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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. tens of thousands of visitors expected in san francisco for what is shaping up to be an epic weekend. right here, we're live with team coverage. and today, a weather watch in place this weekend. where in the bay area is most at risk for fire danger? >> plus, tired of wearing a mask? you may not have to much longer. does that mean you you should take it off? it's friday, october 8th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino.
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now to anne live with more. >> reporter: this happened at the san jose earthquakes game. the fan jumped into the field and started punching an earthquakes player. other players held him down. this is the scene outside of the stadium afterward. a bunch of fist fights. one person was grazed by a bullet and is in the hospital. there were several injuries. everyone is expected to survive. five people were arrested outside of paypal stadium at 10:00 p.m. the game against the mexican team was letting out. over 40 officers had to respond to is that area around aviation and wand away. as for the other video i mentioned, the player jumping on to the field, the fam fan, rather, jumping on to the field and assaulting a player. i have that retweeted on the account. today marks the start of a busy weekend in san francisco. the blue angels air shows begin later this morning. and the dodgers are coming
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to town to face our san francisco giants for game one of the national league division series. >> to help you navigate the very busy weekend, we have you covered. gianna, mary and justin all have the information you need it weekend with live team coverage all morning long. beginning with justin andrews. oh, those lights behind you, exciting this morning, justin. >> absolutely. you know when young people say they're ready to have a good time, they typically say we're outside. that the case for tens of thousands of people across san francisco this weekend. yeah, there is a lot happening here. yup, oracle park well be back packed this weekend and start with the flyover. yesterday, you heard the blue angels doing the practice run through as they were ready to take on the skies. the giants and dodgers preseason games one and two are to bring in a combined 90,000 fans. the first pitch tonight is at 6:37. people are ready to be out and
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month the crowds. even tourists might be coming in to town. we talked to hotels and restaurants all over san francisco who say they are ready for this boost. bringing back a lot of foot traffic. and it will give our workers more hours that they need to pay bills. a lot of people are like trying to wean off of unemployment. >> we expect to have the busiest weekend since labor day. maybe busier than labor day where we almost sold out. >> we can't forget the warriors hosting the lakers for preseason game at the chase center and there is an italian festival this weekend. a lot happening. public transportation will be your best friend to avoid all of the traffic troubles. live in san francisco this morning, i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. yeah, you're absolutely right. you wanted to stick with alternates if you're heading out this weekend. i want to start with friday night. the gates open up at oracle
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park for the giants-dodgers matchup before 4:00. that is in the heart of drive time. you will see busy conditions with the folks trying to get home from work. 280 extension, king street, embarcadero, public transit is a very good option. the bay ferry will take you directly to oracle park. they run until midnight. cal train extra trains for friday and saturday. with fleet week happening as well. if you're driving in and you want to park, reserve your parking in advance. lots to think about. we're eager to find out how the weather is looking like for this weekend. seeing plenty of sunshine this weekend and this afternoon. catching sunshine. a live like this morning at oracle park and super excited about the big game. we have been waiting for it. the giants taking on the dodgers. we're talking about 58 for the first pitch at 6:37 p.m. chilly and breezy.
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if you're heading tod game, bundle up and put on that jacket. you will need it, especially with the breeze. feeling chillier out there. of course, we're so excited to have our blue angels back in our skies. for today, we're catching that sunshine. looks great and into the weekend, more sunshine. in fact, temperatures warming up more on saturday and especially for sunday. back to you. >> thank you so much, mary. and won't to see your giants pride. tag kpix. >> also, i toolian heritage weekend kicking off with a lighting ceremony. organizers expected to raise the italian flag to honor contributions of italian americans to san francisco. the annual italian heritage parade in north beach is scheduled this sunday. it will be the first major parade in the city since the pandemic began. a lowe look now at san francisco. one week from today, the city will likely left the masked mandate for gyms and offices. masks will still be required in
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restaurants where people are not eating. the rest of the bay area is taking a slower approach. marine reached that mark but it's requiring a moderate rate of transmission for three weeks. no more than 18 cases, down from the current average of 20. >> i think being prudent and careful are warranted. and in the face of the delta variant. >> i would love to not put it on and off and on all of the time. >> i think i would like to keep my mask on still. >> this morning, los angeles county is under a new vaccine mandate. it requires people 12 and older to prove they're vaccinated or have a negative covid test.
