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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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nexmonth.ra, the fifth comic news appelon ocbs cotetv. i'm tom hanson, cbs news, new york. . . it is tuesday, october 12, 2021. this is the cbs morning news. vaccine mandate banned. the debate heats up. the sweeping order issued in texas that sets it is tuesday, october 12, 2021. this is the cbs morning news. vaccine mandate banned. the debate heats up. the sweeping order issued in texas that sets up a showdown with the federal government. breaking overnight, jon gruden resigns. the raider head coach steps down after email surfaces. with statements against female referees and guy players. deadly plane crash. a twin engine crashes into a
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neighborhood leaving at least two dead. how good samaritans rescue a couple trapped in a destroyed home. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne marie green. we begin in breaking developments in the fight over covid-19 mandates. yesterday, texas governor banned any entity in the state from requiring shots for employees or customers. basically, no prove needed anywhere in the lone star state but the order may not last too long. in new york tracking the latest developments on this one. >> good morning. there will likely be a court battle over the order banning companies requiring vaccines. similar to how the san antonio school district is fighting back on the previous government order banning vaccine requirements for government workers. >> texas governor's new executive order forbids any entity from enforcing vaccine mandates in the nations second
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most populated state. the order cover, quote, any ref religious or medical reasons including prior recovery from covid-19. the move from president biden to have companies of 100 workers or more to vaccinate or test weekly. >> this is something that will have to be decided in the courts and in the end, the federal government normally wins these battles. >> more americans are getting shots, drug maker merck is closer to a drug that can treat. targeted at unvaccinated people who have already developed covid symptoms. >> just imagining the power of
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the treatment will be remarkable gamechanger. >> early trial shows it will cut hospitalizations and deaths by about half. >> the new pill will be especially helpful in poorer countries with low vaccination rates and can free up valuable space inside hospitals. doctors maintain that the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from severe covid symptoms. >> good reminder, laura. thank you. jon gruden has resigned over reports of him using homophobic, reports of him using homophobic, racist and misagonistic e-mails before he was hired. he reportedly made a statement against hiring females on the
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field and an openly gay player. >> he released a statement saying i've resigned so not to be a distraction. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. special teams coach will take over on an interim basis. this morning, the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash near san diego. at least two people were killed. the ups van was hit, the driver and the pilot of the plane both died. two homes were destroyed. neighbors helped rescue a couple from a burning home. >> amateur video from right after the crash shows flames and smoke billowing from homes. >> got a call of distress. >> we believe injuries are not survivable for anyone on that plane. >> witnesses say the aftermath was chaotic.
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>> cars exploding and ups tank exploding. >> she said two men from the neighborhood ran out to help the man and woman trapped inside the . puedadand had to knock the fence down to get the husband out so hopefully it was only those two people in the house. >> san diego sheriff's deputies set up a perimeter as they set up to douse the flames. the ups truck also took a direct hit. the driver did not survive. >> it all happened in a neighborhood blocks from a high school. no students were hurt. you can see where the plane crashed along with the driver of that truck, one person inside that plane was killed. 10 homes damaged. two people inside one of those homes seriously injured.
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the ntsb is now taking over the investigation. reporting from santee, california. a knave -- navy nuclear engineer and his wife reportedly on trial for selling submarine spy information for cryptocurrency. the fbi was tipped off by the unnamed country. federal prosecutors say he passed information on a data card hidden inside band-aids in a peanut butter sandwich. >> this is a trusted insider within the secure network had access to secrets and decided he would sell them to a foreign power. that is the most dangerous thing we find in counter intelligence. >> prosecutors want the couple to stay in custody. if convicted, they could get life in prison or death.
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southwest airlines says it is making progress but expects cancellations through today. the third largest airline released a statement apologizing to customers. southwest says the cascade of investigations was prompted by weather and other external complaints. canceling about 360 flights yesterday after about 2,000 were called off over the weekend. lines were long and tempers were short at some airports nationwide. >> very frustrating because we were both in separate cities, unable to get to southwest. four and a half hours on hold is outrageous. >> the pilot's union blamed southwest for using outdated technology to schedule crews. coming up, caught on police dash camera. a high way collision. what happened to the officer and the driver he was helping.
