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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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breaking news an hour ago an fda advisory panel unanimously approved booster doses for johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine. it is for emergency use and covers elderly and at risk populations. the recommendation goes to cdc for final approval. yesterday the same panel granted emergency use for a half dose of moderna's booster shot for some. it could be administered as soon as next week. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. if you are fully vaccinated you can ditch your mask in certain indoor places. the easing of masking mandates begins today in san francisco and marin. >> justin andrews is in san
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francisco with reaction to the new rules. >> reporter: we know opinions about this are pretty wide. some are forward. others are not. since today is day one we wanted to know how people feel about it. liz watson passing through the castro headed into work. >> i feel nervous that they're lifting it at the gym and lifting it in a lot of places now. >> reporter: the easing of masking rules in san francisco and marin top of mind for her and others. >> precautions for everybody. >> reporter: as you go throughout the day know you might not need your mask to enter some places. last week mayor london breed and department of public health announced ease of mask requirements. this means if you are fully vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask in some indoor settings across san francisco and marin counties like gyms, fitness studios, offices, churches, organized indoor gatherings of 100 people or less. sounds like you will probably keep your mask on in some of
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>> i think for now. we'll see w it progresses. definitely for now. i worry it is too soon but i know the rest of the country is kind of going the same way. >> reporter: you will be required to mask up when you go to the grocery store, retail shops, restaurants. lifting mask rules for those places will take longer. contra costa will join san francisco in the lifting of mask requirements on november 1 and about eight other bay area counties will follow once they meet the criteria to lift masking rules. >> you take on what your community takes on. if you see one person wearing a mask, it's likely that there are other people in your community that need you to wear a mask too, whether you want to or not. >> reporter: under state and federal laws you are still required to wear your mask when on public transportation, when inside schools and hospitals. justin andrews, kpix5. a live look from berkeley
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where showing vaccine proof is a requirement. the mandate applies to employees at tronatt fati, hethca iermacublid private childcare sites. united states starting to reopen borders to the rest of the world. fully vaccinated foreign visitors can start traveling to u.s. on november 8. this relaxes bans in place since 2020. new guidelines apply to air, land, seaboarders. officials say more details are coming about very limited exceptions in which covid-19 vaccines will be accepted. a british lawmaker died after being stabbed while meeting with voters at a church. british conservative lawmaker was killed just east of london. police say they have arrested a man following the incident and pursued in connection to the attack. eye witnesses say the 25-year- old man entered the church and stabbed him multiple times.
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new, justice department is planning to ask supreme court to temporarily block controversial abortion ban in texas. d.o.j. wants law stopped while legal challenges play out. ruled yesterday it could ppeals remain in effect after a district court temporarily blocked it. law bans most abortions after six weeks. it also lets private citizens sue providers or anyone who helps with the process. d.o.j. officials have not said when they will formally petition the court. on october 6, young was riding in a car with her uncle when someone in another car opened fire killing her. police have released surveillance video of the suspect vehicle. detectives say it appears to be early 2000s silver honda accord. a pregnant mother and three others recovering after their plane crashed into a front yard near sacramento. this video from yesterday shows
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the small plane taking off and then falling out of frame before crashing beyond a roof line. moments later, flames. one of the firs witness the crash stopped his truck, got out a fire extinguisher and helped the passengers to safety. >> only thing going through my head is i wanted these people to be safe and i wanted them to be alive. i couldn't stand and sleep tonight if i watched a man burn in front of me. >> reporter: ntsb and faa will be investigating what happened. millions of u.s. families are about to receive a 4th round of child tax credit payments. irs is starting the process of sending checks. average amount is $400. coronavirus relief package in march is making credit refund able triggering payments. columbia university researchers estimate first two lifted more than 3 million kids out of poverty. i am anne makovec at the live news desk following possibility of the bay area getting a lot of federal money to help with the huge housing
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crisis we have here. taking a live look at the city of san francisco where u.s. secretary for housing and urban development is on day two of her visit to talk about the president's build back better plan which would expand access to federal subsidies for new housing. she met with house speaker nancy pelosi and mayor london breed to tour a new affordable neighborhood,thcalifornians ex melast best chance something abouit. >> we not w we treat pe at the thos at its sun set. we cannot afford to not take care of our children or our parents and grandparents. >> the complex she visited run by hope sf has 55 homes already occupied and 167 about to be ready for rental.
