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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. . right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, fleet week. the giants-dodgers series and a warriors game. excitement building for a busy weekend. tesla officially moving the headquarters to texas. why the ceo said the car company will continue to have a major presence in california. and san francisco getting ready to ease masking mandates. why the rest of the area is taking a slower approach. and the vaccine mandate in
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effect in los angeles count-the- morning. i'm amanda is tarrantino. >> i'm len kies. and today marks a busy weekend in san francisco. this is a lee look where the giants will start the rival series against the dodgers. the blue angels will take to i skies this morning and to help you navigate this weekend, we have you covered. >> giana, mary and justin have more coverage all morning long, beginning with justin andrews outside of oracle park and in san francisco. quiet there now, justin? >> reporter: absolutely. what a big week it will be having in san francisco. loot be honest. who won't want to be here? there is a lot going on. we're here to make sure you're prepared. this weekend, in fact, this morning, the blue angels will be high over the skies and you likely have heard it yesterday as they were doing practice flyovers over the city. and then the giants and dodgers
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post season games, one and two are so bring in a compounded 90,000 fans. even some tourists mean into town this weekend. we talked to hotels and restaurants all over san francisco who say they're ready for a boost. >> we expect to have the busiest day in like three years. >> it will bring back a lot of food traffic and give workers more hours to pay bills. >> we expect to have the busiest weekend since labor day. and maybe busier where we almost sold out. >> reporter: on top of that, the warriors will host the lakers at the chase center this weekend. a lot going on. gianna has been mentioning this all week. you may want to avoid the had freeways. this is a good opportunity to take public transportation. i'm just know andrews, kpix 5.
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and you are absolutely right, justin. taking mass transit is your friend this weekend, if you're heading into san francisco. i will tell you as well, though, if you're parking in the city, reserve your spot in advance. if you want to brave the roadways, that is as well. i checked parking price and they're from $8 to 150. the bay ferry, direct servicer oracle park. b.a.r.t. is running trains until sunday, running them until midnight friday and saturday. muni will have for the chase center. an option and cal train as well. extra trains for friday and saturday as well. especially for tonight. the giants game gets going at 637time. the gates open up about 4:00 and a lot of people are heading here during drive time. going to be a busy one. s going to be beautiful
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and chilly. put on that jacket that we know. the giants will beat the dodgers for sure. 58 degrees for that first pitch at 6:37 p.m. we're talking about 20-miles- per-hour winds. gusting to 20 miles per hour. definitely making it feel chillier outside. as we go to fleet week, a lot is going on. it was great to hear the roar of the blue angels yesterday and doing it again today. we're going to see sunshine through the afternoon today. more sunshine expected. temperatures are warmer. saturday for fleet week, talking 63, 66 on sunday and we'll have more on that weekend forecast coming up. back to you. thank you. won't to see your giants pride. post a picture and all of your gear. i'm anne makevec.
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a big bunch of fights broke out of the last game the earthquakes played at paypal stadium. the police was called to the stadium at 10:30. multiple fist fights and one shooting. several people were taken to the hospital with various injuries. this is at aviation way and wand away. they were called before 10:30. earthquakes had just got done playing mexico's cruz azul. the police declared an unlawful assembly and made several arrests. we're waiting for the numbers from them and waiting to find out about more of the severity of the injuries. at last word, they were described as nonlife- threatening. we'll cop an eye on it. back to you. oakland police are looking for a man they say, entered a home through an unlocked window and sexually assaulted one of the residents. this happened in the redwood heights neighborhood. this is not a targeted attack. and the mother of a fan- year-old girl killed in a road
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rage incident is sharing her 59. >> shamar young is the 109th homicide victim in oakland this year, shot to death wednesday night. the girl was in a car with her uncle when he and another driver began arguing. someone in the other car started shooting. yesterday, the mother had this to say,. >> she was also about making herself better. she was always pushing to strive for the best. she loved her family a lot. she loved her little brothers and she was very protective of them. we don't need people on the street who are killing for no reason. it's not called snitching but called protecting your city. >> earlier, the oakland police chief got emotional while can talking about the case. >> everybody in the city should be hurt. we are in a moment of crisis. our children are in danger.
