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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 5, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsnbay area. have a wonder l night captioning sponsored by cbs >> whistleblower frances haugen appeared before congress to say facebook knew about the harm its products were causing, but placed profits ahead of safety. >> her appearance is coming after a massive outage that took facebook and its family of apps, including instagram and whatsapp, down for about six hours yesterday. >> investors responded, hammering the stock. monday's sell-off cost mark zuckerberg billions. he lost more than $6 billion as his facebook stock tanked. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ( laughter )
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( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( explosion ) >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight: plus, stephen welcomes: michael keaton and musical guest zac brown band featuring jon batiste and st human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york
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city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hello! hey! nicely done! ( cheers and applause ) did you hit it? hey! >> audience: stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: hey! thank you, ladies and gentlemen. everybody, in here, out there, all around the world, mr. and mrs. america, and all the ships at sea, welcome to "the late show." i am your host, stephen colbert. and ladies and gentlemen-- ( applause ). ladies and gentlemen i i come to you tonight from a room full of warriors. heroes. survivors. forget world war ii. this is the greatest generation, because yesterday, every single person in this room had to dig down deep within themselves and find the strength to make it through facebook's six-hour
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worldwide outage. ( laughter ) ( applause ) and i believe our country can survive losing facebook, who knows. maybe it can survive having facebook. the outage included all of facebook's products, known collectively as "the internet." and people all over the world were affected: in mexico, politicians were cut off from their constituents. in turkey and kenya, shopkeepers couldn't sell their wares. and here in the united states, your aunt gloria had to wait full six hours before doing her own research about how the vaccines magnetize your blood because bill gates wants to use your spine as a compass. ( applause ) look it up! the facebook outage also hit your average local billionaire, because the company's stock
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plummeted, and in a just few hours, zuckerberg lost $6 billion. yeah! just 115 more to go, and he'll have to sell his old stuff on facebook marketplace: "for sale: gray hoodie and used copy of 'eye contact for beginners. ' price? 130... billion dollars." ( laughter ) ( applause ). yes, it was a type writer. the company itself had only the vaguest explanation for the blaming a faulty configuration." well, of crse! and here i thought it was the inverted radial processor corrupting the shell command
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javascript in the bleep blorp teddy ruxpin nintendo cyber-bike. well, i've been dragging my feet for the whole monologue. no matter how hard i try not to, sometimes the news forces me to talk about our former president, scrooge mcschmuck. ( laughter ) you see, here's why, here's why. this is the story. there's a new tell-all from former white house press secretary and morticia addams' divorced sister, stephanie grisham. stephanie grisham worked in the white house for four years, and as press secretary, she famously never gave a single press conference. but now she's spilling all the tea in her new book, "i just recently grew a spine." ( laughter ) lawz ( cheers and applause ) is that the title? is that the title? is that the title? i haven't read it. full disclosure: this show, this show right here, is the number
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one place in late night to push paper. we sell a lot of books, but i don't want to help her sell a single copy of her tell-all about all the times she told us nothing. that's why i'm going to spoil all the juicy details of "i'll take your money now." in the book, grisham uses a lot of colorful language to describe the administration, calling it "a clown car on fire running at full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks." or as fox news would put it, a brave band of flaming harlequins rushing patriotically into the explosive jaws of danger." ( cheers and applause ) yeah. just a reminder: she knew all about the fiery clown car and she still called shotgun for four years. grisham goes on to write, "i can give you endless metaphors: living in a house that was always on fire, or in an insane asylum where you couldn't tell the difference between the patients and the attendants, or on a roller coaster that never stopped."
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ooo, ooo-- let me try: being in his administration is like sliding blindfolded down a 50-foot razor blade into a tub of gin. it's like walking through a minefield led by a baby trying to change his own diaper! driving a manure truck over a cliff into a pit of other manure trucks. deep sea diving surrounded by sharks who won't shut up about winning wisconsin. ( laughter ) ( applause ) grisham also-- ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ what is going on? grisham also writes about the former president's 2017 trip to saudi arabia, when he forgot to pack his usual products, so he wore stephanie grisham's makeup during a speech. luckily, they use the same shade. maybe he's born with it; maybe it's maybelline. probably it's tang. ( laughter ) ( applause ) that's not-- because he's orange. very orange.