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the hud secretary is going to tour another complex this afternoon and hold a conversation on the problems. we'll be covering it. >> thanks. big changes for our weekend. today we have that sunshine, those warmer temperatures. actually above average, about five degrees b average. still sunny, still warm for your saturday, big changes by the end of our weekend. we are talking cooler temperatures for all of us, a big cool down on sunday and chance to see a few showers. tracking this low pressure system that will bring rain to the pacific northwest, the lucky ones to catch that. a weak is many can bring a few showers sunday night. i will talk more about that in detail, coming up. a woman went to great lengths to raise awareness for cancer research. >> she skated across san francisco to support local
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firefighters. she started at ocean beach around 8:30 and roller bladed across the city. she hit the embarcadero just before finishing at san francisco fire department headquarters. >> we need to stand up together and make a difference. the way we can do that is by funding research that is necessary to support cancer prevention for the fire department. >> today is also the 25th anniversary of ristine skated 5,000 miles across canada to support her mother. there is more news to come. >> scientists in greenland getting excited about a rock they say could be a key component in stopping climate change. students rising above advisers and scholars work closely together. we are meet
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welcome back. a live look at wall street on this friday afternoon, dow is up more than 360 points. president biden and former president obama joining forces for the environment. obama's team says he will travel next month for a un summit. he's expected to talk about progress in the last years and highlight leadership of young people. he along with 13 cabinet members and senior officials will be in attendance. miners and investors in greenland excited about rocks they found similar to prop back from apollo missions to the moon. woclatoble. in the e e ofthe
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story. >> reporter: who ying tlanet ce in greenland scientists blasted a mountain filled with what they call climate saving rocks. >> it is unique, created in the early days in the formation of our world. >> reporter: it is called an ortho site. what makes this so special is the purity, containing three minerals, calcium, silica, alumina. >> very good quality for fiberglass. we'll also use it for fillers for ceramics. >> reporter: it produces less waste and greenhouse gas emissions, found around the island's rugged terrain and turquoise but that's not the only place. >> you find it in canada. you find it in scandinavia, russia, south africa, lots of
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places. >> reporter: so far, miners have collected more than 300 tons. rocks on the moon. g to wh theh the mining company in greenland says if aluminum industry buys in they can start commercial production from the rocks within eight to ten years. it is time for a check of the weather with meteorologist mary lee. hoping for a nice weekend. >> it's going to be beautiful for the start of our weekend. we definitely need the rainfall and we'll talk about rain chances coming up in a moment. here is a stunning view with mark hopkins hotel camera looking at san francisco across the bay, trans america pyramid as well. 60s and 70s at this lunchtime hour. we are looking at light conditions right now though you can see the northerly winds in fairfield and for concord. we are looking at light
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offshore flow, ridge of high pressure building in for us. that's why we are catching sunshine and daytime highs about five degrees above average. with that light offshore wind flow you see very dry air, relative humidity values down to the teens as we he through the day. i want to talk about what you can expect for our weekend. today we are watching that sunshine. tomorrow we are looking at sunshine and above average daytime highs, a great day saturday if you have outdoor events. check out saturday night. more clouds stream in and then for your sunday a weak weather system pushes across the bay area. we will be on the tail end of the front and we are going to see if it holds together enough to bring us some much needed rainfall. at this point, if you are lucky enough to catch a few showers, not expecting a lot and very light showers at that because of this weak little weather system here. that's what we have in store for us as we look to the end of our weekend and also much cooler for your sunday.
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you will notice that difference. daytime highs, beautiful, upper 60s along the coast, mid 70s around the bay, highs inland in the low to mid 80s this afternoon. here we go with the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, plenty sunshine, above average for your saturday and there we go with the cool down on sunday. again, we are looking at shower chances, better chance will be at least around the bay san francisco and oakland. inland east bay as well as for the north bay and coast, temperatures on the rise as we look to our weekend but there we go with down suay agayou beucky enou to catch li bit of something as we look to sunday night with the weak weather system and by next wednesday there is another chance of seeing something. at this point, longer range weather models are not in great agreement but fingers are crossed. >> hoping for a little something, something.
