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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  October 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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we have team coverage from the weather to traffic and the big baseball matchup. we begin with kpix5's justin andrews near the embarkadero for us. justin. >> reporter: so many people flooding san francisco this weekend, that means an extra boost for businesses. we'll talk to one couple ready for the weekend. the sellers taking the quiet friday morning walk past oracle park. the husband and wife bracing for tens of thousands of fans who will join them this weekend to cheer on the giants and take on the dodgers in a couple postseason games. >> very excited about that. obviously we'll check out the giants winning both nights. >> that's not lyin happening in the city by the
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bay. blue angels high into the sky roaring over the city and yesterday they were doing practice flyovers. >> it's good for everybody to get back out again. it's been a while. >> reporter: people wanting to get out and about and owners are ready for a boost in business. some say they'll be bringing in another 15-20% more workers just to handle the weekend's crowd. >> it's good for businesses too, you know, getting back to dining and stuff like that. it's definitely good for everybody. slowly healing in my opinion. >> reporter: we can't forget about the warriors hosting the la lakers this weekend at the chase center and italian heritage festival on sunday with so much going on this weekend, traffic could be trouble some so you might want to think about using public transportation. >> we're upping service on sunday and adding three extra trains and we're very excited to carry riders to not only the giant's playoff but fleet week festivities and other events going on in san francisco. >> san francisco is the place
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to be this weekend. >> reporter: we talked to a couple hotels and they're expecting to see more business. >> kpix5 charlie walters continues our came coverage live at or cal park for us. hi, charlie. >> reporter: what a beautiful day at the e got the sun beamin on me n't ha miscoin screen on but who cares. we have playoff baseball coming up. game one of mlds and 6:37 and if you're at work right now, what are you doing? it's friday, get out early and come on down to the ballpark and king street electric momentarily and playoff baseball to focus on right now and it's such a long season and go back to game number one and that was what, 20% capacity in this place? game one at home. this place will be rocking tonight and april it's about winning the series and winning
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that day. you then have september baseball that was around attention to detail and becomes so crucial every at bat but when october rolls around in the postseason, every pitch is magnified and massive. >> reporter: how much do you emphasize attention to dee tail every single pitch here? >> obviously it's playoffs and your mistakes are more magnified and mistak happen iz quesonthn to detail because i've never been on a team that focused more on that and we've got that covered and we have a lot covered off the field so go out there and play and take over. >> reporter: this will be brian's 40th game he's played and second on the team to only buster posey. he's been around a bit and as for logan webb, today will be his first start in the postseason. if last sunday was any sort of appetizer to what he'd do tonight, he rose to the occasion and sean estes told adam copeland earlier that he
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talked to the mother of logan and he's always been a guy that's risen to the occasion whether football or baseball and he love this is moment and he as giants fans love to hear that. energy up. >> absolutely. he does well under pressure. that's important right now. >> thanks, charlie. check in with meteorologist darren pat for the forecast. darren. >> reporter: it's going to be sunny, i can tell you that, liz, from standing out at the central area in front of the ballpark and 20 miles an hour breeze and not terribly bad. weather will get more interesting later tonight with a small chance of rain and talk more about that in the forecast and we take a look at the flag in the 20 miles an hour breeze and current temperatures out here now have us around 60. tomorrow's game will be about 10 degrees warmer than this and there'll be a difference between game one weather and game two weather. tomorrow will be a little nicer if you don't want to bundle up. look what happened in the
