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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  October 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mass vaccination sites making a bay area come back. the push to get the third dose in san mateo county. giants are about to face at from l.a. for the first playoff game tomorrow. how this major rival game is making history this morning. facebook whistleblower still speaking out on capitol hill. sonoma county offering solution to help the historic drought, the emergency relief coming to the north bay. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese.
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good morning. cool and cloudy as we inch closer to the weekend. i like that cool part. >> it feels really nice. it does. that pacific ocean breeze is so refreshing. >> a little bit sweater weather. >> it is. i've got my sweater dress ready to go. hopefully you are too. we are looking at temperatures on the cool side for sure, that light jacket, you will need it this morning and likely through the rest of the day especially along the coast and around the bay. you see low 60s this afternoon with clouds streaming in for oakland, looking at temperatures around 63 this afternoon. a cool day for you as well with the ocean breeze kicking in. concord, highs around 70 with a mix of sun and clouds and for the south bay, san jose, you will see a mix of sun and clouds as well, clouds streaming in and topping out at 68. average for this time of year.
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let's check with gianna. it is getting busy at the bay bridge. >> it is. it's 6:00. you know what that means, lots of cars on the road way and our morning commute is starting to te ghare onhello brake lights west bound into san francisco. it is a slow ride now, definitely building over into the city. kind of giving an overview, more red popping up on censors. we've got troubles in the south bay, san jose north bound 101 slow and go as you work pretty much out of south san jose north bound approaching 280, 680 connector. there was earlier construction and that's clearing out of lanes. there with aa crash on 280, more on that in my next report. it appears a massive cargo ship linked is leaving the area. the coastguard posted this
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video of the ruptured pipeline. according to marine traffic data reviewed by ap, the german flagged ship made three unusual movements over two days that appeared to put it over the pipeline did he have the right charts? did this vessel traffic service advise him? was this an old pipeline and maybe wasn't properly charted? these are the questions we have to ask. >> a nonprofit organization that uses senior technology to track -- it is unlikely the anchor is to blame. justin andrews is on the way to oakland and will have a live report in our next hour. i am anne makovec at the live news desk, a big step toward covid vaccines for children.
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pfizer tweeted this morning it's officially applied for emergency use authorization for its vaccine from the u.s. food and drug administration. this would be for kids age 5 to 11 if eventually authorized, this would be first vaccine for kids under age 12. that fda meeting is scheduled on october 26th where they will consider it. it's going to have to go through a couple different panels. full approval could happen by thanksgiving. we'll be keeping an eye on it. >> thank you. california steadily shaking off worse of the summer delta surge. it reached summer peak in hospital cases on the last day of august with more than 8300 people with covid in the state's hospitals. as of monday there were just over 44 people in the hospital. today, as we look live across the bay area, local health officials are expected to layout a plan on when we can ditch masks indoors. we first told you about the bay area's big plan to ditch masks
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indoors yesterday. counties would have to meet new guidelines before lifting this mandate. today, san mateo kicking off covid booster roll out. >> justin andrews stopped by the event center this morning where the shots will be administered. >> reporter: the whole point of this mass vaccination clinic is to get the third booster shot in the arms of as many people as possible in san mateo. this kicks off y and goes 9:00 to 4:00. the push is to get teachers who are obviously back to in person learning. 94% of eligible people in san mateo are vaccinated, the president of the san mateo county board of supervisors says residents should still continue masking up indoors for several weeks. grab a pen and a piece of paper because you might want to write the times down. come today between 9:00 and 4:00. there are also opportunities to get your booster shot friday and then again tuesday and
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wednesday of next week. there are concerns with some of the booster shots. doctors say it seems like the lymph nodes are certainly a side effect but says that's pretty common when it comes to vaccines. mixed reaction no you that los angeles is requiring vaccine proof for many indoor businesses like bars and gyms. the mandate applies for everyone 18 and older. >> i am nervous. i am a little bit anxious to >>look at this as a rk out. declaration of war against people and businesses of los angeles. >> why are you guys implementing this totalitarian mandate? >> police officers at the door demanding people for vaccinations. >> it puts the ordinance for the business to ask for id and vaccination card before entry. for the first time, san francisco will take on l.a. in the mlb playoffs.
