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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  October 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from exclusive sales force tower camera, you see the trans america pyramid. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. below average temperatures, ocean breeze kicking in for us. we are looking at temperatures about ten degrees below average for this time of year. friday another cool one and finally we will warm things with more sunshine and milder conditions. a live look at san francisco, you see some clouds out there as we start our day. we will continue to see clouds stream in for your thursday. low 60s in san francisco, 63 oakland, upper 60s in san jose and low 70s for concord. highs about nine to ten degrees below average across the bay area. other locations as we head through our day, 72 antioch, 68
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pleasanton, 64 mountain view, 68 for santa rosa. along the coast, upper 50s with that ocean breeze kicking in for us. we'll talk about our all important weekend forecast. let's check with gianna. it is looking great as we start our day. cars are rolling right along. if you are getting an early start, good news, bay bridge, things are moving at the limit. it's a clear ride out of the east bay into san francisco. if you are up early at least you don't have to deal with traffic. san mateo bridge, 12 minutes between 880 and 101. across the golden gate bridge, things are pretty quite there as well. you see they're doing a few lane changes with the construction area. they did the lane changes to add cars for the south bound side to head into san francisco. right now things are moving pretty nicely out of marin as you work your way into the
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city. i am anne makovec. we are keeping an eye on the process as officials decide how our bay area mask mandate will eventually come to an end. as soon as today, we can have a framework on that. a live look at san jose, santa clara county's health department is one of several that have been talking not if to loosen mask restrictions indoors but when and how. they could layout the criteria. decisions based on case numbers, vaccination rates, hospitalizations. santa cruz has lifted its mask mandate but it is up to each county health department how to proceed individually. the bay area does have a tendency to work as a whole rather than a piecemeal approach. we'll keep our eye on that today. >> thank you. a live look from chase center where warriors started their preseason at home with a two point win over the nuggets. the real victory was in the
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stands. >> andria borba with how they're viewing the first full house in 574 days. seats filled ready for warriors basketball. >> it does feel like first day of school gitters. >> fans say it feels like opening day 2.0. it was cut short by the covid- 19 pandemic and ensuing nba shut down, a full capacity crowd of 18,000 ready to give a full throated welcome back to the court. >> i was excited all day long. i was texting "the game is tonight"! >> the thought of a full arena went from theory to reality. >> this is a really big moment for san francisco. we are going to be the biggest indoor event to be hosted in san francisco since the shut down which is a huge deal. this i think is a signal of not
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only warriors basketball and nba season starting but san francisco really coming back to life. >> warriors fans only have one more wish, a healthy klay thompson on the hardwood. >> klay thompson is coming back. it's exciting. >> if that means until christmas, as long as he is healthy. >> lakers will be in town tomorrow as well as the dodgers for game one of the nlds. live to the port of oakland where an investigation by u.s. coastguard is underway looking at the possibility that a container ship here may have played a role in the oil spill off the coast of orange county. andrea nakano has the details. >> reporter: the ship came here to the port of oakland after leaving orange county. now there is an investigation underway to see if the anchor played a role in
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rupturing the pipeline. chopper 5 captured it docked at the port of oakland. we are getting a look at the ruptured pipeline in the video posted by coastguard. according to associated press it tracked data that looks at marine traffic and found that the german flagship made three unusual movements over two days that appear to put it over the pipeline. captain john conrad says there are many unanswered questions as they look into whether or not rotter dam express had anything to do with the oil spill. >> did he have the right charts? did this vessel traffic service advise him? was this an old pipeline that maybe wasn't properly charted? >> reporter: the coastguard says the ruptured pipeline may have spilled nearly 150,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean. a nonprofit organization that
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uses satellite technology to track ships says it never came closer than 1500 feet from the line and unlikely the ship's anchor is to blame. southern california, like oakland, is experiencing heavy container ship traffic during the pandemic. >> there is no space to put the containers. there is lack of equipment. >> reporter: a spokesperson tells aap that the company is fully cooperating with the investigation. the company also says that the ship was pretty far away from the pipeline. facebook whistleblower expected to meet with the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection toda the platform was used to organize and encourage the violent protests. her attorney has told "washington post" this is just the beginning. >> it's obviously pretty substantial and there have been
