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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  October 14, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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need to be safe in a public area, i think that's a very difficult battle. a new vaccine mandate looming for part workers, and why there could be some exceptions for them. new details on the bay area mom accused of throwing wild sex parties for teens. the disturbing discovery investigators made in her new home at a state. when it comes to working out, does the time of day make a difference? our original report on the new discovery that even surprised the experts. breaking news, within the past 45 minutes. wear that former president bill clinton is hospitalized in california being treated for an infection. a spokesman says it is not related to covid. he was admitted to uc irvine medical center last night. his doctors say after 2 days of treatment, he's responding to antibiotics well. this from his spokesman just a few minutes ago, quote, he is on the mend, in good spirits, it is incredibly thankful to the doctors, nurses, and staff providing him with excellent
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care. now to our other breaking story near sacramento. at least four people seriously hurt when a small plane slammed into the front yard in the rural community in wilton. the initial impact sent up a plume of smoke that could be seen from sacramento, about 20 miles away. reporter steve large is at the scene. 4 it's not often you can get this close to a plane crash, and show the wreckage in the immediate aftermath. we are in sacramento county in a front yard, and what you are looking at right now is the wreckage of this plane. you can see it burst into flames and started a fire. there were four people on this plane and all, a man, a woman, and two teenagers. it sounds like a family. they were all able to get out of the plane. someone driving by stopped before firefighters are first fethe plane. e
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i asked her ho she said ur ere were out there. and the guy that was taken on life flight, i saw him army crawling out of the flames because his leg was broken. i stopped him and had him are all the way, and sprayed him with my fire extinguisher. >> reporter: one more look at the wreckage, you can see from the trees burnt around it just how explosive the fireball must have been. the four individuals are in the hospital in critical condition, including burns. the woman was also pregnant. steve large in wilton, kpix 5 . our other big story at 7:00, more than 100 san francisco police officers have been taken off the streets tonight. the city says they are a threat to public safety because they are vaccinated, sowhat happens now? >> my labor attorney tells kpix 5's kenny choi that those officers don't have much of a case.
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>> reporter: despite the latest numbers, the head of the police union is saying that response times will be impacted. the numbers continue to improve, even today, and a majority of officers are vaccinated. the question now is what happens to those who refused to get a shot. >> the conservative being that if we don't have the visibility or the staffing on the streets, it could impact the crime level. >> reporter: sfp away wanted a testing option instead of mandated vaccines. the police union says many religious and medical exemptions that were applied for it handled in a timely manner. >> it has left my members in a fog, and they are feeling a sense of betrayal almost. >> reporter: the police chief addressed the dozens of officers, now 76 as of late this afternoon, who are so unvaccinated, and now placed on administrative leave him alone waiting for hearings, and not allowed to interact with public on the streets. >> those employees will be sent to the police commission for a
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nondisciplinary hearing for release from employment. >> reporter: if an officer without a medical or religious exemption is eventually terminated for not getting vaccinated, when lawyer we spoke to said any future legal battle against the city appears unfavorable for those refusing to get a shot. >> i wouldn't push this issue with the employer. >> reporter: he's a labor attorney at duane morris. >> you are dealing with the general goodwill of the public, for public health. for an individual to step back and say my personal beliefs should trump the public need to be safe in a public area, i think that's a very difficult battle. >> reporter: in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. tonight, art employees are on the clock to comply with a brand-new venting mandate. they have until december 13 to be fully vaccinated, or obtain a valid exemption. the new policy adopted today does not currently include a
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does n of the ng option table either in terms of future talks with the unions. art estimates that about 20 to 25% of its nearly 4000 employees remain unvaccinated. how could this impact service or safety? we are digging into that right now, and we will have some answers for you at 11:00. with the case rates continuing to trend downwards, san francisco and marin counties will begin easing masking requirements tomorrow for offices, gyms, and other small indoor settings where everyone is vaccinated, and no one is under the age of 12. meanwhile, contra costa county announced it will do the same beginning on november 1st. the los gatos mom accused of throwing secret sex parties for teens is suspected of doing the same thing in idaho, where she and her sons moved earlier this year.
