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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 5, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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week. download the cbs news app on your cell phone or con neblgted tv. i'm
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after last year's presidential election. prioritizing profits. a spokesperson said no user data was stolen and blamed a faulty configuration for the incident. >> good morning. the social media sites were largely back up and running after roughly six-hour outage. the situation hampered communications for businesses large and small and showed us how important facebook and subsidiaries are. >> facebook whistleblower
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testifies before congress today. in prepared remarks, she said the company's leadership knows ways to make fd ebkn't make they before the people. >> what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. >> facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer, people will spend less time on the site, click on less ads and make less money. >> she made eight complaints after filing thousands of pages of research. >> facebook's own words, their own studies and surveys. >> the senator is eyeing stronger regulations. >> they've made no meaningful reforms. made no disclosure or commitment to really take any meaningful action. >> facebook said we've continued to make significant improvements to tackle the spread of misinformation and harmful
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content to suggest we encourage bad content is not true. >> the company is good showing the could be tent is good for they've played down or disclosed at all the ways they are not >>ays after facebook, instagram and whatsapp were down for several hours. >> facebook fell with other big tech stocks sliding only 5% and report mark zuckerberg alone lost nearly $6 billion, anne marie. >> laura, thank you so much. today president biden will be in michigan. he'll rally democrats that remain divided over the price tag of the agenda. he's urging congress to raise the debt ceiling before the
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deadline in 12 days but republicans are not on board. >> you don't want to help save the country, get out of the way so you don't industry it. >> they just want a bipartisan short cut around procedural hurdles they can clear on their own. they want to pivot right back to partisan spending as fast as possible. >> president biden warned retirement accounts could take a hit this week if the markets get spooked. we could learn the cause of a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california investigators are looking at whether a ship's anchor struck a pipeline on the ocean floor. more than 125,000 gallons of oil spilled. records show the coast guard received the first report more than 12 hours before the oil rig company reported the major
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pipeline leak raising questions about the response time. we have more. >> reporter: operators of the pipeline believe they found the source of the leak as state and federal agencies have deployed more than 100 people to stop the spill from spoiling the california pristine beaches. one early theory is that the pipeline may have been punctured by the anchor of a passing ship. >> that is a possibility, yes. >> the processed poil. enough to fuel about 3,000 cars about 300 miles continues spraeding down the coast. >> we are in the midst of a disaster. >> residents reported smelling toxic fumes. some faulted the company, amplfy energy for not doing enough. >> we are not aware of anything friday night.
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>> boats with skimmers are scooping out globs. >> they call it surf city but for a long time, they won't be any surfing or activities on the water. the shoreline will remain closed and could take months before it reopens. >> the parent company has received 125 noncompliance regulations by inspectors. this piet -- pipeline is inspected regularly. also at risk, a nearby wild life habitat home to 90 species of birds. you can see the barriers in place to contain the oil and contain any further damage to the marsh lands and the vulnerable birds that live in them. reporting from huntington beach this morning. an investigation after a deadly shooting on an amtrack train in tucson, arizona. >> this video shows a canine
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officer running from the train as shots are fired at him. the shooting broke out as officers were doing a routine search for guns and drugs. one dea agent was killed. another in critical condition. an officer also wounded. passengers on the train ducked for cover. >> i hope he doesn't come off the train and come at everybody here. investigators were telling us to go farther that way. >> a second suspect was taken into custody. the suspected shooter was found dead on the train. former fda chief expects the delta variant to be the last big wave of the pandemic and it will end in the coming months. >> i think probably by thanksgiving, it has largely coursed its way through the u.s. so maybe by thanksgiving by the end of that, we'll see prevalence levels decline.
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>> gottlieb says the pandemic is far from over globally. he said the biggest challenge for the rest of the world will be getting vaccines distributed to remote areas. over the next 12 months, pharmaceutical companies will likely produce up to 15 billion doses. coming up, are you a power ball lottery winner. there was a single winner. and the show "the talk" welcomes a new co-host. we'll hear from natalie morales. this is the cbs morning news. al. on ancestry. this is the uh registration card for the draft for world war two. and this is his signature which blew me away. being able to... make my grandfather real...