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both teams have 107 wins, two best records. the franchises have been rivals since late 1800s when they played in new york but they've never faced off in the post season. game one is tomorrow night. first pitch is at 6:37 p.m. in san francisco. giants squaring off against their rival isn't the only bay area sports talk this morning. in a few minutes, highlights from the warriors preseason and why the real victory was in the stands. looking live to oakland, east oakland nonprofit women's shelter will receive help for badly needed repairs thanks to a national grant from lowes and points of light foundation. aerial outreach mission provides help and care to women and families who are often leaving situations of domestic heart ship. teachers rallied ahead of last night's school board meeting demanding the district take more covid precautions.
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parents and teachers want regular testing, high capacity air scrubbers in all rooms and tents for students to sit in outside during lunch. union argues district leaders can dip into covid relief funds to make all that happen. >> that's a small price to pay to make sure our students can eat in the cafeteria unmasked when it is cold outside or rainy or during the smoke season. >> if the board members like what they hear, it will be up to them and union members to get an agreement going on spending covid funds. looking live at capitol hill, facebook whistleblower is expected to meet with the house committee investigating january 6th insurrection as early as today. the committee wants to ask frances haugen how the platform was used to organize the violent protest. her attorney told "washington post" this is just the beginning. >> it is obviously pretty substantial. and there has been a lot of elements that haven't even been reported yet. so there is more to come. >> the committee says it would
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like insight from haugen on how facebook was used to fan flames of violence at the capitol. today in the north bay, officials hope a new well in sonoma may offer drought relief. it's at the santa rosa playing well later this morning. this is part of the plain drought resiliency project in response to statewide historic drought. officials hope it will provide relief to people whose water sources have gone dry. this is as the latest drought monitor dropped 30 minutes ago. any changes? unfortunately, no. i wish i could tell you something different. we did have showers last week but did not make a dent at all. the drought monitor released every thursday at 5:30, so just about a half hour ago, and we are still looking at extreme to exceptional drought. exceptional drought, very worst in maroon for the entire north
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bay, east bay, tri valley, parts of san francisco county, parts of the south bay, extreme drought in red for the peninsula and the rest of the south bay. again, largely unchanged since last week even though we had a little bit rain last week. back to you. >> thanks. 6:10. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a machine that could be a game changer if the drought drags on. how it allows you to make your own water with ingredients you already have. getting paid thousands to watch in your old car for an electric one. how you can qualify. check out our new 3:00 p.m. newscast with allen martin every weekday before the ah o'donnell. as we look at the roadways, some better news on the camera shall in san jose plus tracking brake lights at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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a look
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i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we are hearing about a fire ntracosta county. t bay. map of where talkinabout, antioch 101 walter way. it started in a commercial building. there are some auto parts stores in the area, an apartment building across the street. today it is reported it started on the outside of one building and blew up damaging at least one home. we have a call to firefighters and we will keep you posted on that. >> thank you. on fire watch, latest report from the national interagency fire center shows fall may bring cooler temperatures to the north bay but threat of wildfires still looming and could be worse than normal. a crucial tool to fight california's wildfires got a boost. governor newsom has signed a law that reduces financial risk
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for responders over seeing prescribed fires when flames escape control lines and require emergency response. a machine that looks like an air conditioner can help take the edge off of our drought. it's kind of a reverse swamp cooler. it pulls moisture from the air and pumps out clean water. they refrigerate warm air causing water vapor to condense. >> if you have water on the table on a hot day, the way it sweats, that's what we dowith the machines. >> the numbers staggering on how much water is in that that it seems to be a pretty renewable resource. >> the machines can average about 60 gallons a dade depending on weather conditions but come with a hefty price tag. nearly $30,000. live along highway 50 in tahoe where a cold front is expected to bring significant