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>> reporter: it's only october, but oakland has seen as many homicides as it did in all of 20 tweet. tesla's ceo elon musk insists moving the company headquarters to texas doesn't mean the carmaker is moving to california. the manufacturing plant in fremont is staying parked and construction will continue. the bay area council, which represents hundreds of large employers, express concern over the move amid the region's ongoing housing affordability crisis. tesla joins other companies that recently moved headquarters to texas. >> this is not the first time. i would say any time a large business movies, it's -- should be a moment for reconsideration. what are we doing? can we do better to keep the companies in california? >> reporter: musk said tesla plans to expand to california and the car company's ability to scale up here is limited. one week from today, san francisco will lift the mask
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mandate for gyms and offices. masks will still be required in restaurants eating many are% of their fetal population is vaccinated. marin has reached the mark, but it's still requiring a moderate rate of transmission for three weeks and that means no more than 18 new cases a day. down from the current average of 20. >> i think being prudent and careful are warranted in the face of what we saw last winter and in the face of the delta variant. >> i would love not to put it on and off and on all of the time. >> i think i would like to keep my mask on still. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the earliest marine can start thinking about the mandate is in november. vaccines could be available for children ages 5-11. pfizer is seeking eelsous authorization from the fda for
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vaccine for kids containing a third of the amount given to adults and that could come next month. at the white house, president biden said mandates will help end the pandemic. >> vaccination requirements h m unpopular with some. politics for others. but they're life-saving. they're game-changing for our country. >> an upcoming federal rule will force companies with at least 100 employees to require them to be immunizeddor submit to weekly testing. this morning, los angeles county is now under a new vaccine mandate. it requires people 12 and older to prove they are vaccinated or have a negative covid test. those vaccinated must have at least one shot. now in the second by november on 4th. the mandate applies to all outdoor megaevents with more than 10,000 people, as well as indoor bars, wineries, breweries, night clubs and lounges. >> if you want a beer, we're going to check you. >> i'm in favor of it. >> i'm for it. i have had a lot of at least
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ten people i know who died from covid. >> elderly people. >> restaurants in l.a. county won't have to follow the mandate but are encouraged to. the governor expects his 127. ts andate foritols to thgovernor said there will be exemptions. >> for medical reasons, personal and/or religious beliefs they're established in this guideline as well. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers said personal and religious beliefs allow for a leno hole that is too large and hope to pass legislation to tighten up the mandate. routine vaccinations for diseases like police wills and mumps have dropped significantly due to covid lockdowns. a study from children's hospital philadelphia found during the spring of 2020, more than 80% of adults and children messed their regular vaccinations, primarily due to sites being closed.
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health providers, said researchers, need to remind patients to catch up on vaccinations to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases. time now is 5:10. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming ahead. >> stunning images out of hong kong. the rough condition leading to this scaffolding collapse. plus, talk about a rare find. why this dish ended up selling for over $1.4 million. >> and we're proud to launch a new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the evening news with nora o'donell at 3:30. tune in to the "people's court" on kbcw34, cable 12 week days at 5:00. and we're looking at today. the coolest day of the week. so, i know starting off our day with cloudy skies and catching that sunshine in the afternoon. just 57 in pacifica and looking at 60 in san francisco. 63, oakland. 65, san jose and 67 for this afternoon. the highs well below average this time of the year. the weekend forecast is coming
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up. and if you're getting ready to take 80 this morning, first reports of a crash and an overturned ve
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it's 5:14. at least two people are in the hospital after being hit by a large scaffolding in hong kong.
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the structure fell next to a high-rise building as heavy rain and strong winds battered the area. police say at least seven construction workers were rescued. one was unconscious two. drivers in passing cars were rescued after they got trapped under the wreckage. and in japan, crews are checking for damage after an earthquake. the quake had a magnitude of 5.9. it hit yesterday along the east coast of japan near tokyo. hundreds of households are without power. officials have not detected any problems at the country's nuclear power plants. and in this country, flash floods in alabama killed the least four people. one was 4-year-old child. video shows water rushing through the streets and in a town north of birmingham. three people were found dead in cars swept off of the roads. more than 80 residents had to being rescued from flooded homes. in california, a falling tree hit several firefighter ys as balethe tu county.