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a lot of elements that haven't been reported yet. there is more to come. >> yesterday we saw a facebook executive in tv interviews refer to the documents as "stolen." are you concerned about legal retaliation? >> she's done everything lawfully. the comments you are talking about from yesterday i think are sort of a desperate pr attempt by the company to try to throw some mud at my clients. >> live to capitol hill where in the nick of time democrats and republicans say they are close to a deal to get the debt ceiling lifted. what that means for your wallet. >> reporter: with u.s. set to default in a week and a half senators appear clos an offered debt l in earldecember. after l
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henichuck uragednot convinced. >> we have been negotiating all afternoon and all night just until recent. we are making good progress. we are not there yet but i hope we can come to an agreement tomorrow morning. >> reporter: debt limit has been raised about 80 times since 1960s. failure to pay bills could put the nation's credit rating at risk. yesterday president biden met with banking ceos who are sounding the alarm. >> cascade effects in ensuing weeks can go from a recession to a complete catastrophe for the global economy. >> reporter: republicans don't want to default, are just trying to highlight democrats' multi trillion dollar plans. ingo up. nterest expenses are we'll have less to spend on the programs. >> reporter: democrats point
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out raising debt ceiling is about paying past spending. >> it's about paying what we owe. >> reporter: if the short term deal goes through today, republicans and democrats will be back at the negotiating table again in less than two months. >> senate is adjourned until this morning at which point a vote can be held on the deal. texas abortion law on hold. a judge ordered the state to suspend the law last night. the order freezes the law which bans abortions after a fetal heart beat is detected, usually around six weeks. texas officials are expected to appeal. u.s. district judge in austin called the law offensive deprivation of a constitutional right. >> we did ask a political analyst and legal expert what can happen now. >> it's not going to be so easy for texas to appeal to the next
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level. fifth circuit if it does choose to go a different way will not be able to overturn this. at the end of the day they'll be violating the constitution and a supreme court precedent. from the beginning to the end this has been a fiasco. >> it's unclear if abortion services in texas will resume. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, may not be the main event during fleet week but if you are in san francisco today, you can expect a show. vaccine news not related to covid-19. first of its kind shot just approved by world health organization. later, threat of wildfires here to stay. the forecast for the bay area and why experts say it can be worse than normal. a live look outside. you are looking at the city of san francisco skyline. this is courtesy of our treasure island camera. it is 4:41. we'll be right back.
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happening today, blue angels are taking to the skies of san francisco once again. for the first time in nearly
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two wears. today's performance is just practice for the airshow. if you ar thcin pect to ig squaon bween1:00 d 5:00. >>n isone e a check out nar. the latest from capitol hill, debt ceiling standoff plus the fast food chain set to ditch chicken from some menus. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. progress in washington helped propel stocks higher on wednesday. dow added 102 points. nasdaq gained 68 and s&p 500 was up 17. debt ceiling crisis appears to have been delayed. republicans and democrats are expected to come together to pass a measure that will allow for emergency extension until december. lawmakers have until october 18
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to actor face likely economic catastrophe. raising or suspending debt ceiling allows u.s. to pay its bills and avoid default. vaccine news unrelated to covid-19. world health organization has approved the first malaria vaccine. it has an efficacy rate of about 50%. malaria kills estimated 500,000 people a year, almost all in africa. burger king letting people order chicken nuggets hold the chicken. it will be the first global fast food chain to start offering customers impossible nuggets made from plants. burger king says they'll be available as eight piece order starting next week in boston, miami, des moines, iowa. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i am diane king hall. it is time to get you caught up on weather and
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traffi >> we will anr e. ain, about ten degrees below average for today and even tomorrow as well before we start to warm things up as we look to our weekend. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look north. we are in the 40s and 50s as we start our day. oakland you are comingin ve54, 55in san francisco, san jose, chilly 45 in santa rosa, westerly winds at 14 miles per hour, a breezy start at sfo, eight in oakland, ten mile per hour winds in concord and fairfield with the delta breeze at 14 miles per hour there. here is what you can expect, cool, breezy conditions not just today but for your friday as well, maybe a little more sunshine on friday. i will show you on futurecast, a milder weekend ahead, temperatures warming up a bit with more sunshine. as we look to early next week
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wis. oing see ssibility of offshore winds for high fire danger, watching that closely for you. today, cloudy and cool. there could be the chance to see a little bit snow in the sierra by tomorrow so up above 8,000 feet, could see a little bit snow there. as we go through our day, you can see clouds streaming in on futurecast. as we look to tomorrow, maybe a little bit sunshine. you see a little bit snow in the sierra for your friday. other than that, we are going to start to warm things as high pressure builds for our weekend. sunrise at 7:11 and sun set at 6:43. checking daytime highs along the coast. cool, cloudy, breezy in the upper 50s, along the coast, around the peninsula, looking at the highs in mid to upper 60s, 68 red wood city. south bay, upper 60s close to 70 for santa clara, san jose.
