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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> and they disappear during the pandemic. no cruise ships are returning to san francisco. the boost coming to businesses. >> these cruise ships coming back with all of the events happening this weekend are a lifeline really a sign of hope for the city. cruise ships are never turning to san francisco. the boost coming to businesses. >> and later, why san francisco's indoor basque rollback could cause some confusion. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm ken bastida. for baseball fans, it doesn't get much better than this. giants, dodgers, a playoff showdown. >> we are livid oracle park, about 30 minutes from the first pitch. you can just feel the excitement building.
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the place is vibrating right now. now the big crowd is settling in for an historic playoff series between two huge rivals. >> we have team coverage of game one of the national division series. >> let's begin on the water with kpix 5's wilson walker. he has paddled his way to mccovey cove. >> reporter: hello. we are here at mccovey cove. the wind we have been talking about all day has died down. a few more folks have shown up. as we showed you earlier, we might have eight or nine kayaks now, but as we were mentioning, the real excitement coming into this over here in the ball game , and before i got out here on the water, i had a chance to talk to some of the folks who are lucky enough to have tickets to tonight's game, and got some of their thoughts as they were showing up to the ballpark. have a listen. >> it started in the beginning of the year when people also sfranciscsn't going ing to
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and look what we showed them. >> how psyched are you? >> big time. big time. i've been waiting for this 67 years now. >> i know a lot of people are paying attention to this game. >> absolutely. the anticipation is building right now. >> when, you know, they are a little pricey, but that's okay. just the idea of saying that we are going to be in this ballpark. >> it's hard to prepare for something like this. you go for a long season of grueling and dramatic matchups between two great teams, and for them to both meet in a series was so much on the line is huge, and i can't be more excited. we have a boat camera here, and i'm going to try to paddle around and give you the perspective from out here on
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the water. it really is turning into a lovely evening, and as i come around here, you will get a better shot at how many boats are queued up over there, and i guess what is thought to be the popular home run landing spot, i have a confession to make as a giants fan for many years, i have never done this before until today. this is quite an experience. you can see the crowd out here. it looks like it will be a nice sunset. i'm running out of words. this is really just -- >> i am so curious what it is like out there. is it cold? the water looks pretty calm. >> reporter: i thought it would be freezing. i'm actually quite comfortable. the breeze has finally died down a little bit, and i think it is comfortable. the folks i was lashed up to
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before i paddled over here are getting ready to get the grill going with a little less wind. there are beverages out. >> i can't believe that. wilson, how -- they are enjoying themselves. now, how do you watch the game? do you watch it on the jumbotron? how do you see what is going on? >> you pull up to that boat over there. >> reporter: that boat has a nice big television in it. i don't know, you can't, you are looking through a cell phone, the bars up there, there are seating areas up there. i'm told if you are in the spot where everyone is lined up that you can see the tvs. actually, i can sort of see one now. it will be tough from the perspective of giving you, but it is nice out here. it really is. here we go. we have new folks coming in. there we go.
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your next new arrivals. >> that is too much fun. what a great way to watch a game. >> very cool. they all queue up in that area. that is where barry bonds used to send them in, number 621 landed right near where wilson is paddling around. >> the million-dollar question for you is if somebody gets a home run into the water, are you going to jump out of the kayak system to the ball? >> reporter: i will stop you right now. no. i have two phones, a camera. >> we have to let you go. >> reporter: i have a lot of equipment in here. i don't need to be jumping in the water. >> probably very wise. will need a lot more beverages for that one as well. >> he will switch over to kpix 5's sports reporter charlie walter , who is in a much more sedate area. the clock is ticking, and it will be time to play ball here.
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>> reporter: we have 30 minutes until first pitch. the calm before the chaos, though i don't know if it is calm out here. plenty of beat dodgers chance. let's break down the game. the pitching matchup, webb on the mound for the giants against walker buehler. good news for the giants fans. let's start with the fact that logan webb is a big-game pitcher. we sought on sunday in a game that the giants needed in order to client. also, when talking to his mother, she said that -- we don't like that. dating all the way back to high school, this guy, logan webb comes out and gets the job done in big games, even if it was high school football, he is a big-game player. also against the dodgers, a 2.25 e.r.a. in three starts. good news all around. the teams have been pretty complementary
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of each other this week i would say, leading up to this ball game. it's a different story with the fan bases, however. locking out the noise on social media, it has been easier said than done. >> when do you have time to monitor twitter or instagram, how do you do it? >> first thing in the morning. i guess, like, this is sort of where we are. if i had more discipline, i would probably put my phone away. we all strive to be more present. >> i have been here since noon, so i haven't felt it yet. they were easy on our buses coming in at noon. i don't know about hostility. i do know it will be very loud. >> reporter: the good news is the giants do have the decider in this one.