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authorities say they found 12 under aged boys and girls at the 47-year-old home northeast of boise when she was arrested last weekend. bay area prosecutors say she hosted team parties in los gatos for about a year, sometimes using social media to lure them to her home, and providing alcohol, condoms, and encouraging sex acts, sometimes nonconsensual. o'connor basis 39 charges here in california, including felony child endangerment, sexual battery, and providing alcohol to a person under 21. .com, it looks a lot like bubblegum, but this could easily kill you. the warning from the area police who just took it off the streets. the coast guard says about 25,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean, and that leak off of huntington beach. why that is actually good news.
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the last rays of sunlight on the horizon on a day when our temperatures bounce back to near normal levels. 81 degrees in santa rosa, close to 70 in san francisco. a little bit warmer tomorrow and saturday, but big cages by the down the line. are you looking to get the most out of your workout? it may not be what you do, but when. >> there is clearly something about the circadian rhythms that affect the way our body works.
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z4jxmz zi0z y4jxmy yi0y tonight, hayward police are warning the public about a potentially deadly drug disguised as candy. an officer seized this a substance, which looks a lot like bubblegum. they say it tested positive for fentanyl, and they suspect the colors are not random.
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>> yellow is o■ne of them. lou is another one of them. each of the colors symbolize a different level of potency. >> fentanyl is 40 times more toxic than heroin. police say it can also come in pills, powder form, or be contained and other drugs, such as methamphetamines. taking a look at the top headlines, just minutes ago we learned a federal appeals court is once again allowing texas to continue banning most abortions. the verdict denies the justice department requested to immediately halt the law. the texas legislation bans most abortions once cardiac activity is detected in a fetus, usually around 6 weeks. the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals has now allowed the law to stand three times since august. and fda advisory panel has signed off on the moderna booster shots for older and at- risk americans. the committee will weigh in tomorrow and whether johnson & johnson recipients should get that second dose.
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final decisions from the fda are expected next week. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco today to push resident bidens build back better plan, using the cal academy of sciences as a backdrop. she highlighted the climate component of the $3.5 trillion spending plan. it is focused on cutting greenhouse gases, and steering the energy and transportation sectors toward clean power. >> this is our moment. we don't have any more time to wait. we have a moral responsibility to pass this planet onto future generations in a way that is responsible. the coast guard says an estimated 25,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the ocean in that pipeline leak off of huntington beach. that is based on the oil sheen seen on the shore, and it is actually the best case scenario. the 25,000 gallons was the low end of the initial estimate.
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the top end is 132,000 gallons of oil. >> dodged a bullet on that one. thank you. new evidence tonight that it might not be how you exercise, but when you exercise during the day that may give you an edge. kpix 5's amanda starrantino has an original report on the body clock boost. >> reporter: in just a few hours, the day is done, but did you get your workout in, or are you just waiting for the right time? christie field is packed with hikers, bikers, windsurfers. with so much activity, we asked the question, when is the best time for you to work out? >> afternoon point >> mornings. >> 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. for me. >> as soon as i finish work. >> any time of day.
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>> reporter: clocking in, sports scientists from the netherlands. his team studied a moderate exercise routine on two dozen men. all were prediabetic, meaning their blood sugar levels were higher than normal. after 12 weeks of doing the exact same routine, everyone had better cardiovascular health, but those who worked out late in the day got a bigger bang metabolically speaking. >> those that trained in the afternoon had more beneficial effects of the exercise training than the people who trained in the morning. >> reporter: the afternoon group had a bigger drop in blood sugar, and more control over it. they also lost more belly fat than those who exercised in the morning. >> i thought it was absolutely fascinating. >> reporter: dr. linda of ucsf specializes in kidney diseases, including those brought on by diabetes. for years she has studied how certain feuds, such as those >>ss eliminating alprocesd od r her back no afternoon exercise pethsamethg.