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sierra today. our first widespread light dusting of snow from sierra at tahoe and talk act our chance for rain in the overnight hours coming up in the complete forecast i'll be hanging out here at mo mos across from the stadium. back to you, liz. >> mo mo's is always the place to be. thank you, darren . back to the weekend traffic situation here in the city, we know it'll be crowded. that's a given. we have tips on how best to get around. >> if you are headed into san francisco to enjoy the fun for giants/dodgers, fleet week, italian heritage festival and warriors happening in the city this weekend and you'll want to navigate the roadway as little better than usual and extra busy off the bay bridge extension and you'll see extra busy conditions along the embarkadero as well and make a reservation in advance if you're parking and keep in mind for the giants game there'll be closures in effect along king
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street and public transit is your best bet and a lot of option there is and direct service to oracle park and bart will run extra trains on sunday and they run from friday and saturday and those heading to the giants game will make it a little easier for you. if you're headed over to chase center, muney has express shuttles available and running trains friday and saturday and leigh early and reserve parking it you're going to brave the roadways and the freeways heading into san francisco. >> always good advice there. new at 3:00, cruise ships are about to make a comeback in san francisco. kpix5 reports after a year and a half, the city was hoping for big business. >> post-pandemic the first cruise ship returns to san francisco on monday morning. the majestic princess will carry more than 2200 passengers and it's going to dock here at pier 27 for a day and on
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wednesday two more cruise ships sailing to the port of san francisco. business leers say it's another positive step toward the economic recovery. they say restaurants, gift shops, antique stores, and under retail businesses will see more foot traffic. >> it's exciting to have the cruise ships coming back after a year of not being here. being their neighbor next door and definitely bring as lot of people into the city. eating, drinking, spending money, shopping, looking at sites, taking cabs. it'll be good for business and the economy could use it. >> anticipating to increase tourist levels in san francisco. >> reporter: kpix5. >> and looking live now at city hall. today san francisco also announced it's requiring all city contractors to be vaccinated against covid. that's anyone who works in- person on a regular basis alongside public employees at a facility owned or leased by the
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city and must be fully vaccinated by december 31st. new at 3:00, moline county is easing its mask requirements and finance centers, office settings, computer vehicles and religious gatherings and college classes if everyone in that facility is fully vaccinated against covid. no more than 100 people can be present. president biden is pushing businesses to mandate covid vaccines for about 100 million working americans. skyler henry reports if they don't, the companies may have to pay up. >> president biden touted vaccination rates speak about the latest jobs report. >> more than 186 million americans are fully vaccinated and covid cases are down 40% in the past month. >> the president says the labor department is working to prepare an emergency rule requiring companies with more vaor sting mandates. have
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inuding getting more people vaccinated. but we continue to make progress. >> at least 24 republican controlled states are already preparing legal challenges to the federal mandate arguing the president is overstepping his authority. >> president biden suggested mandates are crucial to the economy and as cases of the delta variant surged. >> vice president harris toured a vaccination site in new jersey friday urging more americans to roll up their sleeves. >> the message is this: vaccines will save your life. >> pfizer is inching closer to get it is vaccine closer for emerncy use for children ages 5-11. a doctor discussed the new development on cbs this morning. >> my mope is 5-11-year-old can get vaccinated quickly after. >> the fda will review pfizer's data quickly and could issue a ruling by the end of the month.