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seous injuries and were airlifted to hospitals. this morning, third-degrees said they're in stable condition. the k&p complex may have killed hundreds of giants sequoiaings and. the tall flames may have reached them. the damage is minimal in an area called forest where the best-known trees survived and the fire is 11% contained and burned 134 square miles of forest. >> 5:16 and now for a check on weather and traffic. >> and there is a lot going on this weekend. hoping for good weather. >> and it's coming our way. we're looking at sunshine g and i il r toand get nd ek ready for that all day long and this is a live look with the
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sales force tower camera and that is shaking in the wind this morning. a breezy start to the day and the temperatures in the mid-40s and mid-50s and definitely if you're heading out of the door, bundle up. we're looking at westerly winds at 16 miles an hour winds at sfo and 14 in oakland and half moon bay also other want to show you high deaf doppler. looking at a few sprinkles for parts of the east bay and south bay, you can see zooming in here around 101 and may be a few sprinkles from morgan hills and san martin through gilroy on hi-def doppler. and just some wet weather. what to expect through the day? a cooler day. we're going to catch the clearing through the afternoon. sunshine and mild temperatures ahead for saturday and sunday and back to where we should be this time of the year and into
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early next week, a high fire danger that could turn into a red flag warning and for today, satellite and radar remaining frizzy and hour-by-hour, you can see the skies are clearing as we head through the day today. catch that sunshine. a few more clouds straying in and saturday afternoon, more sunshine and into your sunday as well and early next week, a fire weather watch highlighted for yellow into monday and tuesday. for the north bay mountains and east bay hills and valleys and we'll watch that closely for early next week. in the meantime, for today, we're looking at mid- to upper 50s for the coast and mid-60s for the peninsula and south bay. santa clara and san jose. 60s as well and ay big difference in the 90s. 67 for concord and pleasant hill. around the bay, 60, san
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francisco and 60 for alameda and oakland. 67, santa rosa and 74, ukiah and we're cheering on the giants taking on the dodgers. they're going to win big. 58 degrees for this first pitch. and bundle up for the game. fleet week, talking sunshine. 63 on saturday. 66, sunday and here we go with that seven-day forecast. san francisco, oakland and san jose, temperatures warm or saturday and sunday. and into the inland east bay and the north bay, temperatures in the 70s this weekend. looking very pleasant. a nice and looking at upper 50s to low 60s for the coast. a cool one for this weekend. and let's check in with gianna. i know you're tracking a crash on 80 this morning. >> eastbound 80 near gilman. i am getting an update from chp and they issued a traffic alert here. the lanes are blocked in this area and this is an overturned vehicle. it overturned and rolled over several times.
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the noncommute direction. friday, and this sounds like a major injury crash. a lot of activity there on scene. eastbound 80 on gilman. and three right lanes blocked until further notice and hope to have things wrapped up until 6:00. we'll update you on that and taking westbound 80, the commute direction, no delays there. traffic is moving at the limit and all of the way from highway 4 hercules into the bay bridge. the metering lights are off and a quiet ride right now into san francisco. altamont pass and into 580 and slowing their to grant line and looks better towards the dublin enter change. i want to show you the map near 101 and morgan hills, san martin. the freeways are looking okay. some slight delays through morgan hill on the northbound side of 101 and southbound where that sensor is, seeing 68 miles an hour. slower south of there. 582 and 680, 33 minutes.
