watch the rain, slowly, sure, it's just starting in sonoma county. once we get into the afternoon at 4:00 it's now starting to rain through sonoma, down into marine commandos began to 7:00 and 8:00 hour, the showers will work its way across the rest of
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the baker there is not a lot to this. this is a couple hundredths of an inch ran at the most, when it comes to the second half of the day tomorrow, that's really the best way to think about this derelict three other opportunities for rain in the 70 forecaster we are going to look at those as well come in just a bit for now you guys back to you. a live look tonight, the largest water provider is getting ready to give finds to customers who use too much water. devon explains why other water providers aren't quite ready yet to take that step. because the idea is every drop of water that you can serve now helps you later in a drought which is why we were somewhat surprised to learn that two of the biggest water providers in the bay area, with millions of customers between them, are nowhere close to imposing financial penalties for people who don't conserve. faced with the deepening drought and depleted reservoirs, water providers in the south they are taking a tough approach, but not so much for east bay the sanford cisco
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public utilities commission see those measures are draconian and premature for their customers. >> not making any quotas or mandatory measures, we set to this goal, kind of as an aspirational goal . >> governor gavin newsom declared a drought emergency in april urging californians to cut water usage by 15%. the results have been meddling at best, but despite lack luster conservation numbers neither utility is currently considering financial penalties for customers who don't conserve . >> if it is another drier than we would reassess, and we would consider going to a different stage of drought you know, that has more restrictions, and where we are asking customers to do more. is >> reporter: the widely dit apog utility's water supplysanta clara valley water district has
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all but depleted its aboveground storage. it's reservoirs are at 11% of their total capacity. san francisco however is in much better shape, and 67% of total capacity. east bay mud is currently at 55 allowing both to take the approach. a >> when we do our drought planning and management guidelines we do a lot of modeling and engineering, and we plan -- still they are expected to have drought penalties later this month, going into effect in mid- november, there are no similar penalties considered for east bay mud or for san francisco customers or for that matter, southern california were users in the near desert climate, aren't under any restrictions. >> reporter: was until police are searching for the man they say stabbed a skateboarder, officers say is played out wednesday night near putnam and oak park boulevard, the victim telling police they were skateboarding with friends when a car drove by, and through and
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that is when the group threw something back to the car. officers say this man is accused of getting out of the car, chasing the victim down for stabbing them several times. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, the suspect is described as a husky built white man in his teens or early 20s if you know who he is contact pleasant hill police. police are searching for a suspect in the late night shooting, officers want to talk to this person, about a shooting that happened around 11:00 last night on santa clara avenue, near park street, and if you have any information about the person might be, you are asked to call alameda police. napa county police catch thieves, who stole dozens of sunglasses from a store. officers caught the suspects on highway 29 after stealing from a sunglass hut yesterday. the merchandise has been returned to the store. onto the covid front, as
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bay area counties to increase their vaccination numbers one county decreased their total by more than 30 thousand people. max breaks it down for us from san mateo county.'s pico today there was a data error that should the numbers were actually lower than where they were but, they have addressed that now the push continue to get more people to get vaccinated and bring that number higher than where it was before. another saturday another pop-up vaccine clinic in san mateo county. >> what arm would you prefer me to do? >> between the county and peninsula healthcare district at l air elementary school in san bruno. >> think the location helps us serve those who are really in need and makes us can mean it. >> i feel relieved. >> it's her 12th birthday, so she's available for the vaccine, might as well do it. >> the push to get more people
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vaccinated comes after the county announced a reduction in the number of eligible residents who received at least one shot from 94% to just under 90%, or by about 36,000 people, after they discovered a data error. county supervisor david cantwell was there to tour the public clinic and we asked him about it, he told us the county is addressing it . >> with these numbers, they are not perfect, we are all learning. we continue to learn throughout the process . >> the process for synthesizing state data for the local reporting was flawed for the chief of the county health system says they discover this over the last month. because we were downloading incremental updates that have new local vaccinations but not demographic updates that include removing duplicates at erecting address data, the net result is a cumulative decrease in the count of vaccinated san mateo county residents. the pop-up vaccine opportunities seem to work best for some locals. >> these pop-ups are strategy. or you are not going to get