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changes to the weather today and tomorrow. yesterday national weather service said snow could hit at higher elevations. it is likely to only be a dusting but would still be the first significant snow of the season. 6:16. let's get a check of our weather and also traffic. we begin with mary lee. it's crazy to already be talking about snow. >> i know. you were talking about higher elevations in the sierra that could see a dusting and it is looking at 8,000 feet. really high up there but it will be so nice to have a little bit of something in the sierra. that's the same system we are hoping to bring rain for us by friday. not really the as we r her so unfortunately. witell you something different. we are looking at cooler temperatures. fall temps are here. i am sure you are feeling that with below average daytime
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highs. cool and breezy today, that will continue for your friday. , milder as we look to our weekend with more sunshine and gusty conditions next week. we could see offshore winds develop and gh fire danger mo tuesday next week. we'll keep you posted on that. micro climates this afternoon, upper 50s along the coast, breezy conditions with the clouds around the bay, low to mid 60s this afternoon with clouds streaming in. inland we are talking highs in the 60s and 70s, low 70s inland for daytime highs this afternoon. that low pressure system ushering in the marine influence and with it we will remain on the cool side today and for tomorrow. as wlook to our weekend, modest warming as we look to saturday and sunday. futurecast, you see the clouds streaming in today. astomorrow, temperatures again are very similar, at least the clouds will move out with more
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sunshine expected for your friday. daytime highs for the coast, looking at upper 50s for the peninsula, mid to upper 60s. south bay, upper 60s for santa clara, san jose. inland east bay 70, concord pleasant hill, upper 60s to low 70s for the tri valley. around the bay low 60s in san francisco, daly city, alameda, 63 concord, 64 san leandro. north bay, mid to upper 60s this afternoon and topping out at 72 in ukiah. the seven-day forecast san francisco oakland and san jose, temperatures similar for your friday, warmer as we look to saturday and sunday and watching potential for offshore winds, gusty conditions early next week. check out our mild afternoon for saturday and sunday inland east bay and north bay into 70s and low 80s and low 60s at the
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coast. we are super excited about fleet week. preshows today tomorrow and for the weekend with the sunshine, great weather to see blue angels take to our skies for saturday and sunday. how is it looking as people try to navigate? i am sure a lot of people will be out. >> if you plan on coming out you've got fleet week, giants baseball, italian heritage festival in north beach. there will be a lot of people in the city over the weekend. we'll see extra busy conditions along 280 as you head into san francisco on the 280 extension. golden gate bridge will see extra busy conditions. we will keep you updated on all that. right noyo morning comme y, have gd to report, it is improved from when we last spoke. north 280 where we had a crash around 10th street is being cleared out of lanes. the ride through downtown san jose is looking better along
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280. if you are getting ready to head out and make the trek through san jose things are looking better on the 280 ride. it's not the case for 101. we are seeing a slow ride from the north bound side of 101 from the 280, 680 connector. that has improved from what it was earlier, 40 minutes from hellyer in san jose towards sfo along the peninsula. our other hot spot is the ride into the altamont pass. a wind advisory in effect. you've got brake lights plus gusty windy conditions, busy west bound from 205 around 11th street working to the 580 connector. we are seeing extra volume as well toward the 580, 680 dublin interchange. once you are on 680, the good news is no delays there. heads up if you are looking for a new car. >> bay area air district wants to give you thousands of dollars to swap your old car for an electric one. it is part of the clean cars
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for all program. it will give those who qualify $9,500 to retire old cars and replace them with more eco friendly options. those include hybrid or all electric cars or a transit car or e bike. there is also $2,000 available for charging equipment. you must live in the bay area and meet income criteria. pretty neat. some options for you. >> nice benefits if you are going to switch your ride. >> i kind of want to do the e scooter thing. but i was telling everybody i am really clumsy. >> wear a helmet. >> but what about the rest of my body? 6:21. coming up on. >> a day dub nation has been waiting for for almost two years. the big win
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good morning. taking a live look at the chase center after warriors return to the court for the preseason home opener last night, full capacity crowd of 18,000 gave the dubs a full throated welcome back to the court. >> check it out. everyone who attended was subject to protocols. that included vaccination checks and mask wearing. it was a good night for warriors, taking win over nuggets 118-116. 6:25. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> breaking news, investigation into the big oil spill in southern california takes an unexpected turn. why the new focus is right here in the bay area.