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still bearable and friday. hopefully, things will stay friday like this morning. of course, it's the weekend. a lot is going on in san francisco. if you're heading to the city, a cop of things. use mass transit. that is your best friend. we have warriors, giants tonight and float week is underway. of course, there is activities near north beach for the italian festival. public transit is a great idea. heading out and driving in reserve the parking in advance and that will save you a lot of time and money as well. len? >> that is a good thing. halloween is coming early year at lowe's. the home improvement store will host what it calls hello-ween. trick or treat tryouts at stores across the country. it's a way to allow people to show off their costumes, collect candy and take photos. the event will be held october 21st in store garden centers. space is limited to 100 families per store. >> and get this, a rare 16th century italian dish discovered in a drawer just sold for $1.4
5:22 am
million. this is a look at the italian work of art that sold during a live online sale in scottland. it depicts the biblical story of sampson and delilah. could you imagine being the person dropping the dish? >> a clumsy person. >> yes. and 5 two is the time. an emotional return for a military father. >> the heartwarming surprise caught on camera. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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. it's 5:25. a heartwarming story to share with you this morning. >> a soldier that was deployed and had not seen his family since last year surprises his daughters. this was the scene during a assembly at a kansas elementary school on wednesday. the videos make me cheer up. hugs and smiles for the reunited family. the father is currently serving as an intelligence officer and he'll be stationed in manhattan, kansas, closer to home. >> i'm with you. a russian climber making headlines this morning, becoming the first in the world to scale the mountain in nepal without legs. >> he traveled with a small expedition and a trip that lasted 34 days. this video shows some of the
5:26 am
adventure while scaling the more than 26,000-foot tall mountain. the exparatrooper lost both of the legs when his barracks collapsed in 20 fan. >> if you're not inspired by that, i don't know what is going to do that for you. >> that is good inspiration for sure. the next half hour on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a live look of oracle park. the giants get ready to take on the dodgers tonight. the excitement for the start of a busy weekend here in the bay area. and the crisis averted in washington for now. democrats and republicans talk a key vote. and the september jobs report just released. we'll have a look at what this means coming up in money watch. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area. a live look of oracle park. the giants get ready for a historical matchup against the dodgers. the excitement for the post season and other events happening this weekend here in the bay area. a new look into the economic recovery this morning. the numbers just released for the september jobs report. >> and the end of a week's long stand offbetween democrats and republicans. and the former message from donald trump over the former aids and new subpoenas. good morning, it's friday, october 8th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese and. >> this is a look at oracle park. the giants will start the play- off series with the rival dodgers tonight. the blue angels air show is underway this morning. >> one event brings in big crowds. >> and there are several happening at once and expected to attract tens of thousands. justin andrews is live this
5:31 am
morning in san francisco. we better brace ourselves. >> reporter: yes. absolutely. if you're driving around town, i know i would now. if you to, pack patience. a lot of people will be out and about. this is for a good reason. a lot of things happening around san francisco and kicks off tonight at oracle park. the giants and dodgers post season games. one and two are set to bring in a combined 90,000 fans right here to oracle park. people want to get out and about and do big crowded things, meaning even tourists might be coming into town. the blue angels will be soaring and roaring above the skies. you probably heard this yesterday as they were doing some practice flyovers. the warriors are hosting the lakers tonight for preseason game at the chase center and the italian heritage festival on sunday. businesses from the waterfront to china town are ready for the boost. >> i would say at least double
5:32 am
up the business. double up the business. why i am saying that? not only to tourists. they bring a lot of -- . >> they will bring back a lot of foot traffic and give our workers more hours they need to pay bills. a lot of people are trying to wean off of unemployment. >> and we heard that some businesses are adding 15 to 20% more workers to deal with the crowd. amanda, i think this is the perfect weekend for you to get out and enjoy san francisco. let's be honest. everyone wants to enjoy a good weekend, right? >> absolutely. i feel like i totally lucked out. this is going to be a good one. >> i feel like you planned this. >> i expect a full report on monday. >> absolutely. thank you. and if you are coming in to san francisco this weekend, it's going to be very busy. you won't be alone. we're going to have a lot of folks here in the city. let me help you navigate that. leave early if you plan to drive in. you're going to deal with traffic. try to reserve your parking in advance.