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that's not the only embarrassing detail in grisham's new book-- once again, titled: "i'm sorry, please don't spit in my food," she also reveals the former president shared his logic for not eating vegetarian: "it messes with your body chemistry, your brain, and if i lose even one brain cell, we're (bleep). ( applause ) that's right. you heard that. you heard that correctly. the ex-president believes vegetables are dangerous. that's why he changed the food pyramid to meat, nugget, and here there be dragons. grisham also goes after the former president's family. for instance, she reveals that at the 2017 white house easter egg roll, don jr., eric, and their families cut other kids in line so they could be photographed with the president. let me get this straight. they cut a bunch of little kids in line so they could be first to get a picture with their own
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dad, like he's a character at disney world. ( as eric ) "dad, please take a picture with me! ( applause ) i already got-- ( applause ) i already got-- ( applause ) i already got tigger and gaston! i also asked gaston to take me fishing. he said no. ♪ no one hugs like my dad beats up thugs like my dad ♪ no one snorts lots of a.d.d. drugs like my dad ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ( cheering ) scene. scene. i want to thank the academy... this was melania's first bigsoc, the easter egg roll. so there was a ton of pressure
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on her to get it right,an said, on't likat he wearing," because she felt it was tacky. oh, and the last thing you want is for your giant plush bunny to be tacky. now, focusing on clothes may sounds petty, but melania was just keeping with the spirit of easter. remember john 11:25: "jesus said to her, 'i am the resurrection and the life. and, girl, what is this ensemble? we gotta get you to bergdorf's." grisham-- ( applause ) grisham goes on to divulge that minutes before he was to hop out onto the white house lawn, melania made the easter bunny strip. luckily-- and is this true-- luckily, we have some footage. ♪ ♪ ♪ jim, you cut away before we saw
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the jelly beans! ( laughter ) ( applause ) at least the peeps. the grass! the grass. that's what it is. easter wasn't the only major event full of drama. when the president had a state dinner with the queen of england in 2019, all of his kids and their significant others tried to get on the invite list, including eric's wife, lara; tiffany's boyfriend, michael boulos; and don jr.'s girlfriend, fox news host kimberly guilfoyle. just who you want interacting with the queen. ( as queen elizabeth ) "oh, dear, don jr. you seem to have dropped your tiny baggie of sugar. hmmm. let's put a little bit in my tea. hmmm. whooo! lizzy feels alive!" ( applause ) it's cocaine. ( laughter ) but melania's chief of staff put
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the kibosh on expanding the guest list, saying, "we are going to look like the beverly hillbillies." that is offensive to the beverly hillbillies. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ivanka's no ellie mae, don jr. is no jethro. but kimberly guilfoyle does remind me of granny: >> the best! is yet! to come! ( applause ) >> stephen: grisham-- i miss that good woman. grisham also has things to say about south carolina senator and man who just dumped at the mall, lindsey graham. in the book, grisham calls graham "senator freeloader" and said he would show up at mar-a-lago to "stuff his face with free food." and she remembered this incident: "senator freeloader was sitting at a table by the pool, a big grin on his face, lapping up the goodies he was getting like some potentate. he said to me, with a creepy little smile, 'isn't this great? man, this is the life.'" for years, people have been asking, "why would lindsey graham abandon all of his