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game five is at oracle park. they have three games at home compared to the dodgers two. what's really good news, they have game one here. if they can win game one, in the last five years and divisional series, 15 of 20 teams, 75%, have advanced after winning game one. a massive game one tonight, and logan webb is the guy you want to have on the mound. >> we apologize for the guy behind you with the l.a. banner up, but remember l.a. stands for -- losers. always. l.a.. thank you. >> reporter: except for their mickey mouse championship. there was still some hope for people who decided late to go to tonight's big game. by midafternoon, we checked online and found standing room only tickets going for $121. the giants still had seats for about $200 a pop. meantime, governor newsom is not playing politics in terms of who he is really rooting for. >> i'm happy that california will win, but you all know which team i am rooting for.
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see, that's the problem. i have two colleagues who i have great respect for that are not happy that i even said that. that was mild versus what i'm really thinking. >> some cold stares coming over there. giants-dodgers is actually not the only game in town. a live look at chase center a few blocks away, where the warriors are hosting the lakers in a preseason game. a lot of action this evening in china basin. everybody is buzzing about tonight's game on social media. we want you to share your giants spirit using the hashtag kpix . switching gears, new at 6:00, a covid crisis in the san francisco bay unfolded on the grand princess cruise ship nearly 2 years ago. it served as a warning for what
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the pandemic would bring. now after an 18 month absence, cruise ships are returning to the port of san francisco. the first ship is set to arrive next week. kpix 5's da lin has details on the economic impact in any safety concerns. >> reporter: the majestic princess will carry more than 2200 passengers. it will dock here at pier 27 monday morning. the passengers are expected to empty the ship to shop and dine in san francisco. that's not all. on wednesday, two more ships are sailing in. that's great new for the pier 23 cafe, located right next to the cruise dock. >> welcome. >> reporter: on a day like today, because of fleet week, it is hard to tell. his restaurant is actually struggling. unlike today, most weekdays are pretty quiet. >> what he percent, 50%, yeah.
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we are doing about half the business we used to. >> reporter: with thousands of passengers arriving next week, it is a good sign for his business. >> hopefully a big boost, but some kind of boost. >> assemble a business and visitors returning. is more than a symbol, it is folks who will be able to say businesses. >> reporter: for some bay area residents, the last cruise ship to enter the bay last march symbolized the beginning of covid. the grand princess had more than 100 covid positive passengers, and at least seven people died. >> it is marseille for someone to come into san francisco on a crucial because we know they have been tested and vaccinated, but if somebody just drives across the bridge -- the port of san francisco says 21 cruises are scheduled to come in this year. next year will be a record 127 ships. they typically get about 80 per year. >> it is good news for us. it is good news for everyone in san francisco. chinatown will have a lot of tourism coming in. >> reporter: chinatown businesses believe passengers will hit up restaurants, gift
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shops, and antique swords. the san francisco travel association says things will be back to normal until 2025, because there is very little international and business travel. sf travel report in 2019 63% of the theater spending was by international travelers. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5 . looking live out from mccovey cove , a live kayak cam . excitement is building. oracle park is buzzing ahead of the big playoff game, less than 1 hour away. divisional series,
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new at 6:00, and unusual gun bust at a high school football game in san francisco. sf pd tweeted out these pictures today. police say they arrested a gang member and accomplice who brought guns to asko football game yesterday. they apparently tried to hide the guns in the bathroom toilets, where mission and balboa high schools were playing. an 18-year-old man and 35-year- old woman were arrested. soon, you could be able to ditch your mask indoors across most of the bay area. >> in san francisco, mask rules won't disappear everywhere you go all at once. kpix 5's max darrow explained. >> reporter: right now, san francisco plans to begin lifting indoor mask requirements for many settings on october 15, but the plan does not include bars and restaurants.
