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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 13, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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and 93, 97, we are going to do it again, folks. now at 11:00. the giants are coming home. and it is going to be do-or- die. we are live in l.a. with all of tonight's
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post game reaction. another red flag warning and more power shut offs possible. i am tracking the weather forecast. >> he was walking right out with it. >> so much crime now walgreens is closing some of the stores all together. tonight we ask a city leader why is this such a problem in san francisco? >> what i am seeing here is only the tip of this investigation. plus, this bay area mother is accused of throwing secret boozey sex parties for teenagers including her own son. tonight, how investigators say her cover up began to unravel. good evening. game 5 coming back to san francisco. guy agents loss in l.a. a short time ago forces win or take all. >> we have team coverage beginning with vern glen live at dodger stadium for us, vern? >> reporter: all right, there, liz the experts said it was going to go 5. there is dodger fans out here
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that wanted it to go five. i know 26 giants in the clubhouse that wanted to close it out tonight. the dodgers did not let that happen. they jumped on starting pitcher from the get go in game 4. a short leash forum. tray turner. drove home cory with a 1-0 lead. not making it out of the second inning, flirting with home runs last night. broke throughout with betts. the long ball, making it 4-0. they won it 7-2, tied the series and forced a game 5 thursday back in san francisco. >> i don't think we are going to spend a lot of time dissecting as a team this game. i think we are going to get on the plane, have an off day. >> our team and the dodgers team both have been playing meaningful games for awhile now. obviously this one coming up on thursday it is the most meaningful to
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this point. and, should be fun. >> reporter: and we will take a deeper dive in sports in just a few moments. just circle the calender and pencil 6:07 p.m. for game 5. a winner take all. back to you in san francisco. >> all right, it will be a dandy for sure. >> thank you, vern. turning now to kpix5 andrea nakano where fans were on edge, the edge of their barstools tonight, i should say. andrea? >> reporter: yes, i spent the night here with new friends and they hoped that the giants could of avoided that game 5 against their bitter rivals. >> reporter: the dodgers scored early and often as they jumped out to an early 4-0 lead. >> it is a little bit disappointing, we are big boys, we will come back. >> reporter: these fans even rooted us on during the game. >> kpix!
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>> reporter: many here have been giants fans for decades. greg says he went to school with one of the pest to wear the orange and black. >> i used to go to elementary school with barry bonds. that is my first introduction to them, the giants, and just, my dad was giants fan, i just kept it going. >> reporter: the fans would of liked to close the series out tonight, they are confident the team with the best record in baseball can take care of business in game 5. >> i wanted to finish it tonight. i don't trust the dodgers to lay down my think they will make it to the next round. >> that is it? >> yeah. >> all of the way. >> all of the way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, all the way, we certainly hope. giants lost tonight it was a big win for the restaurant, coming out of this pandemic to have this much business on a tuesday night is really good for them. back to you. >> it was nice to see that
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place bustling, that is for sure. all right, thank you. pg&e has almost fully restored power to 25,000 customers from monday's planned power shut offs. tonight, the utility is planning yet another round of outages looking live out over the city of dublin. the warning is out to another 29,000 pg&e customers that they could lose their power early thursday. that includes just over 7,000 in napa, salano and contra costa counties. our chief meteorologist joins us now with another red flag warning the way. >> reporter: right, even before today's expired at 5:00 this afternoon they had another one out. this one is so thursday. let's take a look at the details of the latest warning. so far, the only bay area county included is salono county. a potential to be expanded. looks like the elevated fire threat will have part of napa county as well. it is the same combination with
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all of these red flag warnings, gusty off shore winds and low humidity levels. let's talk about the humidity as the red flag warning goes in effect. humidity runs in the 20-25% range. it will get lower for thursday afternoon. down two or below 10%. the gusty off shore winds though, are not going to last long. dying down quickly on thursday. we will take a look at the extended forecast that does include farther down the line, maybe a hint of a rain chance coming up in the full forecast. >> we will take that chance, all right, paul, thank you. new at 11:00. looking live outside of the white house, the u.s. is reopening the land borders to nonessential travel in early november. this means mexican and canadian citizens will be allowed in if they are fully vaccinated. it ends a 19 month travel freeze. vehicle, rail, ferry travel between the u.s. and canada and mexico has been largely restricted to ntial travel.
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back here in san francisco where five walgreen stores around the city will be closing their doors for good. robberies likeone have become an epidemic. tonight, kpix5 betty yu asked city leaders what is being done to help? >> reporter: this walgreens located on gof fstreet is one of five closing in san francisco next month. walgreens is blaming the rising cost of organized retail crime. >> you need to go man, leave the store. go. >> reporter: this type of shoplifting at a walgreens is just one example of a trend that is forcing the chain to close stores permanently. >> i need it open. every now and eni need tums, they have a pharmacy, i love that. >> reporter: in a statement they said retail theft has continued to increase in the past few months to five times our chain average.