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it applies to all outdoor events and indoor bars, wineries, breweries, night clubs and lounges. >> reporter: may have dropped significantly due to covid lockdowns. a new study found that during the spring of 2020, more than 80% of adults and children missing their regular vaccinations due to vaccination sites closeed. shamara young is the 109th homicide victim. she was shot to death in east oakland on wednesday night near 51st and bancroft during a road rage incident. earlier yesterday, the police chief got emotional whole talking about this case. >> everybody in the city should be hurt. whew. we're in a moment of crisis. our children are in danger. >> police say they are
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reviewing surveillance video of the shooting and will release it to the public. new this morning, the 2021 noble peace prize is awarded to journalist maria resa and demittery moratah for their fight of expression for freedom in philippines and russia. their respective governments crack down on the rights of journalists. it's 6:08. >> still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the big game tonight mean stirring up drama between the vice president and her husband. >> and plus, winter and is fast approaching. why several mountain passes are shutting down in the sierra. and later, several firefighters hurt in the battle to knock down the k&p complex fire. how they're doing this morning. >> and proud to launch our newscast with martin you can tune in on cable 12 weekdays at
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5. and i am tracking high- deafton and the book of the action across the central valley and in the sierra. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. first, a live look west. you can see suit row tower blinking there. we're tracking the clouds. i will have
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. happy friday to you. a lot going on today. the coolest day of the week. get ready for it. you will need the jacket all day long. low 60s from the bay. san francisco and oakland. mid-60s, san jose and concord. the highs returning about 10 to 49 degrees below average this time of the year. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in just a few moments. back to you. thank you and look oracle the giants and dodgers will square off tonight. a few teens, traffic is going to be a nightmare around oracle tonight. this is advice if you plan to attend the game. arrive early.
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the gates will open for fans 2 1/2 hours before the first pitch. hop on a ferry and you can reserve your parking if do you drive. and the big game tonight, causing a rift between the vice president and her husband. bay area native and u.s. vp kamala harris will be rooting for the giants tomorrow. her husband, doug emhoff, a longtime l.a. resident, will be backing the dodgers. i am sorry. >> no. not the dodgers. >> okay. >> and teen now is 6:13. getting a check on our weather and traffic with a lot going on this week and for that. >> you are the best picture of the day, mary. >> hopefully, this makes you smile. check out ming-ming. a huge giants fan. she's in east bay. the pet parent said she's superexcited about the big game. she loves wearing the giants
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gear and loves the treats afterwards with the cheese and peanut butter. love seeing this and send in your i want giants photos. we would love to see it. use the #kpix and tag us. and a live look as we look north. coit tower let up in orange. you can see the tower cam is rock'n'rolling in the wind this morning. temperatures running in the mid- 40s to mid-50s at this hour. grab that jacket and you will need that jacket all day long today. the first pitch with the giants against the dodgers. and definitely a chilly game. bund will up. we're looking at breezy conditions about 20 miles an hour for those. we had a few sprinkles in parts of the east bay and sooth bay. the book of the action to the east across the essential valley and sierra. it's great. and here's what to expect today. the coolest day of the week,
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we're going to catch clearing and sunshine as we head through the day today. plenty of sun into the weekend and milder temperatures. tracking offshore wins for a high fire danger. today, the microclam at along the coast and the -- microclimates along the coast and inland, mid- to upper 60s. all of us dealing with the cool temperatures. the low pressure system is ushering in the strong marine influence and onshore flow. the ocean breeze is kicking in for us. taking you hour-by-hour. the skis are clearing with the sunshine through our day today. clouding streaming in for tonight and tomorrow morning. more sunshine saturday afternoon. and for sunday. as we look to early next week, talking monday and tuesday. a fire weather watch that will turn into a red flag warning and gusty offshore winds. watching the dry conditions into monday and tuesday for the areas highlighted in yellow. the northbound mountains, eastbound hills and valley.