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if you are just waking up with us, it is 6:29. here are your morning headlines. it appears a cargo ship that could be connected to the massive oil spill off coast of orange county is leaving the bay area. ap reports the rotterdam express, a german flagship,
6:30 am
made three unusual movements over two days that appeared to put it over the pipeline at the time of the break. local officials expected to yot plan for indoor y. ti have to et new guidelines before lifting the mandate. san mateo county opening a mass vaccination site for booster shots. you are eligible if you are at least 18 and it's been at least six months since your second dose of the pfizer vaccine. this center opens in two and a half hours. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. glad to have you with us on this, like to call it, friday junior. >> so close. >> almost friday. we have those fall temperatures giving that fall- like field. >> yeah, and we will take that
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outing to get some pumpkin spice lattes. we are looking at a cool day ahead. if you are about to head out, grapefruit size be that light jacket. you will likely need it all day long today. once again we'll see the clouds, pacific ocean breeze we know and love is back cooling us down, low 60s in san francisco as we walk you through your day. in oakland, topping out at 63 this afternoon with those clouds. concord inland east bay 70, a mix of sun and clouds for you. san jose we are talking 68 with that mix of sun and clouds, temperatures about ten degrees below average for this time of year. let's check with gianna. it is busy at the bay bridge. that morning commute is officially on and we've got a lot of brake lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. bumper to bumper traffic into san francisco, metering lights were turned on before 6:00 and it is a slow ride out of the east bay as you head into the city. the good news is there are no
6:32 am
crashes or accidents in the area, just the usual stuff. san mateo bridge is looking good, if you want to use that across the bay, moving nice with a 13 minute ride between 880 and 101. golden gate bridge, extra volume south bound 101 and crowded in san rafael as you head into san francisco. travel times are okay, ride from 37 to the golden gate bridge, 20 minutes. we'll check the south bay in my next report. breaking news out of the port of oakland. >> a massive oil ship that may have played a role in the oil spill is on the move. juice tin andrews joins us live from the scene. what's the latest out there? >> reporter: we are not able to see much from our perspective but we know investigators apparently boarded the ship up for question this morning according to the a.p. it is currently leaving the bay area. we know that the ship was here overnight.
6:33 am
the investigation though is unfolding and u.s. coastguard is really looking to see if the cargo ship anchored at the port of oakland played a role or any part of the massive oil spill in southern california. the ruptured pipeline may have spilled nearly 150,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean. associated press reports that a german flagship made three unusual movements over two days that appears to put it over the pipeline. there are so many unanswered questions with this as investigators see if the ship had anything to do with the oil spill. federal transportation investigators say a back up across california though may have played a major role in the spill. a lot of unknown details, we'll continue tracking this throughout the day as the investigation continues. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thanks. a lot of moving parts there. today salvage operations began after a fishing vessel
6:34 am
sunk in the san francisco bay. this happened yesterday at the hyde street pier. coastguard says the boat started taking on water yesterday morning. the one person on board scrambled to safety. oil boom and absorbent pads have been placed around the boat. it is unclear how full the tank was when it sank. breaking vaccine news, pfizer officially requested fda authorization to begin covid vaccine use in kids ages 5 to 11. the drug maker had announced a lower dose of the shot worked and appeared safe in a study. fda adviser are scheduled to debate the evidence later this month. if regulators agree shots can begin within a matter of weeks. live to the white house, president biden is about to take off this morning for th chicago area. he will be speaking about imre people in
6:35 am
u.s. are getting booster shots than are getting their first dose. white house is aiming to increase supply of at home covid-19 testing kits. the coordinator just announced a plan to buy $1 billion worth of the tests. >> this means companies will be able to expand production even further with tens of millions more tests coming to the market over the course of the next 30 days. >> ultimate goal, to have 200 million kits available every month. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on the games that will make baseball fans up and down california go crazy this weekend, taking a live look at oracle park. that is where san francisco giants are going to face off against l.a. dodgers in what's expected to be a division series for the ages. tomorrow, big game at 6:37 and saturday they're going to be playing at 6:07.