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we increased our investments in security measures in stores across the city 46 times our chain average. >> even in the location in my district on mission and ocean just couple months ago they started to put an officer there. >> reporter: the supervisor said it is too little too late since that store is closing. he recently proposed legislation that would allow sheriff deputies to work as security guards for businesses. >> i think that the culture of leniency, there is a attitude that we have had. >> reporter: she says it is not uncommon to see people stealing at her neighborhood walgreens. >> people getting necessities like toilet paper and dish soap and toothpaste, it is locked up now, but they are getting necessities. >> just walking out with it? >> walking right out. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> the walgreens says each store will transfer prescriptions to
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another walgreens within a mile radius. patients will be notified by mail. also happening tomorrow in san francisco, the d.a. and the state attorney general will announce a major development in a lawsuit against three manufactures of ghost guns. kpix5 has done a number of investigations on ghost guns, untraceable, easy to assemble weapon that can be ordered onlinement we will keep you posted. this just in minutes ago. the city council voted unanimously to accept a $30,000 grant to start a police drone program. council says the drones will help the police track suspects and they will not be used for random surveillance. still ahead tonight at 11:00. >> so disturbing that you want to believe that it could never happen. >> why a former d.a. says the charges against a bay area mother accused of hosting secret sex parties for teenagers could be just the tip the iceberg. plus, the hits just keep
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tonight, a south bay mother is accused of throwing secret boozey sex
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parties for teenagers including her own son. where the bizarre and almost deadly incidents happened. >> reporter: the mom's cover up of her own wild parties began to unrival when a drunk teen fell from her suv and suffered a concussion here at the high school. parents finally got wind that the mom was allegedly behind it all. >> minors were not only furnished with alcohol but provided a safe haven for very dangerous behavior. >> reporter: santa clara county prosecutors say this woman, shannon o'conner played the role of a cool mom throwing alcoholic parties for her teenage son, some as young as 13. >> the first question that needs to be asked is how did this out of control animal house for under age teens go on for so long without detection? >> reporter: the court documents contain a long list
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of allegations including how o'conner is accused of helping the teens sneak out of their homes and providing alcohol until the teens blacked out or injury themselves. even more distbing investigators say that she would encourage the teens to perform nonconsensule sexual acts, sometimes even watching. >> what i am seeing here is only the tip of this investigation. i think that you could see even more serious charges being put on o'conner as this case progresses particularly if minors were being sexually assaulted. >> reporter: this is not the only criminal case against the 47-year-old. she is also accused of charging more than $100,000 on a company credit card when she worked at the now shuttered aruba networks. she allegedly committed all of these crimes under his tech executive husband's nose. >> it is so disturbing that you want to believe that it could never happen. that may be why this case took so long to uncover.
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>> reporter: investigators say that they know why it took so long to uncover what s happg,ey say coould thre the teens at she would spread rumors about them if they ever said a word. back to you. >> prosecutors say surveillance cameras captured some of the under age parties and o'conner communicated with the teens through text messages and snap chat. she now lives in idaho and will be sent back to california. lots of people are talking about this online tonight. the front man of san jose base rock band "smash mouth" is stepping away from the mic after a bizarre performance in upstate new york. >> that is what we can show you. now, viral tiktok video, steve harwel can be heard slurring the words making threatening comments to the audience. his rep told "the new york
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post" that the performance was a result of medical issues. the 54-year-old has been dealing with them for years. in his own statement he told his fans, quote, i tried so hard to power through my physical and mental health issues and to play in front of you one last time but i just was not able to. he also thanked his band mates adding that he is looking forward to being a fan as they continue on with a new singer. taking a look at this new fiery video tonight. deadly warehouse inferno. it started at a business that stores tools, car parts and construction material. one man was killed in chile, the chemicals are making it tough for the crews to put out this hour. now, a paper shortage is
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putting wineries in a bind. they driven up the prices of wood, pulp and ink. the register reports local printer who's make wine labels are having trouble getting their paper deliveries. that means it is taking longer to print those wine labels and getting those bottles on the market. a report tonight that lake tahoe is falling at an alarming low- level. the chronicle is reporting that the lake's water level is expected to sink below the rim. a dam on the river allows the lake to fill six feet higher than the natural rim. the report says if water levels remain below the rim the lake could become stagnant with no out flow like the salt and sea or mona lake. paul, there could be some hope. tahoe has seen two snowfalls. those two lakes took millions of years to get in that condition. >> no, the worry is you don't
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want to have any water quality issues with one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state. there is some hope that maybe we will see more rain for the bay area, snow in the higher elevations, it will be farther down the line. take a look at what is happening in the short term. a pair in the upper level. breezy and cool. the winds died down this evening. the storm system making its way through the pacific northwest. sending rain into washington and oregon. dragging a cold front across the bay area with clouds tomorrow. unfortunately the moisture with this is going to stay to the north. the forecast models, the radar simulation, that is it. the showing up for the bay area. coastal drizzle, passing clouds over head for the first half of the day tomorrow. another cool day. the temperatures running below average. as that system moves out that is when the fire danger is going to go up. the day afterwards on thursday. the fire damage will not be all that high. close to the bottom of the scale. but, on thursday, especially, for napa county that is where we will be higher up the scale.