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definitely a mild day across the region especially inland as we look to inland east bay from 71, concord, pleasant hill, tri valley highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. around the bay, another cool one from 61 in san francisco. you might need that light jacket all day especially along the coast and around the bay. east bay shoreline 61 alameda, 63 oakland, 64 san leandro. north bay, highs in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon, topping out at 68 in santa rosa and about 72 in ukiah. we are excited about fleet week and this weekend. it looks great with plenty sunshine, 64 saturday, 67 sunday. great weather to view the blue angels as they take to our skies in san francisco. so excited about that.
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the seven-day forecast, oakland, san francisco, san jose, you see the temperatures will be very similar. we are warming a little bit for saturday and sunday and offs early xt week. or gusty inland east bay and north bay, 60s tomorrow. there we go with the warm up, a mild weekend saturday and sunday, inland east bay and north bay and 70s for early next week. we'll be in the low 60s along the coast as we look to our weekend. let's check with gianna. how is that commute for our super commuters through altamont? not bad. it's the usual stuff if you are getting ready to head out and take the ride along 580. things are at the limit with a exception of a few brake lights from tracy getting onto 580. we'll keep a close eye on that. there is no wind advisory and no crashes. your travel time is about 32 minutes west bound 580 from 205 towards 680. we are seeing a lot of green on
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our travel times. highway 4, 101 out of the south bay, not seeing trouble as far as accidents or delays but this did catch my attention. i am seeing a stretch of purple which indicates potential closure. it could be cal trans' overnight road work. it looks like we are not seeing brake lights or issues. south bound drive times in the green. if you are taking 280, north 680 towards 85, ten minutes. a live look at bay area bridges, bay bridge toll plaza, quiet and no delays. so far so good for the ride out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. 12 minutes between 880 and 101, a live look at the golden gate bridge, you see traffic is moving nice south 101 from highway 37 from there all the way into san francisco. that's just about a 20 minute commute. here is a look at your travel times torr bay area bridges and
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quiet on the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are headed into the city, it is fleet week. here is vern with sports. good morning everybody. what's on my mind? come on. do you even have to guess? best of five series featuring the best. dodgers made it official in a big way last night. we've got the two king pins of the big leagues meeting in san francisco at a work out later today. dodger blue or giants orange and black? who you got? >> i think we know the answer to that. a live
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good thursday morning to you. are you loving this cool down? it's going to continue for today. we are looking at temperatures in the low 60s this afternoon, oakland topping out at 63, upper 60s in the south bay, san jose, low 70s in concord. highs nine to ten degrees below average for this time of year. we will keep the cool temperatures going as we look to tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine for your friday and eventually we will warm things. it looks great for the weekend ahead. here is vern with sports. baseball up top. after 19 match ups, it's not enough. we need more. giants hosting dodgers and after all this time, a first time post season meeting on friday. how do dodgers join nl division series party? nighr t
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me rt s hand? you okay? bottom 4th, couldn't get it by turner here, this one was crushed, solo job tied the game and it remained that way until the bottom of the ninth. chris taylor, we are done. l.a. won 3-1. both have work outs at oracle park later today. division series, game one, tomorrow. >> there is a lot of familiarity which makes it fun, even more challenging. it's going to be a great fantastic series. it's what baseball wants. giants, dodgers, one of the great rivalries in sports. it's happening. >> about nl west champs,
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business as usual. earlier yesterday game one starter logan webb, sacramento native has record of 7-0 since august 1. he got the nod over goes man who ll stgamuch yesterday about the rotation. instead they're talking about web's home run power from sunday's division clincher. >> the first thing we said yesterday was how many times do you watch your video? honestly, i really hadn't watched it more than a couple times. >> i probably saw it more after the game just from people sending it to me than anything. i haven't watched it since sunday. nba preseason, the vaccinated andrew wiggins and dubs at chase center, nice run against the denver nuggets. curry scored 14, 13-0 run and
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led by one. bull, a drive, goes glass. nuggets up one but not after this ball. 118-116. that will do it for sports at this hour. there will be a whole lot of giants and dodgers talk as the day progresses. we'll see you later. >> very exciting. 4:57. a new chance to get your covid booster today. >> mass vaccination clinic being set up in san mateo and those who qualify. >> investigation underway into a ship anchored in the bay area. the focus of the probe and how it relates to a massive oil spill. a live look outside from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. 4:57 is the time. we h
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new chance to protect yourself against covid- 19. booster shots being offered today on the peninsula. a ship anchored in the bay area, its potential connection to the massive oil spill in southern california. warriors make their return in front of the home crowd. the covid protocols in place for preseason home opener. bring on the dodgers. the historic match upset between l.a. and giants in the playoffs. good morning. it is thursday october 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. let's get things started with a check of weather and traffic. before that, i think this is the perfect day for pumpkin spiced latte. >> are you into psl? >> i am. i can admit that. there is no shame in my


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