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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 7, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the fda has fully approved the vaccine. >> reporter: is a governor explained, kids will be required to be vaccinated until the vaccine is full approval for kids 12 to 15, so when can your kids get it, and when might they have to get it? let's break it down. the vaccine already has full fda approval for kids 16 and older, but only has emergency years authorization for kids 12 to 15. pfizer is expected to request full approval for that end by the end of the year, and the fda is expected to move quickly, so the school vaccine mandate for kids 12 and older will take effect until january at the earliest, but it could be as late as july area as for the 5 to 11-year-olds, the fda said it hopes to meet by the end of the month to consider the emergency use authorization, but could be months before pfizer is even ready to submit for full fda approval for the younger kids. >> currently, state law allows for exemptions for vaccines, meaning parents could choose
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not to get it, but there has been a lot of talk about amending the law to prevent that. >> joining us live with some perspective is dr. george rutherford, an epidemiologist at ucsf. thank you for joining us. what have the clinical trials shown as far as efficacy and side effects for young kids? >> this trial used antibodies as the end point rather than disease. use disease, you would need tens of thousands of kids, and a lot more time. based on data that were available from another trial, they were able to compare antibody levels in children, in 5 to 11-year-olds to 60 to 25- year-old adults, and the antibody levels were the same. that is all good news. the side effects, somewhere between 2000 to 2500 p■atients, and the side effect profile is similar to adults. 2500 patients is a nearly enough to see what you know, kind of very rare side effects, but we would not expect to see anything any different than what we have seen in adults and adolescents.
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>> what is being done to help alleviate parent concerns about side effects and long-term impacts of all of this? >> it is the usual vaccine communication that goes on. i think that the cdc may have some specific campaigns for younger school-aged children, and their parents. i know nothing specific in the bay area, but i would assume that we will get there pretty quickly. right now, it is more raking down the doors, wanting to get this, and the other way around. >> that is how it happened when the vaccine first came out for adults. switching gears, eight of nine bay area counties today announced metrics for lifting the masking mandate. you think this is the right approach and time to start talking about lifting these mandates? >> i do. i was somewhat concerned that we would be rushing in to do
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this, but i think there are some bills and delays, and we will get a feel if we are going to have a big winter surge or not before we would relax the mandates. one of them is and you have to wait 8 weeks until after fda grants emergency use authorization for the 5 to 11- year-olds to get the vaccine. you can get past that if you have more than 80% of your entire population vaccinated, but i think really only marin is one within striking distance of that. so, i think we are probably going to be looking at masks or the end of the year, and well into the holiday season. >> keep the masks handy no doubt. i want to talk to you about mixing and maxing vaccines. there is some studies being done right now on the efficacy of all of that. what is your take on the findings, and whether or not that will be the future of these vaccines?
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>> i doubt it will be the future. in europe, because they have not had a lot of astrazeneca vaccine, the vaccine we don't use, they have given the second dose with pfizer, and that seems to have worked quite well. they have pretty robust data to show it is safe and very effective. i think one thing we might mix and matches for people who got johnson & johnson to start with. the fda is reviewing that data coming up quickly, and we will have to see how that plays out as well. >> thank you so much for joining us dr. rutherford. you are looking for a way to get that third shot? san mateo county is offering pfizer boosters to eligible residents for next week. at the san mateo event center it open today and will run through wednesday. older residents, those with underlying conditions, and front-line workers, those people needed to have received their second pfizer dose at least 6 months ago. this comes as
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criteria necessary to lift the regions indoor mask requirements. >> they feel they need additional protection, then they should be allowed to it. for me, i look at the masks as an extra layer of coverage, and that is just me personally, but i can understand why the bay area health officers are doing what they are doing. their decisions are based in data and science. >> san mateo county currently has a 94% vaccination rate among those 12 years and older. with covid still infecting people across the country, medical experts are warning about the next wave of illness from the flu, as health leaders urged the public to start getting flu shots. a new survey from the national foundation of infectious diseases shows many americans won't. 61% of those surveyed believed the flu shot offers the best protection against severe illness. 44% say they are either unsure, or just want get the vaccine. they cite reasons like not believing the flu shot works very well, concern about possible for side effects, or they say they never get the