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those huge numbers. >> i decided to get my booster. >> he was at his son's baseball game in the to the public clinic and >> i didn't plan on it, someone like yeah, might as well get it over with. >> he said the process was quick and easy and he's glad he got it done. in san mateo county, max, kpix 5. the city of berkeley opened a free vaccine clinic today, people 12 years and older were able to stop by the south branch library, and get vaccinated. as for side effects -- >> not worried about side effects, i'm more worried about covid. you know, with the delta variant it looks pretty scary still. so it would be great to know i am just more protected . >> they offer the pfizer vaccine and also pfizer booster shots. oakland museum at california celebrity its 27th anniversary of the ed davis emeritus this weekend, it on his family members who have passed on, and this your
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celebration honors loved ones lost to covid-19. the museum has a community altered known as an affront to come and daily members can share photos of loved ones and bring flowers, and offerings to the altar. it will be on view at the museum from now until the end of november. still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area, prescribed burn god very wrong, what california fire crews say cause the flames to lose control . the upcoming policy change that could bring a lot more taurus and they're spending money back to the bay area . >> all long time mom and pop on
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today the american cancer society hosted its annual making strides against breast cancer walk to the emeryville arena, the inspirational event celebrates cancer survivors, pays tribute to those we have lost, and raises money for the american cancer society's, support services and research, and a covid friendly twist the event also had a virtual option called making strides on the go. enabling you to walk in your own late neighborhood in real- time with other striders, nationwide. new 6:00, can see burlingame, is celebrating here's a business it's a family owned business, is located in the heart of burlingame, today, the shop gave out free candy. made fresh in the store daily, and in celebration of its anniversary, the even gave history lessons on its rich past. >> we make everything by hand, and there are not many of us
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left. doing what we do. so, my goal is to help people realize what real candy tastes like. that's it. that's my goal. >> i like lego, pre-pandemic the owners offered candy tasting classes and even candy making lessons to those who are interested speak of the fire watch to that in the santa cruz mountains, they admit they lost control of a prescribed burn that turned into the estrada fire. cruise it did make progress fighting it today, rains tomorrow will help, but the real question, why schedule a prescribed burn when the weather was so hot, and windy. lisa reports. >> >> reporter: a scary sight after a controlled burned and scheduled for friday at the estrada ranch got out of control. >> towards the end of the
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afternoon, they had finished off a strip, that caused some embers to go cross the line. >> we asked them why they would schedule a prescribed burn when the weather has been so hot and windy on the central coast. watsonville hit 89 degrees on friday. >> and we are doing the burns, we are looking to meet certain objectives, and in order to be able to meet those object lives, we need to burn when the fuel burns well . >> certainly in the afternoon you see the temperatures go up. the humidity goes down, and the winds increase. so, i was occurring, throughout the day, and so -- you know, they were -- at the limit of the prescription i would say, but they weren't out of prescription. >> i spoke to a resident who didn't want to go on camera, he noticed flames from the controlled burned died down after friday afternoon before reigniting as the winds picked up even the towering redwoods were seen going up claims . >> in the redwood forest, you get those fuels that start rolling in and they start fire
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below it, so that does contribute to the fire growth we were seeing in the trees. >> reporter: crews have been working all night to keep the flames from spreading further, multiple planes and ground crews from all over the area have been brought in more evacuations are expected as crews mop up this fire. >> with the latest information about are you could head to our website the al assad fire burning in santa barbara, is 50% to contained which is an improvement from brett about fire has burned more than 17,000 acres since it started on monday afternoon, and while we are expecting pearsall can have hot and windy weather down south, and that is going to make it hard to fight. let's find out about our and that is ahead on sunday? because going to be busy over the knife next few days, sundays the first have a chance for light rain second half of the day tomorrow, if you missed throughout the top of the newscast on give you the detailed timing on that again because it's the most important part of this forecast for
