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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now at 5:00, for the first time in a long time here comes the rainy day feeling, after a hot saturday a big change. the cafo could hit us in the pocketbook. some bay area water authorities considering finding water wasters. the faa says it looks like it won't just be pfizer anymore. police on the search for a man they say staff a skateboarder and what the victim told police. and we start with a live look across the bay area. tomorrow we could finally see something northern california desperately needs, rain.
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>> let's get right to aaron. this is crazy, on a day like today getting rain, that i guess so. >> it is typical of fall, you will go through a complete turnaround. current numbers, 83 in concord right now, not a cloud in the sky. if we look at the satellite you will see the system sitting off the coast. let's come in for a close-up look for tomorrow. that is 12:30 pm, the rain doesn't start until we get to the to:00 hour and then we are going to see light showers marching their way across the bay area. at 4:00 it's rainy at that point. by the time we get into the early evening now we are seeing a pretty well organized line of light rain coming through the heart of the bay. that gives us to write about now, a majority of us will notice our chance.
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it doesn't clear the south bay until we get past 9:00 p.m. the best way to think of this is second half of the day on sunday. we are going to be about 10 degrees cooler, and it is going to be windy, but these are be onshore winds. back to you. california's worsening drought that have some paying up. the south bay's largest water provider is considering slapping fines on those using too much water. two other major bay area providers are not ready to take the drastic step. >> reporter: the idea is every drop of water you conserve now helps you in a drought, which is why we were surprised to learn two of the biggest water suppliers in the bay area with millions of customers between them were closed to imposing financial penalties for people who do not conserve.
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faced with a deepening drought and depleted reservoirs water providers are taking a get tough approach, but not so for the san francisco public utilities commission, who said the measures are premature for their customers. >> we are not making any quotas, we set this goal as an aspirational goal. >> reporter: gavin newsom declared a drought emergency in april urging california's the got water usage. the results have been down 9% in the south bay and 8% for spain mind and san francisco puc customers. despite lackluster numbers neither is currently considering financial penalties for customers who do not conserve. >> it is another try year we would reassess and consider going to a different stage of drought that has more restrictions where we are asking customers to do more. >> reporter: the widening
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differing approach and part the overall strength of each water supply. the santa clara valley water district has all but depleted aboveground storage. reservoirs are 11% of total capacity. san francisco is in much better shape, 67% of total capacity. east bay mud is currently at 55%. it allows both to take a wait- and-see approach. >> will we do our guidelines we do a lot of modeling and engineering analysis. we plan for multiyear droughts. the san jose water company is expected to vote later this month and they go into effect in mid-november. there are no similar penalties being considered for east or san francisco puc customers. an fda advisory panel recommendation of boosters for the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines could be
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approved as soon as next week. yesterday the group voted to authorize a booster shot. it will be for americans 18 and older. it will be at least two months after the first shots. j&j says study showed boosting at two or six months can bring effectiveness up to 94%. >> it will increase efficacy against severe disease. it will increase efficacy against all symptomatic covid and the immune response against variance. >> i think this was always a two dose vaccine. i think it's better as a two dose. >> the cdc says more than i made people have gotten a booster dose, that is about percent of those were already fully vaccinated. we are live in burlington with the push to get more people vaccinated. >> reporter: today there was a data arrow the show the numbers were actually lower than where they were, but they have
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addressed that. the push continue to get more people vaccinated and bring the number higher than where it was before. another saturday and another pop-up vaccine clinic san mateo county. this one a joint venture between the county and peninsula healthcare district at bel air elementary school in san bruno. >> we think the location helps us to serve those in need. >> what the pop-ups have allowed us to do is really get with people who are trustee committee partners, people who have actually been in the committee. >> reporter: jason shea brought his 12-year-old daughter about to get her first shot one of two reasons to celebrate on saturday. >> it's a 12th birthday. she's available for the vaccine. >> reporter: fernando had no plans to get a vaccine on saturday. he was at his son's baseball game next door to the public clinic. >> i plan on it, someone came by and told me and i was like i might as well get it over with.