6:36 am
l.a. dodgers took care of business in a do or die against st. louis last night and that secured their wild card win. we are going to have our eye on these games. between that and the blue angels, it is fleet week, and i know you have a little bit more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:36. let's give you a live look at the big board, stocks opening moments ago. the dow is up in the green about 400 points. meantime, the latest jobless claims reported an hour ago. we have learned first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by 38,000 to 326,000 last week, better than expected. we are getting legal perspective about what can happen now that a federal judge ordered texas to suspend restrictive new abortion law. >> it has banned most abortions statewide since it took effect last month. the u.s. district judge based
6:37 am
out of austin called the law offensive deprivation of a constitutional right. we asked what this all means. >> it's not going to be so easy in the case for texas to appeal to the next level in the 5th circuit. if it does choose to go a different way, it will not be able to over turn this. they'll be violating constitution and a supreme court precedent. from the beginning to the end this has been a fiasco. a live look now at our nation's capital where the senate is working on short term extension of the nation's debt ceiling. republican proposal would allow the government to continue to borrow money while lawmakers negotiate a more longterm fix. treasury department estimates it will run out of cash by october 18 unless the ceiling is raised. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> bay area based streaming service the latest victim of a
6:38 am
hack attack. why users don't need to worry. message from one major airline, get vaccinated or get fired. the deadline for employees. the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's take another check, dow is i will up in the green right now about 370 points. diane king hall has a closer look at the numbers coming up right after the break. good morning san francisco. hey amanda and len, good to see you. we have the latest data and shores kids make up more than a quarter of new covid cases. one family says florida's ban on school mask mandates violates americans disabilities act. young great white sharks swimming peacefully alongside surfers in california. carter evans rides with researchers to find out of why. she's written hit songs for people like miranda lambert and
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lady gaga. why she decided to step into the spotlight herself with her new album. she's talking to anthony mason so you know
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time for money watch, bay area based twitch the victim of a hack attack. diane king hall is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good to see you. good morning. good to be with you. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. you are seeing a lot of green. all three major averages on plus side, dow better by more than 380. in the tech sector nasdaq is launching triple digits as well, on the plus by 170. s&p 500 is on idas llbetter by popular game streaming platform
6:43 am
twitch is the latest online victim of a hack attack. several companies say the company owned by amazon and based in the bay area confirmed anonymous individual posted 125 gig byte file containing data. reports say the source code was leaked along with how much top streamers on service get paid. so far no user data was leaked. twitch says it is working on the problem. >> we appreciate it. the feds are asking for the public's help in identifying a man who attended a dodgers game all the way back in 2016. >> they believe this is john rufo who was convicted in the late 1990s in a $350 million bank fraud scheme. agents received a tip he was behind home plate at the dodgers red sox game. they warn if this is actually rufo he is using a different name. if you recognize the man you are asked to call the fbi.
6:44 am
san jose sharks say the star forward evander kane will not practice at training camp until further notice as troubles mount. kane is accused of submitting a fake covid vaccine card to the team. he was previously cleared of of allegations that he gambled on games. his estranged wife made the claim and accused him of being abusive. no further comment from the sharks who open on the 16th. american airlines set a deadline, employees must be fully vaccinated against covid- 19 by november 24 or they will be fired. the airline told workers last week it would comply with biden administration's vaccine mandate for federal workers. southwest is doing the same. united issued its own mandate that went into effect last week. canada's prime minister expanded the covid vaccine mandate. the deadline to get fully vaccinated to be eligible is october 30.