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today, as nice as it was come already in the books, daytime highs haven't got up into the low to mid 80s to tomorrow does not feel or look like this, it's like you are getting two completely different days for your weekend. today was the sunny and warm one. tomorrow is going to be breezy, much clearer by about 10 to 15 degrees, and you were going to get a little rain. you can see the system responsible for it sitting right off the coast of the future cast was able to depict where that rain is now. so let's see where it will be to our, we are going to jump ahead tomorrow is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. showers approach sonoma county, by the time we got to 2:00, and start raining until the early afternoon even with in the first half of tomorrow, you do not get rained on any record but, it starts in the afternoon in the north bay, there's 4:00 still mainly in sonoma, and moran. and then we go through 5:00, it starts to get down to the heart of the bay, by the time we've gotten to say 8:00 or 9:00 it starts to clear the south bay and that's it. it's not going to last long,
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and it is not going to be much, if you rainfall totals here, we are barely budging the cage, this is a couple hundred 7 inch of rain, the numbers are just a small. but, this is just the first one, and, this is still a good rainmaker for the rest of the state as a whole, if you look at the big pitcher, we pick up almost an inch of rain for places like eureka, we are only getting 500's of an inch of rain down here. there is going to be snow, winter weather advisory has been issued in this era the starts tomorrow at 5:00, goes until monday, that is i-80, highway 50, just look at it with the snowfall accumulations what it's going to look like in this area, we could have a beer for 5 inches, gets loaded 5000 feet that's a really pretty looking. tomorrow we will go down into the low to mid 50s to start the day, until we into the early afternoon. the daytime highs are about 15
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degrees cooler on average for just about every 71 during the mid-80s today, 67 for san francisco, it was 81 degrees in san francisco today, as we look across the seven-day forecast there are a couple other opportunities for ray on her. wednesday, and friday into saturday this is san francisco, oakland and san jose, across the board, temperatures are going to stay cool, coming up in the next half hour, i will show you with this next series of rainmakers looks like, we will go into more detail on those that know. charlie over to you. the warriors had some guys who can make it rain in a perfect preseason that doesn't matter, but why not, you'll take it, little momentum heading in the season opener this week, the sharks, they begin their season tonight from the shark tank be filled for the
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nhl season is underway, with many of the teams having already played twice, tonight after a long wait it's finally their season against the jets, 7:00 p.m. drop. will believe the first full capacity game and 587 day since march of 2020. san jose expects to have 4 working for was in the starting lineup 3 of them will be making their debuts. the head coach remembers his debut. >> i didn't last long, it was -- i was in boston and i remember my whole family at that time, they had to go to a bar or restaurant where there was a big dish, so they could watch the game, and -- i got thrown out about 10 minutes and for third man and so there wasn't much, wasn't much of anything. >> a lcs action boston had already come back from a 1-0
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deficit against tampa and advanced looking to do the same against houston, dusty baker's astros rally last night to take game one, they would've needed a massive rally in the scheme to boston loaded the bases in the first inning, luis garcia, and with 2 outs, j.d. martinez, opposite field, grand slam 4-0 socks in the blink of an eye, lightning struck twice an inning later, sachs alluded again, if it's fair, it's gone, it's fair, second grand slam of the game, the red sox became the first team playoff history to achieve this feat. i have 5 boston wins, they tied the series at 1. the raiders and broncos tomorrow at mile high command remember that soundbite list and a month ago, john said "we are here to try and create a positive las vegas vibe and have some fun. it was all fun at the time 3 0 looking like rich gannon, no positive vibes or funds sense
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for tomorrow's game will be the debut of raiders head coach, rick. rick who has been an nfl assistant for almost 20 years, rich wants to protect the football like one of his daughters, check this out, cameras caught him protective dad mode last sunday. >> everybody good? >> give my daughters to boyfriend to stare down. >> i think we thought we were all waving to them, and actually apologized to my daughter that it didn't really get a chance to talk to him too much, i said i was a little bit on edge, and she text back that's okay.i like your expert so i think i succeeded in doing what i wanted to do. is the only one not married right now. speak on the topic of weaving the best tradition in football iowa fans waving to the kids in the children's hospital. late second quarter produce 8 aiden o'connell, that's tj shifted, boilers leading the 14-
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7 1/2, o'connell, up top, and david bell, the over the shoulder 21 yard holland, they will count 11 passes for 240 yards. producing stones number two iowa on the road, 24-7 prince of the cincinnati bearcats poised to move up to number two in the land with iowa's loss . second quarter bearcats already leading 21-0 . jerome ford ahead was bigger than campus clinic today, 79 yards, to the house. for touchdowns in the first half alone, hundred and 89 yards overall. 56, ucf 21, the cats are sick second was there. the earthquake down south taking on l.a. third minute delays christian or ringo, the passage of daniel is off ski, opening goal of the match, l.a. fc went on to win 3 and san jose has lost three straight.