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this is a big concern for us. we're in the peak of the wild fire season. sunrise at 7 6:11 and sunset, 641 tomb. daytime highs, peninsula, mid- 60s and south bay, mid-60s for santa clara and san jose. inland east bay, 67 in concord and pleasant hill. around the bay, 60 degrees in san francisco. 58, daly city. 60, alameda. , 63, oakland and 70 for ukiah. for saturday and sunday, east bay. as well as the north bay do the 70s. a beautiful weekend ahead. along the coast and, of course, superexcited, the blue angels are back in the skies. looking great with the sunshine in the 60s this afternoon. check in with gianna this morning. >> we have a lot going on. as you head out of the door and throughout the weekend. we have a traffic alert and
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eastbound, we have a rolled over vehicle blocking the two left lanes. taking time to clear this out of the roadway. causing a backup in both directions. westbound 80, slow as well. taking 80 this morning out of her cue lose, you'll have brake lights there and it's affecting our travel times, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. westbound 5 at, altamont pass, busy, 42 minutes now, 205 to 680 and a advisory. keep that in mind if you're heading out. no metering lights. that is the good news, friday night for now. that is going to change. everyone heads into san francisco this weekend and you have warriors at chase tonight. float week and the italian heritage festival in north beach. plenty do. expect busy conditions on the freeway as well. you will see extra volume into san francisco. expect delays. king street will be down before
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and after the giants game in and around oracle park. folks try to navigate around there. and the center station closure right now for police more on t up. for the weekend, hopefully, things are running on time. the first pitch for the giants and dodgers at 6:37. the gates open up at 4:00. and back to you guys. a live look from south lake tahoe right off of highway 89. the cooler temperatures roll in. the area can see the first snowfall of the season this weekend. the national weather service is forecasting rain likely in the eastern sierra and into warn in every never and several inches of snow. and it's 6:18 now. >> coming up, streaming on cbsn bay area. >> bond is back. giving us the scoop on the release of the new movie, no time to die. and a look at what sells going on in the bay area this
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weekend. >> the anger boiling over in the wake of a devastating oil spill in southern california. how beach side businesses are fighting b ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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welcome back. good morning to you. time is 6:22 on this friday morning. we're taking a liatthe bay bridge from our charger island camera. it's windy out there and chilly. we have quite the busy weekend ahead of us. >> yes, we do. and just in time for everything going on. we have our friday segment. liam's list and joined by kcbs radio. liam, what do you have for us ahead of the busy bay area weekend? >> reporter: amanda, len, good morning to you.
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so much is happening. first, daniel craig returns as 007. >> my name is bond, james bond. >> reporter: it's been more than a year since "no time to die" opened in the theaters. the movie is feeling like a good oh men industry. in need of a blockbuster and this is it. can james bond save the world and rescue the movies in the era of covid? i think he can. you be the judge. the film directed by the bay area's own john fukanaga. it's local and opens in theaters. the last outing daniel craig. this is the best we have seen. a high octane, right royal in the film with daniel craig most brilliant as bond. i highly recommend it. >> oh. food glorious food. go for the game. the hop dreams. get excited about the food at chase center. there were 50 new items on the
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machine use at various food stands there around chase. there are also seven new cocktails. i have tried every one. the best of the norcal weep is showcased. the cold factor, the food from the app and any spot at chase center. you can preorder the bites, brews and cocktails before the game. they will be there when you arrive. all happy at the chase center. go warriors. is it a bird? a plane in it is. the blue angels. look up and see the best of arrow. acrobatics by way of the u.s. navy, among the best in the world. the fleetwood tradition returns after a year off. they're all a matter of activities in the air and around bay area shores. so much is happening. sailors are all over town. the shows are around town daily. check out the website for more. and this is also the mill
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valley film official. as we welcome amanda to the bay area, the air show, the fire at 3:00, it's just for you. look up, kpix making it happen. the is full list. >> continue thousand sailors to say, hello and welcome amanda. >> i feel so special. thank you. going to be busy and go giants. >> thank you search for joining us. it's 6:25. in the next half hour on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, the crisis averted on capitol hill. at least for now. how the debt ceiling was reached and how lawmakers will be back at the negotiating table before the end of the year. and plus elon musk makes good on the threat to take tesla on the world to texas. kind of. and. the work. >> kids ages 5 to 11 may soon be able to get their covid
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in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. five people are under arrest this morning after fights and gunfire broke out at paypal stadium in san jose last night. it happened around 11:00. several people are hurt. many injuries from physical
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assaults. none are considered life- threatening. and the first time since the pandemic started. a cruise ship will sail into the port of san francisco on monday. we learned the ship is operating at 60 to 75% example the port is expecting 21 cruise calls through the rest of the year. the 2021 noble peace prize has been awarded ssdmitryratov. they recoed r eir exsi a the froiinthe philippine and russia. both have faced threats during their careers. i'm amanda starrantiono. >> i'm len kiese. the giant and dodgers squaring off the first time in the post season. >> and kept forget flute week. tens of thousands of visitors are expected this weekend. we have team coverage. keeping you posted with that important information you need ton into the weekend. let's start with justin andrews live outside of oracle park. we have to brace ourselves.
