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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 15, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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flores, did he go? he did. and the game ends. now at 11:00. heartbreak in the bay. this win or take all game will be remembered for years to come. what giants fans and the team
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are saying tonight. we are live at oracle. >> warmer temperatures over the next couple of days, smoke as well. i am tracking both in the forecast. >> a new clue tonight in the fatal road rage shooting of a 15-year-old girl. the video the police want everyone to see. >> i really am hoping this does not require firing or, you know, furloughs or lay offs. >> why me fear a new covid-19 vaccine mandate could slow down public transit across the pay area. later, a string of attacks targeting pets, leaving a neighborhood asking who would do such a thing. good evening. we begin tonight with a heartbreaker here at home. >> the giants defeated by their long time rival in a game that had all of us on the edge of our seats. >> team coverage of the game that had a controversial ending, vern? >> reporter: yes, i know, i
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know. oh. that questionable, check, swing, called for strike three. it is all over social media. how about it? two titans, two heavyweights, they go a grand total of 109 wins stretched this playoff series to 5 games decided in the bottom of the 9th. how is that for a first ever playoff match up between these two storied franchises? in this packed house, steph curry and s fe we inthe house f one. and here one in the 9th. dodgers, single to right center. justin turner scored. l.a. took a 2-1 lead. bottom of the 9th, giants with a runner at 3rd. umpire said he won. but he did not go around and the dodgers won it, 2-1 and move on to the
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nlcs and end the giants season. >> watch the swing did you see it? what was your view of it? what did you think? >> i mean, at the time i did not know, obviously, we have been able to see the replay and did not look like he went. >> i never been part of a run like this to where it was, seemed like the last month of the season was playoff games and then play tight games, and playing a tight game to finish here. obviously would of rather come out on the other side. >> reporter: a lot of jumping up and down on the visitor's side of the dugout. dodger players came out. fans one big love fest, drunk fans arrested and carted off of the field. it was quite a scene after the game as the dodgers, now, move on to face the atlanta braves in the nlcs again. the braves have been waiting
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for this one for years. the giants, we will see what they have to say coming up. >> an amazing season for the giants, picked to win 70 plus games never expected to win 109 games and then to lose it in a five game series by one run, i don't know, i give the giants credit, they did hell of a thing. >> heartbreaking but what a great season. >> reporter: indeed. >> all right, vern, thanks. kpix5 andrea nakano is at the park and fans are still trying to process all of this? >> reporter: yes, as you just mentioned these fans never gave up inside of the stadium tonight until that awful check swing call. this giants team exceeded all expectations by being champs but these fans definfens g
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oracle park. >> we are going to win. >> you are confident. >> yes. >> we made it so far, played it to the playoffs, i think we got this. >> reporter: strong trash talking skills. >> what do are you telling all of the dodger fans out here? >> they suck. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the game was all that is hyped-up to be. alex the great showed up, giants have not lost a game with rally bunny. >> always going to be the giants. >> reporter: so many ups and downs and nervous fans cheering on the orange and black. in the end the giants just did not have the offense to overcome the dodgers 2-1 lead. >> i have no words. i am just so distraught. it was a good game. it was not supposed to happen
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like this. >> it is what it is. at the end of the day we slowed up, our fans showed up and we are still giants fans for life. >> what do you say about the season? >> it was amazing. what we accomplished this season was better than we pretty much ever done. so it was really amazing. >> reporter: so, a lot of disappointed giants fans going home tonight but they say that if this giants team could perform so well this year when they were expected to finish no higher than 3rd in the nl west they can't wait to see what will happen next year. guys? >> yes. the wait until next year. >> always next year. >> there is always next year. everyone starts with a clean slate that is what is great about it. >> thank you. san francisco mayor tweeted this picture with l.a. player and she wrote my first and hopefully last time sitting with a dodger fan at a horrible park. we want to see your reaction to
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tonight's showdown. good or bad just use the hash tag kpix. what a sunset. perfect night to be out on the water. this is time lapse video. the cruise ship is not going that fast. gorgeous as the weather was today we could see, soon, see some haze from this wildfire burning in santa barbara county. the fire has burned over 16,000 acres. >> our chief meteorologist joining us now with, well, we have not talked about it in a few days an air quality forecast my don't think we will get into any air quality alerts just some of the smoke. let's take a look at the forecast models, the winds shifting in the lower levels of the atmosphere. steer the smoke. more smoke blowing up across the rest of the bay area on saturday. mainly what we will see is haze over head as opposed to concentrated smoke at ground level. i think the worst that our air quality is going to get heading through the next several days is the moderate category, that
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is likely to happen on saturday before a storm system comes in and pushes the smoke that we see out of here by sunday and monday. we will talk about if that storm system will produce showers coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, paul, thank you. new clue tonight in the road rage homicide of this 15-year-old girl in oakland. it happened on october 6th. young was riding in the car with her uncle when somebody in another car opened fire fatally shooting her. tonight, the police released this surveillance video of the suspect vehicle. oakland police say it appears to be an early 2000 silver, 2-door honda accord. the shooting happened near 51st. last week the teen's mother made a plea to find her daughter's killer. now at 11:00, new details about what landed fthe report. he is at uc irvine medical center right now. the "new york times" reports he