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steph curry i would say he looks ready for the regular season. he scored 41 points in just 3/4. warriors one over the blazes warriors finished the preseason at 5-00 so was there any thought to let curry stay in the game and go for the old 50 burger? >> no. no. despite the pleas of dove nation, so that he could score a certain number of points, you know, this is the dream scenario. we have a lead a sizable enough to be able to risk guys in the fourth. let's just play preseason, who knows how it will all play out, we've had a really good few weeks. and, we feel ready to roll for the regular season. 41 points coming off one of his better seasons last year, he carried the warriors, has a little more help this year, but going have to wait until about christmas for klay thompson to come back so we'll see what the warriors are made of.
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i'm guessing in the 50 when range they are going to be good. >> we will hold you to it. coming up, and our next pel against some vaccine mandates while some others are getting in line for third dose . president biden and his take on what it's like to be a police officer, in this day and age. we have an update on former president bill clinton, as he recovers from an infection, and what doctors are now saying about his condition ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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now at 6:30 a convicted killer catches the coronavirus, a look at his condition. for joining us i am a juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian. vaccine mandates are going into effect across parts of the u.s., and they are facing pushback from some americans this evening. in meantime and if the advisory panel's recommendation of boosters for the madonna and johnson & johnson vaccines, could be approved as soon as next year, michael george with the latest. gavin newsom's covid-19 vaccine mandate for students, won't go into effect for months. some parents are already protesting with plans to keep their children home on monday, amid calls for a state wide walkout. >> the vaccine mandate i don't think should be forced upon anybody. to the california mandate
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covering public private and charter schools is set to kick in after full fda approval for the vaccine at different age groups per day in washington state on credit, boeing workers turned out in the rain with ticket signs, protesting the plane makers vaccine requirements, some 125,000 boeing employees, must get shots to comply with president biden's executive order for federal contractors. chicago, vaccine mandate showdown is heating up between the police union chief, and the city's mayor. the police union president is urging officers to defy orders to report their vaccine status to the city. >> any sergeant, lieutenant, captain, or above who gives you an order, to go on that is not valid. >> insubordination is not something that we can tolerate. >> saturday president biden address the toll the coronavirus has taken on law enforcement during a memorial service honoring fallen officers . >> tragically in the past two years, covid-19 has caused more deaths in the line of duty, and all the other causes
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combined. more lines of defense against covid-19 could come as soon as next week. the fda and cdc are reviewing an advisory panel's recommendation for maternal and johnson & johnson vaccine boosters, michael george, cbs news, and york. health officials have some new recommendations on how to spend time with friends and families safely, the cdc says face coverings are needed to mingle with your loved ones over the holidays, especially, if gathering indoors, health officials also recommend getting a covid-19 shot before traveling. some big news for travelers come in less than a month, the united states plans welcome back international visitors by air, and the land. as long as they are vaccinated for the white house announced a policy yesterday. looking alive, the policies good news for travelers, and family members some of whom have been separated for months.