5:33 am
you have a lot of options that works well. with giants tonight, also a first pitch at 637time. the gates opening up about 4:00. and this is in the heart of drive time. you'll have busy conditions because of that and public transit is a part of that b.a.r.t. will have extra trains on sunday and running them until mid night on friday and saturday. and, huh i in -- muni will have shuttles. cal train extra trains on friday and size. plan for that. the brunches will be busy, including the bay bridge and golden gate bridge. it's a beautiful weekend, mary. how's the weather looking? >> it's looking fantastic with sunshine as we look ahead to friday and into the weekend. i have to ask, you know, all things sports what, do you think of the game today? >> giants all of the way. >> yes! >> i know no one is a fan of that. i want to go to game five. >> heard it from g. and we're looking at the first pitch at 6:37.
5:34 am
a chilly one and if you're heading to the game, bundle up and put on the jacket. we're talking 58 degrees with the first pitch and wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour and making it feel chillier. and talk about fleet week. we are so excited to welcome back the blue angels. nice to hear the roar and we're going to see more sunshine and clearing through friday, saturday and sunday and more sunshine. 66 on saturday and sunday. anne? we just got an update from police on the fights that broke out outside of the san jose earthquakes soccer game last night. they say, that five people were arrested. there were a number of people injured. they're expected to survive. one person grazed by a bullet and is in the hospital now. the fight broke out outside of paypal stadium as the game against the mexican team was
5:35 am
letting out. over 40 officers responded to the area around aviation and wand away. one illegal firearm was recovered. back to you. and two santa rosa state regulators granted an extension. and they're working to complete a ground level crossing. a previous extension was approved in 2019 and was set to expire if that happened and it would have put an end to the project. >> san jose university's president is stepping down. the decision comes just two weeks after the u.s. justice department announced a $1.6 million settlement with the university. a federal investigation found the school had an inadequate response to allegations that a trainer sexually harassed and assaulted female athletes. some students are not surprised by the resignation. >> i saw it coming.
5:36 am
at some point this semester and i have been here all four years of my college career. i feel that during that time, i heard her name a lot and usually not in the most positive light. >> she plans to sustain down at the end of the year and has been sjsu's president since july of 2016. and the governor signed new legislation to crack down on illegal side shows and street racing like these displays in san jose. >> all right, this is what the new law means. if someone is caught participating, the court can suspend their driver's license up to six months. last year alone, the chp responded to more than 25,000 calls about illegal street racing. beachside businesses impacted by the spill in orange county are forming a class action lawsuit against the were oner of the ruptured pipeline
5:37 am
amplify energy. >> october's typically a very busy month for us and it will be in the tens of thousands of lost revenue. i am worried about my crew. we're on a wait and see. i have encouraged them to take unemployment. >> and it's completely shut us down. i am sure people will be afraid to get in the water, especially send their kids back. this is devastating to us. >> lobster and clam fishermen are joining the class-ak suit and sink thousands into the sprees to start the season on wednesday, the same day it ended. and to texas. at least six clinics resumed abortions the day after a federal government halted enforcement of the procedure and this is while most of the state's roughly go dozen abortion clinics were waiting and weighing the new risks you were the law. >> new images were released of the u.s. nuclear powered submarine that struck an objects under water in the south china sead. a number of sailors were
5:38 am
injured but are expected to be okay. it's not clear what the submarine hit while submerged, but it remains fully operational. the senate averted a default crisis for a few months. last night, the senators passed the measure to raised debt limit by $480 billion through early december. it allows the u.s. to pay off debts accrued in the past and avoiding what could have become an economic disaster in the near future. >> we hope republicans will act in the debt solution. we're ready to work with them. >> the white house said that president biden will sign the extension after the expected approval in the house. and on hill, former president trump telling the former aids not to comply with subpoenas from the special congressional committee investigating the attack on the capitol. that is according to the new york types. the former trump administration -- new york times. the former trump administration had until yesterday to turn in
5:39 am
relevant documents. committee's chair threatened criminal referrals for witnesses that don't comply with the subpoenas. 5:39 and just in, the monthly jobs report. plus the latest big tech to roll out a vaccine mandate for employees. joining us lee from the new york stock exchange this morning is cbs asdianne king hall. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the jobs report. just 194,000 jobs, how many jobs were added to the labor market in santa. the number was much weaker than expected. on the bright side, the labor department said the nation's unemployment rate fell to 4.8%. that number was better than expected. bank of america is boosting the minimum wage. the nation's second biggest bank is hiking it to $21 an hour and that is part of the firm's plan to reach $25 an hour by 2025. that you started hiking wages in 2015 fick, when increased the men mum to $15 an hour. and job versus the jab.