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had an infection that developed into septis. he was admitted on tuesday. doctors say he is responding well to antibiotics and fluids. checking in on coronavirus. tomorrow if the fda will discus to approve johnson&johnson booster vaccine. today they granted emergency use for moderna for seniors and other high risk groups. it could be administered as soon as next week. and another bay area transit agency will require covid-19 for all of its workers. >> the b.a.r.t board approved a new mandate going into effect two months from now. so, what could that mean for riders? kpix5 is live at the b.a.r.t station for us, katie? >> reporter: tonight has been a busy day for b.a.r.t. we got disappointed giants fans coming off of the trains here right now. and, earlier today the board
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approved the vaccine mandate so employees now wondering what does it mean for me? >> b.a.r.t takes your safety seriously. >> reporter: that is why b.a.r.t board member voted for the mandate requiring all employees to get vaccinated by december 14th. 4,000 workers from janitors, train operators, police officers, maintenance crews and station agents. >> i hope it does not require firing or furloughs or layoffs. >> reporter: it does not out line what happens to people who do not want to get vaccinated. >> b.a.r.t is not in the business of employing people we are here to provide trips for our riders, b.a.r.t is here to keep our system moving. >> reporter: could the vaccine mandate slow down service? that is what critics say especially since right now 20% of b.a.r.t employees or about 833
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workers are not vaccinated. >> if we don't have enough train operators we have to cut the number of trains that we are running. it is that simple. >> reporter: alan was the only one that voted against it. >> that decision and that choice should be without the force ofan >>emeporerter: b.a.r.t riders are split on if the mandate is a good idea. >> for the greater good of the people then people just should get vaccinated. >> i think it should be a personal choice if they want to get vaccinated they should. >> if they don't want to, they don't have to. >> reporter: we have seen it before. b.a.r.t is not the first agency to require this vaccine, correct? >> reporter: that is right. san francisco's muni has already said as of november 1st their employees are required to be vaccinated. they are saying it could lead to service
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disruptions, ac transit system. >> reporting live from dublin, thanks, katie. ahea 11 safe and the pe alive. >> a routine flight goes horribly wrong. tonight, we hear from a man who rushed to help the victims of a plane crash. he started to wonder what kind of weirdo is living in your neighborhood. >> a string of attacks on pets leaving some san jose residents asking
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heart pounding video of a small plane taking off and then crashing and bursting into flames in rural sacramento county. four people aboard this thing are all injured but expected to survive including a pregnant mom and her unborn baby. reporter steve large spoke to a good samaritan that rushed in to help. >> that is jet fuel, back away. >> a fireball following a small plane crash in a wilton front yard. after the flames got out the wreckage exposed, the plane's body twisted and torn in pieces. >> we pulled ovinmy work truck and jumped out and did what i could. >> reporter: steve sharp was driving by and saw the crash. he jumped into action with a fire extinguisher to find the four
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survivors badly burned. two teenagers and a pregnant woman were already out of the plane and he saw a man trying to escape. >> and then the guy that was life flighted actually i saw him come like army crawling out of the flames because his leg was broken. i stopped him and had him roll away and sprayed him with my fire extinguisher. >> a real life hero in a moment of horror. >> the only thing that was going through my head is i wanted these people to be safe and alive and i did not want to, i could not stand and sleep tonight if i watched a man burn right in front of me. >> reporter: cbs 13 obtained this cellphone video slowing the plane take off from wi rstrip d fallt of fo crashing beyond a r line. you can hear the plane hitting trees. >> holy -- >> a scene of chaos. >> back away. that is jet fuel. >> and an act of courage. >> i just needed to be there for them. >> reporter: in this plane
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crash survival story. >> that is steve large reporting there. tonight the ntsb and the faa are both investigating. new at 11:00. a post on social media caught our attention. residents in one san jose community say someone is out to get their cats. kpix5 spoke to one couple who believes that they are living among a cat killer. >> so far two people have reported their cats being shot with a pellet gun. the pet owners live near each other. the shootings just months apart. leaving them wonder figure they are connected and if it will happen again. >> yes. >> someone hunting cats. >> like they are clearly out looking for that. >> reporter: mike and jennifer are not sure why anyone would want to hurt their 3-year-old cat. >> everybody loves him. like everybody comes by, kids in the neighborhood come by to see him. >> reporter: they likely never would of discovered the pellet in his leg had nbeen ateda
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coyote and needed x-rays. >> no, we found a pellet lodged behind his knee. it is heeled so it has been a couple months at least. but he was shot. >> he was running away because he was shot in the back. >> reporter: she posted about the shooting on nextdoor to warn her neighbors. then, just this week -- >> i think this is the neck. >> reporter: another cat owner who lives near them posted his cat had been shot with a pellet gun. he was looking for jennifer to see if the cases were connected and to find the culprit. >> you know i wanted to believe it was some dumb kid like who found a pellet gun and, you know, did something stupid. when you hear it happen over and over again you start to wonder what kind of weirdo is living in your neighborhood. >> reporter: they fear whoever is doing it is shooting to kill. >> we walk the neighborhood every day. we go for our walks and it is, you know, we are walking passed their house. >> reporter: the cat is not allowed to go out at night any
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longer. cat owners on their street are also too afraid to let out their cats. in san jose, back to you. >> the cat may have 9lives he fully recovered from the shooting and that coyote attack. >> one tough little fella. >> yes. >> wow. >> i think it say good idea to make him an in door kitty now. >> yes, mice beware. >> yes. exactly. don't mess with him. take a lock at the warm up on -- look at the warm up with the warm up on the way. here is what will happen in the next few days, warmer temperatures kicking in today, they are going to pick up even more tomorrow and side. that is the peak of the warm spell. big drop in temperatures on sunday along with a chance of showers late in the day on sunday. let's start with that. exciting news, future cast is tracking the rain well off of the coast by saturday evening. increase in clouds on saturday night. the rain will be hanging out off of the coast most of the day on sunday. approaching the coast of the north bay heading into middle afternoon on sunday.