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principles and kowtow to a demagogue bent on destroying democracy?" turns out, free shrimp. ( laughter ) ( applause ) in the run-up to 2024 ( applause ) delicious. always room for more shrimp. in the run-up to 2024, republicans have been trying to whitewash the january 6 riot, but last night, we got the whitest of all washes from the whitest of all men: former vice president mike pence, seen here trying to pray away the impure thoughts he got from looking at the lady on bottle of cholula hot sauce. ( laughter ) she's good looking. good-looking lady. ( laughter ) she's up there with the lando' lakes lady, and the girl on the box of raisins. very tempting. the former veep went on the fox news la t night to explain that
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he has a good relationship with the former president. >> a political fox hole is also what he calls the former president's butt. so named because it's full of fox arvgors. we've got a great show for you tonight. my guest is michael keaton. but when we come back, "meanwhile!" join us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody. give it up for the band, jon batiste and stay human. ( applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba-da-ba-da. what is that song, jon. >> jon: "township." >> stephen: is tt oral? >> jon: yes, inspired by the
11:55 pm
soweto neighborhood where mandela grew up. i got to visit and i was inspired to write that. >> stephen: that's absolutely beautiful. you know what else is beautiful, jon, is my guest tonight, michael keaton. the great. >> jon: batman. >> stephen: is that the first thing you think of? the first thing i think of is batman. i bought thev hs cassette. i was in elementary, middle school, somewhere around there. i bought the cassette and i watched that maybe every single day for several months. >> stephen: gotta say, still very hard to beat. >> jon: i still -- >> stephen: still the standard. >> jon: yeah. ladies and gentlemen, i spend a lot of time right over there, raising the finest holstein news cattle, firmly, yet tenderly, milking the latest headlines from their joke-swollen teats, churning the daily stories into the decadent, provencal-style triple creme brie that is my nightly monologue.
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but sometimes, sometimes, folks, i stagger home hungry after being released by the police, root around in the neighbor's trash can for an old milk carton, scrape out the blooming dairy residue onto the remains of a wet cheese rind i won froma rat in a pre-dawn street fight, put it in a discarded paint can, and leave it to ferment next to a trash fire, then hunker down and hallucinate while eating the listeria-laden demon custard of news that is my segment: ♪ ♪ ♪ >> meanwhile! ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: drive that train! this is the train. i want you on the train, off the train, meanwhile, it's the train we're getting on. meanwhile, there are a lot of problems in the world, but ketchup is no longer one of them, because condiment giant heinz has launched a new ketchup bottle-shaped gadget that allows users to squeeze the most out of a condiment packet. my god, they've done it! they've invented fingers.
11:57 pm
well, that is stupid. ( laughter ) meanwhile, get a load of this rascal. he's danish artist jens haaning. and he's got it all figured ou because a danish museum gave him an $84,000 commission for his work. then he kept the cash and named the art "take the money and run," telling the press, "the work is that i have taken their money." ( laughter ) oh, van gogh he di-in't! art critics can look forward to haaning's next piece, entitled, "the work is that i slept with your wife." ( laughter ) meanwhile, rome is being overrun by trash-loving wild boars. american tourists are back, baby! ( laughter ) ( applause ) no? is that not it? that's not-- that's not it. that's not it. i'm being told that's not it. apparently, the eternal city is full of packs of 10 to 30 beasts
11:58 pm
invading in search of food in rombauer's notoriously overflowing rubbish bins. seems like a lot of work. in america, you can eat all the italian trash you want by going to papa john's. ( laughter ). >> jon: ooo-wooo! yeah! there's nowhere to go. i did not go there. meanwhile, popeyes will open a flagship restaurant in london. and according to a spokesperson, there will be no concessions or changes to the u.k. market on the menu. okay, england? you've been forewarned. our food is dipped in concrete, deep fat fried, and doused with enough salt and spices to drop a charging rhino. that's going to feel like a lot of flavor if you're used to getting your chicken from "sir blandington's plain boiled fowl sporting club. guaranteed damp"! ( laughter ) meanwhile, clint eastwood has won a $6.1 million dollar