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it's going to be louder there soon. >> reporter: oh, yeah. if you're driving around town, you will notice that traffic is crazy. you better three patience in the back seat. traffic is going to be wild. what else? here at oracle park. the giants will take on the dodger tonight, to bring a compounded 90,000 fans into oracle park. people want to get out and tourists might come into town to enjoy everything unfolding in san francisco. the blue angels will be roaring over the skies. you probably heard a little bit of it yesterday as they were doing practice flyovers high in the sky. the warriors are hosting the lakers tonight for a preseason game at the chase center and even the italian heritage festival on sunday. businesses along the waterfront to chinatown are ready for this boost. >> i would say at least double up the business.
6:32 am
if double up the business. why i am saying that, not only the tourists. also bring a lot of flavors. >> bring back a lot of foot traffic and will give our workers more hours they need to pay bills. a lot of people are trying to wing off of unemployment. >> some,es will be adding 15 to 20% more workers to deal with the crowd. amanda and len, you better get out this weekend. i linebacker to enjoy a good time in san francisco. back to you. >> and take a pick. lots of options. >> so plane things to do. i know you're going to be in the thick of it, too, my friend. >> absolutely. >> and we have to figure out how to get around the city with all of this. g, a, in n,a, is joining us now. >> and i have you covered. public transit is going to be your best friend. you're not going to mess with the delays. and right now, getting busy and this will be extra busy for
6:33 am
everyone this weekend. and public transit will have a lot of options. for the giants game and b.a.r.t. will run trains on sunday and they the run from friday to saturday and muni express shuttles. cal train, extra trains on friday and saturday. and cal train is a great way to get to oracle and to san francisco for fleet week. muni gets you around the area as well and definitely a lot going on. with first pitch tonight at 6:37, the gates are opening up earlier around 4:00. and into the heart of drive time. and there will be closures before the game. and after the game. definitely plan for that and why every you're heading out, you willy so busy conditions on the extension and embarcadero and if you're taking public transit, that is your best bet. there are delays and right now, we have to know what the forecast is going to be for the
6:34 am
first pitch. mary? >> and it's going to be a beautiful day ahead and that sunshine. if you're heading to the game, we're cheering on the giants. superexcited about this and burntel up. and put on the giants jacket. 20 miles per hour-wind gusts and feel chillier and we know our giants will take home the win. fleet week, excited to have the blue angels back in our skies and it was great to hear the roar back. definitely miss them and for today, catching the sunshine and that is going to be a beautiful day. saturday and sunday, more sunshine and warmer. 63 on saturday and san francisco and 66 on sunday. anne? a big heads up for b.a.r.t. riders. the civic center station is closed right now. and it has been for several hours overnight because of police activity. b.a.r.t. nor the pd saying at this point
6:35 am
exactly what that is. and downtown san francisco, civic center station is closed now. there is a bus bridge in place that will take you between powell and the mission. no word on when the station might reopen. back to you. tesla's latest company to hit the road and move the headquarters out of california. the ceo insists moving the headquarters from palo alto to austin, texas, doesn't mean that the carmaker is leaving california. he said, the manufacturing plant is staying where it is and that production will continue. the council that represents hundreds of large employers expressed concern over the move. the housing affordability crisis. tesla joins other companies that recently moved headquarters to texas. >> this is not the first time but any time it moves, it should be a moment for reconsideration. what are we doing? can we do better to keep the
6:36 am
companies in california? >> it concerns me a little bit that they're moving out, you know, the economy and the housing situation meet change here. >> and tesla plans to expand in california but the car company's ability to scale up here is limited. you the plant because of alameda county's coved you restrictions. and a live -- covid restrictions. president biden is back in the white house after a vaccine push in illinois and come says as pfizer applied for emergency use authorization for vaccine for children. the fda's vaccine advisory committee will discuss pfizer's request on october 26th. the shots could be approved the next month. the president said that vaccine mandates will help to end the pandemic. >> vaccination requirements are a tough medicine. unpopular with some. politics for others. they're life-saving. they're game-changing for our country.
