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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 12, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00. breaking news. what we are learning about an arrest and a flaming stolen car. the scene of this wind-whipped fire tonight. we will take a look at the
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red flag warning that stays in effect until 5:00 tomorrow. we will go into detail on it. and that is a in the the dodgers taking a series lead. we are live at the stadium with all of the post game reaction. i did not realize it could kill you and how it can be. >> later, a plea from one grieving bay area father. the warning that came too late for his own daughter. good evening. first that breaking news, there has been an arrest in connection with a vegetation fire that went from 0 to almost 200 acres in no time. >> well, it easily could have been a disaster in napa county tonight. just listen to the wind. [ wind blowing ] >> the fire broke out in
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american canyon near nuel drive around 6:00. it burned 150 acres in a grassy area near a high school and neighborhood. it is 50% contained right now. >> but most of the bay area is still under a red flag warning right now because of those dry gusting winds combined with the extreme drought. we have team coverage from the south bay to the north bay beginning with kpix5 andrea nakono with more on who the police arrested after that fire and why. >> reporter: ken what we do know so far is that a 26-year- old man was arrested. he was found in the hills with burns on his body, next to a burning car. >> when officers responded to the fire and got on the scene they did find the car that was looking like it was on fire in an area that a car does not belong, off road by a water tower in a creek area. napa county officer confirms the car
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was stolen out of vallejo. they are looking into the possibility that burning car started a 150 acre fire in american canyon. the initial call of the fire came in at 6:30 and residents watched the flames spread quickly on a hillside just across the street from their homes. >> had everybody nervous and we live down the street and this is the family home here. we came to be with everybody until the evacuation order was called off. >> reporter: cal fire says progress has been stopped. they are keeping a close eye on wind shifts throughout the night. the concern tonight is that hot spots could flair up once again. >> with the winds it comes a whole different threat. so, if is not something that we want to say a different containment until we are 100% sure. >> cal fire says this was really good work by the crews on the ground especially since air support could not lift off due to the windy conditions. back to you guys. >> all right, andrea, thank
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you. about 90 minutes ago pg&e started giving the all clear in today's public safety power shut off. here is a look at the outages right now. >> our meteorologist is alongside for paul tonight. tonight, pg&e announced some areas could see power shut offs again as soon as the up coming wednesday. >> that wednesday system does not look as, for lack of a better word, as impressive. i will show you why in a second. can not look ahead to wednesday yet. the next 12 hours are still traveling. the next 12 hours are a lot more impressive than wednesday can be. just as impressive as we have seen so far from the system. the red flag warning does not expire until 5:00. the north bay mountains up here. watch the future cast. you will see a pattern in the coloring as we stop this tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. most places, through the bay area, where with live, it is calmer with the winds. you still see clear signs of pwroeut
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colors in the mountains and a 40 mile-an-hour gust tomorrow morning, red flag warning until 5:00 in the evening. so, we got to get through one more day of this. i will back with the forecast in a few minutes guys, back to you. >> we will see you then. >> the strong winds fanned a vegetation fire that came dangerously close to homes in san jose. >> kpix5 spoke to a couple that feared they would lose everything. >> reporter: one moment this couple was working, the next moment they say they were running for their lives, the vegetation out here is dry coupled with the winds and it could have been a disaster, a recipe for disaster. >> you know, we turned back we could not see our house, heavy smoke. >> their deck charred by this afternoon's fast-moving house fire. she is grateful that is all of the damage done this afternoon. >> i feel like so lucky today. >> reporter: because the flames stopped short just inches from their home. firefighters moved quickly as
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today's strong winds pushed the fire from sierra road toward a cluster of homes. her husband was working outside when he noticed the skies color suddenly change. >> did you think you were going to lose your home today? >> yes. definitely. i saw the fire. so fast, i saw smoke first and then the fire. and i know there are a lot of trees here. >> and then i heard my husband calling me, you know, we need to get out. >> reporter: the couple and their kids tried to leave in their car but surrounded by thick smoke. luckily within minutes firefighters arrived and put out the flames. but discovered later an ember made its way into the couple's home and was smoldering. she says she knows it could of ended so much worse. >> what do you think about that? >> i feel so lucky. so appreciative of them. >> does it usually get this windy. >> no, no, first time this year, so windy today. >> reporter: firefighters were able to stop the forward-
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moving progress at 4:40. the cause of the fire is still unknown. kpix5. >> thank you. we are going to stay on top of the winds and the fire danger overnight. our morning team will have all of the newest information as you start your day beginning at 4:30. the giants have a chance to end the dodgers season, finally, after a huge win in l.a. tonight. we have team coverage beginning with kpix5 vern glen who is live at dodger's stadium with more on tonight's repeat shutout. i don't think that winning three will be that easy. we will see, vern? >> reporter: yeah, we will see. i want you to see if you can hear it. can you hear that? quiet, huh? pretty much what the stadium sounded like at the end of the game. let's face it. the dodgers just dominated game 2 on saturday night putting up 9 runs at orcale park on