11:59 pm
lawsuit against a company for falsely claiming that he endorsed c.b.d. supplements.lorg if you squint real hard, you can see a tiny smile. and if you squint even harder than that, you are probably clint eastwood. ( laughter ) meanwhile, in japan, an aquarium has found a creature that looks like a piece of salmon sushi. bit of a darwinian misfire there. you're supposed to evolve to not look delicious. that's like if a deer tried to hide from hunters using meat counter camouflage. we'll be right back with michael keaton. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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for 12 months and add a flex 4k streaming box for free. click, call, or visit a store today. you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! ( applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back! ladies and gentlemen, i'm so pleased to say, thrilled and honored to tell you that my guest tonight is an actor
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you know as "beetlejuice," "batman," and "birdman." he now stars in and executive produces the new limited series "dopesick." please welcome back to "the late show," michael keaton! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) you look good. you look so good. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you! how about that? >> stephen: thank you, thank you, for knowing how to make an entrance on a talk show. >> yeah, i kind of milked it -- >> stephen: the audience deserved-- >> first of all, thanks for having me. this is nice. how many come on and actually
12:06 am
thank you. >> stephen: very few. >> they weren't raised correctly. >> stephen: good to see you again. it's been four years since you've been here. >> is it, really? >> stephen: nice to see you again. how have you been michael douglas keaton? >> very well, very well. and it is so nice-- this is great. i've only been to new york a couple of times since the pandemic. ( applause ) >> stephen: a real audience. >> yeah. >> stephen: live, broadway audience. >> it's so nice, man. and every time i come here the first thing i do, being on a plane, it's one of the great walking cities in the world. so, yeah. so i always hint the ground running and go out and take a walk, take a walk and walk around. and there was never, never once was there a time i have went, "it was all right." last name i was out for a little jog, a little run, and i come around the corner downtown, and i see-- sorry, but we're all used to this here in the city--
12:07 am
i see a couple of rats. >> stephen: sure, sure, living their lives. >> sure, of course. yeah. so i see a couple of rats. interestingly, my first reaction was to put my mask on. ( laughter ) i just went-- i was going, "oh, gee, i'm sorry," and i'm like this. because you're going to say, "no, no, it's about you. it's about protecting you." ( laughter ) "no, no, i don'tment you to get covid from me. you could have a family or someone immunocompromised back in your den!" >> you're right, yelling down a sewer. "really, i'm sorry, if i offended you, rats." yeah, so, so, it's always just so fun to come out. and i'm going to ask you this question: isn't it amazing, when you're out in the street-- i bet this happens to you, you have one of these on probably. >> stephen: when i'm out, not
12:08 am
on stage. >> how often you're recognized. >> stephen: if i don't talk and wear sunglasses and a hat i'm cool. >> really. >> stephen: but if i talk, people go, "hey!" >> or whatever. >> stephen: you have the eyebrows. you have those baby blues and the eyebrows. >> plus, the michael keaton hat that i wear. ( laughter ) ( applause ) yeah. >> stephen: yeah. arrows pointing down at your face. >> and lights. so, so, so i always am kind of fascinated by that. i don't know how they do it. and i'm out, and, you know, new yorkers are the greatest, because they'll always yell-- they're just excellent at how they-- they're obtrusive and unobtrusive at the same time. the best, the best. "mikey!" and, you know, they'll quote a line or "love you!" and then they just go on with thur lives.