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>> this is good news for all airports, but especially for sfo. that's because sfo has some of the highest international travel traffic in the u.s., in august of this year, sfo had just under 400,000 international travelers compared to august the 2019 when they were 1.6 million. business owners say they cannot wait for the next step. >> once we can get the international travel back, that's going to be a game changer. >> 2019 to give you an example from 63% of all tourism spending in san francisco was by international visitors, and that has been sent shutdown since the beginning of the panama. speak to that new policy goes into effect on november 8th . taken alive look at the white house for the 40th annual national peace officers memorial service was held today, president biden honored fallen heroes, and had flags flown at half staff at the white house. he spoke at the service, and sheared his condolences to families of fallen servicemembers. >> being a cop today, is one of a lot harder than it's ever
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been. and families of the fallen, you've suffered an enormous loss but understand, your loss is also america's loss. speak to the memorial service comes one day after a deputy was killed in a shooting in houston. >> new video into the newsroom, hillary and chelsea clinton visited former president bill clinton in the hospital today, they got to use irvine's medical center, esther clinton is hospitalized for a urological infection, right now the former president is in recovery. >> elise preston gives us the breakdown of his condition. a spokesperson for president bill clintons is a former president was admitted to the university of california irvine medical center tuesday evening, he was attending some private events in the area. >> started to feel lightheaded, had nausea and vomiting, to have an infection in his blood, and they did c.a.t. scan in his body
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>> medical contributor dr. david akers has been in contact with mr. clinton's lead dr., the former president team, who gave him permission to discuss his case, the former president underwent tests to determine broad-spectrum antibiotics for misses of antibiotics was identified as e. coli, down as an antibiotic . speak of the spokesperson says he's on the mend and good spirits and is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses and staff, providing them with excellent care, and added his responding well to antibiotics, elise preston, cbs news, new york. mr. clint has faced some of their health issues since the time he was present including quadruple bypass surgery, and a procedure to place two stents. robert durst has tested positive for 19 just days after
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he was sentenced to life prison without parole, for the 2000 facial lips is fatal shoes shooting of susan berman. he is hospitalized on a ventilator, has additional health issues including bladder cancer. up next, wineries feeling the impacts of the supply chain by some are calling the situation total cost was two bay area festival excess return for the first time since the pandemic began, how people celebrated the fall harvest in the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury.
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at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker.
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live to the port of oakland right now this evening how for new businesses are not convinced new action from the white house will help solve the supply chain crisis, the tour distributor in l.a., damage is already done in terms of getting kids for christmas, a backup as southern california reports as part of the problem, this week the administration struck deals for labor unions to keep the ports running 24 seven. some stores that ordered inventory months ago, don't expect to get shipments until january. and retailers aren't the only ones suffering, california winemakers are starting to feel the effect of the clogged supply chain, and according to the san francisco examiner delays at ports statewide are starting to disrupt basic vineyard operations, winemakers say they have actually struggled to get shipments of everyday necessities like pvc pipe, sprinklers, and fire
6:41 pm
suppression equipment one winemaker described the situation as total chaos. while it's a big week for foodies in san francisco, restaurant week and eat drink as it bounces back for the pandemic and attend a, for lunch and dinner for more than 150 restaurants, prices are anywhere from $10-$65, >> all of us we need some help, bringing in some new customers, and hopefully we are going to make it. >> gus was required of them? proof of vaccination for indoor dining in san francisco, after dining is also an option a lot of the locations of rations are available on the open table.