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skyler henry, cbs news, washington . new at 3:00, governer newsom was in alameda county signing a covid recovery aimed at supporting businesses. he's aimed at outdoor do i think operations and some businesses had to make to stay afloat. >> businesses like this in the best of times struggle. and so we have to do more. $4billion of grants we've put out as a state and waved license fees renewals for the next two years and abc licensed fees and other fees and we did $147 million in a hiring tax credit up to $100,000 and new tax credits. >> we brought you the governor's news conference live on cbsn bay area and stream on or through the kpix5 news app. still ahead streaming on the bay area, a brawl after soccer game in the south bay. what led to more than half a
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dozen arrests and some injuries off the field. plus, we've shown you this picture before: aluminum foil wrapped meant to protect these giant trees from wild fire
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a spectator jumped onto the
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field and started punch ago player and that spectator was arrested shortly after and then after the game, a fight broke out in the parking lot and eight people were arrested and two were taken to the hospital including one who was grazed by a bullet. everyone who was injured is expected to survive. police in campbell are searching for a master burglar and you might recognize his outfit. >> points for creativity. being on scene for halloween. in that surveillance video, someone is dressed for spider man pulling a trash can suspected to be full of stolen property and the web singer along with side kick stole various tools and as you heard there. they had little fun posting the vidded owe with music on social media. on fire watch now, duns if not hundreds of giants sea coy yo trees burned in the windy
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fire. kpix5 anne mackovich showing us how they're trying to save them. >> we're trying to get in and see what we can do to the trees to get alive and still have fire and we can try to get some first aid to them. >> a vegetation and meeciast an mission is to assess damage to giant sea coy ya trees and fire fighters were able to sai some in a popular tourist area. >> long meadow grove for a while we were pushing 20,000- gallons of water out a day on these trees. and we were really cooling them down and getting them the water they needed. >> deckman was able to size up the damage in 11 giant sea coy
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ya groves. >> they can survive a lot but 95% of their leaves are gone and incinerated and burned into the inner layers of the bark, they can't survive that. >> when the fire first started, protective aluminum foil was wrapped around the base of the trees. did it help? >> when fire destroys the canopy of 200-foot sea coy ya, it doesn't stand a chance of surviving. an update from wall street closing out the workweek, the dow lost 8.5 points today and nasdaq down four and s&p down
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as well. >> reporter: we might see rain tonight and don't want to overlook that and see pretty well and by the time we get past 10:00 and 11:00 and part
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of the overnight hours and and say sunrise and this is a weak fall system and most rain fall system and all the sunshine it feels fine and it is breezy and it's not out of the ordinary and and a strong flow right now and just enough to keep us cool and the morning lows will feel cool tomorrow and tomorrow in the afternoon we're going to round a corner and it'll be a little warmer for daytime highs. and tomorrow through saturday but it'll get even warmer than that on sunday and before i get to the seven day forecast, there's a fire weather watch.
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and monday or tuesday, believe it or not, there's right rain and excellent news and we'll have some offshore winds from monday or tuesday and fire weather concerns into next week. sunday the warmest day on here and and and a good part of the seven day forecast and we'll have a lot more sunshine and more threats of minor rain through the day and inland counties and east bay and sunday we see the temperatures start to climb bit time we get there. i do have one other forecast on here because our giant fan interestly enough the dodger fan didn't want to talk to us and giant fan spoketous. >> only thing colder than the weather out here today is the dodgers today and that's a fact. >> nice, sir.
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>> mom was very proud with that forecast. >> reporter: big crowd out here. we'll be hanging out here for the rest of the evening and check back with you guys later. >> thank you, darren. two journalists just won the 2021 noble peace prize and both recognized for their bat toll pea serve a free press. >> it's a battle for facts. when you're in a battle for facts, journalism is activism and you need to protect the facts. if we don't have facts, you can't have truth. if you don't have truth, you can't have trust trust without any of these things and democracy is dead. >> maria rassa runs an online news website in the philippines and reported on corruption and extrajudicial killings authorized by president duterta and over the years she's been harassed, threatened, and arrested for her war on fake news and toxic social media.
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her co-noble prize winner is one of the most respected newspapers in russia, which has meticulously reported on corruption and abuse of power back in the early 1990s, the winner of the noble peace prize himself donated some of his million dollar prize money to start the paper. time now for a look ahead at cbs evening news.
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. d stg along with , suspension,
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electronic infotainment systems. how about some hie highway steak but what if we told you it was three deep and the details coming up. streaming today on the bay area and that's at 4:20 and we'll have trending stories on on air
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captioning sponsored by cbs . tonight, america's recoverycool. the new jobs report shows the economy still struggling to get over the pandemic, with hiring at its slowest pace of the year. unexpected job losses in healthcare and education. the president tried to put the best spin on those numbers. >> maybe it doesn't seem fast enough. i would like to see it faster and we're going to make it faster. >> breaking news: guilty on all counts. two wealthy parents convicted of paying bribes to get their kids into top colleges in upon first tral of that varsity blues scandal. umse records: congress may now get access to documents related to the january 6 attack.
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and a new report shows the former president may have


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