12:09 am
they don't care -- >> stephen: they've got things to do, things to do. >> places to go and things to do. it's the greatest. it's, "hey, what's up?" and that's it. so, so, i don't know how-- i can't figure out how people see, recognize me, you know, because-- and when you live in a place, a warm climate like los angeles most of the time, or other places, you don't need a lot of stuff. but when you're in a colder city-- cyou have a mask. you have stuff. and you're always getting on subways and -- >> stephen: in l.a. you're in your car. >> you have flip-flops and they therefore-- and i'm guilty of this-- more things to lose or forget. >> stephen: in new york. >> yes, or chicago or whatever. i finally realized a lot of people recognize me now when they see me by this. ( bleep ). ( laughter ) yeah. it's become that bad that guys
12:10 am
will yell, "again?" >> stephen: we have to take a break, but stick around, we'll be back with more michael keaton. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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we're back with the one, the only, the only, the michael keaton. jon and i were talking before you came out here, and,
12:15 am
obviously, you've had an amazing and storied career. he remembers you, like, you're his batman. >> yeah, yeah, and yours, i think. >> stephen: what? >> and yours. ( applause ) #-r. >> yeah. >> stephen: oh, you think? >> yeah. >> stephen: you think? come on. ( cheers and applause ). >> yeah. >> stephen: it's still the gold standard. >> yeah. >> stephen: still the gold standard. >> yeah. except if you've-- i'll tell you a great version, and that is-- if you haven't seen it or heard it, will arnett's logo batman is really good really funny. >> stephen: word is you are going to reprize your role as batman. do you think you could fit into the original suit. >> i did. >> stephen: you've already done it? did they have to let it out? >> no. >> stephen: it's 30 years ago. >> svelte as ever, man. >> stephen: was it the same-- >> same dimension same fitting. >> stephen: how did it feel to be--
12:16 am
>> horrible? no, it was great, it was great. i don't know how many there are, 77 batmans. >> stephen: something like that. >> they probably should form their own union. >> stephen: do you guys-- is there-- there have been so many, is there like a batman club? do you guys hang out someplace. patton. >> there's one i forgot. he's good. >> stephen: he's next. do you hang out with any of them, clooney? >> not until the union forms. >> stephen: the young people down there may not know, my image of michael keaton before this, is you're this particular dynamic, frenetic comedic actor. >> yls. >> stephen: and i want to know who was your-- who are your comedic heros? who are the people you were watching and you wanted to be? >> i don't know about you, but that's, like, that's too tough. that's too-- you, you-- i always go in what category? there's no one who is not great. >> stephen: comedic actor.>> lil
12:17 am
oufor iginality, dy kaufmans alberbrooks. e the beomedy ow, stand-up show i ever saw was in the late 70s in l.a. was steve martin, which was just unbelievable. ( applause ) i'll tell you some-- i'm going to tell you who is really funny, really funny-- like, like, stop funny. you're killing me. mike pence. ( laughter ) >> stephen: dry, though. >> no, i'm telling you. >> stephen: dry, but he works blue. >> stephen: really? does he? >> it's like, mike, honest to god, stop. because your side is hurting. oh, man. and, by the way, damn good dancer. ( laughter ). >> stephen: yes. >> yes. >> stephen: also-- >> yeah. >> stephen: cool to kind of be with. he's a great hang. >> total hang. him-- as a matter of fact-- by the way, not a bad rapper. ( laughter ) >> stephen: yeah, really, mike
12:18 am
e. he has bars. >> yeah. not like tucker carlson or anything like that. ( laughter ) and these guys-- you know how guys follow the dead, the dead-heads. these guys love wu tan clan. >> stephen: wow, i did not see that coming. >> i was over there one night, and the guys were hanging out, rudy. and they were having fun. what's odd is mike doesn't drink which makes it more unsettling that he acts like this. he was, like, twerking. >> stephen: "baby got back. i know that about mike pence. >> he has a huge tattoo. it's uncomfortable, says, "come and get it, bitch, "something. >> stephen: right there. like a medallion right on his old-- >> across the back. and to be fair, i think it said,
12:19 am
"come and get some of this," something like that. and they all follow-- but fen >> stephen: we have to take another break but don't go away. we're going to be back with more michael keaton. that's what you want. ( applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ [knocking on door] ♪ ♪ so many bottles of champagne ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm in a room with the famous faces ♪ “ready and action!” ♪ oh, i feel like scorsese ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, this sure is like a movie ♪ ♪ (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) ♪ ♪ whoa, we're 'bout to make a movie, ♪ ♪ woo ♪ ♪ ♪ roll out the red carpet for me ♪ “ladies and gentlemen, that's a wrap!"