6:45 am
88% of canadians eligible for the vaccine have had at least a single shot. new, google wants you to go green when searching for your next flight. it launched a new feature displaying carbon emissions estimate for nearly every flight in the search results. lower emissions will be labeled with a green badge. richard branson scarlet lady set sail for the inaugural cruise from miami to the bahamas. it was delayed a year and a half because of the pandemic. it features hammocks on all balconies, champagne on demand via an app. you can also check out a tattoo parlor. all passengers must fully vaccinated and were required to get an on site rapid test before boarding. >> i ask myself why did i not fancy going on a cruise?
6:46 am
i thought maybe with the wonderful people at virgin we can create the ruse line that myself, my family, my friends would love to go on. >> i would fancy to go on the cruise. r athacapacity and masks must worn indoors. looks like a good time. tomorrow night, if you have time to look up at the sky you might be in for a show. >> a meteor shower is expected to peak. this happens when earth collides with bits of debris left behind by a comet. for optimal viewing, it's best to find a dark area with expansive view of the sky and try not to let that cell phone screen distract you. >> dracenoid. sounds intense. >> the good news is you might see clearing for tomorrow night to catch that amazing meteor shower. fingers crossed that the skies
6:47 am
will cooperate with us. in the meantime we have those clouds today. so we are looking at cool conditions, onshore flow kicking in, cool down continues across the bay area. you see the gray start to our day in san francisco with those clouds that are back for sure. we are in the 40s and 50s as we start our day. grab that light jacket as you head out. you will likely need it all day today especially along the coast and around the bay. here is what you can expect, cool and breezy today. tomorrow, still cool but we might see more sunshine for your friday. we will see more sun, milder conditions, temperatures a bit warmer as we look to our weekend. as we look to early next week, we are tracking a weather system. we are going to be to the east of at least that weather system that will move to the east of us. we could see gusty winds and possibility of offshore winds early next week and that can mean high fire danger. we are monitoring that closely. through the afternoon, micro climates for the coast, upper
6:48 am
50s, cool, cloudy, breezy around the bay in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. inland, upper 60s to low 70s. this low pressure system ushering in the strong onshore flow and remaining on the cool side as we look to today and tomorrow and for the weekend with high pressure building in, modest warming for your saturday and sunday. you see on futurecast, we will see clouds stream in once again today, very similar to yesterday. tomorrow there we go with some clearing. that should be nice to see, a little bit more sunshine for your friday. as we look to our weekend we are excited about fleet week. i am so happy that it is back, definitely missed it. we are looking at preshows today, tomorrow, and for the weekend. it looks better, more sunshine, mid 60s in san francisco for saturday and upper 60s on sunday. this afternoon, low to mid 60s or at least mid 60s for the peninsula and san mateo, upper
6:49 am
60s for red wood city. inland east bay, 70 concord, pleasant hill, upper 60s to low 70s for the tri valley, 61 alameda, oakland 63. north bay mid to upper 60s this afternoon, topping out at 72 in ukiah the seven-day forecast san francisco oakland san jose, very similar for your friday. inland east bay and north bay, 60s. so cooler for you tomorrow and then warming. it will be a pleasant weekend into the 70s to low 80s and low 60s at the coast as we look to our weekend. let's check with gianna. it's getting busy out there. >> once you hit that 6:00 hour, traffic really starts to bog down. we've got brake lights and slow and go conditions as you head out. i will help you navigate it. west bound 580 out of tracy to the altamont pass, extra busy there. we've got brake lights building as you work towards the dublin
6:50 am
interchange, high wind advisory for the altamont pass so you've got that to deal with. speeds dipping down to nine miles per hour in some spots. we are seeing e rion highway 4 through y ok at the red on our mapping system down to about 15 miles per hour for your ride, clocking in slow speeds for the ride towards 680 or maybe towards east shore freeway. west bound highway 4 from antioch to 80, 52 minutes. 52 minutes 205 word 680. south bay looks good, if you are commuting out of san jose, so far so g bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. you will see busy conditions throughout the weekend, never too early to plan for the weekend as you head into san francisco. we've got fleet week happening. it will be beautiful. you will have fun checking it
6:51 am