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again, the high flag warning for us. only going into effect at 10:00 on thursday morning and 8:00 thursday evening. outside, a beautiful evening, temperatures cooling off rapidly. 53 degrees, one of the warmer readings, 55 in concord. 54 degrees in san jose. in the upper 40s in santa rosa and you will end up farther down into the 40s. below normal for this time of the year. high temperatures tomorrow, close to 10 degrees below average. lower to middle 60s. north bay, upper 60s for the valley, upper 60s for inland parts of the east bay as l. the warmest spots around 70 degrees on wednesday afternoon. then, we warm up for the rest of the week. now, if we don't see coastal drizzle tomorrow there is hope farther down the line in the extended, extended forecast. this is the 6-10 day outlook. taking you through october 22nd. showing a chance of above average rainfall for the bay area and northern
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california. even the two week out look is slowing a significant chance of above average rainfall, takes us to the end of the month, almost. it is not in the 7 day forecast yet. a little beyond that time frame. what we have in this time frame is a warm up. back up to or 70 degrees in san francisco by friday and saturday. everyone's temperatures are going to warm up with the warmest locations farther inland back up to the lower 80s for the north bay and lower to middle 80s for parts of the east bay friday, saturday, sunday. vern? straight ahead in sports, a final word from us here at dodger stadium tonight. although 52,932 they want more. will they get it? game 5 will tell. we will
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all right, dodger stadium, the site, the divisional series, serious talk. the giants had a chance to close this one out. longoria told us it was not going to be easy. he was not wrong.
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the giants used eight pitchers and their entire bench and they still came up short. now, giants skipper elected to go with anthony tonight. this one, he struggled. as he did against l.a. all season. jumped on him immediately. turner smacked one to the wall. cory scored from the first. 1-0. he got one out in the second inning and was kwreupbg. dodgers continue with their ace, walker on short rest. he struck out four, only allowed a run while pitching in the 5th. dodgers offense left 11 runners on base. loaded them up in the 3rd. taylor ripped one down to left. lamont, jr great grab at the wall. up 2-0. should have been more. they got the blast they were looking for in the 4th. backed away, gone. two run shot. 4-0 dodgers. it was still a 3-run game in
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the 8th until will smith landed the knock out blow with 2 run shot to center. making it 7-2 dodgers. they won by that score and forced a game 5 thursday at oracle park. >> i am sure it will be a lively atmosphere. nice to get back and support of our fans and, yeah, we are looking forward to it. >> this is what baseball wants, i think, as i understand it all of the series are done. we are going to be the only show in town. so, if you have a pulse or you are a sports fan you better be watching dodgers/giants, better be a great one. >> pitching for the giants, webb struck out 10 in the game-1 win. >> i think, i think his confidence continues to grow. >> competing with the lineup. i guess he has shown in the
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last game of the season that he can keep his poise and i think that is well for thursday. >> reporter: the braves look to turn out the lights on the brewers at the other nlds. tied at 4 in the 8th inning, freddie freeman hit a go ahead home run off of all-star closer. atlanta beat milwaukee 5-4. so, if the giants win their series they will play the braves in the nlcs. now, eyes on the baseball game at staple center. yes, this is four miles from here. warriors, lakers, preseason run. lebron james played but not steph curry. curry is going to love playing. he has the outside game. he can attack on the inside, too. two in the 18, warriors won it. 111-99. the season opens one week back
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here in l.a. so, that will do it from dodger stadium tonight. game 5 on thursday, i will be back with you tomorrow. giants one step closer, one more win that is all they need. they have to will their way to win this one. back to you. >> they have done it before, they can do it again. all right, vern, thank you. up next, you can use it as a tasty treat or a soccer ball. how exotic animals are gettin
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a homeowner who was suspicion, thought she heard something living under the house. >> this is like a nightmare that you have. it means something that you are scared of your own shadow. >> thought she heard a little something. >> it is so creepy. i can not believe it is real. she was right. it was real and made a shocking discovery. you are looking at an army of rattlesnakes. those are all rattlesnakes. earlier this month the woman called reptile rescue to remove some snakes from under her house. >> after four hours of searching around they found them. 59 baby rattlers and 22 adults. as scary as the story was halloween is not until the end of the month. that is not stopping animals in texas getting into the spirit.
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animals got a special surprise dozens of pumpkins. some of the animals like the bears, pigs did not waste time cracking them open for a tasty treat. >> the tigers had the most fun with it. [ laughter ] >> they make a game with it. >> we'll be right back.
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the late show is stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. have a good night - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney,


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