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( applause ). >> stephen: hey, everything, we're right here. we're having a great conversation. i hope it stays that way. welcome back. we're here with america's sweetheart, michael keaton. the new project, called "dopesick," which you-- you star in. you're also executive producing. >> yes. >> stephen: and it's on hulu. >> yes. >> stephen: it's about the opioid crisis and how it affects this one town and you play a doctor within the town. >> well, it's not just the town, it's the regions. it's the country. it's everything. and, yeah, it's based on this book "dopesick," by beth macy. a great book, and a little depressing. but eye-opening, to say the least. and there was-- it's a limited series, eight episodes. and it's also about how purdue pharma and the sackler family who-- so, yeah, it's really
12:25 am
good. i gotta say, barry levinson directed the first two episodes. and i had never worked with him, but i really like him a lot. and we talked about doing stuff together. it's-- it's tough, you know. it's brutal. and, you know, everybody-- everybody has a connection with it now, by now. you know somebody -- >> stephen: pretty much everybody in the united states knows somebody or knows somebody who knows somebody. >> it's on hulu, it's good, it's really, really good. >> stephen: we have a clip where you're giving testimony. can you tell us what it is? >> i don't know what clip it is. >> dr. finnix. >> oxycontinentin. >> so just to be clear you're blame numerous deaths in your town on one medication? >> yes, i am. >> and are you the individual that prescribed this medication? >> yes, sir.
12:26 am
i did. >> stephen: yeah. ( applause ) so what's going on there? what's-- so, a lot of laughs, obviously. >> stephen: yes, yes, yes. >> no, it's really good. i don't know what else to say about it. >> stephen: did purdue know it was addictive? currena lawsts going on right now that-- and it's in flux for a minute, and i can't quite get into that. but if you ask me, of course they did. yeah, they did -- >> stephen: but they told doctors it wasn't, right? >> yes, they basically sold it by saying it's not-- technically, they probably worded things in a way where you could say, "well, they really say this. they didn't really say that." but, yes, they knew, and that was the idea. they saw-- they saw-- they knew it could be a gold mine. they were already, you know,
12:27 am
billionaires, but they knew this was a gold mine. this was a game changer for them. >> stephen: and even though there have been judgments against them, it's a drop in the bucket of the money they made. >> yes, nothing, nothing, right. correct. and so, and now, if i'm not mistaken-- don't hold me to this-- but-- don't also hold me to the tattoo on mike pence's back. ( laughter ) no, i'm pretty sure-- anyway, you-- they-- the verdict was we'll settle if we are immune from any other lawsuits in this area, and it looked like it was going to happen. and if i'm not mistaken, i'm not sure, i think it got to a certain level, and a judge said, maybe not. wait a minute, that might not be true. >> stephen: that sounds like too sweet of a deal. >> yeah, that sounds like too sweet of a deal. nonetheless, the damage done won't be much. you know what i mean? >> stephen: compared to the damage they did with their drugs. >> and it's exponential. that kind of stuff-- i have a
12:28 am
personal relationship to it. you probably know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. >> stephen: have you ever had any of the oxycontin-- oxy od you? >> i don't take stuff. i ride it out. if if i have an operation, i'll take a lot of heavy, heavy advil. but i get really depressed, frankly, if i take those things. i don't do them. i can't do it. but it's-- they hand them out like candy. but we're specifically talking now about purdue pharma, sacklers, and-- and this region in this story, but it really represents-- you know, it's the micro of the macro. you know what i mean? when i did "clean and sober," what i really realized is, first of all, it's a disease. you know, you know, to look down upon people who are addicted to anything, it's a disease. i think we all-- hopefully we all know that by now. but what i learned in "clean and
12:29 am
sober" was i just kind of got lucky i think. you know, i just either didn't get that gene or somewhere in my head something clicked at the right time. because i was around-- i've seen a lot of stuff, you know. a lot of stuff. and for whatever reason you and i go, "okay, dodged that one." >> stephen: yes. >> but we're fortunate, really. >> stephen: right, there but for the grace of god. >> there but for the grace of god. >> sant francis. >> stephen: michael, thank you so much for being here. ( applause ) ( cheers and applause ) "dopesick" premieres october 13 on hulu. it's michael keaton, everybody! we'll be right back with a performance by zac brown band. >> the version of facebook that is today is tearing our society's apart and causing ethnic violence around the world. >> oh, we should lay off these folks.
12:30 am
sure, they have their problem, but they improve the lives of so many of us around the glof. >> this is a message from a box that was slotted with facebook incited massacres. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got.
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