6:42 pm
the festival celebrating the city's thriving culture, of growing and making food, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the fall harvest, there was live music and events for kids, such as rock climbing, a scarecrow making contest, and pumpkin decorating, event coordinators were glad to see the community come back together. >> this is a big deal we wanted to make sure we let the community know we are still here we are still engaging, and we are still involved we are doing things safely, and we just want to make sure that we are supporting the community . speak of the festival also had food-based activities such as food stores, and contests, there was also a garden expo, where people could learn about crops and seeds. >> some new video out of new york, the central park carousel has opened for the first time since a closed at the beginning of the panic some who were
6:43 pm
there said it lebrion and thre basically what happened. >> we open the carousel, there was excitement, joy, and just an amazing symbol of how new york is getting back you know, better than before. it's probably the best part of our job, is getting to see the laughing in our faces, smiles and screams of joy. >> the first 50 guests got to ride for free. still ahead, the suspect accused of a brutal shooting rampage, now hoping to avoid the death penalty, the guilty plea expected next week . a new nasa mission blasts off to jupiter, what astronauts just discovered while -- i wouldn't say astronomers discovered on the giant planets mints . when we come back in the forecast we will talk about tomorrow's light rainfall. then, wednesdays chance for light rain. and fridays chance for light rain, and then just for fun we are going to add it all up, at
6:44 pm
least in an absolute best case scenario come all the way through next monday, don't get your hopes to
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. the former student charged in the 2018 parkland high school shooting rampage is prepared to plead guilty, you previously pleaded not guilty
6:47 pm
for killing 14 students and three faculty members. the judges says she would not accept the plea until the next hearing set for next wednesday, his attorney told the court he intends to accept responsibility for 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first- degree murder, hoping he can avoid the death penalty. >> with him pleading guilty, and then the next phase starts, you know which is going to be a long drawn out process, but for me and my family, we ultimately want to see that the shooter is executed. during yesterday's hearing the judge accepted his guilty plea for an attack on a jail guard that happened nine-month after the shooting . incredible new video out of oklahoma come look at this, and amtrak train, hitting that car carrying semi truck that had to come to a stop on the tracks last night. 4 train passengers were hospitalized witnesses say the driver of the truck, and the
6:48 pm
drivers dog were not injured, they will be investigating that . tonight policing great britain say the killing of a member of parliament was a terrorist attack and they say, international investing patient "has revealed a potential motivation linked to islamic extremism, last night dozens of people gathered in southeastern england to remember david and he was stabbed multiple times, i'll meeting with constituents, 25-year-old man is now under arrest on suspicion of murder. homies 3 people are dead tonight several others hurt after an earthquake, on bali, one of indonesia's islands, the surprises that the earthquake was only at magnitude 4.8. still it was enough to damage some of the buildings on the rescue efforts are underway to find some might be trapped under the rubble. authorities are warning people to be prepared for probable
6:49 pm
aftershocks. let's hear little bit of good news, i guess that comes in the form of the rain. and that is here from darren . >> that is going to be a series of possible rainmakers over about the next week and have another look like blockbuster downpours but there are a lot of them and going to start adding up, silicic ahead, first of all there is your life you, this is from the camera that sits on top of sutra tower, which has the best view looking down on the graceful arch across the span of the golden gate ridge, here's another view from our camera treasure island this is why we live here, there's the storm, that is tomorrow's, this is not going to be significant impact for us but it will mean my drink for sunday second half of they day it will be noticeably cooler, it will be breezy you can see how good the rain is out there now, as of the two impact from this there is the start of the rain tomorrow, once we get to the afternoon light showers have their way into sonoma county, and then by about the 3:00 for whatever they have made their way down across the golden gate bridge and then right about this time, they start to clear the south bay,
6:50 pm
and that's it, second half of the day, if you look at rainfall totals on it they are really like, maybe a couple hundredths of an inch of lane hills bird magic was to a 10th of an inch of rain way up in the north bay other than that it's a couple hundreds if you were out, same story, down in the south bay, that's the first chance for rain. most of them will probably look like this. but, there are several coming, and the further you go out into long-range forecast oftentimes the more impressive these things look, so keep that in mind when we look at this foreign cast in a minute. lows go down to low and mid 50s, daytime has tomorrow about 50 degrees cooler than today. factor in a 15 to 20 mile an hour breeze, cloudy skies, and dampness to the air, today was your day to be outside, you can get outside tomorrow to is just not going to be the kind of fall weather that today was. so, there is a look at the big pitcher, they are lining up out there here's the one for tomorrow, there is a next one, there are two more that are going to develop behind that one, which aren't