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giants pitching, that momentum did not carry tonight. early run of the game. happened in the 5th inning. longoria, 2 for 19 in his career against max scherzer for a solo blast, 1-0 giants, same score, 9th inning, asked to t hu windheldit th park anste grab to end the game. giants take a 2-1 series lead. game 4 tomorrow and they can eliminate the dodgers. >> we definitely know that they are not going to rollover. you know, they have been down before and figured out ways to come back. they definitely got the players to do it. so, you know, again, hopefully, tomorrow, as a group we come out and try to kind of get on top and silence this crowd here a
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little bit and, you know, tell not be easy. >> reporter: the wind has been a dominant topic of this newscast. certainly translated down here. i will be brutally honest with you, it was candlestick park cold tonight. i did a 3:00 p.m. live shot in shorts and a shortsleeve shirt. and i am eyeballing a hoody and a beanie right now. i am going to jump into as soon as we say good-bye tonight. that will do it from dodgers stadium. i will see you later in sports. >> that is the giants secret weapon, they brought the cold with them, they are used to it. i'm betty yu in mission bay where fans came out to soak in orange object -- october. businesses are saying this playoff run is proving to be a hit. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: fans raised a glass to the giants as they watched the team take out the dodgers 1-0. >> it is great to be next to
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the park. they are in l.a. right now but we are doing the best wecan. here. it was cool. >> reporter: new belgium brewing opened on opening day this year. they said they had its busiest days ever during the last two home games. >> my gosh it was so fun. i love working here and this area the epi center with baseball down the street. >> reporter: tonight's away game drew a larger than normal crowd. inside the park, members only gothem club hosted a watch party. we found fans stocking up on gear, betting on a long post season. >> they have fans locally, coast to coast it really is all about just taking the things they have done well all season and maximizing it tonight. >> reporter: the team did just that. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. still ahead at 11:00. >> i told them it is real. don't take the pill. they can kill you. >> a bay area's father plea to
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other parents after half a atcodiffer makes from ski season in the tahoe basin tonight. raiders bombshell. the head coach out after his rise came crashing down. and, looking live out at san jose, is the bay area under a blanket of discontent and uncertainty? a new poll that may surprise you
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fake prescription pills, laced with fent a lling pe re ithy area. the problem is sobad ert in six years. >> but the warning came too late to save one east bay teen. kpix5 on her father's plea to other parents. >> every time i see the the leaves moving i feel she is around me. >> reporter: he finds himself in this window a lot these days in his daughter's bedroom. gazing, listening and reminiscing. >> she was always smiling, happy, and, yeah, very happy person. >> reporter: his 14-year-old daughter who he called tete died of an accidental fentanyl overdose in august. a regular friday, a weekend
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into her freshman year in high school. they walked home together, watched tv and said good night but she never woke up. he found her the next morning. >> she was gone. it was the end of her life. >> reporter: he found out his daughter took half of a pill that she got from school sweet dream. she thought she was taking something to relax but likely took a pill laced with fentanyl. she never took one before or used any kinds of drugs before. >> i can not realize a half pill can kill you and how it can be with fentanyl. >> the amount of the tip of a pencil can kill you. >> or 2mg to be precise. the dea division stretches from bakersville to the oregon border. >> this is effecting every community, big and small in the united states. including the smaller ones in the bay area. our seizures skyrocket inside
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this division just this year alone we seized 74kg of fentanyl. >> four out of 10 pills that the dea seizes and tests contain enough fentanyl to kill. he showed us a bag of 1,000 pills from a seizure. >> so inferior. 1,000 pills, 400 of them can have a lethal dose? >> yes. for sure, that is what our labs have been testing. >> reporter: these are real prescription pills, these are counterfeit pills, unless you are an expert it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between real ones and counterfeit-laced pills. the bulk of the pills are coming from mexican cartels across the border and they are being distributed in communities from coast to coast. sometimes people get them via social media, the dark web or ecommerce. >> when you take the pills buying on the internet you are playing russian roulette. >> reporter: it will not
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stop the problem. >> that is not the only thing it has to be education and treatment. if you can reduce the demand then that is a very significant event for us. >> reporter: healing can take a lifetime. as they begin the process. walter pleads other families will talk with their kids about the dangers of fentanyl and counterfeit pills. >> don't take the pill. they can kill you. we were naive. we did not know really this is really happening. >> this is my favorite picture. >> reporter: aside from spreading awareness he is focused on holding his two other children close while remembering her smile and if at this window or not he knows she is with him. [crying] >> i miss her so much. [crying] >> reporter: the dea says people should not be concerned about getting counterfeit pills if they are getting them from licensed pharmacy and be confident their pills are safe when taken as directed.