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>> reporter: the push to get more vaccinated comes after san mateo county announced a reduction in the number of eligible residents who have received at least one shot from 94% to just under 90% or about 36,000 people after they discovered a data arrow. the county's process for synthesizing state data for local reporting was flawed. the chief of the county health system says that it discover this over the last month. because we were downloading and criminal update that showed new local vaccinations, but not demographic updates that included removing duplicates and correcting address data, the net result is extremely tip decrease and the county supervisor was there. we asked him about it. he told us the county is addressing this. >> with these numbers, they are not perfect. we are all learning. we can continue to learn throughout the process. >> the vaccination rate is
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lower than i thought. what is the infection rate look like? >> reporter: the county says right now hospitalizations and the new cases are trending downward and have continued to do so. we want to highlight the positivity rate, it is that 1.1%. >> better than it has been. in the east bay berkeley also open a free vaccine clinic today. >> i'm not worried about side effects. i'm more worried about covid. with the delta variant it looks to be scary still. it will be great to know that i'm more protected. >> people 12 and older were able to stop by the south branch library and get vaccinated. the clinic offered the pfizer vaccine and also booster shots for those who are eligible. a judge slammed the people who run the state slammers for what led up to a deadly covert outbreak at quinn prisons. that judge tentatively ruled
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state prison officials acted with deliberate indifference when they transferred infected inmates from a southern california prison to think when. the judge wrote prison officials ignored virtually every safety measure after that inmate transferred. 75% of san quentin inmates ended up testing positive. it up rate led to the deaths of 28 inmates and a correctional officer. pleasant help police searching for the man they say stabbed a skateboarder. officer say it played out within a period the victim telling police they were skateboarding with friends on a car drove by and through exit them. that is when the group threw something back of the car. officer say this man is accused of getting out of the car and chasing the victim down for stabbing them several times. the victim was taken to the
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hospital with serious injuries. the suspect is described as a husky built white man in his teens or early 20s. if you know who he is, contact police. police are searching for a suspect in a late-night shooting. offices want to talk to this person about a shooting that happened around 11:00 last night. if you have any information about who it may be you are asked to call police. napa county police catch thieves who stole dozens of sunglasses from a store office. chp officers caught the suspects on highway 29 after stilling them from a sunglass hut yesterday. the merchandise has since been returned to the store. a former president in the hospital. the infection he has that has doctors worried. the worries do not end there, now candy coated fentanyl that could put your kids at risk area before wedding raise the
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estrada fire burns on. we will have the latest. if there is a fire on one of jupiter's many moans astronomers think that maybe wanted
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a live look at the white house for the 40th annual peace officers memorial service was held. president biden honored fallen heroes and had flags flown at half staff. he shared his condolences to the families of fallen rvicembers
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>> being a cop today is a lot harder than it has ever been. to the families of the fallen, you have suffered an enormous loss, and understand your losses are also america's loss. >> the memorial service comes one day after debbie was killed in a shooting in houston. former president bill clinton is in the hospital, but the good news is he could be released as early as tomorrow. today his wife and daughter arrived at uc irvine medical center. was admitted to the icu on tuesday, diagnosed with sepsis from a urinary tract infection. a spokesperson says his condition is trending in the right direction. tonight convicted murderer robert durst has tested positive for covid-19 days after he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the 2000 fatal shooting of a
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woman. according to his attorney he is hospitalized and on a ventilator. he has additional health issues including latter cancer. earlier this week henry police warned the public about fentanyl that look like bubblegum. now, alameda county sheriff deputies are warning about a similar finding on bay area streets. the sheriff's department tweeted out that picture writing just like in hayward deputies came across brightly colored fentanyl recently. baggies in pastel pink and purple. deputies want a child might be attracted to a substance like that and take it. onto the fire watch, crews are making progress on the estrada fire burning in santa cruz. evacuation orders near mount my down -- mount madonna has been lifted. flames broke out yesterday near hidden canyon ranch. it happened after a nearby
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controlled burn jump the containment lines. cal fire is still urging people to avoid the area and surrounding roadways to allow for residents to return home. at least there is rain on the way and that has the help. >> i think the fire says a lot about how dry the landscape is. they will put water on it tomorrow and tomorrow it's not a lot of rain, the first of a series of light rainmakers over the next week. it is very good news. just don't expect block was to downpours. the main thing to be aware of is the second half of the weekend will look and feel totally different. numbers in the middle 80s. we are pretty much run out the daytime highs. tomorrow the numbers are low 70s with a breeze and maybe the rain. that is to:00 tomorrow. there was a light band of showers. throughout the course of the second half of the day
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tomorrow light showers will work the way across the bay area. the time we get to 8-9:00 it is done. if you look at the totals, it is not a lot. everybody else only gets a couple hundreds of an inch in the north bay. if we come down to the south bay the numbers are a little lower. on the big picture here is why i say this is very good news. we have an inch of rain on the four -- far west coast. it rains in the sierra significantly. there is a winter weather advisory in the sierra as a result. ll probably get close tove if we switch from looking at where the winter weather advisory is and put this into the futurecast to see how much snow falls from sunday night through monday it is about 3-4 inches.