6:51 pm
sport on the future custom watch the parade, first tomorrow's the big of a deal, here comes an excellent wednesday probably not that big of a deal, but still rain light rain, here comes the next one, that is friday. doesn't look like a major storm, but still rain, and now we will play forward, there is the next one, getting into sunday and then by the time we get to monday this is just ridiculous to me to want to go out that far, this week from this coming monday. you can't trust that into long- range forecast. that's the most impressive looking one, this week is on this particular model. especially this time of your reality starts to set in and i start to look a lot like what we have coming tomorrow. here is the way that this adds up. sunday's rain come here comes wednesday, we will add in friday finale lad and possibly next saturday, and if we want to believe mondays advertised storm by the time we get there, we could've gone 2 inches of rain here. that's the hope forward, then why not look at the long-range
6:52 pm
forecast but we are not going to the bank on that, tomorrow's going to rain and it's going to rain lightly and it's good, we will take it, the rain on the far north coast and in the sierra is excellent news for piracies and regardless of how much it rained to your house over these next 12 days, this is a fantastic story. you can see how they show up here on-again off-again chance of rain not going to get too tied down to the timing of any of these yet with the exception of tomorrow, we can be priests pretty specific but the time in the second half of the day tomorrow, and then as we get closer to that friday system we will get more specific. you will find this interesting one of jupiter's it biggest moons, is europa, and now astronomers think there is water on it, they made that discovery using the hubble space telescope, i sat on it but it's actually developing water vapor and the jovian move atmosphere, the waters on the present in one hemisphere of the moon, and so far nobody has asked the nation for that. maybe we need to send a rocket
6:53 pm
there. in fact, we are, the first nasa mission to study asteroids in this case, near jupiter, boston off this morning, lucy spacecraft is on a 12 year mission to restore jupiter's trojan asteroids form, it's the first nasa mission to fly by a total of 8 asteroids. still to come, and streaming, on cbsn bay
6:54 pm
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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live look out at the san francisco bay tonight, where earlier this week, we got to see something we have not seen since the start of covid, cruise ships making the grand entrance to the city. spewing more on the speak of the world are starting to open again for us. >> reporter: sandy is a local travel advisor and says it was unfortunate that another ship the grand princess became an early symbol of the pandemic. stuck in oakland with sick passengers and crew, unable to come ashore over fears of the new virus. >> you know princes had a hard time in the beginning of covid, it was really in fear they got caught out at sea, when nobody knew what was going on. >> and other precautions are tightly monitored, no one gets on the ship without proof of vaccination, and a negative covid test. protocols are so strict that what was once seen as a super
6:57 pm
spreader environment, is not considered by travel professionals and cruise fans like tom parton is the safest form of travel in the world. speak of this is a safe is anything you can get a football field with 40,000 people, and is not a safe in my opinion, as a christian. >> they see the ships return is welcomed the year before the pandemic cruising about 280,000 taurus to san francisco, contributing $27 million in economic and if it's to local businesses. >> you can imagine that pausing cruise, definitely slow down economic activity, but again we are excited to have the sleep -- a presumption of cruise, and the cooper to a record you too. that's because there are already 127 cruise stops scheduled for san francisco next year. the most ever, including 28 from a new ship that will make the city's home port, the carnival miracle, this morning the majestic princess served up a little miracle of its own, to
6:58 pm
those both on and off boat. >> that flow is starting to happen in a way, because everybody boost? >> in san francisco john ramose, kpix 5. 21 crew stops are planned for the next three months of 2021 . we thank you so much for watching and we will see you back here at 11:00. >> what is the last place he went to on the last cruise he went on? >> oh my goodness, was not the disney cruise, how about you? >> until we come back at 11:00 the news continues on have a great night we'll see what 11:00.
6:59 pm
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narrator: today on pet vet dream team, a tiny pup is brought into sash showing symptoms of a deadly disease. lisa: and if he's got parvo virus it could spread through this hospital. narrator: and lisa is worried for the puppy's future. lisa: it just breaks my heart. narrator: then, heartbreak for andrew as he seeks help for his beloved pet chicken. andrew: i'm really quite worried about ducky. i know she's just a chicken but she's my chicken, i really don't want her to be sick.


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