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>> e idea that it haciin termofthe results you get was just an astounding idea. >> reporter: as to why time of day makes a difference, that to may harken back to our paleolithic past. >> this may be due to the fact that our ancestors, hunter and gatherers come over to in a while. they had to run back before sunset. her back he's a world expert in circadian rhythms, in other words, our internal 24 hour biological clocks. every cell in our body has one. these clocks are controlled and synced up by a master clock, the brain. they carry out essential functions in a particular order. >> the body cannot do everything, like sleeping, eating, and exercise it once. >> reporter: thanks to these clocks, humans know when to wake up, do fall asleep, and
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even went to optimize metabolism. since prehistoric times, they are calibrated daily by a predictable event. will erat the end of the day maybe the best time to exercise because daylight is ending, and arrow muscle metabolisms have reached peak capacity. >> where you can exercise more with less effort. her back he believes in afternoon workout may help us to faster metabolize the last meal of the day i'm a put us into a deep sleep, it into a fasting state. >> testing gives you all kinds of biological responses that basically try to improve your health. >> reporter: she believes it is time to replicate this study in a larger group of people. >> there is clearly something
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about the circadian rhythms that affect the way our body works. >> reporter: if you can't work out in the afternoon, no worries. experts say that any exercise is good exercise no matter the time. in san francisco, amanda starrantino, kpix 5. >> to better understand your circadian clock and figure out ways to reset it for optimum health, we posted more information on meanwhile, let's take a live look at oracle park, where hearts are beating above the average right now. still no score in the giants- dodgers game. >> the good news is it is a nice night for baseball. i know it's cool, but it's nice. not bad. the gametime temperature was 63 degrees. that's still the temperature for san francisco. we are in for warming readings friday and saturday. this area of high pressure that was squeezing the atmosphere and producing the strong offshore wind that produce the red flag warning for solano county, will be moving overhead . things will shift around as we head into the second half of the weekend. rick changes as the storm system approaches the coast. not only will it bring cooler temperatures, but a chance of some showers. at the moment, it's really nice
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out there. looking towards the golden gate bridge, things are fine here things are backing off to below 70 degrees. low to mid 60s, still that 63 degree temperature in downtown san francisco. be cool off tonight down to an even mix of 40s and 50s. except in the cool spots of the north bay valleys, dropping down to the mid-40s. high temperatures tomorrow will be warmer than today, up to about 5 degrees above average. 70s around the bay with 80s further inland, but no flat-out hot temperatures in store. it will be warmer along the coast, upper 60s, and upper 70 to 80 degrees in the south portion of the bay. at low 80s for the tri-valley with mid-80s further east.
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those are the warmer temperatures on the map. that's not too bad, just a bit above average. mid-70s in san francisco with mid to upper 70s for oakland in the east bay, at low to mid 80s for the east bay. temperatures will be just a couple of degree more warmer, and then a big drop in temperatures on sunday as the storm system pushes a cold front through with a chance for a few showers. it's a limited chance, north of the golden gate, and late in the day. this is the first in a series of systems. another comes through on wednesday and friday, and maybe another one after that the following weekend. let's add up all of these and see how much rain we might be in for as we go through all of next week, through next saturday. the american forecast model says not much. most of us around 0.1 inches or less, except north of the gordon gate where there .5 inches is possible. it will take it. the european forecast model is more optimistic. it's indicating close to or above 1 inch of rain as you go farther north in the north bay. everyone else in the range of 0.1 20.25 inches.
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we will keep you updated on the timing of those as we get closer to each rain event. the first chance arrives late sunday along with that first drop intention pictures. the big drop for everybody saturday to sunday, which puts us into below normal territory for most of next week. temperatures will be running 3 to 5 degrees below normal, and we keep an eye on the rain chances as each one develops. we will get more data between now and 11:00, so we'll have an update then. >> starting to roll. starting to happen. >> for the giants as well, we hope. >> don't talk about it. still to come, the bay area city looking to close the heart of its downtown to cars for good. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, at 8:20 we talked to the stars of the cbs comedy "ghosts" ahead of tonight's new
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let's keep making a differene together. homeless housing battles are heating up in san jose tonight. >> is that he wants to build 176 interim housing use it at the side of a longtime encampment. the state fund and project
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would include round-the-clock security and access to support services, but more than 500 locals have signed a petition to move it elsewhere. also tonight, mountain view plans to keep parts of castro street closed to cars for good. the outdoor dining space it provides has kept downtown restaurants and bars in business during the pandemic, and a city survey found widespread support for a permanent pedestrian mall. >> i enjoy eating outdoors, and feeling like we are in europe, but we are in america. there are tables and a unique look for every restaurant. it's an atmosphere of community. it's vibrant. >> the chambers of commerce says the european-style look is temporary until they come up with a final design in 2023. remember that bank the painting
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some big news from the art world tonight. >> it has to do with a little painting by banksy that treaded itself immediately after it was first sold for more than $1 million. even though the worker called "love is in the bin " was trashed, it is still a treasure. in fact it is worth even more now. it was just auctioned off again for a staggering $25 million. so, i wonder if you get the shreds at the end of
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