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flu. >> there are many people now who, when they encounter influenza in their communities, will put back on their masks. they know how to use those. they will do a little bit more social distancing. >> health experts say for the best protection, get your flu shot by the end of the month. they also say it is safe to get both your flu shot and covered vaccine on the same day. new video of a disturbing incident in berkeley. police are hoping you recognize this man. they say he followed a high school aged girl on gilman street last wednesday. the suspect reportedly told that girl he was a police officer, which he was not, and that he had a gun. he also demanded that she hugged him. the girl managed to run away and call police. officials are working to pull a car out of the ocean in santa cruz county. we first told you about the harrowing rescue of the family near sunny cove drive about 3 weeks ago. surveillance video shows the
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car moments before it appears to intentionally barrel through the guard rail. the mother is still in the hospital, and faces child endangerment and attempted murder charges. officials are trying to get the car out of the cove. right now, the car is buried nearly up to the roof in sand. >> the situation now is it is completely buried in sand, so it is really not, it is not causing a problem at the moment, because it is very stationary am i not moving, everything is contained. >> i know everyone is hoping the tide will pull the sand out so chris can get the car out during low tide. meat alternatives are becoming more popular nationwide. coming up, the food revolution powered by peas. sharks looking close to shore along the california coast. researchers are getting up close to figure out why it's happening. coming up all new at 6:00,
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what will it take to lose indoor mask mandates and most bay area counties? how san francisco is taking things one step further. plus -- a brazen crime spree stretches across three east bay cities. we will tell you how five kids got arrested, and how a local community is reacting to a crime. kpix 5 news at 6:00 with ken and elizabeth is coming up next. coming up tonight on "cbs evening news" -- here is what we are working on this thursday night. the news for parents as pfizer asked the government to approve its coronavirus shot for children ages 5 to 11.
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from restaurants to fast food chains, meatless options go mainstream. >> asante 10 reports, the food revolution across the country has its roots in america's heartland, and it is powered by peas. >> reporter: near times square, one of the best joints for a
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burger with all of the fixings is not serving any meat. april tam smith is the cofounder of ps kitchen, a vegan restaurant one of the first in new york city to serve the brand beyond meet back in 2017. >> i remember when we first opened, the question was usually around what is in this, it's really good. >> reporter: fast forward to today, as meat alternative products are creating new appetites for all. >> the people who are coming in wanting to try this burger, are they vegetarian or meat eaters? >> mostly mediators. >> reporter: changing the nations taste by this and easy. a recent survey found nearly 9 in 10 americans eat meat as part of their diet, 25% say they are at least willing to try plant-based burger alternatives. that includes this oklahoma girl. >> this is really good. >> reporter: as for where much of it comes from, near the south dakota border in dawson, minnesota, are the seeds of a
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food revolution. mother and sister tyler lorenz and and nicole anderson have the largest p protein plant in america. >> reporter: what is p protein? >> it is protein that comes from peas. not green peas, but yellow field peas. there is 20% protein in peas, which is quite a bit for most vegetables. >> reporter: they work with a network of more than 400 farmers to source their peas. they are actually one of the most soil nurturing plants you can grow, which is great for healthy crop rotations. one of the biggest customers for their varieties is beyond meet, found not only in ps kitchen, but now mcdonald's, taco bell, and panda express. it's looking to be more than just a food trend. >> it is a win-win for the consumer, the environment, and our bodies. "young sheldon" back on the small screen. season five of the spinoff does air tonight, and then the season premiere, sheldon and his twin sister run away from
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home. we got the chance to chat with the star of the show about the process of bringing young sheldon to life, and how he relates to playing that character. >> i think because he is so, like, i think everyone has been a fish out of water at some point in their life, and everyone can identify with that. it is really cool to see how he kind of deals with the challenges in his everyday life, and it makes for great comedy, but it also is really similar to a lot of people. >> tune into "young sheldon" and her entire theirs in a prime time tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5 . great whit
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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looking live at the san francisco waterfront now, where fleet weed is well underway. you may have heard the familiar sounds today for the first time in a while. it is breathtaking. for the first time in 2 years, the blue angels are back in the skies above the bay. last year, it was all canceled due to covid.