5:40 am
ibm is the latest company saying the worker must get the covid-19 vaccine or go on unpaid leave. the workers have until december eighth to be vaccinated. the company searching the mandate to abide by the bidenadstration's vaccine mandate. the white house said companies with more than 100 employees must issue vaccine mandates or it of the weekly. >> and we know playing with kits can be rough. which would you rather have? a free upgrade or some family time? >> hmm. >> first class or coach with the kids? four in 10 parents would leave their children in economy class if they got a premium update and 12% of parents polled would wait until the child is 15 before making the move up front. 9% felt comfortable shifting to premium with a ten-year-old on bord. >> so, you could have the kids in economy class and you're in first class is. that is not right.
5:41 am
>> i am kidding. i would not leave my kid. >> that is my home. >> okay. that is your seat finder. i don't have kids yet. i can't say what i would do. >> you would sit with my kids in coach for sure. >> reporter: would not leave them. >> thank you so much. and see you at 6:30. >> thank you, guys. sounds good. >> you don't believe me in. >> no. and time now is 5:41 and coming up on kpix 5 and streaming the bay area, the ramp-up is scheduled for united airlines. and the company expects to surge in holiday travel. >> i am tracking the low pressure system. and showing the strong onshore flow today. the chilliest day of the week and that is coming up.
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it's 5:44. a special search team is in a race against time right now. >> and they're not looking for ssing pe a suspect wanted by police. they're searching for a orange glow on a deer in distress. they saw images on the buck and now a trip to the field was a
5:45 am
must to try to find it before another creature does. >> one, they can't get away and two, they're easy for coyotes. mountain lions, depending on where it is. easy dinner for them. >> and once they find the deer, they're not going to dart the poor guy. other rescuers will come in to try and set him free. >> most people will take the fitness indoors. a witness ñ--gym had in wisconsin had to turn a person away. the owners cornered the bird and put it in their car. the couple eventually turned the turkey over to a humane officer. >> the turkey has to work out, too. >> right. >> and it was clever. fitness fowl. >> nice. >> and i see what the producers
5:46 am
did there. fabulous. >> yes. >> and time now is 5:46. getting a check on weather and traffic. mary? good morning to you and happy friday. looking at a lot of events around the area. catching the sunshine through today and the weekend. and it's a cloudy start and breezy as well. you look north and it's shaking in the wind this morning. our temperatures are definitely chilly. we're in the mid-40s to mid-50s at this hour. grab that jacket and you will likely need it all day long today. in fact, today, the chilly yesterday day of the week. westerly winds at 15 and sfo. 49, oakland and hayward, 13 miles an hour winds in fairfield. hi-def doppler and a little bit of sprinkle actionou're lu esci thstbay and south bay. the better chance of the wet weather, the central fail vael and in the sierra and a dusting of snow in the sierra with the
5:47 am
weather system. zooming in, especially along 101 from san martin and gilroy. some sprinkles there and this is what to expect. cooler for today. we're looking at that clearing as we head through the afternoon. and we're looking at sunshine and milder temperatures as we look ahead to the weekend for saturday and sunday. and that high fire danger for next week with gusty offshore winds developing. this afternoon, for the coast, mid- to upper 50s for the coast around the bay. low 60s and mid- to upper 60s inland this afternoon. and this is the satellite and radar view. we're looking at the temperatures remaining on the cool side. watch as the clouds push out for today and catching that sunshine. some clouds streaming this for tonight and tomorrow morning and then more sunshine and into saturday and sunday. the surprise at 711time and sunset, 6:41. and looking at mid-60s for
5:48 am
the peninsula. concord, pleasant hill and the trivalley in the mid-60s this afternoon. as we look around the basement 60, alameda and oakland, the north bay, lives in the mid- to upper 60s and topping out at 70 for ukiah. cheering on the giants at 6 there which. they take on the dodgers. they're going to have a big win for today. 58 for the first pitch. chilly and breezy. with those gusty conditions up to 20 miles an hour, definitely feeling chillier out there and bundle up. put on the jacket in the game. float week. so great to have the blue angels in the sky. saturday, 63. 66 on sunday with that sunshine. seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. looking at temperatures warmer saturday and sunday. as we look to the inland east bay and the nothing bay in the 70s for the weekend. for the coast. 50s to s and check in with gianna.