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of fine arts. named after the black panther star. boesman graduated from howard in 2000. each will cover tuition for four years. hollywood crews are one step cl closer to a labor strike. and the wife of florida governor is battling cancer. a report florida's first lady has been diagnosed with breast cancer. the governor's office provided details. it did not provide details on the stage of the first lady's cancer or where she would be treated. the 41-year-old mother of three has played an active role in her husband's administration. he called his wife a true fighter who will never give up. the los angeles times says hollywood film and crews voted overwhelmingly for a strike after talks stalled. the union said nearly 99% of
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those who cast votes approved a strike. seeking better pay, more rest periods, guaranteed meal breaks. actors including jane fonda, seth roggin and ben stiller have supported union members. reuters says an 81-year-old man is climbing scottish mountains for his sick wife. they moved to the remote corner of the scottish highlands more than 30 years ago after she was diagnosed with alzheimer's and needed 24/7 care. he was devastated. and needed something to cope. he set out to climb more than 300 scottish mountains. >> my wife got alzheimer's and when i couldn't look after her two years later, i had to get a challenge to refocus my life. it had to be a challenge that
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would last some time. >> so far, gardener has climbed 177 mountains. he's raising money for alzheimer's and osteoporosis charities. still ahead, a famous doll flies high. barbie goes on a zero g flight to inspire the next generation of astronauts. on a gravity mission for the next generation of astronauts. i just had my 17th surgery. - well, you beat me. - well, i am a little bit older than you. - yeah it's true. how are you doing? - i'm doing good. i'm encouraged by seeing how people are coming together to help each other during times like these. - kind of like how shriners hospitals for children is there for us. imagine if i couldn't get my surgery. who knows what would have happened. - same for me. i know my shriners hospitals family will continue to take care kids like us who need them most all because of caring people like you.
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- i think that's about it buddy, good job. - my pleasure captain. please call now. if operators are busy with all the other caring people, please wait patiently, or you can go to to give right away. - [alec] big or small, your gift helps us all. - [both] thank you. (giggling) here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ on the cbs money watch, a warning for e-scooter and e bike users and barbie went on a special mission. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange. >> stocks are pointing to a fairly flat opening after three
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major indices ended with heavy losses fuelled by a tech sector draw down. losses in facebook after that outage and apple. the dow skidded some 323, the nasdaq down by 311. and the s&p 500 fell 56. new government numbers find e scooter and e bike injuries are on the rise. sending more than 190,000 people to the emergency room and at least 71 deaths reported. experts are advising people to wear a helmet and always check the ride for damages to avoid a potential crash. >> an out of this world way to inspire women. a barbie doll version of the italian astronaut has jetted off on a zero gravity flight. mattel and the astronaut worked
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together to mark space week celebrating females in space. someone in california is waking up a multi-millionaire this morning. a single winning ticket worth nearly $700 million bucks sold in morro bay. the fifth largest powerball in history. >> there was $2 million winner in a couple of states. you may still be lucky. >> this is true. >> i am not though. >> same. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. >> you got it. up next, captain kirk's next adventure.
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actor william shatner is headed to space in real life. we'll tell you about his historic trip.
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. nascar driver bubba wallace made history with his first ever win. second black
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driver with his victory in alabama. he was in first place and the race was halted by rain and celebrated when he learned he was declared the winner. >> it has been a lot of up and down races, a lot of frustration and shouting matches. we always regroup and come back and rally. >> wallace's victory took place at the same track where a noose was found in his garage. an fbi investigation found that the noose had been in the garage since 2019 and was not a hate crime. william shatner who played captain circumstance is boldly going where no 90 year old has gone before. he will blast into space next week on a 10-minute flight.
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he will join two others becoming the oldest person to ever go to space. tv news personality natalie morales is joining "the talk." >> we couldn't wait to share the >> she announced she was leaving nbc news last week to pursue a new adventure. >> i had an incredible relationship, almost as long as i have been married, which has been 23 years, at nbc news. i am excited to start this new adventure together. >> morales joins "the talk" next monday. coming up on cbs mornings, members of the rock band imagine dragons tells us about a new album.
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our top stories this morning, former facebook employee is expected to slam the company when she testifies before a senate panel today. francis haugen said facebook did little to stop misinformation accusing the company of prioritizing profits over public safety. we could learn the cause of a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california. investigators are looking into whether a ship's anchor hit a oil line on the ocean floor. more than 125,000 gallons of crude oil was leaked. a state of emergency was
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declared in orange county. product shortages are impacting school lunches nationwide. one district in alabama is making sure no student goes hungry. >> we are looking for beef tips. it's one of our most popular menu items. >> at sam's club, casey had another daunting last minute grocery list. she needed 180 pounds of beef tip's, the next day's school lunch. >> it is not a solution to the problem. >> the problem is this food delivery truck. it is short again. way short. >> davies directs nutrition feeding about 8,000 kids. >> it appears there are cracks at all points in the supply chain. >> you make it up as you good. >> no doubt. >> a county wide issue and country wide one. in one survey,
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97% of school nutrition programs worry about supply chain issues. cinnamon toast crunch lunch. one mother posted, this is unacceptable. >> casey had to buy 180 pound of beef roast. not beef tips. cost $1,500. that's all she could find to serve. >> are you sometimes surprised by what you have for lunch? >> yes. >> is it a good surprise or bad? >> in the middle. >> to help america's school systems struggling to serve meals. the ufrp usda is pumping in millions reimbursing these schools for the grocery store runs. >> if you knew how hard that was, you'd clean it up for me. >> at redland.
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relief. today's menu is met. >> reporting from alabama. coming up, general stanley, form commander of forces in afghanistan talks about his new book, "risk, user's guide." and we'll meet one of the last neon masters. in hong kong responsible for the city's glow. and from imaginego mercury, act one, coming out. thank you for watching today. ♪
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