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it will be cooler, morning lows in the low 50s. daytime highs definitely cooler. we are only going up into the low 70s and middle 60s for most locations. cloudy, windy, and light rain. if we take a look out into the pacific you will see there is a whole series of them getting lined up to start working their way across northern california. watch the satellite and you will see that is a progressive looking pattern. the long-range forecast shows what looks to be a lot more impressive than it likely will end up being. it is just a train of system after system. we are not going to get too hung up in the details. that gets us ahead to monday, october 25. that is a really good-looking storm. we are not going to get too tied into that idea. you can go too far out. it is a positive sign to say that there are a series of storms coming our way over the next several days.
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we start out with san francisco, oakland, and san jose. you see a chance of rain on wednesday and again going into friday and saturday. will do this now for our microclimates. a chance for rain showing up on wednesday and again friday and saturday and then there will be other systems beyond those. that is where things stand for now. if they ever discover little green men on jupiter's moons now we know they won't be thirsty. scientist without evidence of water in the atmosphere of jupiter's icy moon europa. a hubble telescope made that discovery. and away they go. we are about to learn a lot more about jupiter. at least one of the asteroids near it. the first nasa mission to study the asteroid belt blast off early this morning. the lucy spacecraft is embarking on a 12 year mission
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to explore jupiter's trojan asteroids storms. it is the first mission
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nhl season underway with many teams having already played twice. tonight after a long wait is finally back to normal for hockey in san jose. the sharks began their season against the jets. 7:00 p.m. puck drop. it is the first full capacity game in 587 days. san jose expects to have four rookie forwards in the starting lineup, three are making their nhl debut. the head coach remembers his debut. >> i didn't last long. i was in boston. i remember my whole family had to go to a bar or restaurant so they can watch the game.
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i got thrown out about 10 minutes in. it wasn't much. >> the broncos and raiders tomorrow at mile high. remember that sound bite less than a month ago where jon gruden said we are here to create a positive five and have some fun as well. it was all fun at the time. a very high-powered offense. no fun since it feels like. tomorrow's game will be the debut of the interim head coach who has been an nfl assistant for almost 20 years. he wants to protect the football like one of his daughters. cameras caught them in protective dad mode last sunday. >> give my daughter a stair down with her new boyfriend. >> i think he thought we were all waiting to them. i actually apologize to my daughter. i didn't really get a
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chance to talk to them too much. i said i was a little bit on edge. she texted back i like your edge. i think i succeeded in doing what i wanted to do. she's the only one i married right now. >> the best tradition in football, iowa fans waiting to the kids in the children's hospital. the rollout and on the money for the 3 yard connection. that is tedious you feel. the boilermakers led 14-7 at the half. o'connell up top. david bell the over the shoulder called in. he caught 11 passes and produce storms. the cincinnati bearcats poised to move up to number two in the land. second quarter already up 21-0. jerome ford have bigger holes today. 79 yard to the house. four tds in the first half
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alone. ucf 21, the kasei 6-0. mls action, the earthquakes taking on lsc. third minute, the backward pass sets up dale. the opening goal. they went on to win 3-1. san jose has lost three straight. steph curry looks ready for the regular season i was say scoring 41 points in just three quarters in the warriors 119-97 win over the blazers. they finished the preseason 5-0. the question is was there any thought to leave them in the game for the old 50 burger? >> no. despite the pleas of domination so that he could score a certain number of points, you know, this is the dream
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scenario. we have been the sizable enough to rest guys in the fourth. it is preseason. who knows how it will play out. we've had a really good few weeks and we feel ready to roll for the regular season. >> we will see what they are made of. have the lakers at staples center
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that's it for us at 5:00. cbs weekend is next.
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see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> yuccas: tonight, america's covid recovery and an economic pinch. from the gas pump to grocery stores and beyond-- consumers nationwide get squeezed by a sharp surge in prices with no end in sight. >> reporter: i'm lilia luciano in los angeles where energy demands, shipping problems and labor shortages are making everything more expensive. >> yuccas: also tonight, mandate standoff: the push to vaccinate police officers meets resistance in several cities. plus, mistaken strike: the u.s. offers to pay a family of afghans killed in a botched drone attack. police probe ask extremist links after deadly attack on a british lawmakers. >> reporter: i'm roxana saberi in london where the brutal murder of ar parliament is b


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