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in san francisco. kpix5. it is refreshing, symbolic and, you know, it will help put it out at the very end. >> after such a long hot dry summer how nice it is to see this in the sierra tonight. about 2-5 inches of snow fell. and, pretty hard to believe that this was the scene just a month ago. the caldor fire threatening the results and turning the sky red. tonight it is contained. the winds are dying down.
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darren, it. we are almost done. it is breezy. if you are out of the wind advisory and if you play it forward, you will see the colors lighten up for most of us. and the numbers really start to go down. especially by tomorrow. i showed you at the top of the newscast how it is still going to be windy in the mountains tomorrow. that is why the red flag warning stays in effect until 5:00 tomorrow. if you want to see the number one thing that gets us out of the red flag warning, it is this image. the change from the ridiculously low humidity levels, tomorrow afternoon, to tomorrow night. look at that beautiful onshore surge. that is how you get rid of the red flag warning. so, that will end it going into wednesday. if we take a look at tomorrow's numbers it will be cold tomorrow morning, we spend so much time talking about the wind let's not overlook this fact. 42 degrees tomorrow. in livermore. it will be a cold start to the day. santa rosa going down to 40. i mean, you want to get
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dramatic, one more degree, waking up in the 30s tomorrow in santa rosa. that is one element. the afternoon, fine, lower to middle 70s. still cool, the first half of the seven-day forecast is cool. there is a warm up. before we get there, we were talking about a slight possibility for off shore winds, wednesday's system does not look as impressive as onshore winds that is coming on shore the good way. it is going to try to bring us a little bit of rain. it will not be one of the inside sliders. it is the inside sliders that bypass us and slide down the interior of the state. those are the ones that give us the troubles winds. wednesday will not do that. still make it windy, we will watch it. and, we will update you as we get closer to it. just not as bad as what we just had. the forecast, showing you the warm up, in the lower 80s for san jose by saturday. in the 60s tomorrow, 80s by saturday. the seven-day forecast for the inland valleys of the east bay, going to the middle 80s by next weekend.
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all right, vern, down to you. straight ahead in sports, a shocker in the nfl. some shocked dodger fans exited the stadium tonight. we will show you why in just a jiffy. if you are a giants fan you are
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% welcome to dodger stadium where l.a. came in riding a 16 game home win streak. the giants, they brought in candlestick weather and snapped it. very unusual conditions tonight in the stadium. whipping winds kept balls inside of the stadium, l.a. had not lost a game when max scherzer pitches. striking out 10 opposed by alex wood, spent five years in blue. pitched into the 5th. he struck out allow a ru ers untih en
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southern california native evan longoria crushed one. the 10th post season home run, 1-0 giants, the difference took over, taylor, belted one to the warning track. steven dugger was there to end the 6th. mookey gets it. bell went up stairs and brought it down? stranded two, thanks to crawford. the 24-year-old was asked to get a 6 out save and the last one was the scariest. thought he hit it out. the wind held it in and dugger made the catch. giants won it 1-0. they can close the dodgers out tomorrow in game 4. >> i grew up here so i don't remember a lot of nights at dodger stadium where the wind was blowing like that. super strange. >> you get to the post season you can lose by one pitch.
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you can, that comes into play. and tonight i lost it on one pitch. >> yeah, i was, i was thinking if that ball did not go out tonight i might of just cashed ithter >>ng does it take to come down from a epic game like that? >> it takes a little bit. i think everyone is used to it this year just having big moments in big games. keep winning games and there is a reason why we have the most wins in the big leagues. >> reporter: now, to the nfl. a soccer in las vegas. jon gruden stepped down as head coach of the raiders. here is the story. gruden has been in hot water over the weekend after the wall street journal uncovered a racist e-mail he sent back in 2011. today, the new york giants reported on several more homophobic and
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sexist e-mails sent to a former member of the washington team front office. he was in the middle of a 10 year $100 million deal with the raiders. so, the story goes on as gruden shockingly moves on as the raiders are looking for answers both on and off of the field. speaking of the field, top story tonight. giants came in here amid the candlestick weather and got it done. i guess they felt right at home winning a game like that considering the winning conditions they had to deal with. back to you in studio. >> bundle up, vern, we will see you tomorrow. thank you. still ahead, silicone valley discontent on the
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we are looking over san francisco and san jose tonight. >> 18 months after the start of the pandemic, people noticed discontent is on the rise. 71% of people feel the quality of life in the bay area has worsened over the past five years. 56% of respondents agreed that they are likely to move out of the bay. the poll was commissioned by joint venture silicone valley and the bay area news group. we are seeing a lot of reaction on social media. one wrote: i left during the dot-com bust, best decision ever. another posted: the way people drive in traffic are enough for me to
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not ever go there. all right, join in the conversation. we will be right back
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the late show is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbs bay area, good night - [male narrator] the following program is sponsored by mercy ships. five billion people lack access to safe surgery. it's a staggering number that's almost hard to believe. and yet every day children, teens, and adults suffer and die from medical conditions that could be treated.


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