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>> thanks. family is so important during trying times. the students rising above scholar shows us how friends can fill the void when we don't have family to lean on. streaming today, mill valley film festival runs through this weekend. we talk to executive director and founder at 1:15. at 1:45 my special welcome to the city on the iconic cable cars. watch at or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. download it for
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family is so important when we face tough times. but when we don't have family to lean on, friendship can keep us together. >> elizabeth cook introduces us to this week's students rising above scholars who found both on her way to success. >> reporter: old friends catching up on zoom, an experience we have shared during the pandemic. for diana and jessica, this call is special. jessica is a college adviser at students rising above and diana
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is one of two dozen students she's served, their first in person meeting happened many years ago. >> i remember when i met. we met at starbucks. >> you could see she was quiet, reserved. that was her personality. you could see that beneath that there was so much. >> reporter: sitting across from jessica, a shy high school junior reeling from the shock of being selected sra scholar an achievement diana would keep secret at first from everyone including her family. >> i didn't tell anyone because i didn't think i was going to get it. i was scared like how do i tell this to mom? >> struggling with parental and cultural expectations that including work, not higher education. >> i didn't grow up with anyone, seeing anyone else go to college. i was like everyone in my family works really hard. i was like i will just work
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hard. no one gave me the conversation of college. >> reporter: no one so committed to the college conversation. >> remember i didn't knowgoing >> reporter: until jessica who helped in ent college graduate loving her first realjob and apartment in los angeles. now meeting jessica's 7-month- old daughter for the first time, both saying hello to the young woman jessica now considers to be family. >> it's like she's added to the family. she's joined the family. >> diana agrees. >> she was there at my lowest. many times i told her i don't think i can make it. i don't think imminent to be here. she would reassure me, it doesn't matter what you will do, you will be great. >> say bye, see you soon. >> reporter: i am elizabeth
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cook. >> diana says she will head home to the bay area soon so she can meet her daughter in person. two say they see their relationship lasting a laugh time. an unsolved murder baffled investigators for decades. can a viral twitter campaign help catch her killer. tracy ta cause so when they found the suspect they were able to search all electronic devices and that gave evidence they were able to use in trial. >> the investigation airs tomorrow night on 48 hours at 10:00 on kpix5. it's a new twist on controversial candy. we've got how one grocery store is reinventing how you eat candy corn. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile.
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today's tip of the day 'vwo just a little bit of a bite, they are so great to stuff. fantastic to put on the grill or in the broiler, just to give some caramelization. can't beat it. selection and storage is very
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important. when you buy, make sure they're nice and green all the way around, very important. stem attached and no s one p. when bring them home, in the refrigerator right away. i like to stuff them. i put them in the broiler for five to ten minutes. a little color to them, or on the grill. cheese and sausage mix, little bit olive oil, back in the oven, take it out and that's a beautiful thing. i am tony tantillo your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i am going to buy these right now. a lovely view with sales force tower camera as we look north at golden gate. we are looking at temperatures above average for this time of year. that will continue with sunshine as we look to your
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saturday, san francisco, oakland, san jose, a cool down for sunday, weak cold front pushes through and that will bring the chance for showers, inland east bay, north bay, coast, cooler with showers for the north bay and coast. every year candy corn a controrsl topic. this in madison wisconsin grocery stores adding fuel to the fire. a candy corn brat wurst. >> ew, made with candy corn, meat, beer. you can see the
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♪♪ >> quinn: i have spent the best years of my life right here. in this house with you, secure in the knowledge that nothing could shake us. and i miss that. i miss the ease. i miss how natural it was, and how content we were. >> eric: i miss that too. >> quinn: these past few weeks, they have, they have been so confusing and so emotionally draining, and i, i... i am right back to being on the defensive, constantly with your family again. >> eric: and all of that because of what i, what i put into motion,


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