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here's the city's plan. in settings where regular groups of fully vaccinated people gather, such as offices, gyms, and religious gatherings, masks won't be required if the employer host can verify the group is 100% vaccinated. >> i kind of think it might be a little too soon. >> reporter: bars and restaurants will still have to require guests where masks were not actively eating or drinking. the city's rationale, there's a constant stream of different people coming in and out every day. >> i always have it in my back pocket in case. >> there is no ordinance and it will confuse a lot of people. >> reporter: he owns two restaurants in the financial district. >> they come in and say why do we have to wear a mask when everyone else is not wearing a mask. that is what i think is going to happen. >> there is no surprise we weren't involved in that. >> reporter: the president of the are owner alliance said city leaders major the decision didn't come as a surprise to
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the bar community. >> i was looking forward to having future conversations, and i hope that as soon as we are able, we can stop the masking, but for now, we get it. >> it's really testing the waters, and it is a phased approach. >> reporter: dr. peter chin hong is a disease expert at ucsf. >> it's a roadmap and starting place, and it doesn't mean the plan is written in stone forever. >> reporter: although they wish restaurants made the cut, this is a step in the right direction. they hope the easing of mask restrictions and other settings will bring him more customers. >> when i first heard it, that offices were included, i was very happy because we in the financial district depend tremendously on people coming back to work in the office, particularly at lunch time. >> reporter: the executive director of the golden gate
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restaurant association said it was an encouraging step forward, and we understand that many will be disappointed that restaurants and bars are not included in the october 15 listening, but we appreciate the need to protect the health and well-being of staff and families, as well as our customers and their families. in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. darren peck joins us now at,'s restaurant. it is kind of the stage, my most. it gives you the first look at the stadium, and maybe some rain tonight we are hearing. >> reporter: but it will be later, ken. it will be really light. it's not getting here until after midnight. jake, what does it say exactly? >> i don't always hate, but when i do, i hate the dodgers, baby. >> reporter: we found 20 of dodgers fans out here. cody and savanna, you drove from where quacks >> sacramento. >> reporter: best of friends but different teams? >> yeah. >> reporter: i've seen a lot of
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that today. you are not unique. there has been a lot of that. let's get into the forecast. it will rain later. the game will stay kind of cool and a little breezy. hi def doppler shows you where the rain is. but futurecast, you can see that we basically have showers from about midnight through about sunrise -- they started the cheering a little early. this is like 0.1 inches of rain. we won't get a soaking rain at of this, but it is nice to say we will get light rain nonetheless. that will clear out. as we got to the rest of the forecast, current temperatures are right now are just as chilly as they have been the last two nights at this time. it's really sunday when we start the warm-up. we take a look at the morning lows -- again we are back down into the mid to upper 50s. then we warm-up on sunday, and
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that is actually our warmest day in the 7 day forecast, if you like that kind of thing, it will be pretty nice. temperatures climbing about 10 degrees above where we have been. you will notice sunday feels a little nicer. then we get to monday, which is when things get interesting. we had an offshore wind event, which means a fire weather watch goes into effect for monday and into tuesday. if we had gotten more rain, it would help, but we really need a widespread soaking rain, at least 0.25 inches bay area wide , bringing this to an end. this one tonight won't do it. as long as we get offshore wind events, we will be looking at fire weather watch's, and possibly red flag warnings. the 7 day forecast shows you after sunday's warm-up, we cool back down to the rest of the week. not only for san francisco, oakland, and san jose, but also the rest of the bay area. back to you.
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>> we will let you go. thank you. >> you have some good fans out there. very dedicated. looking live now out of mccovey cove , up next, the bet
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we are across the street from oracle park and its electric right now. we can hear the chanting coming from across the street. we can hear some of the screams as it sounds like the starting lineups are being announced, as we get ready for a new chapter and one of the most epic rivalries in all of sports. >> are you one of those giants fans who hated the dodgers? >> i was taught at a young age to not like them. >> they won the division and beat us. now we have an opportunity to, you know, get them where we want them, in the postseason. >> reporter: wilmer flores gets the start at first base to nice. he had .341 with homers against the dodgers this season. the giants opted to carry an extra bat. gabe kapler made it to the postseason twice as a player. tonight will be his first
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playoff game as a manager. the man he replaced had plenty of success in october, and bruce bochy cashed in on the regular season success. >> i did lose a bit to bruce bochy. i lost a dinner and nice bottle of bordeaux because we didn't win the division. it's his choice knowing him, it'll be some type of first growth. it won't be cheap. >> reporter: meanwhile, a few blocks up the road, the la lakers are in town, the other team from l.a. , at the chase center. steph curry knows that that game preseason, second fiddle tonight to this one. >> thanks for showing up today. i feel like a congregation leader in, like, monroe, north carolina, at a lazy 8:00 a.m. service on sunday.
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to make it $22 on the collection plate. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo has been ruled out for sunday's game against arizona because of a calf injury, so ricky trey lance will make his first career start on the road against the surprisingly and beat cardinals. dusty baker has tony larissa on the brink of elimination. game two is tied, and kyle tucker delivered a knockout blow. houston wins 9-4 and take a 2-0 series lead. that will do it from the patio at momo's. got to get across the way to oracle park, as we have one of the most anticipated playoff series of all time, it feels like a championship series, and it is just the divisional round.
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before we go, take a look at our wilson walker's kayak excursion into mccovey cove this morning. he rigged up a system to send back the live pictures. he had to paddle over to the cove, brought us this unique
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look at the pregame fun. >> what a great way to watch a game. thank you for watching us tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app . "cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, america's recovery cools off. the new jobs report shows theort economy still struggling to get over the pandemic, with hiring at its slowest pace of the year. unexpected job losses in healthcare and education. the president tried to put the best spin on those numbers. >> maybe it doesn't seem fast enough. i would like to see it faster and we're going to make it faster. >> brennan: breaking news: guilty on all counts. two wealthy parents convicted of paying bribes to get their kids into top colleges in the first trial of that varsity blues scandal. trump white house records: congress may now get access tomn ck. and a new report shows the
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former president may have hidden massive losses at his d.c.


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