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i think future cast is likely over do in the intensity but it is a hopeful sign it is pushing the rain into the north bay and down towards the golden gate by sunday evening before the sun goes down. there is where the forecast model runs out of data. this is the first chance of rain heading our way. bumping up the chances to better than 50/50 that it will occur north of the golden gate sunday evening. another chance of rain on the way by the middle of next week. another chance of rain by the end of next week. we are not getting carried away just yet. an active weather pattern. hopefully we will get measurable rainfall across the bay area as we see this active weather pattern sending a few systems towards us. 59, temperatures dropping into the middle 40s there. everything else ends up around 50 degrees, high temperatures tomorrow, about five degrees above average. 70s around the bay, 80s farther inland. the warm spots, they can be warm, not horeac into dd inland and east bay.
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the ll be slightly warmer atfor stlocations, the water. away from a g sunday and the cooler readings will stick around for most of next week and we are being bold and putting rain shower icons into the forecast for parts of the bay area on sunday. a little more of the bay area by wednesday of next week and again beyond the seven-day forecast, another chance of showers that will be heading our way by the end of next week and the following weekend. vern? straight ahead in sports. the old thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. what does this picture show you. the fact that the giants were picked to be looking up at the padres and the dodgers all season long. it is not
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baseball up top. giants, a shock to the system. just like that, the hitting, the fielding, the seven month routine is over. what a strange way for the
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dodgers to back into the nlcs after what happened to tonight. trey lance and members of the 49ers dj jones, kitel, chugging a beer, getting the crowd fired up. webb, dealing but l.a. got to him in the 6th. an rbi double? scoring bets to open the scoring. 1-0. but the giants answer to the bottom of the inning. darren rough. a 452 foot blast to center to lead off the inning. we are tied at 1. now, webb, shutdown the inning in the 7th. striking out to end the frame. web, punched out 7, allowed one run, seven innings. brought into the 8th with the game tied. first pitch of the gh trey turner here to fly out to end ni top of 9th, dodgers with two on
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again. single to right center. justin turner scored the go- ahead run. l.a. took a 2-1 lead. dodgers brought in max scherzer, on two checing.t to pire said it went around for the final out. replay showed that he did not swing and the dodgers won it, 2-1 and advanced to the nlcs. a heartbreaking way for the giants. 109 win season to end. >> it is a tough way to end it. there is no -- especially right now there is no need to, you know, to be angry about that. i just think it is a disappointing way toend. >> we poured everything into the series and it took everything it could to beat these guys. we have a day to reset and now the focus turns to the braves. >> we know we have a world series caliber
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team here and had to face the best of the best. came down to one game for the regular season, comes down to one game here in the post season. it is the way it goes. >> what a series for the first time. hopefully, i mean, we don't plan on taking any steps backwards. so, i know they don't. it will be hopefully fun for years to come. >> it will not be the last time we play them in the playoffs. >> quick hit for the nfl. tom brady and the buccaneers visited the eagles. tied at 7. here is brady. all kinds of time. found, antonio brown for a 23 yard touchdown. a couple touchdown passes in the game. tampa bay won it, 28-22 and improve their record to 5-1. the top story here, giants, the season it is over. how long will it take for them to kind of come down from this. who knows? it may filter all of the way into february
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when spring training hits
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this debate happening every year. candy corn, thumb's up or thumb's down. >> not a debate in my house. y store created this frankenstein brat. it is played with candy corn,
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meat and beer. >> you can see it. it looked like something happened. the super market describes them slightly sweet and not scary at all. people online are baffled by this. we are, too. would you eat this? >> yes. >> no. >>
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsnbay area. have a good night the following is an important paid program about humana medicare advantage prescription drug plans, sponsored by humana. life keeps changing. and so do you. but as your lifestyle evolves, is your medicare plan keeping up? does your healthcare company treat you as an individual, or a number? a humana medicare advantage plan


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