6:37 am
>> and an upcoming federal rule will force companies with at least 100 employees to immunize against covid-19 or submit two weekly -- to weekly testing. all b.a.r.t. employees could be required to be fully vaccinated by mid- december. this is under a new proposal by the board of directors. the chronicle reports all of the employees and board directors would be required to get the shots by december 13th. the senate averted a decut crisis. senators passed a measure to raise the debt limit by $480 billion through early december. it allows the u.s. to pay off debts accrued in the past and avoiding what could be an economic disaster in the near future. chuck schumer struck a conciliatory tone after last night's vote. >> we hope republicans will join in enacting a long-term solution to the debt limit in december. we're ready to work with them. >> president biden will sign
6:38 am
the extension after the expected approval in the house and separately, yo continuing negotiations with moderate democrats on the build-back better plans. and on the fire watch, four firefighters in tulare county were hit by a falling tree and this happened yesterday afternoon. they were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition this morning. a top official, meantime, of kings canyon national park said the complex and other fires that burned here in northern california may have killed hundreds of giant sequoias. the k&p that erupted on september 9th burned into 15 sequoia groves in the park. and an update on the scaffolding disaster in hong kong. one person died and several others were trapped after a major rainstorm blow scaffolding off of the side of the building. 7 construction workers have been rescued and one was unconscious. two drivers in passing cars were rescued after they got
6:39 am
trapped under the wreckage. and an update on the oil spill investigation off of the southern california coast. the owner of this cargo ship claims the vessel is now no longer under investigation in connection with the spill. the u.s. coast guard allowed thek press to leave the port for mexico. meantime, beachside businesses are forming a class-ak lawsuit against the owner of the ruptured pipeline amplify energy. they include a locally owned school and shop renting out surfboards and skates. lobster and clam season is essentially lost. 6 thrown is the time. >> coming up and streaming on cbsn bay area, united airlines banking on a holiday travel bomb. the rampup in schedule. and dead lyflash floods sticking over alabama this morning -- taking over alabama this morning. >> and the market opened a few moments ago. a quick check on the big board. the dow is down 32 points.
6:40 am
cbs money watch reporter diane king hall with more on this after the break. . good morning. ahead on cbs mornings, president biden is pushing vaccine mandates while the delta surge is slowing. doctor shaw will join us at the table to talk about whether the mandates will make a difference. and also, iceland's glaciers are melting faster than ever before. we'll take you there to show you the impact of climate change. we'll introduce to you the voice coach getting some of music's biggest names ready to tour agai
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good friday morning to you. we're starting off with the clouds. check out hi-def doppler. the central valley and up in the sierra. you can see the lightning strikes over the sierra and in the higher elevations above like 7,000, 8,000 feet and we'll talk about the weekend
6:44 am
forecast coming up. thanks. it's 6:43. a check on the tech sector and the fight against rate hikes. duan king hall is joining us live this morning. good morning to you, diane. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. tradings were underway in wall street for more than ten minutes. you have choppy action as investors try to digest the latest on the jobs report. the dow is fluctuating up and down and down four points. what we learned is that the economy grow by 194,000 jobs. and in the tech sector, you're seeing stronger events. just by 12 points on the nasdaq. meantime, 19 states in the district of colombia are challenging the if all of the u.s. postal service. the attorney's general filed a complaint with the postal regulatory commission and seeks to block the rate hikes and service cuts that started
6:45 am
rolling out on october 1st. the complaint calls on the condition to conduct a review of the changes. diane king hall. thank you. live at sfo. united airlines is expecting a bomb in business december. it's planning the largest to mystic schedule since the beginning of the pandemic. the company will fly more than 3500 daily flights across the country, including many too and from sfo. that is about 90% of the domestic schedule in december of 2019. the airline said that it's seeing a lot of pent-up demand based on the search traffic on the website and app. >> learned at least four people are dead, including a child after massive flooding in alabama. flash floods, closed roads and swamped homes prompted dozens of water rescues. we learned about 20 people were rescued from cars and more than 80 were rescued from flooding homes. the time now is 6:45. the let's catch you up on weather at home.