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we have the schedule for all of the blue angels airshows this week and posted on her website, . a surfer is recovering after a shark attack nearby jacob a last weekend. these attacks are rare, and almost always involve adult sharks. >> carter evans went to southern california, where juvenile great whites routinely swim with the servers. now researchers are getting up close to find out why that is happening. >> reporter: during what is proving to be a very busy shark season off of southern california, just beyond the surf camp students in the shore break. >> see that thin? 4 a site that is terrifying for most people. it is actually one of many. most swimmers never even see them, but video from above shows countless baby great white sharks up to 6 years old and 10 feet long swimming among families and surfers. it is becoming so familiar here my something unusual is happening to these kids and their parents. they are not af. >> reporter: you'veentherwhen y
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here. >> yes. are back it sounds weird to say. >> i almost don't want to think about it too much. >> reporter: hannah says her perception of the apex predator is changing. >> if my kid is right there and i saw a shark go by, it must be changing. >> reporter: the surf camp owner has a plan when a shark gets too close. we blow a whistle. >> we have everyone come inside of the surfline and call it code black. >> reporter: chris runs the surf lab. >> we want to predict where the sharks will show up. >> reporter: to better understand what is attracting the sharks, they have to catch one. james anderson and the team wrangle it along the bow. >> f to untangle it from the net might get it onto its back so it comes down and goes into a catatonic state. >> reporter: he takes blood and tissue samples to help learn what the shark is eating, d then he performs ery at sea, implanting a tracking device that will last a decade.
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ultimately, the team hopes to create a shark report to go with the surf report, so southern california beachgoers know when to expect company in the water. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. i know they are incredibly important for the ecosystem of the ocean, but when you see a shark in the water, i -- >> i don't know if it is better to not know they are there, or to know they are there. we have all been so trained by jaws. but the more we learn, i think the more that will change. hopefully they do a good job of speeding that process along. it is fall out there. it definitely felt like it today. it will feel like it for the next 2 days. sunday we get a warm-up. for the next 2 days, it will be gray and cool, and there's even a possibility for a drop or two of rain. i don't want to oversell that. that is literally all it would be tomorrow morning, before most of us wake up, and again
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on saturday morning. these are daytime highs.rm it g 67 in santa rosa. the sky looks like fall, the temperature feels like fall. here's why. there is a good-looking storm right off the coast. we are also pulling off a lot of clouds from the southwest. that is going to threaten some rain. if we put the futurecast on that , there is also some out here that will get pulled on sure. let's come in for a close-up look, and watch how this plays out over the next 2 days. we start here, thursday at 5:30. it's going to come in and really hit the sierra. it's going to snow. he wants to know a lot, but it is that first light snow in the sierra. it's fall. and then you see it's a little bit of light rain trying to get into the south bay. it's really
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probably even overdone in the model, but there is a possibility. look at the time. it's really 47:00 in the morning. tomorrow, you will get breaks of sunshine. if it does rain and you wake up after 9:00, you will have no clue whatever even happened, and you will see plenty of blue sky tomorrow. then we will do it again, friday night and into saturday morning. the clouds come back. there will be another chance for a few light showers, the less likely for saturday morning, and it will snow a bit more throughout the day on friday in the sierras. as far as any measurable rain, don't count on it. if you want to look at, you know, one of the forecast models that goes the farthest with this idea, it's a sprinkle. that would be about it. the snow in the series is the most meaningful story to this thread it is enough that it could mess with travel throughout the day on friday. it is not a blockbuster winter storm by any means, but that catches people off guard, and that could be enough to cause travel issues. anybody who is lucky enough to
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decide who are the sierra, these are probably on the high side, but in answer to upper donner pass, echo summit. it likely would not snow down at lake tahoe. that covers that first system. the next system is going to do something systems typically do in the fall. it will miss us. so, that goes over the top of california. we are not looking ahead to early next week. while there is a system that dodged us and brought snow to the rockies, it's an inside slider my meaning it slid down the inside of the state. those are the patterns that give us offshore wind events. looking ahead, there are the strong offshore wind, and believe it or not, even notes fall, and we talk about light rain, even though that will go away, we start next week, and we are talking about fire weather concerns. north bay mountains east bay hills, these light little drops of rain are not helping us with fire season. we need widespread meaningful rain. 0.25 inches of rain the areawide, and that was start