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a close call a close call in florida as a pickup truck crashed into a car stuck in the middle of the highway. the officer had to jump out of the way. he was unhurt. the driver of the stalled car suffered minor injuriess. the boston marathon returned and there is a new message from north korea. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the associated press says the north korean leader vowed to build an invincible military and slamming the united states. kim reviewed a rare exhibition
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of weapons. state media says he accused the u.s. of creating tensions and not taking actions to proof it had no hostile intent toward mill tary buildup does not target south korea. in oklahoma, baseball-sized hail, heavy winds in the state. at least seven confirmed tornadoes. video shows the extent of damage in the city about 60 miles southwest of oklahoma city. no reports of deaths or injuries. more stormy weather is expected in the u.s. later this week. the boston globe says after a 30-month absence, the boston marathon returned bringing joy to the streets. 20,000 runners took part in the 125th marathon. scheduled for april of last
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year, the pandemic forced it to be postponed. this is the first time the boston marathon was ever run in october. >> fall is the best time of year. it was so scenic seeing the colors. it gave you a distraction. >> runners from kenya won both the men's and women's races. the eighth kenyan sweep since 2000. the red sox walk off for a second night to clinch their spot in the alcs. night to clinch th spot in the alcs.
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on the cbs money watch now, a facebook whistleblower will meet with the company's oversight board and krispy kreme with a halloween treat. diane king hall has those stories. >> good morning, stock futures are opening lower amid concerns of slowing growth. and mounting inflation heading into earnings season. the three major indices ended in the rate. the dow skated 250e nasdaq fell 93. the whistleblower who said facebook is looking at profits over user safety will meet with the company. she will brief the panel about what she learned while working at the company. the former facebook employee testified that the company knows it serves harmful content to
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. hernandez goes out to center field. it is pulled in by menoz. here comes santana. the red sox off to the championship series. >> the boston red sox have a flair for the dramatic. hitting a fly giving the sox their second straight walk off win in the series. they now head to the al championship series. spoiler alert in case you didn't see yesterday's jeopardy show.
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one of the longest streaks is over. >> did you come up with austria. did you bid enough? you did. this takes you to $29,200. you are our new jeopardy champion. congratulations. >> jonathan fisher crowned new champion. yale phd student bringing his 38-game streak to a halt. number two on the all-time consecutive wins list behind only ken jennings who won 74 games in a row. new superman. making headlines. john kent, son of clark kent and louis lane will come out as bisexual. dc comics revealed the news
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yesterday. in the issue, he's seen kissing a male reporter he's become friends with. so far, the reaction has become overwhelmingly positive. >> we've seen tweets of people say they burst into tears and they wished superman was this when they were growing up. saying for the first time ever, they are seeing themselves in superman. something they never thought possible. >> kent will be the second openly bisexual character after harley quinn. nba veteran j.r. smith taking a swing at a new sport. he played his first tournament as member of the north carolina ant team. he shot seven over in the second round. he'll play another round today. coming up on cbs morning's now, actor and best selling author talks with anthony mason about his new book, "where the
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no wonder cvs pharmacy® our top stories this morning, texas governor abbott issued an executive order banning any entity in the state from choir requiring covid
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vaccines for employees or customers. the order runs counter to president biden's mandate for health care workers, federal contractors and the vast majority of federal workers. jon gruden resigns after reports come of reports of him using homophobic, racist and misogonistic words. he released a statement saying, i never meant to hurt anyone. the real estate market took off in the pandemic and doesn't look like it is slowing down. >> the search for a home came with challenges. limited options and two offers they made were turned down. after months of looking, the third time was a charm. they bought this small two bedroom. >> we feel like we were lucky our third offer got accepted. we've heard stories from friends that took longer than we did.
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>> the red hot market cooled a little this summer but still zizling. >> showing numbers were up 8% from july. >> and cbs business analyst says that continues to drive up home prices up 15% from a year ago. the median prize is $356,000. >> the vast majority of homes are selling in less than a month. this is tough for people entering the housing market because the affordability has really changed. >> sooner or later, people give up. >> bruce has a solution. his company develops rental communities in tennessee giving people who can't afford to buy a home the opportunity to rent a traditional house. >> the pandemic has been the best thing for our business. people aren't buying so they are renting.
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>> it may be an attractive model because home prizes continue to rise. >> cbs news, new york. coming up on cbs mornings. actor and best selling author nick offerman talks with anthony mason about his new book "where the deer and antelope play." and we'll hear from young people about why they are leaving office jobs to work on a farm. and we'll take you to england and meet a couple digging up treasures as amateur fossil hunters. that's it for this morning. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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