6:46 am
also traffic on this friday. we're going to begin with maury lee and a look at the weather. we have a lot going on. we're hoping for some sunshine this weekend, mary. >> i think our weather will cooperate with us. not just for today but through the weekend. get ready for that. fantastic weather all around for our region. let's talk about the weather now. if you're getting ready for work or school, check out the sales force tower camera. it was rock'n'rolling here. a breezy start to our day. it's chilly and we have the cool conditions with the clouds. i love the coet tower let up in orange. the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and grab that jacket. you will need it all day long today. the coolest day of the week. so, we're going to catch that clearing through the afternoon with some sunshine and we're going to continue with this. milder temperatures. a little bit warm or saturday and sunday. and back to where we should be for this time of the year.
6:47 am
as we look to early next week, a high fire danger with the fire weather watch and i will show you this in just a moment for next week. for today, climates this afternoon. mid- to upper 50s around the coast. low 60s around the bay. mid- to upper 60s inland this afternoon with the sunshine later on today. satellite and radar view, remaining on the cool side with the ocean breeze due to the low pressure system ushering in that stronger marine influence for us. as we take you hour-by-hour, you can see the skies clearing as we head through the day. clouds streaming in tonight and into tomorrow morning and the sunshine the rest of your saturday into your sunday. as we look ahead to early next week, we're going to see an inside slider. a fire weather watch that will turn into a red flag warning for monday into tuesday. watching especially the north bay mountains and hills and valleys. today, mid- to upper-50s for the coast, mid-60s for the peninsula and the south bay.
6:48 am
67, concord and for pleasant hill around the bay. a cool 60 in san francisco. 60 for alameda. 63 in oakland and the north bay, lives in the mid- to upper 60s. this afternoon and looking at 70 in ukiah. of course, the first pitch, 6:37 p.m. 58 degrees and bundle up. of course, for fleet week, it looks fantastic. saturday. 63. with that sunshine and 66 on sunday. seven-day forecast, warmer and san francisco oakland and san jose, saturday and sunday. inland east bay and for the north bay. the 70s this weekend. really great weather all around the bay area for our weekend. upper-50s to low 60s at the coast. it's on friday and this morning. jennifer song is a senior at valley christian high and jennifer is a team lead in an international space station research lab. her team constructed microgravity sperms on nanoparticle jamming that
6:49 am
launched to the iss. gianna, did you catch that? she's supersmarting. >> incredible. it's school you're doing this, science and s.t.e.m. a very bright future for sure. jump over and check mass transit. we have a lot going on. i want to update you on b.a.r.t. there is a closure this morning. due to police activity. it's causing a mess if you're taking b.a.r.t. this morning. and because of that, experiencing delays. if you plan to take b.a.r.t., a heads up. you need to offer mutual aid. the trains are not stopping at the civic center because of that. we did just get an update from b.a.r.t. saying it remains closed. b.a.r.t. pd are collecting evidence from an altercation on the train that happened after midnight. we'll continue to bring you more information on that. as we look at the freeways, there is a lot going on as you head out and about.
6:50 am
going to float week or the giants game, we have things going on. we do and it's going to be fun this weekend. public transit is the best friend. you can utilize b.a.r.t., muni, cal train and then great options into san francisco. even the ferry is a great way it head over into the city. especially for the oracle. for oracle park tonight. dodgers and giants play off game for the nlds. we're excited about that and taking a look at the roadways. other things happening. and you work around 580, 680 dublin interchange. the things are busy there. give yourself extra minutes traveling through the pass. going to be busy into san francisco. bay bridge, golden bay bridge and all of that. definitely pack your patience. again, back to you guys. 6:50 is the time. >> next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, several arrests after a chaotic night in san jose's paypal park. anne brings us the latest on the shooting from the live news desk. and streaming on cbsn bay
6:51 am
area at 8:15, a preview of the equalizer. and the talk is getting a new cohost. gianna franco sat down with natalie morales. that is at 8:30. watch at or the app and we're on the cbs news app. download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms. it's 6:51 on this friday morning.