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closing the story. we are close to that yet. every offshore wind event, you will see fire weather watches and maybe red flag warnings. the next one is coming on monday. tomorrow back into the 50s. highs tomorrow, still in the 60s. it still feels like fall. sunday will be the warmest day of the whole forecast. mid-70s in san jose, 10 degrees warmer than today or tomorrow, but will call back in a bit, and look across the inland valleys of the east bay, near 80 for concord and the for more by the time we get a sunday but we call back down to the low to mid 70s by the time we get to the middle of next week. over to you. new at six:00, 18 robbery spree across the east bay. by some fear of violent incident could have an impact on a vibrant downtown. turning the valve on
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drought relief. why one north bay water company hopes a new well will fight future droughts. taho
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the president of san jose state university, mary papazian, announced she is leaving her job. >> it comes amid widespread criticism over how the university has handled sexual abuse allegations against a former athletic trainer.
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kpix 5's len ramirez has more on her decision to step down . >> reporter: those allegations against the athletic trainer actually are more than a decade old, and precededpresident papazian's arrival here at the university, but she has been criticized over how she has handled the situation once she did find out. many of san jose's dates 35,000 students were just hearing the news that university president mary papazian is stepping down , effective at the end of the year. papazian emailed the campus community saying, quote, the best interest of the campus continues to be at the forefront of every decision i make. after thoughtful consideration, i have made the decision to step away as president. this student is not surprised. >> i thought coming at some point this semester. i've been here all 4 years of my college career, and i feel like during that time, i have heard her name a lot, and usually not in the most positive light. >> reporter: her resignation comes amid a sexual abuse scandal involving armor as part enough at trainer scott shaw.
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in 2009, several female swimmers accused him of inappropriately touching them during treatments for injuries. he was about to continue his athletic trainer job until 2020, 4 years after papazian arrived from campus. my heart, apologies, and prayers continue to be with those student athletes who suffered a breach of trust during the time at the university, papazian said, but students say she didn't move to protect students quickly enough. >> students have always been the one to got a pleasure to be what is going on, but are you going to do about it. i think she should've had more initiative to do that first. >> reporter: there are no ongoing criminal investigations and lawsuits stemming from the case. a lawyer representing 15 student athletes said, quote, resident papazian's resignation indicates that after over a decade, sjs use administration is finally prepared to accept accountability, and begin the process of reform and remediation.
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the athletic trainer resigned last year. there are a total of 17 allegations against him. meantime, the university will continue to look for a replacement. the csu board of trustees will have a national search to name a new president here as it is a state university. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. we have metrics that are relatively simple and that the public and see. >> i'm streaming on cbsn bay area , what will it take to shed masks indoors across the bay area? how wayne county is taking the new rules one step further. is something you don't see every day. >> 18 robbery spree leaving one east bay community on edge, and the concerns now on the impact of a vibrant downtown. we are live at oracle park am aware anticipation is growing for an epic playoff matchup, giants-doctors. later, elon musk making a
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big announcement about tessa's future here in the bay area. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm ken bastida. we start with first steps towards shedding indoor masks mandates. >> health officers from eight bay area counties came together to map out what it would take for counties to lose their indoor masks mandates. it will be anytime soon. >> kiet do is live at the santa clara county health department to break it all down for us. >> reporter: these health officers have been working on this for quite some time. the goal was to make the data easy to track, so the public to monitor the progress themselves. dr. sarah cody was is upbeat and optimistic today as we have seen her in a while, talking about the new metrics for lifting the indoor mask mandate. >> together, i hope that we can get to the other side


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