5:49 am
i know you're tracking thismorn >> this is eastbound 80. and you will in both directio. eastbound 80 and the commute direction or as busy. we don't have a lot of cars on the roadway with the injuries, it's taking time to clear out of laens. we're seeing some on the westbound side. as you head through there and the things are looking better towards the bay bridge. a traffic alert is issued there. 36 minutes, your travel time this morning. 205 and 680. not bad and not as bad as it is monday through thursday. it's friday loot for the most part. bay bridge toll plaza are off. and things are changing later on and with everyone heading into san francisco. for all of the fun events and
5:50 am
pack ur patien. give yourself time. chans on the soound side. and ng more folks an option into san francisco. we have float week and giants and warriors tonight. and everyone is out and about and excited. activities are happening in north beach. if you're driving in, make sure you book your parking in advance and that is saving you a lot of time. and b.a.r.t. muni, caltranferries into france. united airlines is expecting a boom in business this december. and it's planning the largest domestic schedule since the beginning of the pandemic. united will fly more than 3500 flights and that is about 90% of the domestic schedule in december of 2019. the airline said that it's
5:51 am
seeing a lot -umand d on the c the website and app. and next, streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a possible strike on the horizon in hollywood. what it could mean for your favorite shows. >> and the embarrassing mishap for andy murray. why he's getting the cold shoulder from his wife this morning. and later, snow in the forecast. what you need to know if you plan to head to tahoe soon. and coming up on "the drew barrymore show," the estefan family stops by and lisa ling joins her at the news desk at 2:00 on kpix 5. and don't forget to tune in to the all-new cbs mornings airing after our show. gail king and tony and nate burleson bring you the news for the day.
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. it's 5:54. a look at the entertainment headlines. behind-the-scenes workers are preparing for a possible strike and the union is negotiating with studios over pay and working conditions. if the 60,000 workers walk off of the job, most productions in the u.s. would haveto shut down. a first-ever muppet halloween special is here. and the plot centers around
5:55 am
gonzo and another looking for a halloween party. they end up in a spooky house. it's streaming on disney plus now. and cbs is serving up a big sunday night of season premiers. queen latifah is back for a second season of the equalizer. she must deal with her family learning about her secret vigilante work. then, ncis los angeles launches the 13th season with agents having to track down an informant whose life is in danger. "seal team" kicks off the new season with a covert mission to get the weapon's expert out of a dangerous country. leggo is releasing a 53- inch replica of the titanic. it's accurate and has more than 9,000 pieces and it costs 630.b that price tag. the saga of smelly shoes
5:56 am
and a lost wedding ring is over for one tennis star. >> andy murray is reunited with hisd withing band calling himself an idiot on instagram forgetting his ring stolen. and he ties it to his shoe laces. after a game this week, his shoes were so smelly, he decided to leave them under the car at the hotel and the ring was attached. when they returned, -- he returned, they were gone and a few hours later, he was reunited with the missing shoes and that ring. >> they still stink. but the shoes are back and the wedding ring is back and i am back in the good books. let's go. >> and back in the good books with the wife. >> yeah. a, why is he tieing the wedding ring to his shoe laces. did someone return them or steal them. what was the deal?
5:57 am
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. tens of thousands of visitors expected in san francisco for what is shaping up to be an epic weekend. right here, we're live with team coverage. and today, a weather watch in place this weekend. where in the bay area is most at risk for fire danger? >> plus, tired of wearing a mask? you may not have to much longer. does that mean you you should take it off? it's friday, october 8th. i'm


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