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we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. . i'm anne makavec. the latest on a bunch of brawls that broke out after the san jose earthquakes game yesterday. right by paypal stadium. at least one person was shot, grazed by a bullet and several other people injured. taken to the hospital. a series of fist fights breaking out at 10:00 p.m. as the game against a mexican team was letting out. over 40 officers from the san
6:55 am
jose pd responded to that area around aviation and wand away. they declared anup unlawful assembly. luckily everyone injured is expected to survive. back to you. a good friday morning to you. i'm justin andrews live at oracle park this morning. it's going to be a big weekend across san francisco. and this is likely one of the places that will be bombing throughout the weekend. the giants and dodgers. they face off starting tonight and through the weekend. said to bring 90,000 fans into oracle park. the first pitch tonight is at 6:37. and then the blue angels will be rolling over the city this weekend, too. and i am pretty sure you heard it yesterday. as they were doing practice runs high in the skies. and we can't forget the warriors are hosting the lakers tonight for preseason game at the chase center. some tourists might be into town. we talked to hotels and restaurants all over san francisco who say that they are ready to get a boost in business. as we come back here live, some
6:56 am
of the businesses have planned to bring in some 15 to 20% more workers. just to deal with the large crowds. they're expecting it this weekend. this weekend, san francisco is the place to be. we're live at oracle park this morning, justin andrews, kpix 5. and i want to get you updated on b.a.r.t. civic center station. they reopened in the daly city, millbrae and sfo direction. only, trains traveling in the east bay direction will not stop at civic center. and this is due to police activity, mutual aid is available on muni. you will use bus 14 between powell and 16th street. mission and all buses running along market. and embarcadero station, due to police activity. that is happening there. they're collecting evident from altercation and on a train overnight. and they would wrap up through there. b.a.r.t. is on time with the exception of the closure. of course, public transit is the best friend if you're heading into san francisco this weekend with all of the fun events happening. you have the giants on tap
6:57 am
tonight. the warriors at chase tonight and, of course, fleet week throughout the weekend and the blue angels. if you're heading to the giants game, king streetlight eastbound is closed before the game and should be a lot of fun. we're looking forward to it. >> so excited about this. today, the cool of the day of the week. get ready for the breeze. kicking in for us. and looking at daytime highs, 10 to 15 degrees and mid- to upper 60s inland and through our day. cheering on our giants, thafirst pitch, 58 degrees. bundle up if you're heading to the game and so glad to have our angels. the blue angels in our skies. nice to hear the roar and see them yesterday. today, the sunshine through our day. great flying weather and for the weekend, plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday and
6:58 am
temperatures in the 60s. back to you. and let's look at other top stories. >> san francisco will lift the masked mandate for certain areas. the rest of the area is taking a slower approach. the first since the pandemic started, the cruise ship sails into the port of san francisco on monday. we learned the ship is operating at 60 to 75% capacity. the port is expecting 21 cruise calls through the rest of the year. >> the 2021 noble peace prize is awarded to journal of the maria ressa and dmitry murat on, v, recognized for their fight of freedom of expressing in the philippines and russia. they have both faced personal and legal threats over their years. >> passing the debt measure to $480 million through the end of december and will allow the u.s. to pay off debts secured in the past. >> and listen to this wild one.
6:59 am
a rare 16th century italian dish sold for $1.4 million. >> and this is ay look at the italian look of art. it's believed to have been created circa 1520 to 1523. the rare dish depicts the biblical story of sampson and delilah. i wonder if anyone had breakfast off of it. >> yeah. >> reporter: would be the one. i would find it and okay, give this to good will. the crime the rest of my life. >> right? and a lot of money. the news continues on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is coming up next. thank you for joining us. go giants. >> yeah! >> she loves her tire. >> i know. >> thank you. had to walk out for the team this morning. >> good job.
7:00 am
ben ♪ ♪ welcome, welcome to cbs mornings. heel hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. let's go today's opener. >> there is no other way to beat the pandemic than to guest the vast majority of americans vaccinated. >> president biden pushes mandates for employers as vaccines for kids could be just weeks away. the senate has voted to extend the federal debt ceiling through early december. this will allowhe


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