out but delays, 280 extension embarcadero. you have giants playoff baseball and warriors tomorrow at chase. so lots going on. i think anne put it best when she said this is going to be en fuego in the bay area. you just moved to the bay area, this will be a good weekend to have a good time out and about. >> i am so excited. i feel like it is perfect timing for my first weekend in san francisco. today the blue angels are taking to the skies of san francisco once again. this is for the first time in nearly two years. >> today's performance is just practice for this weekend's airshow as we mentioned. you can expect flight squadron between 1:00 and 5:00 today. san francisco's fleet week is the only one the navy is participating in this year. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mlb history about to be made. >> giants squaring off against
6:52 am
their biggest rival in the playoffs. what's making this heated match extra tense. investigation into the big oil spill in southern california has taken a new turn. how you
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and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> reporter: i am justin andrews live with the breaking news at the port of oakland. we cannot physically see it but we know that this morning we are learning investigatessers boarded the ship in question possibly connected to the oil spill in orange county, california. the ship was anchored here overnight and associated press is reporting the ship is right now leaving the bay area. we are hearing it may have just passed golden gate bridge. the uaislooking to see if the cargo ship played a part in the ruptured pipeline that spilled 150,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean in
6:56 am
southern california. the german flagged ship made three unusual movements over a span of possibly two days and that appears to t over the pipeline. there are so many unanswered questions as investigators see if the ship had anything to do with the oil spill this morning. we will continue following developments of the story and give you the latest online and on air. justin andrews, kpix5. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on a plan that's expected to be announced about our mask mandates indoors will eventually come to an end. a live look in san jose where santa clara county health department is one of several bay area departments that have been talking not if to loosen mask restrictions but when and how. they could be laying out the criteria today. decisions will be based on
6:57 am
numbers, vaccination rates. it is up it each county to decide how to proceed. the bay area usually does move as a whole rather than using a piecemeal approach. we're going to keep our eye on all of it. >> thanks. 6:57, time for a look at top stories. >> pfizer requested fda authorization to begin covid vaccine use in kids 5 to 11. fda advisers are scheduled to debate later this month. if regulators agree shots can begin in a matter of weeks. booster shots available to san mateo residents. third doses will be administered at mass vaccination clinic open from 9:00 to 4:00. giants will face dodgers in national league series. game one is tomorrow with first pitch at 6:37.
6:58 am
facebook whistleblower is expected to meet with the house committee investigating january 6th insurrection as early as today. lawmakers want to ask frances haugen might have been used to organize. hoping a new well may offer drought relief. it's happening later this morning as part of the plain drought resiliency project. we are still in extreme to exceptional drought across the bay area. we definitely need some rain. it is not coming any time soon. a live look with the matt hamilton camera. you see those clouds in the skies, temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning. another cool day. it is cool, cloudy, breezy along the coast. we are talking upper 60s to lower 70s for many locations inland. let's check with gianna for the latest on that morning commute. good morning. it's busy out there.
6:59 am
if you are ready to take any major freeways, slow and go as well as nimitz freeway south bound 880 sluggish as you work your way through, hayward. you are going to be busy across the richmond san rafael bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes there. today a heads up for dead heads. >> items previously owned by members of the grateful dead could be yours. there is an on like auction today, a treasure grove of grateful dead memorabilia. a denim jacket, poster from the acid test the band would perform at. >> you can debt your hands on jerry garcia's vintage 12 string guitar from 1967 and his gibson banjo from 1985. >> nice. >> those are some cool items if you have that kind of collection. >> you can rock out with some memorabilia.
7:00 am
>> start a band. >> yeah, have our own morning team band. >> we'll have to come up with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> it is about paying for what we owe and preventing the catastrophic event curing in orl to raise the debtt t ou. >> we're making good progress. we're not there yet. we hope we can come to an agreement. >> a federal judge ordered texas
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